Usb Modem Facility In Telecommunication Commerce Essay

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The company can achieve competitive advantage by launching the technology in the violence business world by adopting appropriate strategy. In this case the company can follow the Value chain method to enhance the productivity. Here the Vodafone launch the Dongles in the telecommunication sector for the consumer. To get efficiency of this product the company should adopt the external and internal activities which can achieve by integrate the strategy with the technology in the company.


In the aggressive business world, the company can gain competitive advantage by adopting effective approach. In this case the Vodafone launch the Dongles in the telecommunication market. The telecommunication market is a perfect competitive market where many organizations produce the products. So to compete in the market the company should take the appropriate approach to face the external and internal resistance. The proper strategy should follow by the company and the technology should be integrated with strategy of the company.

The Elected Industry:

To describe the impact of technology, the telecommunication industry is chosen because this sector is continues changing industry which can invent new opportunity and challenge for the telecommunication company. In this case, we choose Vodafone which is most innovative as well as the largest mobile telecommunication network company in UK. The Vodafone Company has developed in 1982.

The Vodafone is one of the leading multinational companies in the world. This company has a significant role in the telecommunication sector. Because of its efficient productivity in the mobile telecommunication sector, the Vodafone can establish itself as a world largest multinational company according to the World Invest Report 2004. This company can gain continuous growth as well as success by providing extensive mobile telecommunication service and the communication of voice as well as data. Therefore, Vodafone Company has an enormous activity in investment, innovation and significant customer service which help the company to gain as well as to provide significant benefit in the mobile communication industry in the world.

The Technology In the Vodafone Telecommunication Company:

The Vodafone provides 'Mobile Broadband Dongles' which is the most innovative and efficient technology in the telecommunication industry. This technology enhances the communication opportunities and provides the flexibility which induces the consumer to meet their needs. 'Mobile Broadband Dongles' is usually USB modem stick which exploits the consumer communication demand.

This technological product enhances the business profitability for the Vodafone. By introducing this highly innovative technological product help Vodafone to enhance the competitiveness among the other telecommunication companies benefits for Introducing the Technology:

By introducing this company, the Vodafone achieve the large market share in the telecommunication industry like:

Enhancing the Business Trend:

Vodafone can enhance the profitability and competitiveness by introducing 'Dongles' among all other communication service for the customer. As a result this company achieve the high growth business trend in the telecommunication sector.

Alter the Basis of Competition:

By introducing the Dongles, the competitiveness of the company increased and to percipate in this volatility business world ,all competitive company would like to adopt technology based business strategy

Gain Market Share:

Vodafone can achieve the larger the market share by introducing this technology because it enhance the communication opportunities for the customer and the customer can use this any place.

Change for the Technology:

When any company introduce the technology, the company should manage the technology as a efficient manner to exploit the consumer demand as well as to participate in the aggressive business world. The company should perform effectively to manage the technology efficiently such as:

Introducing the employees like any institution or individual to enhance the productivity of the innovation.

Keep concern on the leverage of the company.

Finding other technological company to take the technological support to drive the innovation such as software.

Provide essential support to develop the technology.

Introducing new or efficient management or management team.

So to enhance the productivity of the innovation, the company should adopt several approaches to activate the new innovation such as

Activate The Technology:

External Activate:

The company should activate external environment to enhance the productivity for the innovation. To introduce the innovation consumer choice will be changed, new competitors will be entered in the market, new govt law or legislation will be developed, the domestic and global environment will be change and the social and cultural value will be altered.

Internal Activate:

By introducing the new technology, the infrastructure of the company will be changed such as recruitment the new employees, enhance the training facility, reallocation of resources and responsibilities. The manufacture sector of this company will be restructured for the innovation. In addition the location of the company should be changed to get the production related resources easily. To make famous the innovation the product service or launch design should be improved.

Therefore to enhance the popularity of the new innovation the company should take some steps. In order to do that the company should take planned strategy to exploit the benefit from the innovation. The company should take effective manner and activity in the production process and to achieve the popularity the company should take the some steps and to take the law and research in the production process. The company can gain efficiency by lower cost and effectiveness by higher productivity and to take the steps which are good for the company. The proper integration should be adopted and proper panning should take in the production process, the company can enhance the product differentiation in the aggressive market by adopting the efficient planning.

Change Of plan:

To introduce the Dongles, Vodafone adopt some approach to change the plan of the company. That means the company can the decision to move from one state to another for the production which can be explained by the following factors such as:

Change for increment:

The company's will be change to produce effective and innovative product by improving existing law, regulation and system.

Change for new strategy:

The strategy of the company will be change to produce the efficient new strategy and goals for the company.

Change for transformation:

If the production of the new innovation is needed to transformational change then the company should aim to take some steps to enhance the productivity

According to Kurt Lewin, the company's planning change constitute the three aspects like

Unfreezing: The Company's current state.

Transition: change for the new state or new methodology.

Refreezing: establish the new change.





Therefore planning change is an essential step to enhance the innovation productivity.

Management of the Technology:

The company of the Vodafone should take approach to enhance the change of the organization or to sustain the change in the long run. The approaches such as

Trigger Layer:

The company should concern about the market conditions for the innovation change. The opportunity should identify and should take appropriate steps to launch the Dongles in the competitive market. In addition the volatility of the telecommunication market should be a mentionable factor for the company to exploit the benefits of the innovation.

Vision Layer:

The company should have clear idea about the future of the technology as well as challenge of the technology.

Conversion Layer:

The structure of the technology should be explained in detail to enhance the productivity and to attract the customer for this technology.

Maintenance and Renewal Layer:

The Vodafone Company should be confident to launch this new technology in the aggressive telecommunication market.

The value chain of the technology:

The Vodafone adopts the value chain activities to enhance the productivity by dividing the plan of the organization in several parts. So, the company able to get higher profit than the cost. According to Michael Porter (Comparative Advantage 1985), the company should follow the several stages of activities to enhance the profit than the cost which can be shown from the following figure:


















So the company's margin will be depends on the several factors:

The infrastructure of the company

The management of Human resources

Development of Technology

Processing for the production

The Porter's value Chain activity is so important to compete in the aggressive competitive market.

The competitive Advantage:

The company can get the competitive advantage by achieving the cost advantage and differentiation advantage. According to Porter it can be shown in the following figure:

Differentiation focus


Cost focus

Cost leadership

Figure 3: Way of Business Activities

The cost advantage means the company are able to produce goods and services at a lower cost and differentiation means to produce exclusive good which can attract the consumer in the telecommunication sector.

Here the cost advantage depends on the following factors:

Economics of scale.


Proper Activity.

Relationship within the business sectors.

Methods to reduce cost.


Organizational factor to produce goods.

The differentiation advantage can be gained by adopting the following factors:

The organization location.

Integrate the business sector.

Different methodology to gain the advantage.

Efficient activity to gain in the competitive market.

Therefore to compete in the market, the company should achieve the effectiveness and efficiency of the technology.

Resistance To the change:

The company have to face the challenge to introduce the technology in the competitive market.

There is some threat in the market to launch the technology. According to Huczynksi & Buchanan 2001) resistance mean the challenge for the company that has to adopt to launch the technology and that will be the threat for the other organization.

Sources of resistance:

The resistance has to face the company to introduce the new innovation in the market.

There are several sources for the resistance such as:

Self Interest.

Misunderstanding and lack of cooperation.

Difficult approach to induce the customer.

Law and legislation for the change.

Slovene for Resistance:

The company should take several steps to avoid the resistance. According to Tony Eccles (1994) the following steps should be allow:

The vision and goal for the change

Proper power to act

Efficient resources to produce

Accountability of the company

Capacity to learn the technology.

Incorporate the technology with business strategy:

The company should incorporate the technological strategy with the business strategy to compete in the aggressive business world. The company should appropriate steps to enhance the capability of the firm. The knowledge should be managed properly in the company. Knowledge management means capturing and acquiring the knowledge as effectively than the other organization. The company should take knowledge as an asset, knowledge assessment and create the the environment for the knowledge. if the company cannot take the proper steps to enhance the capabilities of the knowledge it is not possible to sustain the profit from the technology. In this case the company should adopt proper methodology to enhance the knowledge and to recruit the employee who is efficient to drive the technology. The company strategy should be innovative to increase the capacity of the technology.





The Vodafone Company should take the appropriate steps to sustain the benefit from the technology. The company should take the appropriate steps to enhance the capability because the telecommunication industry is so aggressive to compete in the market. To activate the technology the company should encourage all sectors and take initiatives to manage the technology. To compete in the market the company should be efficient that means the company should produce the product at a appropriate manner and should gain the effectiveness from the technology. In the competitive telecommunication industry, the company will have to gain the Porter's Value Chain method where the company has to gain efficiency and effectiveness by adopting the cost advantage or differentiation advantage. So the company should make the strategy which is enable the company to efficiency and adopt the appropriate methods to gain effectiveness of the technology. That means the company should produce the technology or to launch the technology at a lower cost or expense and produce best quality of technology.