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This project is about organisational scenario for Ryanair a budget discount airline. The main aim of this assignment is to use of the HRM and solve various accepts of organisations goals by implementing all resources as required by the organisation. The company main aim is to study the human resource management as a discipline and implement organisational development as process as and when required, Ryanair main objective is to sort out requirement process and labour turn over to be reduced and introducing of new system and plans to achieve those plans and goals.

Human resource management is the study of various aspects that takes place in the organisation and study carefully the objects which takes place, and introduce new aspects of interest that suited nad make use of those systems in achieving various goals of an organisation.

Ryanair main study involves in studying HRM as the key principal in achieving various goals that are to be introduced and what ever the facilities required and what objects to be considered in sorted those objects, HRM which will give each and every accepts of organisation behaviour and any changes to be made and introducing of any new system and solving objects that are required to achieve and introducing of new systems and objects.

Task 1

There are three key theoretical perspectives of HRM.What are these and their key attributes,and which would you recommend to the board of ryanair in establishing a new customer base for the executive traveller?

The three key theoretical perspectives of HRM are identified as to improve business

performance are by introducing the concept of 'one best way' of managing human

resources so that we can improve business performance very speed way. The second

focuses on the requirement of employment so that we could implement good

policies and practice with the requirements of business strategy in order that latter

will be achieved good results and the business will be successful. The second

approach is based on the assumption which as been taken in to consideration of various HRM policies which would be suitable for different types of business policies. The third based approach is to HRM is derived from resource based view of the firm, and the capital perceived value of human capital. This focuses on the quality of the human resources available to the organisation and their ability to use those resources by quick ability to learn and adapt those resources and implementing than their competitors. Supporters of the HRM policies who will secure a mechanistic fit with business strategy and focus on the long term sustainability and thinking of the organisation by using these human capital that are available.

This are the few policies that would be recommended to the board of Ryanair in establishing a new customer base for the executive traveller.

''guest(1989) describes the four policy goals as follows''

1.Strategic integration- ensuring that HRM is fully integrated in to strategic planning,

that HRM policies are coherent, and that line managers use HRM pratices as part of

their every day.

2.Commitment-ensuring that employees feel bound to the organisation and are

committed to high performance via this behaviour.

3.Flexibility-ensuring an adaptable organisation structure, and functional flexibility

based on multiskilling.

4.Quality-ensuring a high quality of goods and services through high quality,

flexible employees.


It appears that decision making in relation to customers has been highly centralised by establishing specific and sometimes difficult on board sales targets for cabin crew,tight turn around time for the airplanes.If Ryanair decides to go into the executive traveller market,then it may need to consider a higher degree of empowerment for its employees.What would be some organisational problems that might get in the way to empowerment working in Ryanair?Discuss at least four problems that might get in the way of empowerment?

The organisation should follow some basic empowerment rules in solving the

problems of an organisation, empowerment which is defined as in many organisations

as empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or group to

making choices and to transform those choices in to desired action. By following the

process and actions which will help in improving efficiency and fairness of the organisation. Empowerment also refers to spiritual, political, social and economic

strength of individual as whole and community, it also helps in improving and

developing confidence in individual and organisation.

Empowerment in an organisation are a firm is considered as strategy and philosophy

that makes employees to make decision regarding a particular job assigned. employee empowerment which makes to own their work and take responsibility for their results. By implementing employee empowerment in an organisation which helps in serving customers and a great level of the organisation and where the interface of customer exists and the work flows in expected manner.

Taking Ryanair as an organisation which well have to implement empowerment

and that some of the problem of empowerment which will take place in the process

of empowerment are

manager as a responsibility to provide growth and Challenge opportunities and goals that employees can aim for and achieve and fail to provide strategic framework, in which decisions have compass and success measurements. Manager should give clear directions how to practice empowerment.

Manager are failing in providing information and access to information required

employees should be provided with training and learning opportunity to implement

and take good decisions. organisation should provide proper facilities to act accordingly and take quick and appropriate decision when required by the employees

and thus this helps in achieving employee empowerment.

Managers have the every right to take and make decisions and if employees do a

mistake they should blame the staff and punish the staff for any mistakes made

and by knowing such they should be able to support the employee and stand behind

the employee so that it could help to solve the problem quickly.

Management should remove the barrier in any organisation that limits the ability

of staff to act in empowered ways, the some of the barrier that are put by the management includes such as time, tools, training, and access to meeting the team to share the things that are required. Help in financial resources and support from other

members of staff, and give effective and useful training as and when required.

Management also should provide proper training and they should even give chance to

employees in making individual decision and bare with the results that come out of

it and thus give further chances so that they can make good results out of it. Management should provide what ever required by the employee and thus get good


Task 3

If this change to serving two very different types of customers on the same plane becomes a reality,communication between management and employees will be crucial,In organisations,there are barriers to effective communication,Critically discuss at least at least four main barriers to effective communication that may come into Play for Ryanair in this scenario?

communication both with individuals and Groups of people, communication

is the thing every one think it has simply Being able to give directions or information. This communication is not considered as full part of communicating.

Communication is the effective giving and receiving of information,

communication should be effective the message should be understood by the both

communicator and receiver, the message transferred should be easy and clear to

understand if any problem that to be rectified. Such problems are considered

as barriers of effective communication.

The barriers to effective communication that may come in to play for ryanair

while communicating to the customer on the plane should be communicated

in clear and easy way so that they can take the communication in a positive way

so that again they can reply in positive so that the employee can understand and respond quickly. The some of the barriers to effective communication that comes

across in real life situation.

1.Language difference-language is one of the barrier to effective communication

because as we are having increasing percentage of different languages groups of people speaking different languages and from different locations and we should make sure that speak clearly so that other person can understand and respond to what we speak.

2.Nonverbal and verbal message mismatch-barrier to effective communication also

arises when nonverbal communication does not match with verbal communication

And it is difficult to communicate while communicating in nonverbal communicating

and saying some thing in verbal communicating.

3.Assuming a level of knowledge - while communicating it is a prerequisite that you should able to understand that what ever you speak whether the person on the other side understanding it clearly, so that only he can respond in clear manner.

4.Boring communication -boring communication is one of the biggest barrier of effective communication what ever you speak should be in a simple and short manner

so that the person who listing would listen clearly and can promptly respond to it, while presenting a long boring communication you should able to tell in a very short way so that it would easily understand.


Ryan air appears to want:

Employees to be flexible and adapt to the strategy and needs of the organisation around the budget brand,

Cost savings related to labour, and

Increasing on board sales.

In considering this approach, would Atkinson's(1984)model of the flexible firm be relevant to Ryan air? In examining this model, discuss the notion of they flexible firm, its resource choices, relevant debates flexibility, and which of these three resource

Choices might be best for Ryan air?

This task is regarding flexible firm according to Atkinson's (1984) model which are

some of the relevant that can be considered by the Ryan air organisation regarding item

Employees, to improve production and flexible working practices are needed by the organisation to improve their productivity. But it that by implementing such how it is

benefit and advantage to workers as production which enable every organisation to make use of its resources such as manufacturing, financial, and human resources in

more cost efficient way so that its is advantage to both the employer and worker.

The Atkinson's model (1984) which is flexible firm model that can be implemented

And followed by the Ryan air because it is easy to implement thus it is advantages to the organisation. Atkinson's model (1984) which is having three flexibilities that

to be considered such as

1.Functional flexibility

2.Numerical flexibility

3.Financial flexibility

Functional flexibility which enables a firm to assign employees to different parts of such as multiskilled and skilled to various different roles, so the change made which enables a firm to work for the task to meet and thus changes according to market demand customer requirement.

Numerical flexibility which refers to how a firm manages in arrange workforce in to different flexibilities that are required to meet the market demand by using the employee in right direction, the work is divided as the manpower requirement and

employee hired as part time, short term, and fixed term employement contracts as

required by the firm to completes its required tasks.

Financial flexibility which refers to the how a firm manages their payments such as wage costs to make saving by introducing uniform and standardized pay structure for

its employees working at various levels of the firm. and wages are divided according to the performance related pay and keeping in mind by considering the objectives of both functional flexibility and numerical flexibility.

Considering this three flexibility model by the atkinson's (1984) model which will help Ryanair to perform better by using this models in introducing new ways of work and assigning of work to various departments according to the skills required by the each individual department and divided the manpower according to the work to be done as it helps an organisation and the employees.

Task 5

Ryanair would need to devise a person specification for each job position,such as cabin crew.Discuss Rodger's seven point plan,and use these headings to devise some basic person specifications for cabin crew?

Rodgers seven point plan for recruitment of cabin crew and required specifications

that are needed for recruitment and its process is defined as flows.

Job descriptions- job title, job summary, responsibilities, duties, working conditions

Competencies specification-experience,skills(technical,analytical,literary,spoken

numeric, social, emotional)

Personal specification-Characteristics of ideal candidate, essentials, desireables


Application profile-evidence, data from froms, interviews, other tests and references

Rogers seven point plan some of the persons specifications that are required by the ryanair for the post of cabin crew member are stated as follows.

Physique,health and appearance

Height, build, hearing, eyesight, health, looks, grooming and voice, disability


Education, qualification, training, experience and learning

Conceptual reasoning ability-

Knowledge base, perception, intellectual and conceptual capacities, wisdom

Special aptitudes

Physical,technical,figures,art,music,social and verbal(speech/writing)


Cultural, practical, physically active, international, intellectual, aesthetic

Disposition-acceptability,reliability,stability,proactivity,motivation and drive


Age, plans, domestic ties, mobility, domicile and others.

Task 6

Due to Ryanair's budget approach to airline travel,it would not be unusual to expect a high level of turnover,especially among cabin due to pressure to meet high on board sales targets and the very focused approach to cost savings adopted by the trying to understand the reasons for turnover.What would be four categories for the main reasons people leave?

Labour turnover is one the most problems faced by the many companies now a days labour turnover which is caused by an individual in an organisation due to many reason. Labour turnover is now a days becoming very high in many companies

due to the personal and other reason caused in an organisation

labour turn mostly happenening in big organisation and is becoming very problem for the big organisation again recruiting and training the new staff and it is very expensive cost for the company for again bringing new people and giving them training until they become experienced to do an required job.

Some of the reasons where labour turnover is mostly occurring

in many organisation as follows

1.Low wages- Labour turnover which is mainly caused by the wages they earn has many companies which are not able to pay good salaries and the people now leaving those organisation,

wages that they are getting which is not met for their living

and so that they are living organisation in a very large extent

because they are not happy with the amount they are earning

now a days and has many companies offering good wages they are turning down and leaving the job and joining new jobs.

2.Unsatisfactory working condition-working conditions are also the major reason where many people are turning down because of restricted working conditions and lengthily working condition which is making many employees to stop working and this is one of the main reason people living organisation.

3.Bad relations- many of the people living organisations which is also another reason because due to bad relationship between the employees and the management and the supervisor are the head of the department, relationship should be very good so that the process of work flows good from department to department.

4.Lack of facilities- Labour turnover is also happening in many organisations due to the facilities where the companies not providing sufficient facilities which are required by the employees such as conveyance, accommodation, medical, education facilities, recreational facilities etc.