Ways Of Improving Companys Social Performance Commerce Essay

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Before discussing that how to improve a company's social performance, it is very important to study a similar concept of corporation social responsibility (CSR). The CSR required the companies fulfill a number of duties, such as duties to fulfill the legal responsibility, to the public which means that a company has the responsibility to the society (Bakke Groenewegen and Hond 2005). There are often some disputation between the concept of company's social performance and the concept of corporation social responsibility. The researcher Wood (Wood 1991) gave a modal to explain the relationship between the CSR and CSP. She classified the corporation social responsibility into three aspects and pointed out that everyone of the aspect is corresponding to a social performance (Wood 2010) Firstly, the legitimacy social responsibility has an impact on people the organizations. In the second place, the company's public responsibility is corresponding to the effect on the environment that contains the natural and physical. Last, the magnetically discretion responsibility is related to the outcomes of social system. Therefore, the corporation social performance is based on the corporation social responsibility or irresponsibility (Dominique and Stéphane 2010) Nowadays, the CSR are used as a guide for regulation the development and guides of the company that want to improve the corporation social performance. In this work, the author will firstly propose a way that can quickly improve the company's social performance within 1-2 years and analysis which aspects of the social performance will be improve by implementing the proposal; Then proving that those changes are important to the development of the company; Following, the stakeholders that affected by the proposal will be discussed in details, and list the steps to fulfill the proposal. At last, the author will analysis some of the risks when implement the plan and the benefits that would be gained for the stakeholders.

Establishing a long-term plan to improving corporation social performance, a company should better fulfill the corporation social responsibility. One of the most important but can quickly achieved is the responsibility to employees by improving the employee's moral and motivation in the work is one of the most rapid ways to improve the company's social performance. There are two of the significant effects of the employee's moral and motivation for the development of the company: to begin with, employee's moral and activities are standing for the image of the company. According to a recent reported accident that some employees in the KFC picked up the hamburger dropped on the floor but still sent it to customers. The staff's irresponsibility activities were quickly been uploaded on the internet and led to a bad CSP. From the theory of the CSR, the worker's behavior in the KFC went against the responsibility that the company should provide qualified products to consumers. And the CSP is that they lost the loyal of the costumers. Therefore, it is necessarily for a company to establish a completely and strictly training system for employees, so that the staffs in the company have strong consciousnesses that they not only stand for themselves but also the brand of the company. In the second place, the outstanding achievement and financial performance are directly corresponding to the efficiency of the staff in the company (Godfrey and Hatch 2007). The staff that has a high satisfaction in the work will create high working efficiency. The creation of the employee's satisfactions is an effective method to improve the efficiency of the worker and thus the good CSP (Heskett 1994) A study from Harvard University found that the 5% increase of employee's satisfaction not only lead to a rise of 11.9% in the external customer satisfaction, but also improve enterprise efficiency by 2.5% (Chi and Gursoy 2009) Obviously, improving employee satisfaction has many beneficial of the enterprise, which is a panacea for establishing longevity, such as improving efficiency and quality of the business, enhance the customers' satisfaction and enhance core competitiveness of enterprises as well (Bell and Menguc 2002) Therefore, establishing the workers' moral and responsibility in the work and improving the satisfaction of the workers are of most importance methods to improve the CSP.

In fact, the company has the responsibility for employees (Manuela W. 2008) The CSR require the company respect the staff, care for the staff and value the personal view of the employees provide enough insurance.

To implement the proposal, several measures need to accept. First, strengthen on the training and selecting. For the employees, working in the company is not only the needs of survival but also for seeking of the life value. With the rapid development of the social, staff's skills and technology are required to be continually updated. By establishing a set of study and training courses, some workers who wish to improve their knowledge and working skills will get the chances to develop. Thus, it is necessarily for the company to provide the training course and chances for enhancing the efficiency of the employees and selecting excellent staffs. Second, create a warm enterprise cultures, including that firstly the companies should create a good working environment and provide adequate support for employees so that employees feel comfortable in enterprises. At the same time, the managements should encourage and praise the achievements of the staffs in a timely manner so that employees can have a happiness of success (Duhe2009). Additionally, the company should value the physical and mental health of the staff. Enterprises can make some provisions, such as paid leave, medical and retirement insurance and unemployment protection for the staff. Finally, the manger should pay attention to the employee satisfaction; take various measures to enhance employee satisfaction; pay attention to the feedback these measures, regulating and modifying the measures to improve employee satisfaction (Yongqiang 2009).

To implementation the proposal will have some possible challenges. On one hand, if the training courses which need a large invest are not effectively applied, it will lead to a large waste. Recently, the e-learning is very popular using in the employee training. However, some companies purchase the courses but not adapt for all the employees, especially the elderly worker who do not accustomed with the on-line study. On the other hand, constantly examine may lead to the boredom-an adverse effect of the workers. Some companies only concentrate on the theory assess resulted in that some excellent employees can't be promoted as a result of shorting of the theory ability (Dongho 2006) This incomplete assess system will result in the consciousness of unfair competition, and is very harmful to improve the employee's satisfaction and motivation.

There are many benefits for the stakeholders. For the company, by improving the satisfactions and the efficiency of the employee, the company can improve their core competition and enlarge the influence of the brand. For the employees, by the training and education, they can seek for their life value and regular their job occupation. Meanwhile, working in the harmonious environment, they can have a high motivation in the job and thus can have more chances to get promotion. In addition, with the complete system of job medical and retirement insurance and unemployment protection system, the staff can concentrate on their working with a consciousness of safety. And for the consumers, the high efficiency workers will improve the satisfactions for the company, and the customers will feel comfortable and happy when enjoying the service of the staff.


For improving the corporation social performance within 1-2 years, the company should better fulfill the responsibility for employees. Since by implement the responsibility for employees will improve the employee's satisfaction and motivation, which is beneficial for improve the consumer's satisfaction. To fulfill the proposal, the company should strengthen on the training and education of the employees and meanwhile create the enterprise culture and spirit. However, to implementation the proposal will have some possible challenges, such as the boredom that the training and assesses brings. What's more, there are many benefits for the company, the employee and the consumers as well.