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The manager responsible for managing and supervising the department in the company organization. In this responsibility includes advertisement for new staff ,viewing resume and application, arrange interview appointment ,hiring process ,organize business plane , motivate his staff. Manager must aware of employment guideline ,maintain employment, manage payroll issue, and also consider in workplace safety, health issue.

The modern manager responsibility to create a enjoyable working environment and encourage his staff for doing a good job. The manager responsible for high expectation and positive attitude about their staff and their work. It is compulsory to check that their staff are feel comfortable and appreciated their achievement at work. That more motivated the ensure that provide good result like as more as team work or individual employee contribution, more profitable and successful. so motivation will lead to the more powerful ,expectation and challenging attitude at work place.

So manager have excellent knowledge about motivation and then judging motivation in their staff. But Manager cannot affect motivation without understanding their staff and what is important to them. So the manager need to find out what is the motivate of staff. Everyone is motivated by several differing source. sometime is difficult to motivate but it is possible. Motivate others is important tool of the management. If our company has all staff motivated then productivity is higher so company become more successful in the world. So first find out what is the important and how to be motivate staff. So simple way to survey of employee ans ask some specific question like that:

What do you think about your job?

Do you have any pervious achievements that may you feel proud.

Other way the manager actively involved in effective recruitment process , training for new employee , effective communication, attempt to understand individual, answering question that employee ,always to be able to help the employee, flexible working condition. In additionally provide a good salary , bonus, offered promotion, job security which is also be affect to employee doing hard work.


Some motivation factor identified by theorist such as Hertzberg ,Machalls law can be seen at work in RBS which is the financial companies providing retail and co operate banking sector ,financial market, insurance and wealth management service. It is globalization industries which business operation in Europe ,North America.. At RBS mostly every role can be described in terms of specific job target. The manager measure individual performance in a specific way.RBS employee will correspond the job objective and target with their manager at the beginning of the year. This performance measured and reported throughout the year and end of the overall performance review. Payment is an effective motivation for high performance. Sometimes in job paid consequently to the achievement of goal . This means bonus is paid if the employee achieve the target. This challenge is difficult to achieve target are knows as stretch target and motivated staff.So Frederick Hertzberg (1959), carried out a large-scale survey into motivation in American industry.



Maslow's lower-level needs

Maslow's higher level need

Real motivators



Recognition of achievement

Intrinsic interest of the work

Job responsibility

Growth or advancement

Hygiene or maintenance factors


Company policy & administration

Quality of supervision

Interpersonal relationship

Working conditions

Salary & fringe benefits


SecurityCorrespond to Correspond to

Job content: directly related to the job

Job environment

The results of his survey resulted him to develop a 'two-factor' theory of motivation. Firstly, he demonstrated that if an employee's basic needs such as working environment, salary, security, status were not met, then this creates a source of dissatisfaction. Which is hygiene factor. On the other hand, the presence of real factors, such as the challenging work and recognition for doing well, can create or increase work motivation which is 'Motivators'. RBS has put in place several of Hertzberg's 'Motivators':

• encourage for work

• good achievement

• more responsibility

Morever,Abraham H. Maslow (1943) on Maslow staff motivation is also evident at RBS. Maslow referred to a 'Hierarchy of Needs' which is drawn as a pyramid as shown in figure:

maslow's hierarchy of needs diagram

As shown in figure physiological needs like that air, food. drink, shelter, food, warmth and bodily functions. Next, people had to feel secure in their environment. RBS provides basic needs to the all staff. The next level - 'esteem' - refers to our need to feel responsible for that what can do matters. The RBS way of thinking is that employees can 'make it happen' for themselves. It provides opportunities for all employees by promotion or training and then credit their achievement. Thus RBS employees can improve their self-esteem. At last human need for 'self actualisation'. This means personal growth and RBS meets this by offering credit, promotion opportunities and develop a lifelong career.

As Maslow describes, workers are motivated by good support of manager.RBS offers benefits for each member of staff that include not just money, but also personal choice in working hours and security. The RBS Reward also offers pension , health and medical benefits, give holidays, and a confidential advice service. RBS has financial products, such as home loan, currency convertor, personal loans and staff discounted rates. RBS is salary based on skill and experience. And also RBS offer a non financial reward which improve the life style. For example one employee give a good performance and achieve goal successfully and manager encouraged their work and marked their development report. This can create more chance get a promotion. This means manager encourage employee to grow and develop their skill and abilities. Another way RBS offer flexible work pattern for employee to develop a work life balance between work and non work commitment. In return, RBS staff loyalty and commitment, which is drives higher level performance. The policy of RBS in work life balance to create good working environment and equality to opportunity to everyone .For example women employee to choose your comfortable working pattern that fit with their child care arrangement.

Thus the RBS operates more inspire and modern thinking of Human Resources (HR) strategy. they motivates its staff in both financial and personal ways. RBS employees at all levels can enjoy a work environment where achievement is target, where individual progress is rewarded and where a long term career is available for those who are able to grow with the business.

Complexity of the modern working environment :

complexity is big issue because of human nature of need and different type of behaviour that is tried to satisfying those need.

In modern working environment, complexity is continues issue of management field like that the manager are continually face challenges motivate work force .To satisfying the need and achievement the goal of both employer and employees is often the difficult for manager in all type of organization and as result produce a complexity in working environment. when applied Adam's equality and inequality theory for motivation in modern working organization. Equality theory is process of motivation to concentrate on individual environment interaction. Adam's theory of inequality suggest that people are motivated when the find themselves and situation of unfairness. Equality is when receive a less compare to others believe is based on effort and contibution.Inequality goes to the experiance of tension and tension motivate a person to act as reslove the inequality.Eqaulity theory suggest that it may help to important organizational behavoir.which is improve the emplyee job satisfaction an motivation.

adams equity theory diagram

In the consider to measure of balance and unbalnce between the emplyee input factor and output facor shown in figure.so reduce the inequality and create a good working environmet.Therfore complexity is decreased in modern working environment,but complexity reduced by divided roles and resposibility to all staff and collobarate to eachother.Thus the manage is succesful to be manage and motivate the wide range of emplyees.

For example that how complexity reduce in Tarmac queery material industries . The Tarmac Group is now a large and complex company and is organised into three businesses: material, product and international. It concentrates on five big goals and it is DREAM which is help to employee motivate and focus on goal:

Develop markets

Reduce cost

Engage employees

Act responsibly -

Manage assets

Tarmac organizational structure provides clear line of management, responsibility and communication which is complex. So create individual within the business understand their roles and responsibilities. Tarmac has set business principle that demonstrate its commitment and operating responsible way. So everyone can understand where is his/her role contribute to whole performance and enable the workforce to working together to achieve the business and objectives. Within each their level of staff:

Manager -work closely with other manager and then they organize plan and set standard to improve process, accuracy ,efficiency.

Supervisor-work with manager to check to apply procedures and good practice.

Operator- good deal with day to day business operation.


The all staff divided responsibility, improve the health, safety, environment control and efficiency of the whole business.. Zone manager, unity manager and leader has large number of responsibility to motivate staff which are divided work. They can find achieve result and learn from the experience. So the employee are more motivated and good deal with future situation. So no heavy work load to only one person ,no one dissatisfy to management develop and motivated staff successfully.


Today business rapidly growing and developing in the market because of developing a new technology ,change test and fashion, more completion ,change rules cal all affected to business. Thus the divided roles and responsibility in field wise then manager can do successfully motivated his staff and complexity is not affect in modern working environment.