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My current leadership style is democratic according to our online survey which we had completed. My current strengths based on the surveys are situational management, delegation of authority and collaborative effort. The main areas I need to improve are meeting of deadlines, communication and pressure handling. Participative leadership style is the leadership style where a leader gives subordinates the opportunity to fully participate in decision making process. It is used by various influential leaders throughout the globe, making it one of the most widely used leadership style.

Leadership theories

There are many ways to explain the leadership theories which can explain the concept of leadership. Leadership is a process of influencing group of people to achieve their goals.

Three leadership theories

Goleman's leadership theory

Goleman's leadership theory went on to describe five characteristics, or components, of emotional intelligence:

Self Awareness - which is the ability to understand your strengths and weakness?

Social Skills - This is how leaders relate to others and build report

Self Regulation - the ability of a leader to think tough consequences before reacting to a situation

Motivation - a strong will or a drive to succeed

Empathy - the ability to understand another person's point of view (alan chapman)

Transformational Theory

In this theory a person engages with others person is able to create a connection that result in increased motivation and morality in both followers and leaders. This is theory is often likened to the concept and practice of management and continues to be an extremely common component of many leadership models and organizational structures. (management study guide, 2008)

Servant Leadership Theory

In this theory we can say it reflect that the leaders should be servant first. It shows that leaders must place the needs of followers and customers and community ahead of their own interests in order to be effective. The idea of servant leadership has a significant amount of popularity within leadership circle. (mind tool, 1996)


According to me all theories above are different from each other view of leadership success each may be the most significant key when helping an individual leader improve his/her performance. Perhaps their skills. So for those of us who are engaged in assisting leadership growth and development, the key is being aware of the many facts, and then identifying the key elements that are most appropriate for the given leader.

Profile two leaders (one from New Zealand) and design and complete the personality profile matrix profile providing the following which much include the following:

Henry Ford

Bob Parker

Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 - April 7, 1947):

Henry ford was having an extra ordinary skill from his childhood. At his youth stage he had some capabilities. He achieved everything with the hard work. In youth he showed some extra ordinary skills by repairing and dismantle the pocket watch that his dad given to him. He started his career in his early age and become a most popular machinist. He created first car in (999) which gave him a really good response. Henry Ford was a positive and lively person who generally had an inspiring, and energizing effect on others. He well to learn, to wait and trust, rather than make something happen or try to bend the world to his will.

He started the 40-hour work week with a minimum wage and he was criticised by others for doing this. He got first achievement when he developed first mode of ford (T) and he get the output up to 15 million. He gave his employees huge pays and always remained in their help.

Henry ford always valued the work he treats work as worship he knew the importance of the work. He had a strong sense of propriety, Politeness and good manner. He always lives in his own way and he always had a tendency to keep scheduled for others. He had tremendous self-belief and he constantly preached on it. Henry ford had knowledge of everything from his early age but he was master in practical work. He was also master in machinist. In his early age he borrowed cars from his friends and started taking and putting parts. He always kept himself busy in work. In his young age he start his company by introducing the (999) rocket car. His knowledge in his work makes him billionaire in his early age.

Bob Parker ( Born 1953):

Bob Parker (born 1953) is a former television host and current mayor of Christchurch, New Zealand. Parker grew up in the Christchurch suburbs of Heathcote Valley and Somerfield. He attended Christchurch South Intermediate and Cashmere High School. He studied an intermediate year in Zoology at the University of Canterbury before undertaking casual work. Parker got his first job in radio in Christchurch. His broadcasting career then took him to Wellington and then Auckland. He was the original host (1984-1996) of the New Zealand version of the successful This is Your Life series. He returned to Christchurch in 1992. Having lived in Akaroa for several years, Parker served as mayor of Banks Peninsula District for two terms (2001-2006). Parker has three sons from his first marriage, plus three grandchildren. His second marriage is to Joanna Nicholls-Parker. Mayor Bob Parker was the incumbent mayor at the time of the earthquake. During the days following the quake, the Mayor worked with Civil Defence, the police and the New Zealand Army to get the city back up and running. Mayor Bob Parker has been the media face of the recovery efforts in the aftermath of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, working with the police and the army and rescue squads, as well as answering the media's questions. On 18 March, Bob Parker addressed in the national Christchurch memorial service at Hagley Park of Christchurch in the presence of Prince William, Prime Minister John Key, Dame Malvinas Major, Hayley Westenra, Christchurch Cathedral Choir, dignitaries, international rescue teams and tens of thousands of New Zealanders. Recent outrage has been expressed at the Parker-led council, after Christchurch City Council CEO Tony Marryat was given a near $70,000 pay rise.


Henry Ford

Bob Parker

Personal Values











Personal Beliefs

We have to do the hard work till we can't achieve our aim or goals.

Believe in hard work and try to do the best in work.

Don't give up in any part of the life.

He always tries to help the people in need.

He believes in work hard and implements his best ideas and views in the work.

Personal Attitude

He was honest person in his life.

He was very loyal as well

He always values the work.

He always takes the work as worship.

He had a strong sense of propriety, Politeness and good manner.

He encourages the army, police and the civil defence of the New Zealand.

He done a team work during the earthquake.

He took earthquake as a Challenge.

Being a positive person.

Decision maker in the toughest situations.

Personal Traits

He was a really helpful person because he gave the maximum wages to his labourers.

He was a positive and lively person because others criticised him as well but he didn't care he had a spirit to become a successful person in his life.

He was quite intelligent because he repaired his father's watch in his early age.

He was honest in his work.

He is a really ambitious person.

He always Cooperate others when they need or they were in critical circumstances.

He makes his own decisions as a mayor so he is totally Dependable.

During the Christchurch situation he knew as a mayor he has heaps of responsibilities and that's why he helped the police, army and civil council guys.

He comes as a confident person in his whole life.

Personal Skills

Being true to himself and others.

He had extra ordinary skills from his childhood to do something in his life.


He had a tolerance as well because when he started his job with a low wages, he was criticised by others but he didn't care for this.

Great leader

He seems a really intelligent person regarding his job wise and also during the position of mayor as well.

He has Knowledge of everything about what he is dealing with.


His communication is always nice as a mayor as well he is always decent with all the people.


Main Decision point in life

He took some really good decisions in his life like when he started the 40-hour work week with a minimum wage and secondly he got the first achievement when he developed the first model of ford (T) and get output up to 15 million.

He has done tremendous work during the time of earthquake in Christchurch and also he worked with police, civil defence and army of the New Zealand to get the city back up and running.

Qualities Associated with them

Always keep him busy in the work.

Ability to learn different things on the job or at the workplace.

Ability to control emotions.

Awareness to be a successful person.

He has the ability to face the challenges and hard part of the life.

He was the host of the New Zealand 'This is Your Life' series as well.

He done a great job of leading during the earthquake.

Memories and References

Henry Ford is memorised because of the ford car's model and a very good quality of cars in the market.

He is one of the richest people in the world.

Mayor Bob Parker has been the media face of the recovery efforts in the aftermath of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, working with the police and the army and rescue squads, as well as answering the media's questions.

Personal Strategies


Quick learner

Adaptable (wikimedia, 2012)


Achieving goal

Equality (wikimedia, 2012)


I choose those leaders because they both were participative leaders. Henry ford was a great leader of his time because when he start his business he didn't only look for his business he also looks for his employees how they feel or they have any problem so he give benefits to his employees. Bob Parker is a political leader in New Zealand he is the mayor of Christchurch and he is also a much respected person when there was a earthquake in Christchurch last year. Christchurch was almost destroyed by that earthquake but with his will power and self confident now in a year Christchurch almost recovered from that damaged.

I am also a participative leader that's why I choose these leaders because it shows if you are doing business don't look only for business also take care those people or person who are running your business and getting you profit and other leader taught when you are in difficult situation don't lose yourself confident you will come over from with any bad situation means also work with your positive attitude you can face any challenge in life. And I am very similar to both the leader I always take of peoples who work with me and I do work with positive attitude also with this you can handle any situation.


In transformational theory people will follow a person who inspires them. A person will vision and passion can achieve great things. By injection enthusiasm and energy one can achieve anything.

Leaders motivate followers to work for goals that go beyond self-interest

Leaders give chances for their followers to solve problems (changing mind, 2002)


In transactional theory people are motivated by reward and punishment. Social system work best with a clear chain of command. The prime purpose of subordinates is to do what their manager tells them to do. Leaders work with their clear structure, they assign specific work, give command and attach reward with work.

Leaders are aware of the connection between the try and incentive

Leaders encourage followers by set target and giving prize for most wanted act (wikimedia, 2012)


Benchmarking tools

The leadership qualities of leadership which I used for benchmarking they are as follows:-

Self confidence

Social responsibility

Positive thought

Practical approach

Self confidence - self confidence is the necessary of which leadership grows. Self confidence is really important for every leader. Self confidence is the only thing which make you ability to take tough decision which proves vital role in handling typically situation rather dealing with decision taking or helping other to take a decision because if you have self confident than only you can represent your views clearly and influence others.

Social responsibility -Social responsibility being the part of the society it became necessary show up responsibility toward society as we use its resources so it necessary to pay back in any form. One can't take big steps for society but can put some efforts as pay back price to society. Being social responsible proves beneficial in creating good image and raise goodwill.

Positive thought- In business there are many ups and downs some business have to face some problems some deficiencies but a good leader is the one who take the lead and motivates other with his positive thinking. It's well said that" positive thinking ends in positive results". Whatever the situation is if one think positively only then he can achieve his target or overcome the situation because sometime when you think negatively that results in lack in confidence and demoralizing but if one thinks positively that helps to boom up the self confidence and motivates which results in efficient ideas and positive outcomes.

Honesty- leader should be honest with work and their employees. A true leader also honest with their work means he committed to his work and that's why he can learn new techniques to get the things done. Honest leader is more than have basic skills. Honesty comes when people believe in the leader's vision and guidance.


Benchmarked Figure

Actual (My Own)


self-confidence with high-level




Social responsibilities




Positive thoughts













I have a strong vision helping my team member rather within or outside work place. I had a dream to be well educated in my life. My leadership potentials are hard working determined, concerned, disciplined and honest leader. If I want anything I will work hard for it to get it. In the above analysis the value start from 0-5 and I score really well in each part but in some part I didn't score well. I will try to improve my level of self confidence, positive thoughts. because when I start any work I start with full confidence but after some time I get bored and lose the interest from that work and I start looking for the shorter ways to get it done.




1) Self management:

It is an important step to improve self-control and create a vision, Self control is important, and create a vision for the future, the ability to create opportunities and rise above the past ability to pursue the goals.


Self management helps me supervise my activities to be responsive to when i should slot in behaviors or to execute my skills.


To expand my ability I will start planning my time, the conclusion that the continued uses of this strategy are promising in other self-organizational goals.

Time Frame:

Self management won't take much time as once i start managing my time i will start getting used to it.


To measure my progress i will ask my Manager at my work place about my time management and the strategy i apply at work, i can even talk to my work mates about self management which I'm implementing.


To develop self management skill I will go to public library to read book on self management or do research on internet or can talk to my class lecturer.

2) Talent management:

Improve my ability to assess, hire, promote, and develop my staff within the company

and from outside the company


By managing the right staff i can achieve my goals easily as the staff which i hire will be experienced and good performers.


Fill all open positions with nothing but "A" players and replace chronic underperformers. Develop a "virtual bench" for all key positions and a succession plan for my own position. 

Time frame:

This can take roughly 6 months as there is some transformation in the staff where i have to recognize the talent of old staff and hire new staff.


To measure my objective i will look at the outcome of my staff and how much we have achieved in 1 year.


The resources i need to fulfill my needs of good staff is i will take help of recruitment agency and once they send candidates to me i personally take their interview, or i will look for the best staff within the company.




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