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With the diversification of media options, interactivity and activation have become the buzzwords of communication. Customers seek to be differentiated in their aim for communication solutions by interacting with their target audience across multiple media. This is where Wizcraft comes in. Wizcraft uses cutting-edge event technology in combination with strategy and creativity to create memorable experiences across the globe.

History & Ownership

Wizcraft is one of India's leading communication and entertainment company. An integrative and creative strategy initiated by business veteran, Andre Timmins aka 'Wiz' Andre, provides an interactive entertainment stage and event solutions to a global audience.

Within two decades of its genesis in 1988, Wizcraft has been instrumental in shaping the event management industry in India. Wizcraft is the only company to invest in high-end event production infrastructure. It has established a client base that includes over 500 of the largest multinational and corporate houses across the world including Microsoft, IBM, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Zee TV, MTV, Bacardi, Gillette.


Wizcraft's agency verticals cover brand activation, corporate events and special events, television production, database and response management, promotions, exhibitions and retail design, digital activation and content creation.

Wizcraft has 12 business verticals under two umbrella divisions of Communication and Entertainment. Here the company integrates its specialized divisions to create unique and powerful mixes of brand communication and positioning. Its brands include the globally-renowned IIFA Weekend and Awards, Green Globe Foundation Awards, Global Indian Music Academy Awards and the Film & TV Producers Guild Awards.


The company has its headquarters located in Mumbai, India and is further led by 300-plus 'Wizzes' in 6 regional and 3 international office. The company is lead by a strong and highly experienced management team and is supported by a group of experts within a network that extends across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Calcutta and Chennai in India, with international liaison offices in the UK and UAE and associates across the world. Together, they have created many Wizcraft Brands that are amongst the most successful and powerful event properties.

Organizational Structure

Wizcraft is made up of over 150 experienced strategists, event managers, conceptualisers, copywriters, art directors, designers, technical & production personnel and new media developers. The selection of coordinators is usually on the basis of knowledge or expertise. The company's strength lies in the 3 founders (directors); Andre Timmins, Viraf Sarkari and Sabbar Joseph. The levels of hierarchy can be seen below:

Organizational structure is vital to all firms as it provides a template for which the firm must follow and gives guidelines to who is at what level of importance. Structure is a scaffold to which a firm builds upon. It can take many different forms including classical, bureaucratic, divisional, and matrix (Daft, Murphy & Willmott, 2010).

The firm prefers a divisional structure as it minimizes conflicts and keeps employees content with their work. Here each division within a divisional structure contains all the necessary resources and functions within it and hence they are categorized from different points of view. This is a vital criteria in any event management company. The company's success depends on the events that they do and each event has different needs and hence approached in a manner to suit it. Thus using the divisional structure event management companies are able to individually address each event that comes their way.

Leadership Styles

Wizcraft is an innovative events company that designs, develops, supports and encourages entertainment and communication based events. It focuses on brand activation, special event management and developing Wizcraft Brands.

Brand activation refers to events that are custom designed to create a platform for brand communication, positioning, sampling that allows clients to have a face-to-face, live interaction with the consumers. Special events, however, is believed to be one of the best ways to connect with the consumer on a visceral level. More importantly Wizcraft focuses not only on portraying itself as a brand but to create in-house brands. The Wizcraft Brands, IIFA and F Awards, are platforms conceptualized, owned and nurtured over time by the company. These platforms have gradually carved a niche for themselves having been recognized the world over for their authenticity. 

To accelerate the movement of innovation within Wizcraft and encourage the support of employees, leadership is essential. Gallos (2008) defines leadership as "a complex social process, rooted in the values, skills, knowledge and ways of thinking of both leaders and followers." As Wizcraft is an innovation based company, the main usage of democratic leadership is encouraging employees to be part of decision making and problem solving. It also enables employees to participate in goal setting, input creative ideas and make decisions in the designing and developing of various events. Here, team building is encouraged, enabling the subordinate's ideas and knowledge to be tapped-into crafting the best possible solution to the complex problems faced as well as dealing with feedback from customers and employees - hence allowing them to be more efficient in operations. Frequent meetings regarding design/development/problem solving can facilitate quicker and better decisions since a leader's sense of direction enables and assist employees accomplish their goals.

Thus, the leader works with the employees, giving his or her input while making the final decision with group being a participative style leader. The participation of employees in the process of designing and developing enables employees to gain an opportunity for growth as efforts are often recognized and rewarded according to their contributions. This can give employees and immense sense of job satisfaction as the final design or developed product to aid in the building of wind and/or solar power ships transpires. Individual growth also provides a sense of achievement, further increasing job satisfaction.


Organisational culture "can be defined as the set of key values, assumptions, understandings, and norms that is shared by members of an organization" (Daft & Lane, 2008, p.422). Culture serves two important functions in organizations: 1) it integrates members so that they know how to relate to one another and 2) it helps the organisation adapt to the external environment (Daft & Lane, 2008, p.424). Wizcraft fits into the category of "adhocracy culture". This is a strong organisational culture from which the mission of the company can be achieved along with short term goals allowing employees to reach the highest possible potential in job satisfaction, job performance productivity. The main values of Wizcraft include creativity, experimentation, responsiveness, and adaptability all of which can be promoted and pursued through an adhocracy culture. The driving force of this culture is its external focus and flexibility that is necessary as the company must continuously research and develop in order to be able to respond to the growing demand of more efficient events.

However, subgroups in Wizcraft also reveal values of a "clan culture" where the needs of employees are focused on. Leaders provide information and give direction in the completion of a task successfully. For the best results, Wizcraft believes in forming teams for employee support, learning is encouraged as the workforce is multicultural and various new skills can be learnt to achieve desired organisational goals whilst achieving personal growth and cooperation in decision making and problem evaluation.

Employees are all rewarded and job enlargement or job enrichment is implemented by leaders in order to increase job performance and job satisfaction of all levels of management consisting of unskilled and skilled workers. Therefore, as the organisational culture focuses on the external environment through adhocracy culture and internal environment through clan culture, the response to change in the environment quickens as employees are motivated to be committed to achieving organisational goals, smarter risk choices and experimentation is likely to be more successful. Both types of organisational culture facilitate in reducing the chain of command in the organisational structure, which leads to increase in trust and fair treatment of employees. In Wizcraft, ethical values are considered; all types of discrimination is removed and respect between employees is encouraged.

Group Dynamics & Team Building

Teams are made of two or more people who coordinate effort and work to achieve shared goals or purposes whereas a group consists of people whose work effort and goal achievement is connect with organisation in separation from other members. Wizcraft is a company that is focused on innovation and therefore teams are formed in order to implement the values and achieve organisational goals.

In Wizcraft, self-directed teams are found. Daft & Lane (2008) believe that self-directed teams "are made up of members who work with minimum supervision and rotate jobs to produce a complete product" (p.299). In Wizcraft, self-directed teams are short term as team member change, coming from different departments to work on development of product innovation, problem solving, degree of quality improvement needed and system change according to the skill required. There is empowerment, authority and direction from leaders, enabling the process of development of creative products and efficient process system. The leader articulates goals and unites members through shared values in the organisational culture. All members are responsible for the output and motivated by its success as the impact of their work can be seen in the final product with comparison to the goal (Hall, Jones, Raffo, Anderton, Chambers & Gray, 2009).

Leaders play an important role in team motivation and direction building. In Wizcraft, leaders play a socioemotional role. Leaders facilitate team coordination and member involvement through healthy competition between other teams in order to motivate them into generating creative ideas and solutions. Leaders also build shared organisational goals to challenge members which will lead to increased interaction, increased support between of members, better conflict resolutions and ultimately team cohesiveness. Team cohesiveness will expedite concerns/ problems/needs of members to leaders who can channel specific motivational techniques to address and dissolves all issues in a positive and supportive way (Daft & Lane, 2008, p.306).

In Wizcraft as teams are built, new innovation follows leading to the company growth in efficiency and satisfaction of customers. This in turn stimulates members to further assist each other in building positive reciprocal interdependence in their teams to achieve even higher performance levels.

At the end of every successful pitch and thereafter event project the heads of every team hosts a party for the rest as a means to show their gratitude. Also, at the end of every project the team sits down for a review meeting and each decision be it good or bad, is discussed.

Change Management

Change is inevitable in every company, in every situation. In event management change is the key to progress since every client is different and hence has different needs and wants. The team in going for a pitch has to be able to work around and with the clients idea rather than enforce their own thoughts. Hence in order to allow for a broader thinking perspective and the tolerance to appreciate the constant change in views of the client, Wizcraft holds workshops and encourages constant team meets to ensure better work culture. In order to do this effectively, Wizcraft follows the model below:

Politics & Conflict Management

Conflicts occur all the time and at different levels of management. However most of the time these had a positive result and encouraged healthy competition. This occurred primarily due to the leadership style and democratic organizational structure.

Innovation & Creativity Initiatives

There is a lot of scope for innovation and creativity since this is what Wizcraft stands for. Each event comes with the range for different ideas. For example, for IIFA, Wizcraft constantly develops a new concept, new theme in order to make it interesting for the audience every year. In order to keep coming up with new ideas Wizcraft has a separate team that works on innovations and creativity throughout the year. This team works in coordination with the upcoming technology and trends.

Suggestions & Recommendations

Wizcraft should work on the following aspects for a better company future.

Compensation and Benefits:

Conduct salary benchmarking and benefits review based on market data to understand if we pay correctly and are competitive.

Managing the design and development of tools, to assist employees in benefits selection, and to guide managers through compensation decisions.

Preparing personnel forecasts to project employment needs.

To design, evaluate and modify benefits policies to ensure that programs are current, competitive and in compliance with legal requirements.

Responsible for planning fixed and variable compensation as well as long term incentive plans including ESOPs.

Performance Management:

To organize employee performance review, executing Performance Enhancement Programs, carrying out competency mapping and career development, identifying poor-performers and creating action plans for performance improvement.

Training & Development:

Identifying training needs and preparation of training modules, calendar and schedules

Budgeting & organizing customized training programs based on the training need analysis to enhance manpower skills & efficiency.

Provide advice, coaching, guidance, support, skills and tools to the Management group to enable them to effectively manage and develop their teams.