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Business Management involves coordinating and overseeing the work activities of others so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively. Managerial concerns efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency is doing things right such as maximum output and minimum input. Effectiveness is doing the right things such as attaining the organizational goals.

In task 1 is about the dell vision, mission, goals and objective. Vision is a company set for long term achievement. Mission is for short term target and it will achieve by recently. A goal is for a company hit the target or now start implementation such as dell implement greenest technology. Objective is meaning how to achieve and it is related relationship with the goals.

In task 2 is about intercultural in dell is how to operation their working style. While the structure is a high position set the rule and the employee need follow the structure. Leadership is a leader how to bring up the team become more active and motives the team. Communication in dell is direct speaking and it will save the time. Group behavior is a few people how to behavior themselves in a group and how to interaction with people.

In task 3 is PESTLED is about the political, economical, social, technology, legal, environment and demographic. This few things will give different affect in the company such as advantage and disadvantage.

In task 4 is about dell going to global business and what is the important and barrier. In the important for global business, Dell can achieve their vision global business climax. But there have a few barriers in global business that is money exchange, quota and different country have different technology.

2.0 Mission, vision, goal and objective

Mission statement is define the company mean purpose which are both for the public and for the own company. Vision statement is focus on company future to achieve what they want to be. Goal is target achieve something in a short term. Objective is related to goals but it is for long term.

2.1 Vision

According Walker, (2003, pg 38) in his book Modern Competitive Strategy, Dell's vision is:

"There is a difference at Dell. It is the way we do the business. It is the way we interacts the world around us, our customer's need, the future of technology and the global climax. Whatever changes the future may bring, our vision, Dell vision, will be our guiding force".

The area of focus in this vision states the followings:

The way Dell's do business

Dell interacts with the community

Interaction with the world around the company

Customer need

Future technology

Global business climate

2.1.1 The way Dell's do business

Consumer can purchase product by using internet and go to their official website to choose which type product they want to buy. Besides that, they also provide free shipping and ground delivering. According dell official website, they have provide shipping and ground delivering for free some more they let consumer know about estimated time for shipping and ground delivering.

2.1.2 Dell interacts with the community

Dell Company is care about environment so their company uses the greenest technology.

2.1.3 Customer need

They make a customer service in the dell official website. According dell website, they have dell chat, question, and e-mail offer. Dell chat is get a live answer from dell product advisor. We can request customer service to call back to ask question. E-mail offer is reply our question to our inbox by using e-mail.

2.1.4 Future technology

In the future, dells want to provide multi-touch. According to dell website, it mention that "For the future, the greatest advantage of multi-touch is the ability to recognize multiple simultaneous touches, enabling a true multi-touch experience."

2.1.5 Global business climax

Global business climax is they want to expand their business to whole world. Internal factor: Dell Company will listening, sharing and inspiring to their worker. External factor: agent can get the product by using internet to purchase or straight go to Dell Company to get the product.

The vision is want to give best customer service and tries to expand their business.

2.2 Mission

Walker (2003, pg264) from the book name as Modern Competitive Strategy mentions that 'Dell's mission is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer we serve. In doing so, Dell will meet customer expectation of:

highest quality

leading technology

competitive pricing

individual and company accountability

best in class customer service and product

flexible customization capability

Superior corporate citizenship and financial stability.

2.2.1Highest quality

Besides that, Dell wants to give the entire best technology product such as laptop and desktop to their customers. According Dells official website, a product name as Aurora Desktop can support dual graphic cards.

2.2.2 Leading technology

In this mission, we know that Dell Company having leading technology. From the dell official website have mention their product consist three distinct air-cooled thermal chamber.

2.2.3 Competitive pricing

Furthermore, Dell Company set a competitive price to their customer. According dell official and HP official website, both products are using Intel core I5 processor but the prices are different. For example, Inspiron 14 produced by dell and HP Folio 13 produced by HP but the price of dell is cheaper than HP some more both of them are using same processor.

2.2.4 Individual and company accountability

Dell company set a rules cannot refund after purchase product expect damaging in delivering so it will let consumer learn about reasonability to purchase or think clearly before purchasing.

2.2.5 Best in class customer and product

Dell has develops online help customer service name as 'Dell Connect'. According to Ignatiuk (2009, pg 39), Analysis of Dell's Business Strategy, he mention that this tool can troubleshooting and help customer identify computer problem by using online. Dell also provides free shipping to their customer. From the Dell official website had mention free shipping to all laptop and desktop.

2.2.6 Superior corporate citizenship

Superior corporate citizenship is they provide basic life insurance coverage and supplement life insurance to their worker. According dell official website, it has mention that Dell Company has provide Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Business Travel Accident Insurance.

In conclusion, if Dell Company can make this mission so they can give customer a royal service. Besides that, the worker will have a nice benefit when working at there and company can more profit.

2.3 Goals

Hewitt (2008, pg55) from the book name as Corporate use of voluntary carbon offsets: Greening the economy or business as usual mention that 'Dells goal is to become greenest technology company on the planet. They believe it's important to consider the environment impact at every stage in the product life cycle'.

Dell's green technologies focus on:

Carbon neutral

Plant a tree program


2.3.1 Carbon neutral

Greenest technology is a product which is using carbon neutral. Carbon Neutral is involves taking inventory of our total greenhouse gas emissions related to the operation of Dell facilities and implementing strategies to reduce and eliminate those emissions.

2.3.2 Plant a tree program

Dell Company has an event name as 'plant a tree for me' so it can make consumer realize the important of environment and their responsible to protect environment. According Werther (2010, pg 333),book name as Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders in a Global Environment mention that 'the program give Dell consumer the option to pay the cost of planting trees to offset the carbon footprint created in the manufacture of their computer.

2.3.3 Recycling program

Dell wants to set greenest technology in their company because they have different image to their competitors so they start Dell Recycling program. Ignatiuk (2009, pg35), Analysis of Dell's Business Strategy, he mention that 'dell starts their Dell Recycling programs, which encourage its customers to either recycle their old computer and components or donating it to charity.

This goal can protect our environment and it will reduce pollution. Besides that, Dell Company can increase their population by doing this goal.

2.4 Objective

The objective to achieve the greenest technology is:

providing energy-efficient products

make a donation today or donate with purchase for plant a tree program

home pick-up program.

2.4.1 Providing energy-efficient product

They remain committed to providing energy-efficient products. When dell sell their products that use less energy, they are helping cut emissions associated with the production of electricity those products need.

2.4.2 Make a donation today or donate with purchase for plant a tree program

We can use our old computer to make a donation to dell or we can our old computer to trade in a new computer by adding some money to buy a new computer.

2.4.3 Home pick-up program

Consumer buy a new Dell product and select free recycle option at the time of purchase, dell would not cost consumer when help consumer recycle old electronic some more pick it up at consumer house.

The objective is encouraging consumer recycling old product and protect environment.

2.5 Conclusion

In the conclusion, my opinion the vision about global business climax is hard to achieve because in china, their government set a policy to prevent money flow out to other country.

Internal culture, structure, leadership, communication and group behavior

Dell internal culture is winning culture because they have their own working style in their company. Structure is set by high position people such as CEO because they want their employee follow the structure. Leadership is the higher decision made by high position people. Communication is related of information. Group behavior is a few people how to behavior their self in a group.

3.1 Internal culture

Dell internal culture is winning culture and they have create a cooperate environment. Besides that, they have focus in internal efforts on practice and cultivating. According to dell official website mention that "Dell's Winning Culture and comprehensive diversity initiatives create a corporate environment based on meritocracy, personal achievement and equal access to all available opportunities. They focus their internal efforts on cultivating and promoting best practices among our global workforce in the areas of policy development, training, recruitment, mentoring, development, advancement and culture change. Furthermore, their Work/Life Effectiveness and career management programs enhance their ability to retain and develop valuable team members and demonstrate their commitment to the Dell Team."

3.1.1 Best Practices

Dell want give customer the best service by hire talent employee. They can be best in global market because they have competitive advantage. According to Dell official website, it mention that "Dell thrives on being the best in whatever we do, from offering the best customer experience to recruiting the best and brightest talent. In fact, they view Dell's diversity initiatives as a competitive advantage that fosters a winning culture and leverages the vast skills, similarities and differences of the Dell team so that they can be the best in the global marketplace."

3.1.2 Dell's Women's Initiative

Nowadays, women are same level with male so Dell start to hire women to work in their company because they believe women have talent and can leverage. According to Dell website, it mention that " Dell focus on building a global Women's Strategy across all Dell locations provides us the tools we need to fully access and leverage female talent globally."

3.1.3 Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Training

Dell makes the cross-cultural training to the employee because they want to eliminate barriers to different culture so they can achieve personal professional in their working. According to dell official website, it mention that "they are committed to cross-cultural training and eliminating barriers that hinder our multicultural team from achieving their personal and professional best."

3.1.4 Supplier Mentoring Programs

The company's diverse workforce and supply base to succeed in the multicultural market. Dell's commitment to supplier diversity and challenges, they are seeking creative ways to promote supplier diversity, all of its procurement program managers and purchasing managers. Besides that, supplier mentoring programs help Dells provide new supplier.

According to Dell website, it mentions that "Companies that diversify workforce and supply bases are more successful in gaining access to multicultural markets. Dell is committed to supplier diversity and challenges executives and procurement managers to continuously seek creative ways to drive supplier diversity into all of their procurement plans. This commitment helps us achieve long-term relationships with quality minority-owned, women-owned and small businesses."

3.1.5 Diversity Recruiting

Dell feel that creativity, innovation is a key point for diversity because they want their manager identify and diverse the candidates to join the Dell team. So it can help Dell reach multi-cultural consumer groups in the world. According the Dell website, it mentions that "Dell recognizes that a diverse workforce is critical to the exploration of new ideas and the creation of innovation. We are committed to ensuring our managers identify the best and brightest diverse candidates in the marketplace to join the Dell team. Our relationships with diverse partners are what help us reach multicultural consumer groups across the world and recruit the best and brightest talent."

3.2 Structure

Dell Computer was a faster-growing company in 1990 year and its stock price every year increase 100 %. Dell organization structure is one of the big battler for Michael Dell. According to Hill (2009, pg 419), book name as Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach said that "one of the biggest battles has been to manage and change Dell's organizational structure, control system, and culture as Dell company grows.

From the book name as Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach (Hill, 2009, pg 419) said that "In 1993, Michael Dell has recruit an executives from IBM and Compaq. With their help, Michael Dell created the functional structure." The functional structure is he groups a few people by their common skills or their working performance such as sales, management and so on. By doing this, the company will become efficient.

According to Hill (2009, pg 420), book name is as Strategic Management Theory: An Integrated Approach said that "Michael Dell has continued change his company structure in the year of 2000 to respond to changing customer needs and increasing competitive challenges from Apple and HP." For example, Dell find a best way to customize the approach to best meet each group of specific customer who are needs over the internet. Besides that, Dell offer private buyer, company a complete range of computer workstation that can customize customer needs.

3.3 Leadership

Dell unique talent management is base on leadership and it will affect the organization willing to innovation. According to Goldsmith (2009, pg 340), book name as Linkage Inc's Best Practices in Leadership Development Handbook: Case Studies, Instruments, Training (J-B US non-Franchise Leadership said that "the priorities for Dells leadership is develop strategy are related to developing succession for most senior position, making sure talent line up to cover future critical jobs in new market and also take care of the basic: solid management across in the world and leadership bench strength."

3.4 Communication

Dell communication skill is being direct and it will save the time. For example, a employee want to speak out the issue but the employee not enough direct and close mind so it will make people confusing and management problem. So it will make people waste time understand. According to Novinger (2004, pg 143), book name as communicating with Brazilians: When "Yes" Means "No" mention that "Michael Dell communication style epitomes on direct communication and time efficiency."

3.5 Group behavior

Every organization have group who share the same goals and achieve target together so group behavior is very important in the organization. According to Mcdaniel and Gitman (2007, pg 247), book name as The Future of Business: The Essentials said that "group can be formal and informal." Formal is meaning their behavior is direct to achieve the organization goals. Formal organization group such as Dell must operate within the larger organization system Informal is use the social relationship and not determined by the organization.

. According to Mcdaniel and Gitman (2007, pg 247), book name as The Future of Business: The Essentials said that "affect the behavior organizational group are individual member characteristic." Group member have characteristic in Dell Company such as personality, training and ability.

3.6 Conclusion

In my conclusion, all also related with each other such as without group behavior in company so the group would not team work nicely and easy argue because weak in communication.


Political is about government policy. Economical is about the economics of a country how to affect the business. Social is how to interaction with people. Technology is about developing new product and software. Legal is about the rule and regulation in a country. Environment is green technology because it will protect the environment. Demographical is about the total population of the country.

4.1 Political

They believe that if they support the candidate understand the company's legislative measures and policies is appropriate, in the best interests is their customers, employees and shareholders. According to the dell website, it mentions that "consistent with federal law, Dell does not contribute corporate funds to federal candidates, national political party committees or other federal political committees. Contributions may only be made by the Dell Employee PAC (Dell PAC). Dell also does not contribute corporate funds to state or local candidates, even where permissible by state and local laws. Contributions to state candidates may only be made through the Dell PAC."

According to Dell website, it mentions that "Dell sponsors a federal PAC, which allows employees to voluntarily pool their resources to support candidates for public office. Dell PAC fully discloses all contributions made and received on reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and the various state ethics commissions, as required by law. In compliance with applicable law, the PAC contributes money to candidates for federal and state office and political parties and committees. From time to time, the PAC solicits support from employees, but coercive solicitations are strictly prohibited. A PAC Executive Committee governs and oversees all PAC activities. Outside ethics counsel reviews and approves all PAC materials and activities." Dell includes a policy of strict compliance with federal and state campaign finance laws and regulations governing political contributions, these contributions disclosure. Under federal law, employees establish a separate, independent fund or political action committees (PACs), which are entirely by the eligible employees, eligible employees and shareholders, and they collectively choose to allocate these federal and state candidate contributions spouse of voluntary contributions to support the Committee. Dell is a number of industry associations and pay dues to these groups on a regular basis. Dell does not normally make additional non-dues contributions of these organizations, to support the political activities of groups. If our payment transactions are specified association for political purposes, and exceed the required annual contribution, we publicly disclose these contributions. Dell will be asked to make a reasonable effort to get what the company's expenses or to pay part of the industry association for lobbying expenditures or political contributions, If the proposed directly by Dell, will not be in accordance with section 162 (E) (1 deductible domestic revenue Code).

4.2 Economical

According to wikinest website, it said that "during the second half of Fiscal 2009, Dell faced a challenging IT end-user demand environment as deteriorating global economic conditions influenced global customer spending behavior amidst concerns over declining asset values, fluctuating energy costs, geopolitical issues, the availability and cost of credit, rising unemployment, and the stability and solvency of financial institutions, financial markets, businesses, and sovereign nations." When a country facing an economic problem, it will cause inflation so consumer prefers to spend less then the company will earn less. Besides that, company will fire employment because they want save their cost so it will make unemployment rate rise up.

4.3 Social

According to Forbes website, it mention that "The external social media activity is replicated internally with Chatter, which they both concur has created a valuable feedback loop for planning external social media activities, as well as being a good barometer for the business internally. They also have several hundred internal blogs." Dell in social media such as facebook, google plus, twitter and linkedln. By using this, they can communicate with their customer and they can update new information by using internet. Therefore, customer can ask question via facebook or other social media.

4.4 Technological

Technological can use in different way but Dell launch their technology in education line. From the online blogger say that "Dell launched the Connected Classroom solution in India"(Donald, Education blog: How technology can enable education - Dell India Connected Classroom launch). It is combined with innovative technology, products, services, software and training, this unique solution that enables learning a reality in the digital age. It is competitive in the global economy; this is the need for education departments to provide technical tools. It is according to the student's individual learning style of personalized learning. Function of teacher and student response systems and software, it can maximize student understanding, encouraging critical thinking and problem solving.

4.5 Legal

Legal meaning is based on concern with the law. It is include Information and Disclaimers, Transmitted Material, Hypertext Links and Copyright

4.5.1 Information and disclaimers

According to Dell website, it said that "Dell uses reasonable care to make sure that the information appearing on website is accurate and up-to-date. However, errors and omissions do occur and the user should not take the accuracy of the information for granted but should check directly with Dell. None of the material contained in this Site is to be relied upon as a statement or representation of fact." Dell should put correct information in their official website and always update. If dell put wrong information, it will cause consumer take wrong information and details in the product.

4.5.2Transmitted Material

According to the Dell website, it mentions that "Any material or information transmitted to or posted to this website by any means will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and may be disseminated or stored or used by Dell or its affiliates for any purpose whatsoever including not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products. Do not post or transmit to or from this Site any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic or profane material or any other material which could give rise to any civil or criminal liability in the territory to which this Site relates." We cannot transmit information or post any things will spoil the company image. By doing this, it will be charge those person who post the things will spoil company image will become criminal action.

4.5.3 Copyright

Copyright is register by a company through by the government such as Dell. It is a symbol show that is creator original work and it cannot be copy. If a person wants the copyright, they can apply from the creator to get a franchise. By doing this , the original creator will earn money by selling franchise.

4.6 Environment

Environment is one of the factor will affect the business. Dell company start to go green event in their company so they will start provide the entire product about the save the environment. According to mother nature network website, it mention that "Dell's free global recycling program, which the company launched in 2006. It's the main reason why enterprise IT decision makers in eleven countries recognized Dell as the top brand for "green" technology in 2009."

In addition, it will affect those people are love go green will support Dell so it will make Dell earn more profit.

4.7 Demographical

According to, it mentions that "demographical has 2 characteristic, that is total reputation and Personal Variables. Total Population characteristics take a very broad view of the population as a whole in terms of size number of people, number of businesses and location. Personal Variables characteristics look at how the population is changing based on individual factors such as gender, age, and income, level of education, family situation, sexual preference, ethnicity, occupation, and social class." Demographic variables are an important part to build customer profiles. These profiles are based on population and population. Such as customer behavior, attitudes, lifestyle factors and grouped into defined market segments, marketing, and then chooses the target market of customers. Demographic data to determine the target market is directly linked to the monitoring of demographic change the key to marketing decisions.

4.8 conclusions

In conclusion, PESTLED can affect a company in political, economical, social, technology, legal, environment and demographical so it can bring advantage and disadvantage to a company.

5.0 Global business

Global business is a company across to other country to make international trade to earn profit. At long distances, the exchange of goods can be traced back to a very long time.

5.1 Importance and barrier go to global

Global business climate is one of the visions in Dell Company. Dell need go to global business to make their vision happen. Besides that, they can increase earning profit and growth but it is hard to obtain in domestic market.

5.2 Advantage

According to UKessay website, it mentions that "it opens the door towards the huge lucrative business segment." For example, companies don't have go to global business; it will become hard to get suitable price for the supplier because they cannot achieve economic of scale. Economic of scale is you buy more and get more discount so the cost of production decreases and they can earn more profit.

According to UKessay website, it mentions that "if Dell goes global, its sales would increase and if the fixed cost is compensated by domestic operations, profits would rise rapidly."

When the business goes to global, so the quantity production will increase then they can cover the cost and at same time they can increase profit by faster.

According to UKessay website, it mentions that "it reduces greater dependence on the domestic market." For example, Dell doesn't want dependence on their country and come to Malaysia to develop their country because in Malaysia easy capitalize and expand. Besides that, it might be cost of labour is cheap than their country or raw material is cheaper and easy to get.

5.3 Disadvantage

The disadvantage of global business is:


Money exchange

Different country different technology

5.3.1 Quota

A quota is a limit on the quantity to the good . When the quota happen, that mean government want to protect domestic product because world prices would be much lower than local prices, meaning that local goods can't compete with prices of world products. For example, government can set the limit for importer to prevent the outsider competitive to local firm.

5.3.2 Money exchange

According to the free dictionary website, it mentions that "the system by which one currency is converted into another, enabling international transactions to take place without the physical transportation of gold." For example, Dell will meet a barrier in money exchange in china because the government is not allowing money to flow out.

5.3.3 Different country different technology

Different country has different voltage so Dell Company needs to change all the electric supply. For example, Malaysia has 230/240 volt so they need change the plug to has 230/240 volt to let Malaysia citizen suitable to use.

5.4 Conclusion

In my conclusion, global business will bring a lot of benefit for the company such as improve their reputation and image to other country.


Dell delivers innovative technology and services. Dell's market leadership in the climb is the focus of its direct sales to the standards-based computing products and services, to provide the best customer experience concern. Dell's concept, content, and by selling computer systems directly to customers, understand their needs and efficiently provide the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs. For Dell, their employees are their primary task. The company offers benefits, including health care and maternal health care, health checks, dental care, life and personal accident injury protection. It enables employees to maximize their contribution to the company, while maintaining the effectiveness of their work and personal life.