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The requirement of education by training for future MBA is met by professional program by involving a combination of theoretical education and practical training. It equips student with skill, knowledge and professional values, sufficient for performing as qualified professional and to continue to grow in their career through an unending process of learning to learn.

Our department has therefore been seized with the need for developing training regulation, which not only cater for the above stated requirements but would also help in providing experience to trainees to meet the future needs of the market place.

In this concern, I was given an opportunity to have a six weeks training in today's well reputed Group, AURIGA GROUP. During my whole time I was visited through different departments of the company and was thoroughly briefed about the procedure and working by cordial senior staff of there. My report is all based on what I have learnt there. I hope that my report will give you better overlook of HR and Marketing related matters and operations.


All the work done in this internship is dedicated to:

"My parents who brought me up and make me able to do my MBA in COMSATS Lahore. I thanks to them that they are with me without them I am nothing and cant able to survive like now"


All praises are for Allah almighty that has bestowed upon human being the crown of creation and has endowed him with knowledge and wisdom. After Allah, is the last prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.W) who brought for us revelation and unlimited knowledge and civilized the barbarian human being.

Although this report contains only my name but few people were very important to the development of this report without the support of them I could never successfully complete the internship as well as the report.

I am highly thankful to the staff members of AURIGA GROUP HUMAN RESOURCE Department in head office who really cooperated with me and provided me their complete guidance. As such companies are very much sensitive about their secrecy; even then after taking an understanding, they let me handle their delicate operations.

My special thanks to Mr. IMTIAZ KHOKAR (Assistant General Manager HR), Mr. Shoib Nazir Sial (Executive IT), MR.HAROON (Assistant Manager HR), Mr. Faisal (Recruitment & Selection Officer)

My special thanks to Mr. Ashraf incharge of my internship report who provided me with his kind guidance whenever I felt difficulty.


Table of Contents


I am pleased to present my final project to the most respected members of the COMSATS INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. In this project I have tried to explain all the aspects of "AURIGA Group "starting with an introduction to its environment and scope of its activities.

This report has been undertaken in order to highlight the Human Resource Practices of "Auriga Group". AURIGA Group was established in 2001 initially to provide quality pesticides and services.

Auriga is organized into three subsidiaries.

Auriga Chemical Enterprises

Sayban International

Auriga Seeds Corporation

The vision of AURIGA Group is "A vibrant rural economy driven by value added agriculture". Crop protection and yield maximization is being done by Auriga pesticides, technology and services throughout Pakistan. It is well group in agri-sector within the short span of time offering wide range of state of the art environment friendly new generation chemistry products of utmost quality including pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, micronutrients and plant growth regulators.

The growth of AG is because of its belief in its core values of Customer First which is interpreted with going extra miles and to keep the promises and by providing quality products, services & practices. The group has firm belief in being a socially responsible corporate, caring for health, safety & environment all the way and all the practices with ethical behavior and ownership, it believe that it is the Human Resource Capital which leads to excel the companies. It has developed a culture of team spirit and mutual support.

Proper planning is Auriga group's strongest point; all the products that they have launched so far are backed by wise strategies with proper market research.

In the last part of the project I have made a SWOT analysis of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. I have tried to put some useful recommendations for the betterment of the company's activities according to my study and knowledge.

During my internship I learn and work following

Job adds



Short list


Make salary according to data base management,

Tracking reports of Vehicles


Company Introduction

Auriga Group of Companies is one of the fastest growing companies among all multinationals and national companies engaged in agrochemicals and seeds business. The Group has three subsidiaries:  Auriga Chemical Enterprises, Sayban International & Auriga Seeds Corporation. Auriga Chemical Enterprises has a vast and trusted dealers network covering whole country, Sayban International is an infant company aiming for country wide network of franchisees with distinct look of the put let in the market. The network is expanding very fast with a concept of one stop solution for all crops inputs.

Auriga Seeds Corporation is focused on research and development, of seed varieties using indigenous pool of genetics coupled with elite sources of genetics around the world. The company has focus of developing and procuring high yielding hybrids of field and vegetable crops. The company is actively engaged in sourcing of transgenic technologies from local research institute and developed nations.

The group has developed itself as a trust worthy source of quality agrochemicals, high yielding seeds and proven research based foliar fertilizers. We owe our fast paced growth and penetration in today's compact pesticide market to our visionary leadership, commitment to Pakistan agrarian economy and our dedicated teams sales, marketing, finance, administration and production.  We recognize that we have the best of available workforce in the industry which is committed to its cause, loyal with customer and have long association with the organization. We take in having one of the lowest staff turnovers in the industry.  The company has very well established research and development organization with three departments, individually dealing with foliar fertilizers, hybrid seeds and novel pesticides formulations. Each department is looked after by a highly competent scientist who has the established credibility and proven track record of introducing quality products in the past. We are the pioneers in introducing foliar fertilizers with unique combination of micro and macro nutrients, coupled with growth regulators and promoters


Auriga has a well established Research & Development Department that comprises of pesticides, plant nutrition and Seeds divisions. Each division is led by highly qualified staffs who are conducting innovative and quality research to serve the farming community. The products introduced by R & D team proved to be highly effective and the need of time.


Chief Executive:

MR. JAMSHID IQBAL CHEEMA is an acknowledged market leader in Pakistani pesticide industry. He has vast agricultural experience starting from a farmer family of Punjab to the shining star of many multi-national agricultural organizations he proved himself an outstanding Agricultural professional. He is truly a visionary man who gave shape to Pakistan Fertilizer Forum and innovate skills in agricultural business for indigenous companies.

He has vast agricultural experience that owes much to his professional training as well as agricultural background. He has inherent capabilities to achieve his goals through strong commitment and dedication. He has been introducing new ideas and solutions to agricultural problems


MR. MUHAMMAD AZAM CHEEMA being a long experience in pesticide marketing. He holds the office of Director Administration & Finance. Auriga group is emerging as a leading agrochemical group due to his vision and strategic planning. He is one of the founder members of the Auriga group. He has a Master degree in Agronomy from the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

MR. SHAMSHER HUSSAIN possesses vast experience of pesticides marketing as well as practical agriculture. He is an institution of pesticide marketing in a person that polishes the capabilities of his staff through motivation and professional trainings. He is very popular among the farming community due to his proper guidance to the farmers

MR. HAJI NAZIR AHMAD CHEEMA is a progressive cotton grower as well as a successful businessman. He is managing several businesses including animal feeds and textile. He is one of the founder members of the Auriga Group.


"A vibrant rural economy driven by value added agriculture."


To create and facilitate the development of value-added agriculture business and fulfillment of our corporate social responsibilities towards the Agricultural segment in particular.

Core Values

Practice high ethical business standards in Agro Sector

Produce and provide high quality agriculture inputs

Respect and protect the environment

Productive hard work

Efficient time management

Self Respect

Corporate governance









AURIGA GROP providing following services


Auriga has been endeavoring to improve socio-economic environment of society through value added products. Its seeds, fertilizers and pesticides division have contributed significantly towards raising yields of various crops which have contributed towards rural society

Tele Marketing

Auriga group is providing telemarketing services to its customers.


Number of Employees

There are almost more than 100 employees at head office.

Main Office

The plant is located at 33-km, Multan Road, Lahore

Head office is also working near the plant.


Human Resource Department

Sales & Marketing Department

Accounting & Finance

Import & Purchase


Quality Control, Quality Assurance Department


Information Technology


Research & Development

Maintenance & Safety

Distribution Department (Store, Ware houses)


Auriga group is a Lahore based pesticide company producing different categories in in pesticides. They tried to cover upper middle and middle level class of farmers. They market their products through print and electronic media.


As I have told that Auriga focuses on middle and middle level classes. They have distributed their market in these two major segments.


Auriga is Pesticide Company, so their targeting market is obviously Pakistani farmers and a very minor share in export


As we know that Auriga focused on middle and upper middle classes. So according to their target position their products as low price, high quality


Competitive strategy means to develop a route map to compete your rivals. Auriga as a pesticide company is new entry in this category. So they are trying to compete their giant Rivals through these features.

Low price

Their products are low prices as compare to its competitors

High quality

Auriga produced high quality products. The group has developed itself as a trust worthy source of quality agrochemicals

In contact with individuals farmers

Auriga is also in contact with individuals farmers to create value for their products

Appearance their products in market

Auriga focus and believe that which product you saw in the market it obviously increases it sales according to that they tried to provide their products at all agricultural stores

Benefits for their retailer

Auriga provide benefit for their retailer on the basis their of good sale

Franchises System

Auriga has very strong franchises system with the name of Auriga point. Auriga increase their sale revenue through their own franchises

HRIS System

Auriga completely keeps the data of their employees. So they can take benefit through their Human Resource information system

Competent Employees

Auriga belief that employees are the main strength of the company. That is why they hire competent personals

Proper Research & Development

Auriga has a well established Research & Development Department that comprises of pesticides, plant nutrition and Seeds divisions. Each division is led by highly qualified staffs who are conducting innovative and quality research to serve the farming community. The products introduced by R & D team proved to be highly effective and the need of time

High performance working system

Auriga tried its best to take full benefit from their working system



Business is divided following major categories.


Auriga Fungicides Products















Seeds right_pane_seeds

PET Bottle Manufacturing

Toll Formulation and Packaging

Consumer & Specialty Products



The job of the department is to maintain books of account. There are following main activities of accounts.

Issuance of purchase vouchers for raw material, plants and machinery

Cheek payment of payroll to employs including wages, overtime, bonuses etc

Handling of monthly tax statement

Computerized general ledger system is working and shows the results of each transaction up to balance sheet and income/profit statement


In the current business environment there is just one human resource generalist who is performing trainings as well, therefore there isn't any formal HR department. As the company size increases formation for HR department would become necessary, hence this policy manual would be updated accordingly.

Currently the HR generalist is performing few basic functions, such as;

Recruitment & Selection


Compensation & benefits

Performance Management


It is the policy of the Company to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment and not to discriminate on any basis prohibited by law, including race, color, sex, age, religion, disability, marital status or veteran status. It is our intent and desire that equal employment opportunities will be provided in employment, recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits, promotion, demotion, layoff, termination and all other terms and conditions of employment.


The Company will not tolerate harassment or intimidation of its employees on any basis prohibited by law, including race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, or veteran status. Moreover, any suggestions made to any employee that sexual favors will affect any term or condition of employment with the Company will not be tolerated. It is the policy of the Company that any harassment, including acts creating a hostile work environment or any other discriminatory acts directed against our employees, will result in discipline, up to and including discharge. The Company also will not tolerate any such harassment of our employees by our clients or vendors.

For purposes of this policy, sexual harassment is defined as any type of sexually-oriented conduct, whether intentional or not, that is unwelcome and has the purpose or effect of creating a work environment that is hostile, offensive or coercive. Kindly refer to Employee Code of Conduct for more details.

Employees must bring any violation of this policy to the immediate attention of their supervisor or the company CEO. The Company will thoroughly investigate all such claims with due regard for the privacy of the individuals involved. Any employee who knowingly retaliates against an employee who has reported workplace harassment or discrimination shall be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.



To attract and retain suitable candidate in the organization to fill the organizational job opening and for developing a panel of competent employees.


The purpose of this policy is to attract and retain qualified candidates for the AURIGA GROUP. The candidates are attracted and retained from external and internal sources for a particular job opening. The Human Resource Department is responsible for attracting and retaining the best candidate for a particular job position within the organization.


The recruitment process starts when Human resource Department is informed about a vacant job position by a Department Head. The head of the concerned Department will send the job description of the required candidate along with the personal requisition form to the Human Resource Department which contains all the information about the job responsibilities and the personal specification. Lead-time of at least ten working days should be given for selection of candidates.

The Human Resource Department will give first preference to the internal candidates over external candidates if they meet the requirements of that job position.

The information about the vacant vacancy in the organization will be communicated to the employees through inter office memos, emails and through notice on the central board.

The internal candidate that fulfills all the requirements for a particular job and who have spend one year in particular position within this organization can only apply for a particular position through his line manager. The internal candidate that fulfills all the requirements for a particular job must be a confirmed employee of that organization, who has worked in a particular position for at least one year.

The line manager of that employee will send the application along with necessary documents to the Human Resource Department for that particular job vacancy. The Human Resource Department will also advertise the job position for external employees through newspapers, corporate website and job portals.

Applicants may apply online by registering through web based recruitment portal. However, when considered for a specific position, they will be required to fill the standard application form of the Company, or they can send their CVs to the Human Resource department of the organization.

The HR department will collect the CVs of the candidates that fulfill the required job specifications. For a particular job positions following things are taken into consideration:

An applicant's knowledge, skill and aptitude related to the position shall be judged according to a range of factors including:

Education (Academic / Professional).






After initial screening and short listing the short listed candidates are called for the Psychometric and technical Tests where they also have to fill the personal information form. The candidates who pass these tests are called for the interview.

No Travelling or any other allowance is given to the candidates applying for a particular vacancy.

For positions in management grades, it is required to shortlist and recommends at least four candidates for each position and specifies the order of priority to the Chief Executive Officer. For position in non management grades, Head of the concerned department is authorized to approve or reject a candidate. The initial interview is taken by the Human Resource department where as the final interview is taken by the line manager of the particular department. The interviewer assesses the interview through the interview assessment form.

The Selected internal candidates will join the new job position after getting clearance from existing line manager.

The offer for the job to the selected candidate is communicated through Human Resource department in written by the instructions of Competent Authority. If the candidate accepts the offer letter then the candidate is called and given the medical check-up form, which contains details of particular medical tests required before joining. These tests are to be conducted through the prescribed doctor or hospital. After these tests the doctor or the hospital sends the candidates medical report directly to the Human Resource Department, for verifying complete fitness.

If the candidate is found complete fit then he/she is send the appointment letter for the job. The appointment letter contains general terms and conditions of the employment.

In case of non-acceptance of offer by a candidate, make an offer to the second best candidate.

Advice the candidate to bring educational and employment certificates, original ID card and recent passport size photographs, and also provide details of bank account for salary disbursement, on the date of joining. On the first day of job the candidate has to fill the date of joining report and submit it to the Human Resource Department. A form is filled by candidate for the undertaking for receipt of assets; these documents along with employment application form, interview assessment form, offer form and other relevant documents are filed in his personal file for future record.

Specimen Documents:

a) Personal requisition form

b) Test letter

c) Personal information form

d) Preliminary interview letter

e) Interview assessment form

f) Offer letter

g) Medical examination form

h) Pre-employment medical checkup report

i) Appointment letter

j) Joining report

k) Undertaking for receipt of assets



Orientation is the transitioning of a new employee into an organization. During the first two days, the employees will go through the orientation sessions. The trainings of new employees without previous experience shall be conducted by the training coordinator.


The Training coordinator must be capable enough to deliver the trainings relating to product and customer services. The steps to be followed for orientation are:

Organizational orientation

New employee starts with the introduction of the company. The employee is informed about the company's mission and visions statements along with its values. The organization structure is explained along with the policies regarding to probation, attendance, salary, leave, code of conduct, performance appraisals. An employee handbook is issued as well.

Departmental Orientation

This phase of orientation starts from the second day, when the new employee is introduced to his departmental manager. The new employee is explained the departmental goals and how his job contributes to the overall departmental goals. He is introduced to his co-workers and a mentor is assigned to help new employee, work towards his initial challenges.

Before the orientation ends, the actual JD's must be given to the new employees and discussed by line managers. All employees will then be asked to fill out the orientation feedback forms. Training coordinator will be responsible for carrying out these orientation sessions, evaluations and compile a details report on the feedback and suggestions. To keep everything on track orientation check list will be filled by the training coordinator to make sure that orientation has covered everything on the list.

Objectives achieved

A well designed and managed orientation system not only integrates an employee effectively into the system but it also ensures a long term loyalty and commitment of the employees. It also helps to develop a positive and strong brand of the organization. A good brand image makes the recruitment & selection process very easy and affordable.

Specimen Document:

Orientation checklist

Evaluation/feedback form



In the event of an employee or their dependant being hospitalized, all permanent employees are eligible to claim Hospitalization expenses as per their entitled predefined annual limits during each fiscal year (July to June). All new hires can claim hospitalization expenses effective from their date of joining. Furthermore the medicines provided to the patients during the course of hospitalization will be reimbursed from the employees Hospitalization limit. If an employee requires advance against Hospitalization expenses, he/she can request the amount within the entitled limit through Advance Request form with justified proof of hospitalization.


All permanent employees are entitled to one month basic salary per year of service as gratuity, after completion of 5 years of service. Gratuity amount is based on pay rate at the end of employment. Gratuity amount is payable to the employee at the time of separation from the company and cannot be claimed in advance.


Life Insurance coverage is provided to all employees. In an unfortunate event of employee death, the beneficiary/beneficiaries of the employee will be compensated according to the insurance policy. The amount would be doubled in case of Accidental Death vis-à-vis amount entitled for natural death.


Employee can claim for one gross salary which can be deducted in two installments. To avail this benefit, the employee must have been in service for two continuous years.


All employees are entitled to avail the leaves according to the below mentioned criteria.

Classification of Leaves

No. of Days in a calendar Year

Sick Leave

Eight (8)

Casual Leave

Ten (10)

Annual Leave

Fourteen (14) En-cashable

All Permanent employees are entitled to Sick and Casual Leave after joining the organization, whereas, Annual Leave becomes due after one year of service.

All permanent management staff, which has completed two years of continuous service, will be paid for HAJJ leaves to a maximum of 15 days. HAJJ leaves must be approved by departmental heads, one month in advance.

Business will be closed during all public holidays.



The objective of performance appraisal is to improve the employee's performance and identify training and development needs.


The role of Human Resource Department is very critical in the performance appraisal process. The performance appraisal process continues throughout the whole year. The performance of an employee is measured yearly, after completing his probationary period and on special occasion when promotion of an employee is to be done. The employee must be in service for a minimum period of six months in order to be eligible for performance appraisal.


A performance management system in which employee can be directed, monitored and refined with SMART objectives for both the individual and the organization, which has been clearly communicated and agreed is essential to any organization that aims continuous improvement.

The critical point about employee performance management is that handing out job descriptions, carrying out staff appraisals and issuing a list of objectives is just not adequate. The overall employee performance management system is key with managers that can use and understand the system effectively.




Performance Appraisals &


Performance Management Cycle


The process starts with the planning phase. It means setting up performance expectations and goals for groups and individuals to channel their efforts towards achieving organizational objectives. The objectives will be defined on the performance appraisal forms. Involving employees in the planning process will help them understand the goals of organization, what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and how well it should be done. The requirements for planning employee performance include; defining the job descriptions, establishing KSA's and standards. Performance standards must be measurable understandable, verifiable, equitable and achievable.

After the objectives has been set and understood by the employee, a copy of appraisal forms must be given to them so they know the areas in which their performance will be evaluated at the end of the quarter. The JD's prepared during this stage must be based upon their actual job duties on the projects they are working.


The assignments and project must be monitored continually. This means measuring performance and providing feedback to employees on their progress towards reaching their goals. The unacceptable performance will be identified during this phase and appropriate training would be provided rather than waiting until the end of the period, when the employee appraisals are performed.


Providing the employees with training and development needs encourage good performance and help employees to keep up with the changes in the workplace. Through trainings or giving additional assignments that introduce new skills or higher responsibility is another motivation factor for employees.


After continuous monitoring and development the rating process becomes a success both for the employee and the employer. The supervisor rate the employees performance against the objectives which were already planned, monitored and developed. At this stage the employees are very well aware of their performance and how well they have achieved their objective.


Rewarding means recognizing employees for their performance and acknowledging their contributions to the company's mission. Formal rewards can be cash, time off and other nonmonetary items.

Training and Development


Trainings are aimed towards overcoming organizational weakness and to meet its corporate objectives. Trainings are also used to promote employer branding. It is a source of encouragement for employees when employer invests in their abilities and skills. Many employee issues are solved through effective training practices.


Training is defined as the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude to perform more effectively on one's current job. Development is the acquisition of KSA's to perform some future job. HR department is responsible to arrange training calendars in consultation with training coordinators. In house training coordinators must perform the trainings of all the company employees at the head office to maintain uniformity in the delivering the same information to employees from different outlets. Trainings for soft skills must be delivered by in house trainers.

Marketing Department

Marketing region

Auriga group has marketing region which cover all over the Pakistan. Marketing

Operations being centrally controlled by the main office Lahore which is located in 33-km Multan Road Lahore?

Marketing operations

All marketing operations are being done in the main office Lahore. Many companies believe that they can establish a long lasting competitive advantage by performing similar activities better than their competitors. Auriga group operations staff member may be inclined to focus on their convenience and gives ordinary service, where marketer want the staff to must fully understand the capabilities and mind set of those delivering marketing operations. Staff members are very much active to provide the better service and continuously try to improve attitudes and capabilities. Auriga group marketing operations staff members are very much active to provide the better services and feedback to their valuable and ordinary clients and dealers.

Product strategy

Auriga group's marketing or product strategy is to produce high quality product at low price.

Sales team

Auriga recognized that they have the best available work force in the industry which is committed to its cause, loyal with customers and have long run association with organization.

Production Department


Auriga group has recently installed new plants.

Liquid pesticides formulation plants

Liquid Re-filling packing plants

Seeds processing plants

Liquid micronutrients manufacturing & formulation plants

Types of products can be formulated



Micro and Macro nutrients

There are six departments at those plants


Quality control

Planning(ware housing)

Safety and security



Emergency response plan

Complete emergency response plan consisting of following facilities

Fire detection and Alarms

Formulation and packing plan

Quality Assurance plan



Analysis of Political environment is very critical and this environment has a strong influence upon the activities of any organization in a society. Political environment strongly affects the marketing decisions. The political stability of a country has its impact on the consistency of policies of local government. Pakistan has always been struggling for political stability since its creation. Government has been changing in Pakistan many times due to multiple reasons and most of the times Military has taken the charge of the government. So, there are significant political risks in Pakistan. But the positive aspect is that Government of Pakistan has been given subsidies and it is now an autonomous body in making its decisions. From this perspective environment becomes suitable and favorable for Agriculture Development.


Pakistani economy is good for foreign investments and it is also good for Agriculture sector of Pakistan. GDP rate of Pakistan is showing a consistency in upward direction and per capita income has increased as compared to past. FDI is increasing every year. Home economy is in recovery phase but it is showing good indicators for Agriculture sector. As Pakistani economy is showing some level of stability and consistency from last couple of years, so it's good sign for Overall Progress too.


Pakistan is situated at very important geographically location and it has a diverse culture. Islam is the religion of majority of the population and Islam has deep and everlasting influences upon the culture of the people of the area. So, the life style of people is simple most of them are related to agriculture sector. Pakistani people have a respect for their religious and cultural celebrations. AAG is taking an advantage of this socio-cultural environment of Pakistan.


There is lack of proper infrastructure in Pakistan, for that reason different sectors are not becoming able to cope with the technology. Lack of latest technology is major cause that we are far away then foreign countries in agri sector. We are not gaining maximum as we can.


SWOT analysis is very valuable tool to judge the position of an organization within a given environment. It helps to determine that what will be the response and strategies of the company upon facing certain internal and external environment stimuli. As a whole, this analysis best captures the picture of the organization within a given context. To determine this picture of AURIGA GROUP OF COMPANY. I have done the following SWOT analysis, based on my own observation during my internship program and on the comments and views of my supervisors.


Following are the organization's main strengths.

Positive Image of the Company:

In order to be successful in the market, reputation of an organization is very necessary. AURIGA GROUP OF COMPANY is seen as a very good company in the eyes of local and international buyers. Its produced are perceived as high quality products.

Good Governance and Policies:

The owners of this organization lead the organization by good governance. They provide proper guidance to each and every member of the organization. There is no communication gap between the workers and the owners. Even a worker at the lowest level of the organization can come to the owner's and can explain his problem or offer some recommendations for improving some area the owners also exert a tight control on the working and behavior of the employees. The culture of the organization as explained before is very hard working and rule oriented. So the owners have maintained such a control that nobody is ever seen sitting idle and having a chat with someone.

Team Work:

Teams are now replacing the traditional organizational hierarchy due to their many advantages. They; re not threatened to change, encourage innovative ideas, foster social relationship and solve problems rapidly. In Auriga Group Of Company, teamwork appreciated. People work closely with one another, solve problems collectively and offer new innovative ideas to the management. The teams are made in the departments. Members of the team tolerate one another's mistakes and faults. In the head office, whenever some new person is hired, he is made the member of the team and by this, he learns the job and brings in him continuous improvements to adapt himself with the culture of the organization.

Product Quality:

Quality is major strength of the organization. Due to latest plants and equipment installed, organization is able to offer the local and foreign customers, tremendous quality. The level of quality can be judged from the fact that among all the pesticides companies working in Lahore, Auriga Group Of Company has high prices of its product due to superior quality as compared to other pesticides Companies. This quality has not only been developed through installing latest or modern equipment but this has occurred through organizations. Strong culture in which workers and the managers are fully committed to quality. They put their best efforts to enhance the quality of their products.

Research and Development

Auriga has a well established Research & Development Department that comprises of pesticides, plant nutrition and Seeds divisions. Each division is led by highly qualified staffs who are conducting innovative and quality research to serve the farming community. The products introduced by R & D team proved to be highly effective and the need of time.

Strong Distribution Channel

AURIGA has strong distribution channel throughout the Pakistan. It has its own franchises with the name of Auriga Point.


Low Salaries to Middle-Level and Low Employees:

Organization is unable to offer its middle managers a good salary. Middle managers in every unit complain about their salary. There is a hell of difference between salary of the mill manager or general manager and the office manager or senior accountant for chief accountant. Benefits offered to the general are good but the benefits offered to middle managers are not at all satisfactory. It seems that the middle managers are only working in the organization due to the prevalent rate of unemployment and poor economic conditions in our country.

Low level Staff IS De-motivated:

I have observed that low-level staff at Auriga Group Of Company is not so much motivated. This is so because salary level is very low and not good benefits are given to these employees.

Centralized Control:

Auriga is controlled by its directors which are major shareholder of the company. It is more like a family business rather than a true corporate corporation. Control is highly centralized. This control is good to some extent but it hinders the productivity of the workers and the organization. Directors watch the overall activities of the company and control them. They do not empower the manager to make sensitive decisions.


Towards Value Added Products

Auriga is producing pesticide. There is an opportunity for this company to move forward and produce some value added products. As we know that in Pakistan there are very small numbers of companies which are producing value added products. So it is a great opportunity for Auriga to capture market by producing value added products like pesticides and seeds.


Government Policies and Interference:

No sector in our country is satisfied with the government policies and rules and regulations. Pesticides sector is also unsatisfied with the government policies and restrictions. Every year, government officials make policies and impose such rules and regulations that tend to hinder the performance of textile industry. So government policies are a major threat to the organization.

Increasing Cost of Production:

Prices of raw materials are increasing day by day. So, cost of production is increased. Government is also not giving favorable subsidies on electricity and other utilities. On the other hand, Chinese and Indian government is giving them favorable subsidies. So, in our country cost of population is very high. That's why it has become very difficult to compete with neighbor countries.

Economic Instability:

The economy of Pakistan has never been favorable for any business to run successfully. There is always a threat for all businesses. Furthermore, government policies keep changing with time to time. For example: export duty has increased from 1% to 2% in this summer.

Tough Competition:

Competition has been increased as there are many new entrants in the market Auriga faced tough competition of Ali Akbar Group. This group is providing low price and value added products. They are capturing the market and existing customers of Auriga. This is a big threat for Auriga.


I spent six week at AURIGA GROUP OF COMPANY. During my stay there I worked in two departments. Human Resource Department and Marketing Department. As my specialization area is Human Resource Department. I spent most of the time in HR Department. Working in a new organization like AURIGA Group was very beneficial as I got chance to implement those things which I have learnt in my MBA program.

Now I will describe my experience in different department in detail and in order of occurrence.


Initially I was sent to Human Resource Department. MR. Imtiaz Khokar is a Human Resource Manager there. He is very encouraging and motivating personality. He sent me to MR. Ashraf, who is the Human Resource Officer there. I worked under his supervision.

Marketing department

After completing work in Human Resource department MR. Imtiaz Khokar (Hr manager) send me to MR. Abdul Mateen who is General Manager of Marketing. In marketing department I spend very short time because my focus was Human Resource department.


File keeping systems

Salary making

Screening of CV'S

Insurance policy

Tracking Reports

Advertisement analysis

Recruitment and Selection


Conduct calls

Farm visit


File system Development

I have checked the all files of Auriga according to their personal file check list. In personal check list I have checked employees job application form, CV of the employee, Interview assessment form, his education documents, photographs, NIC Copy, Job offer letter, Joining Report, Appointment letter and Reference check.

File keeping system

Now I have the order to develop a data handling system for them in MS Excel so, I have started giving numbers to all the files separately in the excel file. I have prepared and paste the numbering chits to the files and give them a specific racks for safely and systematic system.

Salary making system

I have started work on the daily attendance. Through this attendance company pay its employees salary. I have prepared salary according to pay role management. In pay role, management I learned a lot. How to make salary with respects to number of days. I have prepared a salary sheet of Auriga Chemical Enterprises and Sayban International.

Insurance policy of Vehicles

I have work on the insurance policy renewal for vehicles of the company employees. I have checked the files and make a sense how to make an insurance renewal. In insurance policy of vehicles I check those files of vehicles

Tracking Reports of vehicles

I have checked the tracking reports of vehicles. In tracking report I learned which vehicle is in which area, location, and it is moving or off condition.

Recruiting and Selection

I have recruit and selection of employees with the help of Human Resource Officer.

Short list of candidate

In short listing I have collect the cvs of those candidates whose are fulfill the criteria of that specific position and the candidates whose are not fulfill the criteria their cvs are screen out

Conduct calls

I have conduct the call to those candidates who are fulfill the criteria of job and eligible for those specific job


I have attended final interviews for the sales and R&D officers with the Auriga HR team for selection.

Farm visit

I have visited the research farm of Auriga and check that farm employees doing their duties well or not.


Dealing with supervisors

Data handling

Interviews style

Farming style


Making the of salary of employees


During internship in Auriga I have faced following problems.

Communication problem

The major problem I have faced during my internship is communication problem with their management. Due to lack of communication I cannot understand different concepts well.

Electricity problem

Electricity is a big problem in Auriga. They have generators but its system is not good. When I was working on computer many times electricity off and I lose the data.

Convenience problem

One of the major problems is transportation problem. The transportation system is not good. Even Aurignac's own employees serving this problem

Work hours

The work timing of company is very long for me because I was not use to for professional life.


The internship is really good experience and great opportunity for me to learn many new things practically which enhance my knowledge to great extent.

It gave me a way to know about my potentials that what I can do and what I am capable for. It has very positive impact on my career that nothing can be achieved until a sincere dedication and hard work is attached to it.

This experience also taught me that practically things are very different as they seem from out of field. One can be successful only if he/she is career oriented and professional because ratio of leg pulling is very high in professional life and especially in our country where everyone wants to move up and up.

I also learn from my experience that how to work under the supervision of a manger and how to interact with the co-workers and other staff in a professional environment.

Above all, I have learned the professional environment of the organizations that you have to understand how work is being done in an organization when you are associated with it, no matter how learned and skillful person you are.


Auriga group is one of the major pesticide producers of Pakistan. Auriga group is famous for its quality products at competitive rates. Besides this it is also famous for its fair dealings in the market that is why it is considered as a reputable organization among its competitors. Organizations structure is highly formalized and centralized. Departmentalization is done on the basis of different functions. Every employee clearly knows his responsibility and authority because the jobs are well defined. There is good cooperation between sales and marketing department and production department. I will give certain recommendations that Auriga group must follow in order to reduce risks and future problems.

Make Strategies to face increasing competition:

There is strictly needed a strategic focus to face the present intense competitive situation. The market of pesticides products is becoming more competitive every year. The customer is emphasizing on quality over all other things and easily searches for the most cost-effective supplier anywhere in the world. Keeping this in mind, Auriga focus should be on meeting its customers demand and requirements, improving its competitiveness, increasing productivity, and enhancing its existing quality control systems. Every element of cost and quality should scrutinize and measured according to worldwide standards. Each activity should be analyzed to reduce the cost and should be seen how it affect on the cost and quality of other activities. The quality assurance department has should be further strengthened with the addition of trained staff and state of the art equipment.

Motive Employees:

The worker of the company should be motivated to increase production using effective incentives scheme. More over proper training should be given to workers so that the production can be increased and then wastage can be reduced.

Salary of Middle level employees should be increased:

Salaries of middle level managers should be increased. This will increase their motivation level and they will be more productive and efficient. Bonuses must be given to employees if they are able to achieve their goals and targets.

Employee Empowerment:

Employees should be empowered so that they become able to make decisions. If they feel that they have some power and authority, they will work more efficiently. Directors should trust their managers that they are able to make decisions as they are highly qualified.

Control electricity problem

AURIGA Group must control on its electricity problem. They need to buy some other source of electricity. They only rely on generators they have needed to make their own electricity department.

Upgrade transport system

I recommend Auriga that they provide better transport to its employees as well as internees. As company is in growth stage and the number of employees increasing it must have to purchase its own vehicles