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Project management is the playing , scheduling ,and controlling of score resource to achieve desired result , the result are define in terms of fore factor called cost, schedule ,performance and scope

The station is fitted with water collection technology which harvests rain water to flush the toilets and the fire station hose reel. The water storage holds 20,000 liters saving 64kg of CO² per year.

The solar panels provide the electricity for the high efficiency lights and plug sockets. The station also has energy saving boilers, lighting fitting with both motion and daylight controls and thermostatic radiator valves which control the temperature of each radiator. both motion and daylight controls and thermostatic radiator valves which control the temperature of each radiator.

Some of the prime advantage of having a good project management teams for a company are as follows

1.4Excellent product quality: consumer generally like for low cost and high quality while purchasing a product .maintaining a high standard lf excellence in developing quality product earns the company goodwill amongst its customer.

1.5Adequate communication: improper communication among employees can lead to misunderstanding and negatively impact the performer of the firm a project manager can be a bright among the diversify branches of project undertaking and why only employee? Stakeholders are also a form of part of the company. They prefer investing in those companies that deliver project on time and keep them informed about updated and progress of the project. If a client satisfied with the performance of the form. It is likely that it will return with bigger project net maintain huge investment

1.6Reducing risk:

The probability of getting by an unwanted or unexpected event has increased manifold in today competitor business environment .why project management so important? The project management teams can identify the potential risks. Trade their time to rectify them and help the company same valuable resource. At present case of world crises the project management team can opt for change management method to attain the desired good



Recruitment is the most appropriate way to selecting, attracting and discover the eligible and suitable people for an organisation. This is the process helps to select the right people for the right position and right area of any type of organisation or firm.

Edwin B Flippo say's ''Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organisation.''

Dowling and Schuler (1990),'' Recruitment involves searching for and obtaining potential job candidates in sufficient numbers and quality so that the organisation can select the most appropriate people to fill its job need''

According to IAM (2009)" Recruitment is the attraction of suitable individuals to a particular job

2.1.1 Type of recruitment

Generally we find two type of recruitment process

1. External Recruitment.

2. Internal recruitment.

External recruitment:

External recruitment is the process of recruiting qualified people from outside of the organization.

Recruitment process in LFB: Here we discuss about the recruiting process of London Fire Brigade. London Fire Brigades recruitment process is the most neutral and attractive process.

2.1.2There are six stages in London fire brigade recruitment process.

Initial application

Written tests


Physical tests

Medical checks


Initial application

For security reasons every candidate have to provide their personal detail such as photo id, probe of address etc. Every Candidate has to declare about their criminal record. The London Fire Service is under the regulation of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). For this reason disable people can get facility from this organization.

Applicant need to highlight own PQA to prove qualification and skill that can attract management for recruit.

Written tests

By this test candidate can prove four different areas where candidate has ability to prove skill and quality. Candidate knowledge can be evaluated by this test through some questionnaire. Applicant's has opportunity to prove knowledge. This test is very practical and job oriented where candidate can ability to identify key information presented on a video. After the video is played applicant will be assessed on his ability to identify the relevant information through a number of multiple-choice questions.


Interview is a process where employer can evaluate directly whether candidate is fit or not. Applicant will be asked questions relating to his knowledge, skills and attributes to determine your suitability for the role of a Fire-fighter. During interview candidate needs to show presentable manner and smart dress up.

Physical tests

London fire brigade is always serious about physical test because of its work pattern. 24 hours this organization is ready for serve.

Ladder climb

Casualty evacuation

Ladder lift

Enclose space

Equipment assembly

Equipment carry

Medical checks

Candidate has to attend a medical check by medical doctor and nurse. Applicant need to complete a questionnaire covering medical history and then be subject to a series of tests.  Applicant's medical records may need to be obtained from his GP.


References must seek details of the candidate previous work/study for the past three years for evaluation and try to get proper idea.

2.2 Selection Process:

Selection is trying to ensure that you contract the right person at the right time for the right jobs. Hackett (1991) define selection theory as" Selection involves predicting which candidates will make the most appropriate contribution to organisation-now and in the future. Selection is a process which starts after job advertisement. Here selection process follows a chart and explain:

London Fire Brigade takes at first written test as their selection process. Then they learn information, understanding information through multiple choice questions. Using number is another important selection process of LFB. Its show the capacity of undertakes calculations which are relevant to using breathing apparatus in fire fighter role. Then they take the observation test. After interview the LFB go to the medical test and physical test and it is the most important part for the recruitment and selection process. Especially LFB is concern about security on selection process it included CRB Check. After successful selection process LFB arrange training for the selected candidate.


Training is in here goes as an ongoing process for the employee to develop skill. Training makes ensure the output for the company and adjustment. Training is the most important for the fire fighter because; it is fully related with public safety. First for the new employees goes as probationary period and performance assessed.

3.1Definition of team work:

Team work is the process where people working for the common perpose or goal. In a team each person put aside individual needs to work towards the larger group objective. Team work is an important part of a bussiness .Many management expert mention team work as a group of individuals passionately committed to end goal. Only team work can make management more effective.

3.2Tuckman theory

Dr. Bruce Tuckman(1965)published the famous theory of team work which known as "team stages model". This model is widely known as a basis for effective team building and leadership. From the beginning Tuckman describe this model by 4 steps .197o further step adjoining has included in model .Tuckman suggests that teams grow through clearly defined stages, from their creation as groups of individuals, to cohesive, task focused teams. Tuckman's teamwork theory is best illustrated on a graph which shows the link between group relationships (the horizontal axis) and task focus (the vertical axis). The optimal or "performing" position is reached when relationships have developed within the group and it has started delivering with a clear focus on the task. However, Tuckman's ideas clearly indicate that it takes time to reach the "performing" stage, and it's normal for these teams to go through ups and downs as they develop relationships. Particularly in the early period, which is perhaps why Tuckman called it the "storming" phase

The 4 Phases of Tuckman's Teamwork Theory

3.3Discussion of fire brigade teamwork

Teamwork in the fire service is very important. All members must work together to insure a safe scene. For instance when fire-fighters enters a

burning structure they depend on their shift mate, the driver/operator, to supply enough water to not only put out the fire but to protect them.

Every function on the fire ground is dependent on what the others are doing. Many of the tools we use require more than one person to operate. If one person does not know his or her job the others suffer. It always do training in groups so that each and every one can see what is expected. We need to know what the other fire-fighters are capable of before we develop and trust in them. Every call we run involves teamwork. The EMS calls require a coordinated effort by fire and medical personnel to insure the patient gets the best care possible. The paramedics are usually busy starting IVs and monitoring other vital functions while we, the fire-fighters, are readying the cot and doing other vital Role based structure

Fire brigade teamwork role

According to management formation LFB run it activities. Different division are accountable for its own performance. .Uniformed personnel structure is based on roles rather than on rank.

Commissioner for Fire and emergency Planning

The Brigade's principal officer who is responsible for the overall running of the organisation and strategic plan. Future plan and performance evaluate is the main job.

Deputy Commissioner for Fire and emergency Planning

Deputy Commissioner is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Brigade's operational workforce and co-ordinate with commissioner.

Assistant Commissioner for Fire and emergency Planning

Assistant Commissioners are senior officers responsible for managing a range of departments and services.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Fire and emergency Planning

Deputy assistant commissioner is always responsible for day-to-day management of a geographical area, operations or policy.

Group Manager

Group managers are assign for group for supervise their activities. Responsibility Previously divisional officer were responsible for management of a group of fire stations (borough commanders) or day-to-day work in a specific policy area.

Station Manager

Station manager is Very important for any kind of operation. In London fire brigade. Effective team work can create by station manager. Proper guide, instruction and co-operation build team work.

Fire Fighter:

Fie-fighter is the entry level position in LFB. Basically every operation base on Fire-fighter. They play the key role for London Fire Brigade for 24 hours.


The definition of motivation base on some factors is as-money, benefit, incentive, enthusiasm, interest, environment, and satisfaction. Motivation is a complex process of satisfying human needs. Motivation is always complex because of human individualism. The definition of motivation based on reason, incentive, enthusiasm or interest which creates a specific action or particular behaviour. Motivation can be anything from reward to coercion. There are lots of factors can consider for motivation. Say for example hunger people can be motivated by eating, education can be motivator by it desire for knowledge.

Motivation specially needs in work place for manage people properly. Motivation plays a key role in work place for success. Without motivation a person can't be leader or success. Abraham Maslows (1940 t0 1954) create a hierarchy of needs model to show how people can be

motivated? Every people are motivated by needs and satisfy. Maslows describe that human can be motivated by 5 stages but in modern motivation depends on 9 stages. In 1943, Dr .Abraham Maslows article "A Theory of Human Motivation" based on psychological review. From this theory leaders and executive managers can find means of motivation from employee and management. In Mslows motivation theory indicate human beings always motivated by unsatisfied needs. Basic needs have to be satisfied before higher needs satisfaction. According to Maslows deficiency needs must be satisfied first. Fundamental and lower order needs have to be satisfied in order to pursue higher needs. Maslows describe his model as a diagram or pyramid of needs.

4.1Self -Actualization: Only a small percentage of the population has reaches this stage. So they don't have constituted a very big part of the mainstream market. Self actualization relates directly to the present day challenges and opportunities for employers and organizations- to provide real meaning. Actualization is the summit of Maslows motivation theory.

4.2Esteem Needs: Self-esteem, achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerial responsibility recognition etc are vital motivation for employee and management. There are two types of

esteem needs. Maslow later improved model to add a layer in between self-actualization and esteem needs.

In LFB employees are motivated by esteem needs because of its fair policy and assessment system. LFB always evaluate employee performance and try to provide rewarded. Promotion always base on performance and commitment in LFB.

4.3Social needs:

Work group, family, affection, relationship, love etc are higher level motivator with the comparison with lower level physiological and safety needs. Social needs are those related to interaction with others.

In London Fire brigade keep good environment for work. The people who work here feel dignity for their job because of organization policy. Usually create equal opportunity for black and other ethnic minority.

4.4Safety needs: In human nature safety needs is fundamental motivator for employee. Once physiological needs are met then it turns to safety and security in order to be free from the threat of physical and emotional. Such needs are related to safety needs. Social security is an important factor. If any person feels threatened, needs further up the pyramid will not receive attention until that need has to remove.

The London Fire Brigade aim to influence and regulate the built environment protect for its employee from Property and the environment from harm.

4.5Physiological Needs: Physiological needs are basic needs for human life. Ones can not survive without these needs. S0 people needs to motivate by physiological needs then other needs will come one by one otherwise any needs can not be worthy. According to this theory, if these fundamental needs are not satisfied then one will surely be motivated to satisfy them. Higher needs such as social needs and esteem are not recognized until one satisfies the needs basic to existence.


Leadership define in many ways but most definition share the assumption it involves an influences process concerned facilitating the performance of collective task. Leadership is a factor of much more than theories. Person to person leadership style vary. It gradually changing from command to control

John Adair university of Surrey & Sandurst described three level of leadership (Source I-Change2010, Leadership Models and Theories)

5.2Team leadership (control of a single team): Especially it is found in any organization in a particular area. Say for example in a hotel reception, there is one team working. To make it more effective it needs leader who can organise everything properly according to company policy.

In London fire brigades team leadership is very important to rescue the needs people. |On the emergency effective team leadership create a huge positive impact for the team.

5.3Operation leadership (control of number of team): Another vital position for company/organization success. For example Mc Donald restaurant in Holborn-During the day time shift runner is the operation leader in restaurant. Operation leader will operate every section by team leader. In this case shift runner is the key person to run business properly.

In London fire brigade operation manager plays an important role for any operation. For any fire rescue how many member needed? How many teams will work? How they can start their operation? How they communicate each other? Etc. so operation leadership is very important in fire brigade.

5.4Strategic leadership (control the entire organization)

Leadership is always required for any type of organization for achieve goals. To make the management effective it is essential proper leadership. Usually this type of leadership organise from the top level of management like board of directors, General Manager, Chief executive officer. Strategic plan and company policy come from this stage. For example- Store manager used to take decision for sales promotion and marketing activities.

London fire brigade usually lead by fire Commissioner. Under fire commissioner there five sectors /department working. Each department has staff for working and make strategic plan.

A leader needs to do:

Define the task







Set a example

To move up this pyramid as a leader one need to do also

Set a direction

Align people's efforts

Bring out the best in people

Act as a change agent

Handle uncertainty and crises

Being a leader needs some quality and authority to manage everything properly. We know power makes a man perfect, so leader needs power/authority for perfection.

6.1Cross culture:

London is one of the diverse cities in the world. It's about 29% black and minority's ethnic's people live in London. Stereotypes, ignorance, assumptions and general lack of cross cultural competencies can mean that the right people may not always be given the opportunities they deserve. Equipping staff with the skills to be able to identify and manage cross cultural differences in interviews is vital. Hofstede(1991) define culture as the "Software of the mind" that guides us in our daily interaction. Hofstede describe cross culture model base on study of IBM among 72 countries in 5 dimensions.

Power distance

Collectivism verses individualism

Femininity verses masculinity

Uncertainty avoidance

Long term verses short term orientation

In London fire brigade equality and diversity is the policy for staff. Management want workforce to reflect this diversity and expect all backgrounds can represent the job regardless of gender, disability, sexual

orientation, believe or religion and age. From LFB side try to treat each other with fair and respect. LFB is actively encouraged women and black (BME) communities to choice fire-fighter as a career.

Diverse Experience:

LFB arrange open day targeted weekend through out the year where general people experiences give personal accounts of staff from different cultures and groups.



A lot of people and business today have a new or renewed interest in project management. Every project has some challenge to achieve their goals. London Fire Brigade is an organization to ready serve 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year. LFB are committed to make London safer place to live, work and visit. Above the discussion and analysis of the recruitment and selection process of the London Fire Brigade from theoretical point of view, it is seen that the organisation top level management people who are expert to recruit the right people to the right place to increase the organisation's service. After selection of employee need proper training to fit for the job and make them perfect to the staffs. The LFB is doing internal recruitment as promotional basis and external basis as well. It is difficult to take decision for external or internal recruitment should be set up. But the internal recruitment is a correct recruitment process for a big organisation. The theories we have discussed and the way The London Fire Brigade is doing recruitment, are quite similar. So, the HR policy of The London Fire Brigade as recruitment and selection process is excellent and it will bring benefits and success to the organisation.The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority is committed to the highest standards of corporate and ethical conduct from their members.

Effective public relation can make positive impact for the organization.Public awareness can reduce fire accident in home, company or public places. In London Fire brigade follows proper team work for their daily activities. By rewarding syestem genaral employee are more active for thgeir responsibility. Leadership always created in London Fire Brigade by employee's quality and performance base. Training and workshop can be more effective for the employee. Equal oppersutnity and diverse culture create a good reputation for organization. No

discrimination in London Fire brigade for any gender, black and ethnic minority. It is highly appreciated that London Fire brigade create opportunity for disable people.