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Since its incorporation in 1952 as the first indigenous bank and the first shareholding company in the GCC countries, NBK has been known as 'The Bank You Know and Trust'. Thanks to the recognized superiority of its very stable management along with its unequivocal strategy, steady profitability, high asset quality and strong capitalization, NBK, the whole time, succeeded in building a sophisticated banking institution that offers a full range of innovative and unrivalled financial and investment services along with solutions to persons, corporate and institutional customers. NBK enjoys a dominant market share with a large and ever expanding local and regional clientele. NBK also boasts the largest overseas branch network spanning many of the world financial and business centers.

NBK ratings reflect its strong business position, asset quality, capital and earnings, as well as its adequate risk position, funding and liquidity. NBK has consistently been awarded the highest credit ratings of all banks in the region by the major international rating agencies: Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings. In 2012, NBK moved up 14 positions to rank 33 among the 50 safest banks in the world. NBK is the only Arab bank to be listed among the world's 50 safest banks five times in a row.

NBK continues to enjoy the widest banking existence in Kuwait with 67 branches, which together with its growing international presence totals 176 branches worldwide. NBK's international presence spans many of the world's leading financial centers including London, Paris, Geneva, New York and Singapore, in addition to China (Shanghai). In the interim, regional coverage extends to Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Human Resource

NBK continued its commitment to Kuwait's society and community. We believe that our people are our most valuable resource and to that end we have implemented numerous professional development and training programs while focusing recruiting efforts on hiring and training the country's best and brightest minds. Through programs like the High Fliers leadership program developed in partnership with the American University of Beirut, we are grooming our next generation of leaders and providing a forum for their acquisition of best practices in management, leadership and strategic thinking. Supporting the government's Kuwaitization initiative, NBK Group hired more than 200 nationals, with nationals now comprising at least 60 percent of the Group's employees.

NBK's Human Resources worked in 2011 continued the Bank's deep commitment to Kuwait employment and developing the professional skills and talents of employees. Human Resources organized mentoring workshops to facilitate knowledge transfer from experienced leaders to future leaders Middle management development programs focused on providing a vehicle for middle mangers to share best practices and challenges with each other and refresh leadership skills, change management techniques, mentoring experiences, performance management and measurement tools and effective communication skills.

Human Resources Group enrolled several participants in the NBK Academy aimed at introducing fresh graduates in consumer lending, financial accounting, ethical issues, marketing and assertiveness. NBK organized customer service and investment workshops for more than 1,000 employees to update them on the latest in financial planning and management and service excellence techniques. Human Resources provided Group-wide training and professional development for a range of soft skills, financial analysis, product understanding and computer skills. Complying with the government's Kuwaitization requirements of 60%, NBK recruited across the group more than 200 Kuwait senior and junior staff. The Bank also reviewed succession plans, focusing on group strategy and filing gaps.

Human Resources initiated a program to export NBK culture, professionalism and standards to NBK Group branches and affiliates across the region, most notably launching a pilot HR Global System within AWB in Egypt.

HR refocused standardization efforts across all channels and processes, maximizing synergies and communication, initiated pay-for-performance protocols including all staff KPIs and talent management procedures. HR continued its commitment to making NBK a learning organization, arranging an array of in-house training and workshops and talent motivation and retention policies.

Task 1 - Describe the effectiveness of three administrative services.

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has recruited more than 900 young Kuwaitis of both genders during the past three years as part of its commitment to providing distinctive career opportunities to ambitious young Kuwaitis. NBK maintains its position as one of the country's largest private sector employees. This drive is also an illustration of the bank's continuing endeavors to provide career opportunities for nationals to support the country's aim to encourage young nationals to assume roles in the private sector. NBK offers many training programs to constantly develop the skills of its employees. NBK's training programs include NBK Academy, the Summer Internship Program and the first of its kind in the region the NBK High Fliers Program in collaboration with the American University of Beirut.

Aiming at developing the skills of young Kuwaitis, NBK also offers several training and developing programs. Investing in our human resources is investing in our future. NBK is committed to supporting talented and qualified Kuwaiti nationals and empowering them to realize their potentials. NBK will continue its efforts to provide opportunities for nationals and to support the country's aim to encourage young Kuwaitis to assume roles in the private sector.

Functions of management are as follows:

Planning: It is the basic function of management. It deals with course of action & deciding in advance the most appropriate course of actions for achievement of pre-determined goals.

Organizing: It is the process of bringing together physical, financial and human resources and mounting productive relationship amongst them for accomplishment of organizational goals.

Staffing: It is the function of manning the organization structure and maintains it manned. Staffing has implicit superior importance in the past few years due to advancement of technology, amplify in size of business, complexity of human behavior etc.

Directing: It is that part of managerial function that actuates the organizational means to work efficiently for achievement of organizational purposes.

Controlling: It implies measurement of accomplishment against the standards and correction of deviation if any to ensure achievement of organizational goals.

Administrative Services

To provide diverse administrative and coordination support to the Director for the efficient management of the Division; contribute to the progress and augmentation of programs to streamline the Division's work processes; analyze, monitor, and control budget utilization; and coordinate the Division's work program and special projects.

Administrative Support

Administrative Budget monitoring

Phone Officer

The Key stages of review process of the three administrative services:

Administrative Support:

Coordinates the Division administrative activities and consolidates informational as required by departments/offices of NBK.

Administrative Budget monitoring:

Monitor and analyzes the utilization of the Division's budget to guarantee that expenditures are suitably accounted for and deviations from forecasts are acceptable; provides confidential management reporting for all financial areas.

Phone Officer:

Receives inbound calls that have been routed via NBK's automated banking service including but not limited to the areas of Enquiry, Sales, and Complaints etc. in a professional conduct in compliance with call centre quality scorecard and internal service quality for the provision of best in class customer service to NBK customers and potential customers alike.


Any piece of data related to any customer decisive records will be accessible with record management system, quickly and effectively. Ability to proactively initiate long-term competency development strategies and to translate such strategies into cost and quality effective annual development plans.

Task 2 - Adopt at least three suitable procedures and policies in providing support for a certain activity in your chosen organization.

Policies and Procedures: NBK's success is built on a solid foundation of rigorous and independent risk management practices, conservative strategy, stable leadership and sound corporate governance systems and principals. NBK's long servicing board and executive management team have taken the lead in implementing and enforcing strict risk management policies ring fenced from outside interference and in full compliance with all policies and regulations promulgated by government authorities.

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has developed an ICAAP and Stress Test framework along with its underlying models, policies and procedures. To maintain its capital commensurate with the overall risks to which the Bank is exposed.

The Group monitors its operational risks on a regional and global basis through an operational-risk management framework which defines roles and responsibilities for managing and reporting operational risk. The key components of this framework are comprehensive documented policies, procedures and internal controls.

Privacy and Secrecy: NBK has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate in order to demonstrate the firm commitment to privacy. NBK shall never sell the personal information to other companies for their independent marketing purposes. NBK maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to avoid unauthorized access to any personal information and to protect customers against the criminal misuse of that information. NBK restrict access to the account to only those employees involved in providing the services.

Employee rights: The emergence of a wide array of opportunities and the bank is ready to scour for these opportunities at the right time and place.

Achieving: NBK succeeded in achieving growth in both profits and shareholders equity, in addition to retaining the highest long-term credit ratings amongst all banks in emerging markets despite the adverse conditions prevailing in Kuwait and the Middle East region.

Task 3 - Demonstrate appropriate techniques when planning administrative work.





Task one

Introduction of the bank



Task one

Find data about admin tasks

Did not find all the data needed


Task one

Find data about admin tasks



Task Two

Was not done


Task Two



Task four

Internet surfing to find the organizational structure of the banks

Found the data for NBK only


Task four

Internet surfing to find the organizational structure of the banks



Task five

Review of the effectiveness



Put all the data in a report form

Not done


Put all the data in a report form



Task six


Task 4: Compare and contrast the administration role in supporting organizational activities for your chosen organization and its competitor.

The Administrative management functions facilitate planning, coordinating, directing and controlling activities across the functions areas in organizations. For example, it can be seen as the nervous system of Bank, directing and coordinating all parts in addition to ensuring that the entire body functions effectively and efficiently.

Administrative managers are middle and senior managers and leaders who make definite that information flows and resources are employed efficiently crossways the whole organization. They ensure that all operations and systems run effectively and in the most cost effective manner. Eventually, administrative managers have a key role in business organizations gaining and maintaining competitive advantage.

Administrative aspects can play a major role in constructing the norms of a relationship between an organization and its customers. The management also seeks to provide trainers who have good experience in the bank and can link up between the theoretical aspects and the actual situations within the bank.

Comparing the administrative role in supporting organizational, Human Resource are responsible to provide with the necessary training programs that can at least help out PBOs (Personal Banking Officers) to overcome their weaknesses in time management for instance. And also HR are responsible to bring some professional trainers from outside the bank that can provide the staff with the latest guidelines and studies in regards to the enhancement of their overall personal banking skills and time management.

In a highly competitive market a company will always commit to improve and maintain strong relationships with their potential profitable customers by continually providing them with value added services. The greater the base of loyal customers a company has, the better the chance to get higher profits, grow faster, and predict the future income more accurately than its competitors.

Top Competitors for National Bank of Kuwait

Arab Banking Corporation (B.S.C.)

Gulf International Bank B.S.C.

Ahli United Bank B.S.C.


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)

Ahli United Bank B.S.C.

Call Centre

Managed and performed a central role in revamping the National Bank of Kuwait's Call Center - establishing it as the best one in the region and the Middle East. Assigned to provide interim management and supervision of a Call Center.

Ahli United Bank B.S.C., one of the region's leading banking institutions, recently announced the launch of the Ahli Contact Centre. The first bank is Bahrain to introduce internet banking and the launch of the contact centre is another step in this direction. AUB is offering delivery of a variety of products and services at the customer's doorsteps.

Customer Service

NBK the best bank in Kuwait and the highest rated in Middle East, recently enhanced its Customer Service and Complaints Handling Unit as part of NBK's endeavours to consistently improve its services and to exceed customer expectations.

Highly trained relationship managers, and superior in customer service, has differentiated the Bank from the competition and seen a steady increase in its' local and regional client base.

Filing System

Providing accurate, complete filing system improving efficiency and productivity.

Maintaining a complete filing system and records as required.


The Administrative role of supporting organizational activities has efficient and effective services of both the banks. Comparatively, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is effective than Ahli Unit Bank B.S.C.

Task 5: Review the effectiveness of three administration services in your organization.

Three Administrative Services of National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)

1. Administrative Support

2. Administrative Budget monitoring

3. Phone Officer

Responsibilities of the three administrative services:

1. Administrative Support:

Coordinates the Division administrative activities and consolidates informational as required by departments/offices of NBK.

Provides administrative support in the improvement and update of policies/instructions on administrative problem in addition to the review of policies and project proposals for the department.

2. Administrative Budget monitoring:

Monitor and analyzes the utilization of the Division's budget to ensure that expenditures are appropriately accounted for and deviations from forecasts are justified; provides confidential management reporting for the entire financial areas.

Make the annual budget of the Division by means of consolidating the work program and prepares corresponding financial resource requirements and background materials.

Ensures the effectiveness of the budget system and engage in the enrichment of budget policies and procedures, particularly in the capital budget areas.

3. Phone Officer:

Answer customer queries via phone which are related to NBK Services and Products from NBK customers to set up effective personal Tele-banking Services.

Discover products / services that meet up with customer needs and that is to Cross sell / Up sell where relevant.

Move towards to attaining Call Center balance scorecard in order to achieve functions e.g. including however not limited to areas of Customer Service, Sales etc.

Provides one call resolution system in order to serve the customer with one point of contact

Undertakes activity in accordance with NBK and Call Centre procedures for the fulfillment of call center process

Ensures that the new and returning customers are received and served in a welcoming and pleasing manner including thanking departing customer services

Requirements Minimum diploma, preferably in business or customer services


The mentioned above administrative services are very important vital roles of the bank. The administrative services are occupied by the staffs and directors of the company. This would be important and managing the business services.

Task 6 - Evaluate and justify how effective and efficient administration contributes to your chosen organization's structure, policies and procedures and justify your proposal.

Evaluation of role of the administration:

The role of the administration is evaluated by each task. It assumes that different services of the both the companies and the range of internal policies and procedures are administrative activity.

The responsibility and rights of organizational is effective and efficient in all the perspective. It is contrasted by the company's organizational activities, steps, policies, privacy, secrecy, employee rights, and achievements.

Comparing administrative angle of the two banks are effective and different ways of growth aspects. It is almost similar products and services of the banks; somewhat performance of the bank's perspective is difference. Contrasting the company hierarchy are call centre, customer service, filing system, etc. it is good strategy between of the two companies.

Overall organization effectiveness and efficiency

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK):

To ensure that data quality and high availability could be maintained, to enable effective business operations, decision-making and reporting.

The applications and systems were in a state where maintenance and further enhancements were becoming costly and slow.

NBK Internal Audit works in partnership with management and provides assurance to the Audit Committee and NBK's effectiveness of internal controls, management of risks and the integrity of management and framework.

Ahli United Bank B.S.C.

Innovative products, enhanced market coverage, and an efficient sales approach, AUB are well placed to cater to the regional and wider requirements.

Ahli United Bank B.S.C. (AUB) has been awarded the prestigious STP awarded by Commerzbank AG, in recognition of the Bank's outstanding efficiency in processing fund transfers and international transactions in Euro.

The banks policies and procedures are the functions besides developing and reviewing effectiveness of the corporate framework.

AUB maintains a strong commitment to the development of human capital throughout the organization in its mission to become the employer of choice in the region.

Positive and Negative in the two company policies

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK):

NBK offers many training programs to constantly develop the skills of its employees.

NBK maintains its position as one of the country's largest private sector employees.

The bank's continuing endeavors to provide career opportunities for nationals and to support the country's aim to encourage young nationals to assume roles in the private sector.

On the positive side, there is less exposure to lower credit rated assets for Islamic banks compared to their conventional counterparts.

The negative economic developments occurring both domestically and in the region and their potential implications on a stagnant operating environment.

The bank's outstanding strength points.

The Bank's defendable market leadership which facilitates access to Islamic banking, and the stability of a strong management team.

Ahli United Bank B.S.C:

The Bank's positive impact on businesses and markets, as well as on society as a whole service

All aspects of Human Resources and Administration the customer and superior customer service through positive attitude, leadership of the banks

The Bank's controls and loss mitigation strategies, and substantial resources are devoted to developing efficient procedures and to staff training.

Therefore remains exposed to operating services that could negatively impact its business and results of operations.


NBK and AUB are operates very well in domestic and international. Both banks administrative services are effective and very efficient in all perspectives. Comparatively, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) is slightly higher than Ahli United Bank B.S.C.

The weak aspect of the NBK's, weedy growth and structural challenges raise prospects of continued social instability and projects slowed by unfamiliar bidding procedures and administrative delays. The Bank has changed the structure and workings of the program in an attempt to improve its effectiveness.

At NBK the leaders encourage employees to be creative and appreciate and invite employees to contribute new ideas which would aid the Bank to gain competitive edge/higher market share, healthy work environment etc. in the market. NBK constantly explores and experiments new ideas. NBK is considered as an innovative organization and NBK has launched new products or services offering before any other bank in the Kuwait market.

The weak aspect of the Ahli United Bank is internal control functions aimed at identification of the points of weakness and the remedial actions taken towards them. It performs a re-evaluation of significant policies and procedures and develops action plans to correct any weaknesses.

Through cross-training to improve their performance, risks and ensure professionalism in providing the Bank's customers with banks quality services.

In my opinion, I would consider NBK to be a learning organization which constantly looks to learn from all the segments of the society and to pass on this knowledge to the employees according to the characteristics and principles of a learning organization as stated in the vision statement of NBK.