What Is Workplace Diversity Commerce Essay

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Workplace diversity refers to differences among people; normally it will usually refer to the scope of persons who more accurately reflect the minority groups and different backgrounds, cultures, races and viewpoints of the people. (Barker, 2003) .Their interaction will affect by the perception in an organization about the viewpoint of other people and the viewpoint by themselves. Managing diversity is play an important role to contribute the strategies objective of HRM because, by having the managing diversity in an organization it will reduce the tension, conflict, misrepresentation, or the validity of constraints, progress and increasing the satisfaction from the employee to the company and it will make the greater organizational effectiveness by complementary sources and the creativity beside that it also will reducing the discrimination in an organization.

Managing diversity in workplace will increase the adaptability of our organization; it can provide a varied service to address a wider range of procurement issues, and allocation of resources. Because employees are from different backgrounds who will bring different skills and experience and put forward different ideas, which will help the organization the flexibility to adapt to market fluctuations and meet customer needs beside that it also will improve organizational productivity and efficiency. In this way it can establish and maintain good customer relationships to improve overall business and gain the competitive advantages.

Encouraging diversification in the workplace would help the organization to inspire all of their employees to perform to their highest ability which will help in achieving the cost-effectiveness. Each employee could perform multitask and they could actually minimize the company cost to hire extra employee who perform single task, where company will allocate one employee for every single task which is very ineffective n inefficient. Incentives to the employees who accomplishment the task given by manager and making them feel important part of the business. The incentives will allow the employees become more responsible in their workplace and it also will increase the work satisfaction. However, with incentives, expressed appreciation for the positive feedback and praise are also important to motivate staff .Same goes to company-wide strategies, it can then be execute, which helps in resulting higher productivity, profit maximization, and higher return on investment.

Communication also plays an important role in managing diversity in workplace this situation because staffs in an organization are come from different background and culture. hearsay and rumors in an organization will bring a lot trouble and misunderstand within the employees, so that through the communication it will reduce the problem or conflict might be occur in an organization beside that to achieve the organization goal a formal communication is needed to achieve the organization's goal because it must relied all the staff in the company .having a formal communication within whole organization they will know which role they act in organization through a good communication among all the employees in an organization continuing it will increase the productivity in an organization beside that it also help an organization to improve their customer relationships, enhance employee satisfaction, and knowledge sharing across the organization and, most importantly, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Beside that to Broader service range of an organization, a diverse collection of skills and experiences such as cultural understanding, language and other that will allow an organization provided worldwide customer service. To meet this goal human resources management should search for other alternative, solicit a trainable population check the necessary skills and ability to work sufficiently in advance of the employment needs of the market, and extend the work force boundaries to include the nationals of other countries in this way it increase the productivity by increasing the job satisfaction to their employee .The organization who practice cultural diversity management will get the payback such as employee retention, increased productivity, less absenteeism, better morale, an expanded marketplace and improved services rendered to customers. For example Coca-Cola Company offers regular training diversity and education to their employee to ensure their company has greater success in the marketplace. (http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com/citizenship/workplace_culture.html)

A diverse workforce's creativity will bring benefit to an organization, if an organization doesn't change with the world it cannot remain the competitive advantages in the market. So creativity is plays an important role in an organization because nowadays the consumer behavior keeping change so by new approaches and innovative thinking. Diversity provides a wider knowledge, skills and abilities , better decisions based on a different point of view, to better serve different populations we need to constantly innovating encourages best idea and explored. By creativity we doesn't affair to make mistake and when the problem occur we need to re-frame the problem and turn it into opportunities immediacy .through the workforce's creativity an organization manage to recruit talents from the entire labor force.

Through the workforce diversity it are allow to communicating varying points of view in a more comfortable way, they will tends to come out with a larger pool of ideas and experiences. As when they have least limitation, idea generation will tends to go wider where organization could then draw the best from that pool in order to effectively meet the business strategy needs as well as customers' needs. Same goes to the Workforces' freedom to voice up and think out of the box, the more freedom they had, the more creative idea they will get, where instead of solving problem as usual, organization could even solve the problem more creatively. The equity and inclusiveness, and provide options and choices to support business goals, and reflect good practice, to eliminate the unfairness of the system, organizational bias. In this way employee will enjoying the work-force's environment and they will feel they are a part of an organization and ready to "die" in order to help the organization achieve its objectives and goal ,it also will reduce the turnover in an organization.

In order to achieve these results I think that the public sector practice as a business strategy and human resource management principles, an effective diversity. Innovation and related planning is a way to improve workplace diversity and improve the quality management.