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To predict strength of any organization we need to know what the requirement of an organization is. The employment of right person for the right job and at the right time becomes the main function of HR department. For this purpose HR department should be very competitive as per changing environment.

Resource based strategy

"It is an economic tool used to determine the strategic resources available to a firm".

Human resource department has responsiblity of hiring of capable persons as per need of an organization at available resources. As a customer oriented firm it is very important for Telecard to get in touch with common people and finds their requirement and provide the product on time to meet the threshold resources.

Dynamic Capabilities

As our busiess is very competitive in nature it self in our country. We are very much on the way to retain our employees. So it is very important for our company to link one department with another in a way so the purpose of each department will be accomplished as well for the company.

Developing Strategic Capabilities

After analysing what are the capabilities of the company, It should develop strategies in order to meet the current environment of the business with the competitors. HR Department of Telecard Ltd has initiated many steps to improve skills of their employees through different training programes conducted within and outside the country.

Putting together an HR strategy for the organization

"Corporations are undergoing dramatic changes that have significant implications for how human resources are best managed and organized. There is growing consensus that human capital is critical to an organization's success. But how should the HR function itself be organized? Is change in HR keeping pace with organizational change overall?"

All the time financial need for the organizations grows but to manage the HR for the organization with the available resources are the key responsibility of HR department.

Linking buisness and HR stategy

A key function of HR department is to attach all the department and to provide them the resources as per requirement e.g telecard as it is a telecommunication firm and its more based on technology so to meet the demand HR needs to hire the maximum number of engineer for the switch department.

Componenets of HR strategy

Key components for the HR is to give proper framework to the departmnets and then to the indivisual of the department to understand the necessary changes.

When there is any technology change required in Telecard, HR department make sure that the process is smooth and frinedly that all the changes are easy to undestand by the employess.

The Organisational Design

"Organizational Structure OS is the framework that defines reporting relationships between different positions within the organization. It is imperative to effect changes in the OS depending on the environmental factors and issues. Organizational Design OD refers to the management decisions and the set of structural elements used to effect changes".

Different company have different working environment and have different culture so according to the culture they need to perform their task

Types of organisational design of your company

There are four type of culture in an organisation

1)Task Culture

2)Power Culture

3)Role Culture

4)Person Culture

The culture which is present in Telecard is a Task Culture.

Every singly person in a department work closely with another person of the same department and then the departments works together to reach the company's goal and every one try to make a good friendly working environemt in the organisation which help every one to solve the issues quickly.

As the HR department work very hard to build and maintain the same culture in the organisation by arranging picnics and parties and do more socializing.

Role of Different worker group in the organizarion

There are different type of worker group in an organization

One which are the permenant employees of the organization and other who are working on contractual basis and the one who hired for the busy period when they required.

e.g Telecard have 400 permenant employess and 355 employees working on contractual basis and there is one more category of employees who hired when ever company launch its new product so they required more staff just for the season to market its product so they hired more staff for the permotional season

Process of HR planning of the organisation

"By work info A comprehensive Human Resource Strategy plays a vital role in the achievement of an organization's overall strategic objectives and visibly illustrates that the human resources function fully understands and supports the direction in which the organization is moving".

As to make a long term and short term strategy for the company is the key function of the HR department which help's organisation to achieve the goals. HR department needs to collect all the relevant data and then by putting the strategic thinking on it and prepare a process to support all the functions and running all process smoothly.

Analyzing for HR planning

It relate with how much labour is required to complete the task and the informations can be gatther from diffenret departments to do so.

In Telecard for analyzing the information for HR planning, they are following the managerial judgement method in which the group leader/ supervisor give details of the required labour to perform the task to their managers and then the managers make a purposal for the higher management throught HR so then the task will be don.

Components of HRP

"An organization's human resource plan should be directly tied to the overall strategic plan of the company. It provides the future needs and availability of human capital for the organization".

Key components is to take the maximum advantage from the employee and then to give them meximum reward to them in shape of bonus and permotion

In Telecard this is also like an ongoing process when the sales is going high so they need more staff to work for them so as per requirement they recruit more peoples to work for them to perform the task.


"Want to develop effective working relationships with diverse people at work? Start with similarities, not differences, among people when you build relationships. Diversity in the workplace adds a special richness, but also special challenges. Effective diversity work relationships are critical for your successes".

Diversity is very important for an organisation to grow. Diversity can be justified by giving equal oppitunity to every one so then you can see the actual skills of each and every employee. If we donot provide equal oppertunity to the employee that means we are discrimination them so it is the most important thing to give equal rights to them

In Telecard the HR department take a routine check by the help of the departmental head that what the the employees requiremnt to do the work on timely basis and how employees are performing and how much time they take to complete the task by the help of daily routine sheets.This help them to find out about the actual capabilities of employee by giving them equal oppertunities.

Recruiting Steps

Michael Armstrong(2003, pp 395) states that 'Overall aim of the recruitment process should be to obtain at minimum cost the number and qulality of employees required to satisfy the needs of the company'.

Telecard's HR deartment always gives so much important to recruiting process as they know the importance of this process. They use different methods to attract the pool of talent towards the company. sometime by the help of recruitment firms, by the help Internal and external advertisement.

So they make sure that the right candidate will apply for that job. They conduct interviews and sometimes written test as well as per the job requirement . very clearly they always mention the job detail and the offered salay, though sometime its negotiable. When ever the finalised the candidate after short listing they send an offer letter to that candidate

Job Describtion: Michael Armstrong(2003, pp 396) states that 'A job describtion sets out the basic details of the job, defining reporting relationships, the overall objective of the job, the main activities or task carried out and any other special reuiqements or features'.

After hiring a person it is the most important task to assign the proper job description to that person to make the recruitment worth full.

It is responsibility of HR to give him proper training to make him familiar with the system. And when he get familiar with system then assign the task and then sets targets for him and then transfer his responsibility on his shoulders.

Reviewing the effectiveness of recruitment: It is very important to keep a close eye on the daily, weekly and monthly work report of the employees and specially who are newly hired or peoples who have been given the new task.

These sort of activities always support the task to complete on time and properly as well and you can also analyze how effective is your recruitment is.

Selecting Talent and inducting talent Through Different Methods: Selection the right talent for the job is one of the most important work done y the Human resource department. A poor selection can easily affect the performance of company so it's a key role of HR department to select the person through different method to find out the best available resource.

In Telecard, Human resource department is very keen to select the right person for the available positions. First of all they figure out is this position is required or not. And If it is required so for which post then will recruit. If it is a managerial level post so they will look for the person which has good previous experience of companies and if it is with the post for the lower level so assessment criteria is different. They always make sure if this post need to be fill on urgent basis so they perform this process quickly and if they have enough time so they take their time for it by an interview with panel or different testing methods. Sometime they find a person with in company more suitable for the post so they transfer that person to that particular position by internal transfer method.

In the first step they collect the CV's and shortlisted the candidate's for the interviews. After short listing

For selection they usually look for the candidate which has a same job experience. Because such kind of person need less training and it is easy for him to understand his work.

One more method which is very common is testing. Normally this kind of method is use for the lower management selection. In this method they are some questioned need to be answer by the candidates as a multiple choice answers which are normally based on work related and IQ's.

And the final selection method is through face to face interview. This process really shows the talent and confidence of the individual and it really helps to select the applicant.

After selecting the individual, give them knowledge about the company policies and introduce him with the other staff and familiar him with the company culture

What is culture:

Edgar H Schein(2004, pp 01) states that 'Culture is both a dynamic phenomenon that surrounds us at all times, be constantly enacted and created by our interactions with others, and a set of structures ,routines, rules and norms that guide and constrain behavior'.

An organizational culture is the personality of an organization. A highly motivated organization is very important for building employees dedication, and growth of the organization. Organization culture determines how successful his past results were.

A planed, convincing corporate culture is comprised of the assumptions and norms

of organizations members. It is difficulty to show clearly, but every one know when they sense it. e.g. A culture of an organization who is very big and generating more profit will have a different culture than an organization which is smaller in size and not performing well, these thing can be sense by looking at the furniture and the surroundings of the offices, how they talk and how they behaved.

Culture always plays very important role in an organization. If someone try to ignore its important in the organization he will not benefited fully so its very important for the employer to create good corporate culture and also to the employee to carry on with the same.

Organizations have sub cultures as well like in Telecard different department and different culture. E.g. sales department have noisy culture and on the other have account department have very quiet culture. Even Telecard have 12 branches in different cities and every branch have different culture.

Telecard has a very nice strategy which is very nicely link with the culture. It really helps them to solve there problems and always give them a right path and find the solution quickly. The culture which they have created in the organization binds each employee of the organization and gives a very friendly environment which stops losing employees. Because of the high cultural value in the market of Telecard skilled people love to work in organization and Telecard have the choice to select the best person because of their cultural value.

The HR department creates the very healthy culture in the company by rewarding every individual as per their skills, give every one equal opportunity to learn and get recognized.

There are so many thing which they always taken care about when and with what effects culture needs to change a bit. These changing effects can be understand by the stories going on in the market, the daily behavior of employees in the organization, changing new symbols which give new looks to the company so they need to be make the control system more strong which can be done by the top management who has the power to change the policies.

Changing working practices:

Hugh Secord (2003, pp 171) states that 'It is defined as the process required ensuring that an organization, and the individual and the team with in it can respond and adapt quickly to changing circumstances and the demand arising from them'

In today's competitive environment, it's very important for the organization to adapt changes. So now days there are so many changes in working practice e.g. different shifts in a day which increase the job market but have both positive and negative effects.

Positive Effects: Employees get chance to work in different hours which suits them and can work more hours so it will count as overtime.

Negative effects: Workers work harder and in different hour which put more pressure on them.

There are few reason why company need to change the working practice like Telecard did, mainly because of their competitor's. These days customers have lots of choices so to meet their demand and given them best services through call center and online sale system required more staff on different shifts

As Telecard is giving flexible working environment to their employees so they also benefited by this and also faced few problems as well. E.g. positives are employees always feel motivated and they work hard as a team and it also create good name in the market so they will recruit the most capable people as every one willing to work.

Problems are their will be more operational cost and on different time may be management will not be available and need more staff to handle the pressure.

The Work Life Balance: As written in Harvard buisness review on work and life balance (Anon 2000, pp 04) 'When a manager helps employees balance their work lives with the rest of their lives, they feel a strong commitment to the organization. Their trust redoubles, and so do their loyalty and the energy they invest in work. Their performance improve, and the organization benefits'.

Every human being his social life so its if very important for a person who works to maintin a balance in his work and his personal life.

And on the other side employeer of the organization have to make sure that no one is overburderned so he can serve much properly to his organization and has the balance in both lifes, his personal and official life.

In todays modern world every one is aware that a healty person can work much better and how he can be healthy by giving proper time to his work and also his life other than work.

A employer can gives the employee work life balance by giving them proper leaves, flexible in duty hours and in return it will reflect as high productivity and more commited and motivated employees. So thats why all the company have proper procedures and policies to meet the requirement of work life balance.

Legal Requirement and external agencies

Anne M. Bogardus (2004, pp 22) states that "Much of HR practice requires compliance with a variety of laws and regulations that are the result of legislation enacted at the fedral, state, and local level regulations created by the givernment agencies; and court decision that for the basic of common law doctrines".

This is very important for a firm to enlist the employees on equality basis; As the Hr of Telecard doing, there were no differences like gender, religion, status to hire the employee because there are laws to protect the employee in every manner. HR has a responsibility to protect the employees from there managers or superior by any kind of discrimination or during the process of recruiting, or may be if some one violate the dignity of other pressurize them by unfair means because if these sort of activities proved in court by someone so these labor laws are very hard to handle.

HR in Telecard is responsible to defend the staff during their employment. E.g. like to meet all the health and safety requirement of their employees their data protection so employees feel safe and secure and give them proper leaves as per their needs. And if the employee is leaving the organization it can be either two ways, one when he resigned or get retired or other when he was terminated so HR have to make sure that nothing going wrong in the entire process.

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure: One more important task for HR department is to make and implement the standard policies and procedures for the discipline like the HR in Telecard is doing; they have a standard procedure which is signed and followed by the each and every individual of the company otherwise they will face actions against them E.g . if something goes wrong so they need to set an investigation and discuss it into several meetings and then come to the conclusion to make sure nothing goes against or in favor of the person who has been investigated.

The Role of External Agencies: There are few external agencies like Advisory, conciliation and Arbitration services "ACAS" who deal with the improvement of relationship between employee and employer. The HR department of Telecard is keen to deal with these agencies as they know what an important role they are playing in today's world. Employee tribunals are also an agency who also deal with the arguments between employee and employer and HR in Telecard always on time reply if there is any query raised by any x-employee by these tribunals because they are very strict to get the response. All the agencies E.g