The Work And Unemployment Commerce Essay

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Work pertains to a livelihood opportunity that seeks to employ individuals to work with a certain public or private company in exchange of monetary compensation. This is essential for a certain individual in order to sustain their basic needs such as food, shelter, security, or even luxury for their daily routines. Employment can be significant to a certain society for the reason that it provides special contribution to the political system of the country due to the presence of rules and regulations providing legal protection to each individual entitled of employment. Another is the presence of economic gains for the reason that employment increases profitability for a certain company or society to generate income as well as to aid in the production of products and services to provide harmonious relationship between demand and supply. In addition, employment implements the presence of productivity affecting a certain community due to the extent of economic relationship that enhances development of investments for a long period of time according to Johnson (2010).

The roles of public and private business organization as an influence to employment can be done by conducting research to improve their insights about theoretical point of view concerning the process of adaptation that can be applied to the society. There have been changes brought about by the influence of the public and private business organizations that is why the public opinions will learn and apply more efficient issues and phenomena that have been learned from the benefits of innovation. As the role of public and private business organizations with employment takes place, the presence of newly developed technologies and facilities are being applied not only within the workplace but also with personal lives. There has been more understanding for the people of the society because of the information that has been instigated with their ideas, practices, and attitude for them to be more productive with their respective jobs as a process of work sociology. It is because personal perspectives can be applied to help individuals accomplish daily routines. Industrial revolution changed people�s lives due to the presence of technologies that acted as gadgets for individuals to become more productive with their own perspectives as indicated by Davila (2006).

Pertaining to adaptation in the work place of an employed individual, there has been modernized system of that aids to increase more productivity for the reason that the presence of electronic gadgets improved the relationship between working or employed individuals and employers. This includes the presence of cellular phones that becomes as a necessity to human lives as part of industrial revolution increases the productivity through closer communication between working or employed individuals and managers to accomplish certain tasks. The adaptation process to new facilities improved the sociology of workplaces for the reason that there has been lesser implication of offensive practices due to the presence of surveillance camera. These adaptations to workplace significantly improved the sociology of work for the reason that all kinds of offensive practices that includes theft, assault, and all other kinds of abusive practices has been minimized because working or employed individuals will be aware that the videos and photos can be used as an evidence for justice. Pertaining to family values, the sociology of personal lives for working or employed individuals became more oriented with the reality for the reason that the use of cellular phones and laptops gets them closer with the reality by being inclined with the latest trends and current issues that will allow them to be warned regarding certain threats that can potentially disrupt their daily activities. Even for job seekers that will be looking for new positions; they will be able to find out more about specific companies that they will be filing their application because this is a process to allow new working or employed individuals to become more engaged with the workplace by knowing significant information about the company, nature of their production or operations, and to study all information about the vacancies of available jobs according to Schemerhorn (2009).

In terms of social dilemma, unemployment pertains to the absence of livelihood of an individual that is unable to sustain their basic needs on a daily basis. This can be caused by an increasing financial crisis that is experienced by an institution that is why working or employed individuals were affected by being slashed from their jobs. Basing from the influence of public and private business organization, the presence of unemployment is an indication that there is a social problem that helps other public and private business organizations and individuals to strengthen all kinds of roles and responsibilities of each employee and leaders to work together and making ends meet. In this manner, the personal and professional perspective structure towards unemployment will improve the efficiency of an institution�s operational performance in a particular period of time by empowering significant target growth ability that will reach out goals and objectives successfully. Unemployment is an inevitable experience that can transform positive energy to negative energy resulting into depression or other severe forms of psychological trauma.

Part II: Discussion and analysis

Work analysis

As an issue concerning with the employment advocacies, it is not only about the extent of basic need as a priority applied for employed individuals that are considered because there are also different scenarios affecting companies employing individuals. Restructuring job skills are essential for through efficiency driven management will be able to built stronger relationship with the working or employed individuals as well as with clients due to an increase level of customer satisfaction if full efficiency of services that will prevent unemployment. There is a positive effect because the influence of public and private business organizations will be helping the society to initiate new steps in order to improve their professional development and educational background in order to be exempted from unemployed. The focus of professional development is an essential to the sociology of work will try to find significant facts that support the relationship of organizing a management structure is to a certain business that includes specific type of public and private business organization, establishment, institution, or an enterprise. This is always been a culture with the workplace that uses management styles that will be applied as based from theoretical principles that is responsible for engaging in the management of production and delivers its services to more than one country around the world for more profitability objective and also aims to increase its foreign investments. Administration of public and private business organizations can adapt to large varieties of more outward oriented approaches for the increase in economic growth and development as a long term consequences. It is due to the implementation of management plan as a way to become more aggressive for improving the integrity of an involved institution, public and private business organization, or businesses to prevent unemployment. The aspect of utilizing leadership bureaucracy can help improve adaptations in the workplace that will ascertain positive approach for thinking straightforward approach that will help operating business public and private business organization that include generate cheaper sources of labor and low cost raw materials. According to the views of economists, management planning to all kinds of business and non business enterprises has some issues concerning their profitability when operating to low income countries due to the decrease in foreign direct investment. Arguments are common that are being participated by working or employed individuals and executives at work due to some serious issues on market competition that will have an effect between the demand and the supply of a particular commodity that can be helpful for improving the adaptation according to Johnson (2010).


There are four elements that can be associated with the unemployment

1. Stanford (2010) explained that unemployment can influence the performance of efficiency driven management for failing to assess all kinds of risks and signs of any problems that are influencing significant delay in the company�s services. Failure of planning will not create an objective that will try to meet certain targets that will affect the movement of sales, the selling price, production per cost and the operating expenditures for the operation to identify profits. William (2003) indicated that this kind of approach will not comply with the standards of the structure that will hinder all kinds of effective facility approach effectively

2. Inefficient organizing structure is another focus of unemployment that will be initiating the process of failure in meeting all kinds of issues that have been found out form the establishment of flaws that has been examined that increases the dependency of a certain company�s personnel from its former policies to increase the company�s competitiveness and it also increases its business performance. This includes ineffective policies, creating alternative efficiency driven management facilities and providing restrictions on working or employed individuals within the public and private business organization. Application failure of employment standards such as exercising inefficient labor law protecting employee�s right and providing acceptable conditions under the contract between working or employed individuals and contractors according to Vander (2010).

3. Leadership failure is a force that will induce the sociology of unemployment because this is a function risk the position of working or employed individuals resulting into loss of jobs. As an example, leading the managers and working or employed individuals will not being able to manipulate cash outputs will be a problem that can influence deficit status. Ineffective Leadership towards working or employed individuals to be able to facilitate their functions to their respective job description that includes commodity processing and improving manpower activities will cause unproductively that is is a serious threat concerning a company�s service driven operation wherein funds does not met with designated target due to ineffective delivery of services to clients.

4. The fourth will be uncontrollable system of operations, facilities, production, and character management because this will be the core source of having a disciplinary method of improving the company�s performance to prevent unusual issues that will associate with undesirable outputs. This includes failure to meet disciplinary measures that will be imposed as policies, which will be an important factor that will prevent unruly behaviors and avoid violation of activities that will be affiliated by negligence or intentional actions that could deprive company�s services particularly with customer relations management and food preparation activities. This is an element that can increase unemployment issues that can exist within the community as perceived by the public opinion.

Solutions to prevent unemployment diverted to employment

In the study, the public opinion regarding the concept of unemployment provides lot of informative aspects that will be making significant differences that can be identified about the nature of unemployment. The movement of public and private business organizations is an indirect activity that influences the public opinion regarding unemployment because it affects local and international livelihood of civilians according to Vander (2010). Highly proficient staff and working or employed individuals should ensure and protect the dignity of the company and working or employed individuals in the workforce for carrying out the highest efficiency of skills towards the workforce and the integrity of the company that will bring positive impression to the society. Competitiveness of the public and private business organization will be more uplifted and the chances of errors or failures within the standards of operation will be eradicated and leaving behind the satisfaction ratings to be well appreciated and implemented as stated by Schermerhorn (2009). It has been learned that there are causing factors that can influence the public�s perception regarding unemployment including all kinds of elements that can be associated with the loss of jobs.

Establishing hard work and positive attitude to all kinds of public and private business organizations that are operating consistently, administrators and all the personnel should initially conduct a feasibility study that will improve performance in workplace that will be commenting positive point of view to the society as mentioned by Johnson (2010). Background check should be always be scrutinized and identify its hidden assets as well as it bad share that has the potential to pose as risk assets to affect the performance of the operation. Numerous frauds that have been performed by other multinational companies have been reported and that resulted into bankruptcy and the loss of the entire financial investments by working or employed individuals and clients that are involved in the operation as indicated by Stanford (2010).