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Owing to the furious competition among enterprises, to retain capable employees who contribute to its development is the riches of a company. Besides, managers understand that an employee who is positive, enthusiastic and creative can set a good example to other workforce in the company, which may lead to the improvement of the competitive power in the future. To motivate a workforce, a considerable number of theories of motivation are needed. It is mentioned by Romando (2010) that 'the term motivation theory is concerned with the processes that describe why and how human behavior is activated and directed.' Accordingly, this essay is to analyze financial and non-financial methods of motivation with Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory and two specific examples of motivating employees in a company.

To motivate employees should be one of the most essential strategies in a company which attempt to ensure maximum productivity and make the workplace run as efficiently as possible (Motivation experts, 2010). Moreover, According to ACCEL (2010), the purpose of motivation is to improve the employees' enthusiasm, while the influence factors include the nature of work, leadership behavior, personal development, interpersonal relationship, compensation benefits and working environment. In general, most of these factors can be categories into two parts, financial methods and non-monetary strategies. However, these factors affect on different enterprises of different sorts.

Firstly, piece-rate, which connects with Maslow's hierarchy of needs, is one of the most useful ways in financial sections to motivate employees. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which can be seen in chart one (Net MBA, 2007), employees want all five diversified levels of needs, but different rewards are for different kinds of hierarchy in a company. Piece-rate method is for the inner satisfaction, means physiological needs; of how many a worker did in a period of time. It means that the more a worker does the more money the worker gets. An example, which connects with piece-rate motivation, can be found in 'home-base work' for thousands of people, especially women in the UK (Tutor2u, 2010). People who make money in home-based work depend on the amount of their own production. It is believed that women at home do this kind of job because they can earn extra money without wasting time in watching TV programs and chatting with their neighbors. Moreover, these kinds of jobs earn money for how many a woman did in a period of time, which is different from time-rate and fixed salary work in a factory. It leads to a positive attitude to the work. To sum up, home-based worker can make extra money and be more motivated because of the advantage of piece-rate, high productivity means more money.

Source: Maslow's hierarchy of needs (NetMBA, 2007)

However, piece-rate method, which belongs to financial rewards, is for some specific industries such as fittings in a factory. Even though monetary rewards are helpful to motivate a worker, manager should adopt which vary from person to person. There are varieties of payment systems that a business could use to motivate its employees, including fringe benefits, salaries and wages, and ownership share. Furthermore, with the exception of financial methods, non-financial methods are another effective motivation to workforce.

Instead of merely using money to motivate workforce, training is not just a way to contribute to the long-term motivation factors, but also to the development for a company. It is considered by Scorecard Metrics for HR (2010) that training must combine with the company's career advancement, development strategy and target. Nevertheless, in order to adapt to the change of external environment, a number of businesses put their long-term development through some training contents. Wal-mart is a useful example for training employees. In the practice of Wal-mart, new employees will understand the expectations of customers and what they can do at work. When they pass this stage, the workforce will be trained according to their potential abilities in specific such as learning management skills in the supermarket (Marketing Teacher, 2010). According to the persons who are used to taking part into the training group, they found they have learned more helpful knowledge during the training. Besides, they also want to continue to stay in Wal-mart because they found the company helps them promote. As a result of this, the improvement of Wal-mart can be existed in the future. To sum up, it is clearly to show training can both improve the employee's capability and also the strength of the enterprise.

There are large amount of motivation methods to employees, but most of them are likely interested in a working system which own both financial and non-financial methods. Google, for instance, has a perfect system to retain their employees. It believes that if employees have good welfare such as pension and healthcare insurance, they will take company as their home and attempt to make contribution at work. Besides, Google has a very good working environment that almost all employees working in Google are satisfied for their job (Google, 2010). According to Perks (2010), company has perfect entertainment facilities and good working environment make staff at work more dynamic. Hence, monetary and non-monetary methods, which used by Google company, make a contribution to retain its employees.

In conclusion, fair pay for fair work is necessary but it is not enough because both financial and non-financial factors are essential for motivating employees. Financial methods are the basis of a company which pays for its employees, while non-financial methods enable employees to be more positive at work. In general, piece-rate is used in some specific industries for workforce in a period of time. High productivity means more money. In addition, most of employees believe that having good working environment and training can have better efficiency when they work. It is recommended that associating both monetary and non-monetary rewards, which make a balance, can reach the highest driving force to employees, Google, for example.

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