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The second stage in team development is called Storming. It is defined by Canadian Organizational Behavior as a stage "marked by interpersonal conflict as members become more proactive and compete for various team roles." (McShane et all, 192) At the end of a successful storming stage, members are beginning to "establish norms of appropriate behavior" and move into the norming and performing stages. (McShane et all, 192)

Delta Hotels has over seven thousand employees and forty four hotels across Canada. Delta believes that in order to succeed it is essential for their brand to behave as "One Team. One community." ( In order to keep such a large network of people working in effective teams, the Delta career plan organizes checkpoints so that employees are always up to date on their performance. Each employee is originally matched with a mentor, so that they are able to learn on the job training in an effective and pre established team setting. Employees are also given an evaluation within one month of their start date so they know how they are fitting into the team. If Delta fails to perform an evaluation, the employee is given one weeks pay as compensation. ( The brand values state "We depend on each other to build communities travelers can rely on. Just as important, we depend on each other to build supportive workplace communities that we can rely on." (

In order to understand the benefits of successful team storming it is imperative to look at the consequences if a team does not go through the storming process. At Delta hotels this would mean that teams that face difficult circumstances together would not have the cohesion and group support necessary to handle the everyday stresses of working with the public.

Mild confrontation, prevalent in the storming stage, is encouraged between staff and management at Delta Hotels. They believe that challenging established ideas can serve as a platform for growth. As mentioned on the website Delta encourages idea generation through confrontation. "We hope you will feel empowered not only to question your manager but also to offer ideas and solutions to serve our customers and earn their loyalty, because some of our ideas - some of our best ideas - have come from our employees." (

The storming stage is another opportunity for managers to reinforce their mission of providing excellent service to patrons of Delta Hotels. This is where norms and acceptable behavior can be discussed and established with all members of staff on an individual basis. Through frank discussion the employee can come to realize for themselves why the missions of the organization should be what they are, and to question those elements of the mission that they do not believe truly serve patrons.

As we shift upwards in the diagram in Exhibit 8.2( McShane 2009), after the team in question has successfully completed the forming and storming stages, we come to a stage that is known as norming. This stage is one of the most important stages in the team development process. It is at this stage where one can find out the direction of the team and how well the members of this group associate themselves with the actual "team". Without team cohesion, you basically have, for example, 5 or 6 given individuals that are working on the same project but not sharing any information of feedback to each other. This in turn could lead to reduced company efficiency due to the fact that member one could be working on the same task as number 2 but neither would be able to figure this out because there is a lack of cohesion. As regards to finding out the direction of the team, it really lays in the hands of the team and if they can develop team cohesion. Once the team has gelled into a functional working body, the objectives are agreed upon and the individuals with the strongest leadership skills start to surface as tasks and roles are assigned to each member. At Delta hotels, the aspect of working as a team with the same visions and goals has been a huge part in their success ever since the first delta owned hotel opened up in 1962, the Delta Airport Inn, Vancouver, B.C.. An interesting point is that the current President and CEO of Delta Hotels, the top of the food chain, Hank Stackhouse, was at one point the everyday bottom line employee working the front desk at the Delta Airport Inn. That alone just goes to show how well this company is committed to keeping the good employees employed by them and not the leading competitor hotel chains.

At Delta, the teams that you will find there are better represented not by the five-stage team development model, but by the competence and membership theory of team development. It is a better representation because there is no need for adjourning at Delta. They are a 24-hour-365-days a year company. Having a business that never shuts down, an effective training process is crucial to maintaining the "Largest First-Class Hotel Chain in Canada" title that they have earned over the years.

To make sure that each new employee can make the transition from "in training" to a part of the team, Delta leaders make sure that they leave no margin for error. "So by offering more than two dozen learning workshops and seminars, giving you access to an education assistance fund so you can continue learning outside of our company, helping create an individual development plan for you so you can focus on specific areas and activities for growth, and mentoring and providing you with helpful 360 Feedback, we will help you reach your fullest potential."(cited from the delta website,1&lcid=4105) It is at these seminars where the new hire is introduced to the work environment that takes place at each resort. The 360 degree feedback is also a tool used by Delta to basically perform a reality check for the employee to see how he/she is performing in comparison to the company goals and values. "We guarantee employees, for example, that they will receive their performance review within one month of their anniversary or receive one week's pay."( Delta is strongly committed to making sure that every member of its team is aware and practising the norms of the company. From a personal perspective, this is the first company in my recollection that is willing to hand out a free weeks pay because they forgot to do your review.

Another representation of agreeing upon team objectives is at the start of each new shift. Team members for the current shift are put through a shift briefing which specifically assigns individuals to their tasks and keeps employees up-to-date with the latest news regarding their company.

Into the final stage of team development is performing. This is the stage where everthing and everyone comes together to resulting in the same goal. Everybody in this stage would know what their role is and what they are expected to do, getting things done quickly and easier without any probles nor help from anyone else. At this stage everybody is willing to complete the task with confidence and being able to complete tasks without pressure, also being motivated of what they need to do because of the support they know they got from employees in the workplace.

Given an organization like Delta Hotels, the main points to that organization is the mission statement which is a to work as team. They need to be able to understand that the goal is to make they're service friendly and making customers wanting to comeback. When customers check in the hotel.

When a guest wants to stay at a hotel it goes through reservations, they forward to the switch board (connected to every department) they put it through the front desk and the house keeping department. The first desk sets up credit card info and assigns the room and the house keeping puts privedge guest to the top of the list. Once front desk assigns the room they pre make the keys and puts them into the privledge section. When the guests arrives the bell desk gets the names from the guest and retrieves the keys from the privilege section and (checks them in under 1 minute.) if its not checked within a minute the guests receives they're first night free. Finally privilege guests are entitled to a welcome snack, so upon arrival the front desk notifies in-room dining. That the guests arrive so they can bring them theyre food.

Without having a stage like performing most of the problems would occur in an organization between employees and the work habits. Employees would tend to have disagreements and different opinions for everything to change things around, but it this case everybody comes together and know what the objective is and what the role is to development a good objective. A leader is usually assigning other employees to certain tasks and roles, this is what this stage special is that a leader who assigns those tasks to group members, don't usually back down from them and work with it towards that goal.

One of things that is very unique with Delta hotels is that they have a Delta Community Cruiser, from the website this Cruiser is described as a "Summer tour when it travels across Canada along with six selected Delta employees whom will drive 2010 Toyota Pruis hybrid cars for more than 11,000 kilometres to visit 33 communities in 10 provinces in 60 days". For the community cruiser it's a good way to that Delta Hotels use the process of performing because as a group they get along to achieve one goal, and in most cases these goals are to help a community. Fundraisers for charities, volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity is just some of the things they do along the way to show that this company cares about the communities they travel to, and the employees who work for them.

Activities like this is a great way to get the organization together and helping each other out for a good cause

Although it has been mentioned that this stage is not usually incorporate in most organizations due to the fact that most organizations would have some sort of disagreements and conflicts during the work process. However, it should be known that this stage is very important for most organizations to get better in the workplace, it helps an organization to develop a bond between employee and working with confidence without any distractions along the way. It makes the work environment easier to work it and a place that makes you want to work.