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In fact, knowledge is what the individual sought and gained in life. It can also be understood through education or experience in life and exposure process, hone. Knowledge is increasingly diverse and richer in the everyday life of us. Knowledge is maintained and developed in many different forms. It comes from the data, information, theories and skills that we have in life when we are young children until adulthood. Process knowledge is selected and stored in the brain through various forms such as the process of communication, conversation or discuss a problem. In everyday life we ​​are rich sources of knowledge from education through learning, awareness, and prepare a cumulative problem. Additionally, in the work environment at the company, knowledge is what we learned from the school and the process of social contact to apply to work with the aim to get the best performance. Besides, knowledge management is the ability to understand and know about psychology, knowledge, experience and skills of each individual or group work to help achieve the best results.

We have 2types knowleged: Tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge.

" Knowledge management is the deliberate and systematic coordination of an organization's people, technology process, and organizational structure in order to add value through reuse and innovation. This coordination is achieved through creating, sharing, and applying knowledge as well as through feeding the valuable lessons learned and best practices into corporate memory in order to foster continued organization learning."

Knowledge may lie in the brain or are recorded in the books and documents to be easily shared and disseminated to many people. Knowledge is not easy to get that through various processes. So to manage and control it is extremely difficult to do for efficiency and take advantage of capabilities that it brings. Knowledge is a resource, knowledge management is the ability to create, use, management and dissemination and development resources to create profit. Knowledge management in enterprises is a combination of individual knowledge in an organization to achieve common goals. In other words, knowledge management is an art that is an artist management. They managed to create many different ways. They used knowledge as a color to paint the ugly becomes beautiful.

Competitive advantage

Knowledge and knowledge management strategy is considered to provide an opportunity for businesses to compete in the market. In addition, knowledge can help operators capture and dominate the market to capture all activities taking place and method of settling all difficulties and challenges. Based on accumulated knowledge, we can control and apply it to create a solid wall and defense systems against competitors in the market. Knowledge is infinite and colorful. Knowledge are invaluable assets is not exclusive to anyone or any organization. Knowledge is not exclusive. In a company, every person has a place and a particular job, it is not their own. We need to share knowledge, work together by passing the communication process, the report or the company's internal regulations with the aim of all to visit and learn from each other. In the case of someone leaving the others can be replaced to keep up the progress of the company's work. A company executive and works well, then that company should have an extensive knowledge. It makes the employees to achieve higher productivity and more efficient to make the workload completed on schedule and updated by many other jobs. Indeed, higher results also help us save some costs. We need to promote innovation economy, politics and society, the world economy as in Vietnam is growing, infrastructure and equipment more modern. Therefore, users need to improve knowledge capture process and how to use it. In addition, knowledge also helps us to improve the quality of management. The manager requires a solid knowledge and long experience to be able to manage human resources and operating efficiency. If the manager does not have the knowledge, they do not understand the work capacity of individuals within a collective. They need to know who has the capacity or vice versa so that arrangements may be suitable job. Moreover, the knowledge to help businesses satisfy their customers. They are key optical elements can help companies survive and grow to do that we need to capture and understand customer needs. Knowledge plays an important role in the administration. The manager will use it to help companies attract and exploit all potentials. For instance, they attract the human resources skilled or attract investment from businesses or consumers. Since, then human resource exploitation to generate wealth for the company. From intangible assets to create tangible assets. Knowledge also motivates individuals or organizations to share and learn with the aim of creating a solid foundation in the work and greater opportunities for advancement.

How KM bring competitive advantages to the company

Furthermore, knowledge makes the promotion and motivation of the individual or organization within the company. It promotes the development, awareness and change. In addition, knowledge encourages exploration and learning to share the individual from which they can motivate a foundation for further work. Besides, the knowledge generated in the process of reform of administration and management. Reform of the structure and operation mechanism. Reform of the rules and regulations of the company. In addition, it also reforms the relationship of each individual within an organization. Based on basic knowledge, we can explore and create new knowledge. We need to store and use knowledge as well as logically true purpose to create the best results. We need to fully exploit the knowledge of each individual in the company to share, develop and preserve for the purpose of effective use.

KM helps the manager in the company

Besides, knowledge management helps people realize true knowledge management. Accuracy and depth are two important elements of a manager. We need to use knowledge appropriately with the aim of creating trust between superiors and respect from subordinates. More important is that we create the trust and support of everyone. Knowledge management helps people quickly and effectively uses information technology to promote efficiency in work. Knowledge to help people build a management organization, management policies and exactly consistent with the structure of the company's operations. Good manager is able to grasp the situation, fairness and clarity in all matters. So they can use their knowledge and experience to create their own policies and rules as well as to be reasonably fair to everyone. Managers need to regularly update information on the economic situation worldwide and domestically. They will easily create and manage strategies appropriately. Knowledge management helps people make decisions quickly, accurately and many new breakthroughs.

Leadership and Managerial skills

Above all, as far as I am able to judge, leadership is part of knowledge management. It is the capacity to persuade others to strive diligently for the first item was identified. Knowledge helps the individual links in the group together and pushes it towards goal. Therefore, there should be a leader in understanding, knowledge and strong links issues most appropriately. Leaders should have the skills to persuade and skills related to individuals towards a common goal as creating plans, organize and make accurate decisions. Leaders arouse motivation in each individual and organization. Leaders should have good communication skills as well as high-level language to create the trust of everyone. Even superior or subordinate should have the attitude and actions show they are knowledgeable. Leaders outside the knowledge management they have the society knowledge. They need to have the life skills that are consistent with the company environment. In the communication, transportation and apparel to work, they need to express themselves be good leadership skills than skilled administrators that are managing the successful application of knowledge management in companies. The first skill is called technical or professional skills. We need to have general knowledge such as computer drafting program, drafting legal contracts and business. It is the first standard to assess the capability and knowledge of primary staff even senior staff members. Human skill is the ability to work together, motivate and control staff. We need to know how to express effectively, with positive caring attitude to others, building the atmosphere of cooperation in labor as well as how to impact and guide personnel in the organization to complete the link results we want. Indeed, human resource skills in all levels of knowledge management are equally necessary in any organization or company. Finally, cognitive ability and thinking on the foundation of basic knowledge. If awareness and thinking is difficult to form, the knowledge management is extremely difficult but it plays a crucial role. We need a good thinking and strategy to create the right policy directions for dealing effectively with the difficulties preventing the development of the company. From there we will know how to reduce the complexity or hassle to a minimum.


Demonstrating the importance of knowledge and knowledge management in the company, I would offer a real-life examples and basic. In chain restaurants and hotels of limited liability companies and commercial services about BOF. From 1990 to 2007, the operating scale of 1,500 employees including apparatus directors, management, service, protection and other departments. The company has operations in the old style and backward. We can see backward from the management, administration and structure to the facility. Although the hotel has large customer base, but revenue each year in which gain is very low. Mr. Pham Duy are students from countries with a major Swiss restaurant and hotel management. After a year on water and direct management of the family business, he has found many omissions and mistakes that his company is facing. He has applied that knowledge and experience he gained from overseas to apply to the business of his family. The first problem is that he has not found a restaurant to take advantage of human resources in the best way. Most employees are not knowledgeable and able to work most effectively. From there he started to recruit staff and train them to higher levels. He has been applying his knowledge in the change from the simple to the complex as well as from service personnel to the manager. They are required to have specialized knowledge and professional qualifications. He revised management structure, content and infrastructure in a modern way. He increasingly greater attention in the research interests and customer care so as to satisfy the customer happy customers leave. He knows how to combine knowledge between Europe and Asia during reasonable business environment in his hometown. After two years for changes, his company has a size anywhere in the country as well as the foreign affiliates. In fact, the company's revenue has been rising and he became one of the most successful business people at a very young age. He did not hesitate to share knowledge and experience that he has been in the interviews as well as workshops for exchange students.

In brief, sharing knowledge no real value to individuals or organizations, except those with useful knowledge needs to accept it, accept it, and can reapply it. One of the difficulties of creating the theory those actual results of most KM studies almost no general formula for a strategy. All organizations should have a view of equality to ensure that the right knowledge is getting to the right people at the right time. The creation of a new share or more effective learning environment does not mean that a large amount of investment. Knowledge management enables enterprises to implement the strategy overall success. Once our business had been the right approach to the planning process to build a unified strategy is critical to maintain the continued success of the enterprise in a comprehensive way. However, without proper access, strategic planning can take a huge amount of time and deplete the resources of the business, making business is not focused on their business line. From the above problems, we learned lessons that should have a solid knowledge base. Knowledge in life as well as in managerial jobs is correlated to each other.


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