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According Anil Bhatia and Romit Dey (2007) now day global sourcing became main change agent in high technology manufacturing to products components and capabilities to sourcing to work done. In the current year, the technology companies are growing on the basic Resources and development and product development because there is increasing day-by-day the consumer demands for innovative. In the globalizing world the global sourcing are increasing with attractive proposition for these pressures, and the globalization of products development is expected to the next stage of competitiveness of technology companies. The high technology companies are planning to focus on the global market to approach with their new technology and to there be following new principals on the global sourcing were the companies can approach their new technology in the developing company were the new products will be new to market and the customers will show importance to new technology gadget to current trends and this all will effect on the globalisation to the market of technology companies. There need to focus on the current trends will advance technology in the market because in the global world the competition is increasing day to day life were companies are coming up with new technology and launching in the global market. According to Murayama, Janet (2010) Internalisation of technological has influenced the profitability of business and there is an increased trend by countries especially in developed countries to expand globally. Increasing distributiveness of the Technological process has mostly a result of increasing competition both on market and competition. Competing on new technology across the world are forced by the cost advantage to operate in developing locations .the globalisation of technological has guide to change in developing countries on new technology. The behaviour of the present day customer has change over the years where people are carelessly get your hands on and thrust aside various products and services on current trends, gadgets and new technology. Barriers to entry have reduced considerably and no product. Any product or service finds it hard to dominate the market for a longer period of time. The recent example is of Nokia the finish company who enjoyed a definitive e advantage over its competitors over more than a decade in profitability and market share. While Nokia is still a leader in market share was overtaken by apple by Apple and now it is in profitability.

Opportunities / Threats: - International markets in today's world the technology is increasing day-by-day and coming with new product and technological process to international standards. This all seems to be global technological Activities. Global market is growing rapidly as to indicate several kinds of trade and extended to foreign countries. Many analysts defined that this process been so outstanding to globalisation is entirely getting exploitation to the international market integration. Unfortunately this is tends to play main role to technology and its changing to latest for facilitating function and giving opportunities to global market. Coming to global sourcing cannot reduce the development costs is depending on the offshore capabilities of the low cost centres were the technology company can develop the workforce with depending to improve their process and technologies development to the program and management. The global sourcing in the Technology companies is sourcing lower costs development and the companies are extend to their product development in the market with their budgets by this way it analysis the quicker design trade offs and to improve their products in the market with current global competition and this leads to the more modern products and with higher success to the rate to the new products and their should introduce in the developing countries were the operational costs will be benefits to the technology company with the profitability and the threats can't effect on the global market.(Pari Patel)(1995).

Tension between stakeholders: - In the global market the competition is very high. According to the current trend the technology is growing rapidly and the tension in the business is more due to the new technology in the market and the competitors with different technology companies. Government, business and civil society are depends on the latest technology because the government need the workers for trapping and bureaucracy. In the early day the Technology is not in more utilization to the government sector but in the current generation the technology is main sources in the development because many things are coming up in the world. The stake holder groups made to both companies and the organisation to the international chambers of the commerce participate as stake holders. Many are participating in technology as careers. (Avri Doria) http://www.wgig.org/docs/book/Avri_Doria.pdf.

2. According to the world Economic Forum's the corporate gender gap report 2010 it's the first to study about the women ratio with the men in the corporate companies in the Davos meeting there told about the largest employers in the 20 countries and standard of the gender equality of the men and women policy that the most company should take in place but there are all widely missing. The leading companies are capitalizing to fail to take talents women in the workforce. This report is taken in the survey of the human resources at the world largest employers and done with 600 ahead surveying. In this survey there asked about 25 question on the women establishment and gender equality practices to the women target, work cultural polices in the company and the training in the company. There also asked about the social barriers to women's leadership and the respondents to identifying their opinion to the likely effects on the economic down turn in their countries and industries of the women's employment. (Herminia Ibarra and Saadia Zahidi)(2010).

4. Recommendations and Conclusion: - Technologies in the co-operation is considered the most strategically important in the way of business are conduct globally. Strategic alliances between countries and between multinational companies are facilitated by the growth in technology. An alliance at the international level is necessary. Due to the compulsion rather than choice due to the inability of any organisation at a national level to complete the process of the innovation. In sector like bio-engineering and micro- electronic a combination of a host of the actors from diverse fields some together to achieve the process of innovation. The collaboration is merely strategic rather than business oriented through joint venture. Globalisation is increasingly getting difficult to pin down and trade data is used to bring out the satisfied data of transaction between to economics. But the concept of the globalisation goes much further than mere trade transaction. It goes much further and involves social political rather than the mere economic co-operation. Then main element of the trade data is that it covers only goods and not services. This makes it difficult to asses the quantified impact of services in global trade. The Intangibility of the technology is sense add to it value which cannot be measured. Technology adaptability is a concern for co-operation where large number of the population finds technology UN accessible due to this is unfamiliarity with it, various Multi National Company's try to profit out of the innovation in technology. There is huge disparity with the ownership of the technology where developed countries. This makes technology unaffordable to a large number of populations were countries especially in under developed countries. The Process of globally integrating business has been limited to the countries in the 'triad'. Example: - North America, East Asia and Europe. In the short globalisation of the technology can only been considered as an intra European phenomenon. Private sector companies should invest more in the countries like Africa and South Asia which can help several countries. Government should partner to network between countries in the form of linkage which can be economic, social and Political. This can go along way in shaping the global business on integrating the globe using technology.

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