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The govt has motivated startups by simplifying procedures for new companies seeking credit and raising loans and grants for little and midsize companies to as much as $16.7 billion money last season, according to Lee Soon Bai, an official at the Small, Method Business Administration. The hope is that such guidelines will help cut youth unemployment, which was 7.3 % in September, more than twice the national regular. "Precious talent shouldn't go to waste," Southern Japanese Chief executive Lee Myung Bak said at a September 9 meeting with technical executives.

The improving industry for cellular phone applications is exerting a pull on adolescents. Revenue from cellular downloads is predicted to reach $58 billion money worldwide by 2014, a tenfold improve from 2010, according to researcher Gartner (IT). Barriers to entry are low in this business: Besides a operating information pc code, all you need is a PC.

The following four decades were marked by authoritarian rule. Government-sponsored schemes motivated the growth of family-owned commercial conglomerates, known as "chaebol". Foremost among them were the Cars and New samsung groups.

They helped transform Southern South korea into one of the significant economical systems and a major exporter of cars and digital products.

Republic of Southern korea and advancing five positions in the top 20. Despite this improvement, the evaluation continues to be uneven across the 12 columns of the index. The nation has an excellent facilities and a sound macroeconomic atmosphere, with a price range surplus than % of GDP and community debt low. Moreover, main and higher education and top excellent universal. These aspects, combined with a higher degree of technical maturity of the nation, partly explain the amazing capability of the nation with regards to progression. However, three concerns remain, ie the excellent of their organizations, work industry performance and economical industry growth, despite improvements Southern korea messages in the three areas

Smart Education in Southern korea : Southern Korea's Taking the Switch to Digital Textbooks

By 2015, document guides will appear reduced in Southern Japanese classes. It is like a "digital trend for the academic setting." First, learners don't need to carry their large backpacks that once were packed with book-type guides or reference books. When they get to school, they will be getting ready for training by turning on a PC or product PC and opening up their digital guides.

Students who are missing due to illness will be able to pay attention to the training of their instructors live with PC at home. They will not have to worry about the program after school because they can watch and pay attention to after school languages, art or physical teaching applications through IPTV.

National Student Assessment, which is by means of paper-based written analyze, will begin to modify little by little to Online Based Testing from 2012, like TOEFL Online Based Testing, which is the officially identified analyze for English. Examinations as well will be changed to the evaluation method through PC or internet, creating them no longer paper-based.

"Strategy of Promoting Smart Education,' whose gist is like the above, has been reported to Chief executive Myung-bak Lee at the Blue House last June by the President's Authorities on Informatization Strategies and Secretary of state for Education, Technology and Technology MEST.

According to the technique of promoting the MEST create digital guides which consist of various multimedia information, apply to main academic institutions in 2014 and in middle and great academic institutions in 2015, linking them to each kind to train and learning platform. To this end, we plan to create standardized start platform that supports the personalized assistance until next season. Also, to ensure and increase the student's right to select learning and reduce the learning gap short term disaster missing due to disasters and disease, virtual academic setting program expanded in steps over three decades , from 2013.

Despite this great plan, the current status of intelligent education and learning in Southern korea is still scarce. That is because the written paper-based methods to analyze and academic setting instructors of the 20th century-such as limiting this plan. Lack and fell behind Portugal, who presented the Tablet PC to all main learners or America, even when individuals use the Tablet PC as easily.

But some in the field to train and learning said that unless the entrance examinations in universities who still control the flow of academic modify, this rate will be far away. An excellent teacher in Seoul, said that while the entrance examinations for higher education (as the national school exam) persists in the written document analyze, learners are forced to take document and pencil, instead of being in front of the PC.

Also, the MEST took a step back, saying that they would use the current book-type guides along with digital guides even after 2015. They are acknowledging that there are problems not only in the classes without Wi-Fi, which enables to view digital guides, but also in distributing product PC. Japanese Education & Research Information Assistance investigated the degree of use for digital guides, focusing on 357 main and junior high school instructors of 132 academic institutions that used digital guides as a pilot last season, and the result showed that only one out of five instructors used only digital guides for a lesson.

In particular, the degree of use for math and English, learners must research repeatedly writing hand, showed low levels of use. For English, one in five instructors could not even use the digital manual. An main school teacher in Seoul said it was probably useful to consult various information easily, but errors for some technical things designed sudden stops in the lesson. To this end, wireless Online will be installed in each school. Thanks to this, the training and learning offices of the city and the State shall endeavor to reduce the variety of learners who are below main academic capability using the information on prevention main academic skills and diagnostic solutions using intelligent education and learning.

Through 'Programme for International Student Assessment 2009 DRA (Digital Reading Assessment)', the MEST said that Southern korea took first place, displaying the best capability to solve problems using internet on the globe, so they say this kind of 'big modify in class' will be possible. An official of the MEST emphasized that they will push up the national education and learning competition to the tenth globe by 2015 and to the third place by 2025 through intelligent education and learning. Southern South korea Information Technology Report provides industry professionals and strategists, corporate experts, technological innovation organizations, gov divisions and regulating bodies with separate predictions and aggressive intellect on Southern Korea's technological innovation industry.

By 2015, document guides will appear reduced in Southern Japanese classes. The Secretary of state for Education, Technology and technological innovation will create digital guides which consist of various multimedia information, apply them to main academic institutions in 2014 and to middle and great academic institutions in 2015, linking them to every kind of academic platform.

South Korea's education and learning system is technically impressive and it is the globe's first nation to bring high-speed fibre-optic internet entry to every main and school nationwide. Using this super fast Online connection, the nation has designed the first Digital Textbooks on the globe, which will be easily allocated by 2013.


 Giant organizations in south Korea:

1. LG corporation :

Corporate Logo (used since 1995)

 Type : Public

 Traded as : KRX: 003550

 Industry : Conglomerate

 Founded : 1947

 Headquarters: Seoul, Southern Korea

 Area served : Worldwide

 Key people : Koo Bon-Moo

(Chairman & CEO)

Yu Sig Kang (Vice Chair & Co-CEO)

Juno Cho (EVP & COO)

 Products : Electronics, chemicals, telecoms, engineering

 Revenue : Southern Japanese 142 trillion (2011)

 Employees : 210,000(2011)

 Subsidiaries : LG Electronics

LG Display

LG Telecom

LG Chem

LG Lifestyle Sciences

LG Solar Energy

 Website:


2. Samsung Electronics :

 Type : Chaebol

 Industry : Conglomerate

 Founded : 1938

 Founder(s) : Lee Byung-chull

 Headquarters : New samsung Town, Seoul, Southern Korea

 Area served : Worldwide

 Key people :Lee Kun-hee (Chairman and CEO Lee Soo bin (President, CEO of New samsung Lifestyle Insurance

 Products : Apparel, chemicals, technology, digital components,

medical devices, precision instruments, semiconductors, ships,

telecoms devices.

 Services :Advertising, construction, entertainment, economical solutions, hospitality, details and communications technological innovation solutions, medical solutions, retail

 Revenue : US$ 247.5 billion money (2011)

 Net Income : US$ 18.3 billion money (2011)

 Total assets : US$ 384.3 billion money (2011)

 Total equity : US$ 224.7 billion money (2011)

 Employees : 369,000 (2011)

 Subsidiaries : New samsung Electronics

New samsung Lifestyle Insurance

New samsung Heavy Industries

New samsung C&T

New samsung SDS etc.

 Website : New

3. Hyundai Group :

Hyundai additional :

 Hyundai Construction Equipment Indian Pvt. Ltd.

 Hyundai Asan

 Hyundai Elevator

 Hyundai Logistics

 Hyundai Merchant Marine

 Hyundai Securities

 Hyundai Research Institute

 Hyundai U&I

 Hyundai Welding

 Hyundai motor

 Hyundai Engine :

Market cap: $49.8 billion money

P/E: 7.6

Hyundai Engine is the globe's fifth-biggest carmaker, depending on yearly vehicle earnings, and the top car maker in Southern South korea. Established in 1967, it released the first Japanese passenger car - the Cars Pony - in 1976. By expanding its presence in key marketplaces like Chinese suppliers, the carmaker sold 4.06 thousand vehicles this season.

Meanwhile, the carmaker is dealing with work unrest over operating conditions and pay. Employees staged their first strike in four decades on September 13 after negotiations collapsed, which resulted in a loss of development worth $76.5 thousand over an eight-hour period. There are applications for new strikes, which could also affect affiliate Kia Engines.

The business's inventory is down 7.7 % in the 12 several weeks to September 10. But 29 of 50 experts asked by Reuters expect the company to outperform; 18 recommend it a buy.

 Seoul-based Cars Mobis, a additional of the Cars Engine Group, is the country's major maker of car parts. Established in 1977 as Cars Precision Industry to produce containers, the organization converted its concentrate to cars and released the Galloper brand of vehicles in the 90's.

 The business's inventory is down 35 % as of the 12 several weeks to September 10, even though the company reported an a 17-percent jump in first-quarter net profit to $828.7 thousand.

4. Kia Engines :

Market cap: $29.2 billion


Kia Engines is Southern Korea's second-largest car maker and a additional of the Cars Engine Group. Established in 1944 as a manufacturer of metal tubing and bicycle parts, the organization started creating vehicles in 1957. During the Oriental economic problems, Kia declared bankruptcy, which led Cars Engine to acquire a 51-percent stake in the company. Since then, the car maker has gone on to flourish worldwide with manufacturing plants in the U.S., Europe and Chinese suppliers.

Kia US earnings jumped nearly 18 % in the first half of the season, versus a season ago. Still, Kia's inventory is down 5.7 %, as of the 12 several weeks to September 10. Some 29 of 49 experts asked by Reuters say the inventory will outperform; 18 recommend it as a buy.

5. SK Hynix :

 Market cap: $16.4 billion

 P/E: NA

 SK Hynix, formerly known as Hynix Semiconductor, is the globe's second biggest memory chipmaker.

 The organization was founded in 1983 and changed its name to SK Hynix after SK Telecommunications paid $2.98 billion money in February for a 21-percent stake in the company.

Despite SK Hynix's prominent place in the semiconductor organization, the company posted its third quarterly loss in April of $227.8 thousand, as slowing pc earnings undercut chip prices. The inventory is down almost 11 % in the past 12 several weeks to September 10. Market experts are still positive on the inventory, with 26 out 46 asked calling for it to outperform; 14 recommend it as a buy, according to Reuters.

As Asia's fourth-largest marketplace, Southern South korea is a significant player among the globe's top exporting countries. Exports created up 53 % of the Japanese marketplace this season, according to the World Bank. That's one of the highest rates worldwide, and much more than the No. 2 marketplace, Chinese suppliers (29 percent) and emerging-market dynamo South america (12 percent). Southern Japanese exports grew 19 % last season.

6. POSCO :

Market cap: $32.6 billion money

P/E: 9.1

POSCO is the globe's fourth-biggest steelmaker, and backed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett. The organization was founded in 1968 as a collaboration between the Southern Japanese govt and tools manufacturer TaeguTec. It has since gone on to produce over 33 thousand tons of metal and has a collaboration with U.S. Steel known as USS-POSCO in California.

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns around 5 % of POSCO shares. The business's inventory is down 20.5 % in the 12 several weeks to September 10. But 27 out of 45 experts asked by Reuters still think the inventory will outperform; 14 consider it a buy.

Company Name Classification Technology Field

Boryung Pharmaceutical Large-sized Business New Medicine 'Kanarb' Life Science

SK Innovation Large-sized Business High-quality Lubes Base Oil Catalyst Technology Environmental Energy

LG Chem Large-sized Business 3D FPR Production Original Technology Material Chemistry

Hyundai Motor

Company Large-sized Business Theta Turbocompresseur GDi Engine Mechanization & Aviation

Samsung Electronics Large-sized Business Open-type Web-based Smart TV Information & Communication

SFA Large-sized Business Printing Electronic Equipment Technology for 20㎛Narrow Line Width Mass Production Electrical & Electronics

LMS Small & Medium-sized Business Ultrahigh-intensity Optical Film for LCD Material Chemistry

LG Lifestyle Sciences Large-sized Business Inosculation Vaccine Production Technology for Preventing Bacterial Encephalomeningitis Life Science

LG Electronics Large-sized Business Cinema 3D Smart TV Electrical & Electronics

Altibase Small & Medium-sized Business Hybrid Enterprise DBMS Products and Technology Information & Communication

 Rank of Southern South korea in various technical aspect

South Southern korea :


above charts the percentages of economical output countries devote to R&D financial commitment. The U.S. rankings sixth. Israel is in first place, followed by Norway, Finland, Asia, and Europe, which make up the top five. Southern South korea, Malaysia, Denmark, and France circular out the top ten. North america rankings 13th. The BRICs are much further down the list, with Russian federation 22nd, Chinese suppliers 26th, South america Thirty first and Indian 38th.


The second map charts medical and technological innovation researchers per household. The U. s. Declares rankings seventh. Finland takes the top spot, followed by Norway, Asia, Singapore, and Denmark. Norway, Australia, south Southern korea , North america, and New Zealand circular out the top ten. As for the BRICS: Russian federation is Twelfth, Indian 36th, Chinese suppliers 39th and South america 43rd.


The third map plots enhancements, measured as patents per household. Now, the U. s. Declares takes first place, followed by Asia, Southern korea, Europe, Finland, and Israel. Norway, Malaysia, North america, Denmark, and Hong Kong circular out the top ten. Turning to the BRICs, Indian is 26th, Russian federation 34th, and South america 41st. (Reliable information for Chinese suppliers were not available).

Interpretation :

By combining all three of these measures, we end up with an overall Global Technology Catalog, a broad evaluation of the technical and impressive capabilities of the globe's major countries. The U. s. Declares rankings third. Finland takes the top spot, followed by Asia. Israel's 4th place finish may come as a surprise to some. Israel has the highest concentration of technicians in the world-135 per 10,000 individuals, compared to 85 per 10,000 individuals in the U. s. Declares. Norway, Europe, Denmark, Southern korea, Malaysia, and Singapore circular out the top ten.


With the help of above desk we can say that Southern South korea has done success in Global Competitiveness. It has 24th place in the season 2011-2012, and in the season 2012-13, it is 19. So we can say that it's competition is improving.


South Southern korea has Fifteenth place in GDP, which reveals the marketplace of south Southern korea is improving more and more.

Index of country/ marketplace profiles


In above data, on the reasons for key indicators like population, GDP, GDP per household, GDP(PPP) as discuss of globe complete, south Southern korea is going similar to impressive economical systems. In the season 1999 it was going down but in the season 2009, impressive economical systems was going down but Southern South korea was improving which is excellent.


We can see in above data that there are given various stages of growth on the reasons for various aspects. In the data, somewhere south Southern korea is above the progression motivated economical systems while somewhere below it. In short it reveals the excellent place of south Southern korea.


GDP per household of south Southern korea is 22,778 in US money with place of 36th. Which is very excellent and it reveals the success of the countries.


In the given data, there are mentions the rankings of various countries with regards to Govt. procurement of impressive technological innovation items, where the place of south Southern korea is 33 with the 4. 0 value.


In above desk there is given a weighted regular of organization and universities cooperation on analysis and growth in various countries. Where the place of south Southern korea is Twenty fifth with value of 4.7.


With the help of above data, we can say that progression and technological innovation is depends on R&D. south Southern korea has 11th place in it with 4.9 value. Which reveals that south Southern korea making an investment more and more on R&D.


Above data showing the excellent of medical analysis organizations in various countries, where the place of south Southern korea is Twenty third with 4.9 value.


above data reveals the rankings of various countries in nature of aggressive benefits, where the place of south Southern korea is 16th with value of 5.4, which reveals that it has excellent aggressive benefits.


Above data reveals the exports as a percentage of GDP, in which the place of Southern South korea is 36 with the 58.1 value.


Above desk reveals the GDP of various countries. Southern South korea has the place of GDP is Twelfth with value 1554.2, thus it reveals the stage of development of products by south Japanese organizations.

Interpretation :

The above data reveals the excellent of science and math education and learning in various countries. where, the place of Southern South korea is 8th which is very excellent. Which reveals the stage of analysis and progression in nation.

Interpretation :

In given data, the rankings given to various countries for option most impressive technological innovation. Where south Southern korea has 26th place and value is 6.1, which reveals the technical progression of Southern South korea.


In above data, we can see that the place of Southern South korea in FDI and technological innovation transfer is very far. It does mean Southern South korea has very less worldwide Direct Investment and technological innovation transfer.

Interpretation :

In the given data, we can see that the place of countries in university-industry cooperation in R&D, where the place of south Southern korea is Twenty fifth with 4.7 value.