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Our group of companies manjis, founded by late Mr. Muhammad Ali Mangi in 1948, has been totally focused on the manufacture of various marketing activities of our products regionally. In 1978, in order to diversify our business field, we created our first bread making / baking supply unit and adopted as a core business activity of the Group. Currently, the Group owns and operates 14 units of food production in Pakistan. Rate manjis' expansion in size and increased annual turnover has been phenomenal. However, nothing has been compromised in achieving these results, continuous research and development to improvise the product quality has been the hallmark of our success.

Manjis' are in a long-term partnership with the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan, in collaboration with the Institute of Food Science and Technology from the same university. The partnership has yielded positive results in the formation of innovative products based on scientific research is supported by clinical studies in the laboratory for later use in commercial production. EM5 brand products are the result of these new innovative ideas and research.

EM5 Nutraceutical LLC is a family-run company. The owners and over 100 dedicated employees are ready to serve and offer the same high quality food and drinks standard as they have been doing for decades.

EM5 nutraceutical beverages are research based herbal drink functional / well containing anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory substances made from 100% organic Aloe Vera, Flaxseed, Guar sativa, Nigella and buckthorn Tues mixed with pure fruit juice with added extracts of cereals, bark, wood and plant secretions. EM5 nutraceutical beverages are beverages commonly consumed foods derived for produced in our GMP certified processing plants.

EM5 nutraceutical beverages are long-lived 'at any time' and drinks are available in portion sizes of 200 ml, 330 ml and 500 ml with pleasant and refreshing taste, nutritious and without any undesirable after taste. Studies have shown that prolonged use of EM5 Nutraceutical beverages' does not lead to side effects. EM5 nutraceutical beverages should not be regarded as any kind of medication, but these drinks have positive therapeutic benefits and healing power.

To serve our customers in Europe and North America / customers who intend to get the Nutraceutical EM5 packaged in Germany in a GMP certified.

Executive Summary

This brief report is intended for this project to develop strategies for the revival of Pan VITA in Pakistan. VITA bread when it launched in Pakistan became a household name because of its association with owner manjis reputable and good quality bread when there were few players in the market. It is a national company, operating in many parts of the country. Sometimes bread VITA has also proven to be the best quality bread in Pakistan.

There were reasons for which VITA bread was closed in Pakistan. Some reasons are competition from brands such as bread and bread baking Dawn salon in this report we will discuss the strategies that can be used to relaunch VITA bread etc as tug of war in the Pakistani market strategies. It is expected that after the adaptation of these strategies VITA bread can again become a popular brand among the Pakistani people. If bread VITA is re-released in Pakistan Bake bread lounge and Dawn will be your main competitors. First we made ​​the detection of market then the business analysis. According to the questionnaire, we will be successful VITA bread on the market so we are throwing bread VITA in test mode in metropolitan cities.


I have completed my internship program as it was recommended by the university for my degree of MBA. Internship helps us to get the practical knowledge of the field and we get a chance to implement our knowledge which we have gotten from our sixteen years of education. We become aware from the field and its requirements that which types of abilities we should have so that we can perform well in the field after the completion of the degree.

My internship time period is from 7 July to 31 August. I did my internship in VITA PAKISTAN Ltd. VITA is the manufacturer of food products like bread, juices, milk powder. It has its factories in different cities across the country including Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Rahim Yar Khan and Karachi. Company's head office is at Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore.

I have divided my report in different segments. 1st part of the report consists of the message form the president of the organization, detailed information about the organization, about the history of the organization, mission and vision of the organization. 2nd part of the report consists of the analysis of the organization. The marketing strategies, competitive strategies adopted by the company are described in 2nd portion of the report. Further I have done the SWOT analysis of the company and the organization chart has also been described. Marketing strategies are also discussed in this part. Last part of the report describes my learning as an interne in the company. The duties that I performed, the knowledge that I gained during my job are also described in the last part of the report

Background of Company:

PAKISTAN VITA Ltd. is a food manufacturing company that produces food bakery products such as bread, biscuits, juice and milk powder. The company is serving the people for many years. The group of companies Manji was founded by the late Mr. Muhammad Ali Mangi in 1948. In 1978, in order to diversify the business, set bread before making / baking supply unit and adopted as a core business activity of the Group. Currently Manji Group owns and operates 14 units of food production in Pakistan.

Manjis established a unit of bread for the first time in 1978 under the trade name "VITA'' with an investment of PKR 600,000 (U.S. $ 10,000). VITA was one of the leaders in the field of baking industry Pakistan, with seven units baking, processing of the largest company-owned distribution network directly.

After the death of Mr. Muhammad Ali Mangi the company moved Mr. Mehboob Manji, eldest son of Mr. Muhammad Ali Mangi. He decided to introduce new products on the market VITA. In 1995 he introduced the VITA juice. Now VITA is producing three types of apple juice flavors, ie handle and cocktails. The company has changed its name to VITALAC VITA. VITALAC submitted the milk a few years ago, in 2005.

VITA VITALAC is producing milk, juice, cookies, gingerbread cake.

F:\hamza\university\3rd semester\Internship\brands.jpg


Corporate Office:

• Lahore

Regional Office:

• Karachi

• Lahore

• Rahim Yar Khan

• Gujranwala

• Faislabad

• Multan

• Rawalpindi

• Peshawar

The Product Analysis:


A common scenario is for the sales person to admire the virtues of the product they are selling to associate with the improved quality of bread VITA.

Another variant of the trap will VITA breads functions when the client comes with a list of features they are want. Anything that does not have all the features that are immediately rejected, while products with additional features are ignored. When you have made your selection narrows to a set of products that have all the features you want, then choose solely on price.


Benefits of bread VITA will be what the customer gets the product use. The sale benefits Sell​​, rather than what they really want they say they want or what you want to sell. With benefits, the consumer will have something exciting and emotionally committed as some people joined the VITA bread in the past.



Attributes are Invisible association the product, not the person (and therefore the benefits are not yet) specifications of our products will be according to customer needs.

Products of Vita Company:

Kind of product or service:

It is positioned as lower cost and more healthier for ordinary bread, while providing a better taste and healthy ingredients. EM5 ACTIVE99 prepared from sea buckthorn - berry pulp Mixed natural orange juice Mix all natural organic grains, berries, fruits, flowers, roots, seeds, fruits, wood, and plant secretions.

EM5 ACTIVE99 major pulp contains more than 99 kinds of nutrients and bioactive substances it also contains the 30 essential micronutrients such as vitamin C, E, K, A. It also contains essential minerals Such as selenium, zinc, magnesium,

The substance of the human body, and plant sterol, carotene, phospholipid and phenol.

EM5 ACTIVE99 rich lipophilic nutrients, is taken from the seeds and Seabuckthorn soft section as protective agent, tissue regenerative and anti-inflammatory.

EM5 ACTIVE99 prepares technology through state-of-the-art CO2 extraction intergated which Conducive to maintaining and preserving the natural properties of the biological active substances and micronutrients.

The main ingredient EM5 ACTIVE99 Sea buckthorn (seeds and pulp) Have a positive effect on atopic dermatitis (wrinkles due to aging

Used for a long time, also has anti-inflammatory effects of the recovery and revitalization. EM5 ACTIVE99 contains antioxidants provide protection against oxidative damage during a period of time and also contributes a positive health benefits.

EM5 ACTIVE99 beverage benefits of continuous use, balances and stimulates the immune system, has a positive impact on respiratory impairment, have shown increased strength and energy, reducing drug side effects, also helps prevent and treating common colds and flu.

Active99 EM5 is a nice taste of food derived beverages for everyday use, The statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). EM5 Active99 drinks is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevention

Disease. EM5 Active99 drink is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. EM5 Active99 beverage intake higher or regular use no harmful or irritating side effects. Vanish EM5 drink should not be construed as any type of drug. 

EM5 COROCARE teas containing extracts of Aloe Vera, flax Guar, Nigella Sativa and sea buckthorn leaf tea mixed with real green tea leaves and infusions of herbs, flowers mixed with organic all natural herbs particularly rich in flavonoids promote health as catechins and their derivatives traditionally used for therapeutic purposes.

EM5 COROCARE teas is clinically proven to help reduce cholesterol. Contains plant sterols that help reduce LDL cholesterol by eating five servings a day for 40 days in men and women with normal levels of total cholesterol, high limit.

EM5 COROCARE ingredient teas is carefully designed formulation of substances that can help keep total flavonoids of sea buckthorn that help decrease cholesterol and improve heart function by improving blood circulation. Its unique recipe that works for a healthy cholesterol balance essential for brain health, heart, cardiovascular system and other vital organs. Body maintains this balance, there is unobstructed flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the organs, and proper disposal of harmful waste.

COROCARE EM5 infusions have been shown to effectively lower the risk of atherosclerosis by lowering LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, lipids peroxides free radicals that damage LDL cholesterol and other lipids and fats, and fibrinogen (a blood protein involved in blood clots), while improving the ratio of LDL (bad) and HDL (good cholesterol).

EM5 COROCARE teas that provides powerful natural nutrients best vitamins and herbs standardized investigated that help maintain healthy cholesterol levels for those already in the normal range.

Tisanes COROCARE EM5 cardiovascular support is ready to drink formulated with a large amount of heart-protective reinforcements. Most of the ingredient pulp, oil and extracts provide a synergistic mixture of nutrients scientifically documented heart care. This revolutionary formula has an advanced form of the miracle nutrient

EM5 COROCARE teas also contains standardized extract of hawthorn, a cardiac stimulant and natural antioxidant protection. The synergistic combination of CoQ10 and hawthorn extract provide nutritional support to keep your heart strong and regular. The powerful antioxidant powers of these two nutrients also combine to protect the circulatory system from free radicals regardless of age or conditionjust one drink per day for a healthy heart support.

Herbal tea catechins COROCARE EM5 help thin the blood and prevent blood clot formation by preventing the formation of pro-inflammatory compounds derived from omega-6 fatty acids, found in flaxseed, pro-inflammatory compounds in particular.

EM5 COROCARE teas containing all natural organic grains, fruits, flowers, roots, seeds, fruit peels, wood, roots, and plant secretions.

Corocare EM5 is a nice taste of food derived beverages for everyday use.EM5 Corocare tisanes normal use have no harmful or irritating side effects. EM5 Corocare tisanes not be considered as any kind of medication.

EM5-DIET RITE food prepared especially for the elderly in terms of taking over breakfast cereal is a mixture of five cereals / grains aggregate tropical herbs, sea buckthorn seed extracts. Traditionally used to increase the energy level in the elderly.

RITE-EM5 diet helps to promote metabolism, nourishes the brain and replenishes vital energy. DIET RITE-EM5 contains more than 99 kinds of nutrients and bioactive substances and over 30 essential micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants, these nutrients and bioactive substances derived from sea buckthorn and five grains.

EM5-DIET RITE improves immunity, digestion, improves appetite, control blood pressure, helps blood circulation, strengthens the lungs and kidneys also regulate bronchial problems.

DIET RITE-EM5 is derived from 100% food tasted pleasantly normal food to eat or drink with milk, juice or water, no need to cook. EM5-DIET RITE regular use no harmful or irritating side effects. RITE-EM5 diet is not to be considered as any kind of medication.


VIBRANT EM5 contains Aloe Vera drink whole leaf juice and citrus pulp mixed with pure mixed cereals, herbs and seeds that are traditionally used in therapy for a very long time.

VIBRANT EM5 ingredient Aloe Vera is specially processed to preserve and maintain their essential vitamins, minerals and other active components. Aloe Vera is known as a nutritional storehouse, containing vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, niacinamide, choline and 18 amino acids, plus many other bioactive substances.


It contains about 75 EM5 vibrant nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, vitamins 18 and 12 amino acids, provides a high degree of mucopolysaccharides in comparison with any other ready to drink beverages. EM5 VIBRATING beverage ingredients are prepared important and active through technology state-of-the-art integrated CO2 extraction.

VIBRATING EM5 improves function of fibroblasts and is responsible for the formation of collagen helps digestive tract. It ensures nutrients are absorbed in the blood stream and protein absorption over a period of rise. VIBRANT EM5 contains all natural organic grains, fruits, flowers, roots, stems, wood, and plant secretions.

EM5 newspapers vibrant effects on the use of beverages are gradual, smooth and without irritation or harmful side effects, also help the blood condition, greater ability to detoxify, aid as a natural healer, ulcers or internal injuries subsided and healing be improved, improves function and the effects of different drugs.

Vibrant EM5 is derived from food tasted pleasantly drinks for everyday use, Vanish EM5 higher intake of drinks or regular use no harmful or irritating side effects. Vibrant EM5 drink should not be regarded as any kind of drugs.

VANISH EM5 and juice drink contains extracts of Aloe Vera, guar, flax seed, Nigella Sativa and sea buckthorn juice mixed with pure citrus that is traditionally used for therapeutic purposes in recent years.

EM5 disappear ingredients have been carefully selected to form a unique recipe that provides substances that can help maintain healthy joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. This recipe incorporates high strength glucosamine with chondroitin sulfate, selenium, calcium and vitamin C. Glucasamine sulfate is naturally found in the cartilage and connective tissue.

VANISH EM5 drink is a refreshing and contains many of the ingredients necessary for optimal joint health. Positive impact on arthritis pain and gradually slow naturally, osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis or just joint pain have been reported after prolonged use. The results are also positive in the control of inflammation, pain and stiffness.

EM5 VANISH beverages includes vitamin D and magnesium to help the body absorb the highest possible level of calcium. MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), glucosamine sulfate and boron are also included as they are recognized as beneficial for cartilage, bone and tissue health.

VANISH EM5 the main ingredients of the drink are prepared and active throughout the state-of-the-art CO2 extraction technology integrated, eliminating all undesirable flavors and aromas, supported by 12 specific vitamins and minerals that work together with the calcium to keep bones healthy.

VANISH EM5 contains all natural organic grains, fruits, flowers, roots, seeds, wood, and plant secretions.

VANISH EM5 contains seabuckthorn beverage that protects against the "itis" such as inflammatory arthritis, polyarthris and more due to high levels of beta-carotene and antioxidants in oils!

VANISH EM5 drink contains flax seed extract, which becomes anti-inflammatory (prostaglandin and leukotrines substances), are also believed to provide joint support, promote flexibility, mobility and potential pain relief.

Vanish is a derivative EM5 pleasant taste of food commonly consumed drinks, Vanish EM5 higher intake of drinks or regular use no harmful or irritating side effects. Vanish EM5 drink should not be construed as any type of drug.


RAPID EM5 prepared from the mixture of sea buckthorn, aloe and flaxseed oil / mixed citrus pulp juice mixed with pure herbal extracts that are traditionally used to improve digestion and help maintain overall health and body function with advanced recipe.

RAPID EM5 is the only drink containing enzymes derived from food. His revolutionary recipe contains all the enzymes that a human body needs to digest each type of complex carbohydrate, protein, fiber and fat resistant plant. It also helps to get the most out of food and nutritional supplements by increasing the body's ability to absorb vital nutrients that no other enzyme based ready to drink beverage provides.

RAPID EM5 drink is prepared through the state-of-the-art CO2 extraction intergated technology.Em5 RAPID contains all natural organic grains, fruits, flowers, roots and plant secretions.

RAPID is a derivative EM5 pleasant taste of food commonly consumed drinks, The RAPID EM5 beverage intake top or regular use no harmful or irritating side effects. EM5 quick drink not to be considered as any kind of medicine

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera isa growing mainly in the dry regions and it is cactus-like in characteristics. Which are believed to be of nutritional value to humans. Aloe Vera contains more than 20 kinds of minerals, all of which are essential to the human body. The human body needs 22 amino acids for good health - eight to be known as the "necessary", because their body does not produce. The aloe contains all eight essential amino acids, and 11 of the 14 amino acid of the "secondary". Aloe there are vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E (Vitamin E can be provided in any single substance, which contains the highest proportion). Within the body of the vitamins can not be manufactured, and some can not be stored by the body, so it is in the diet are necessary, in order to maintain a continuous power supply. Aloe suggested that a stable supply of acids and vitamins.

Sea Buckthorn:

Sea-buckthorn, also known as Seaberry, has orange coloured berries 6-9 mm in diameter, soft and juicy, and rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and oils. Sea-buckthorn grows at high altitudes in dry valleys. Sea-buckthorn oil from the berries has numerous medicinal uses. It is used as a healing remedy for many ulcerative and inflammation-related disorders. Therapeutic uses of sea-buckthorn are well documented. The sea buckthorn is used for treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. Recently, clinical studies of antitumor function of the sea buckthorn oil has been carried out in China (Zhang and other al. 1989). Seabuckthorn Oil, fruit juice or oil, juice, leaves and bark extract has been successfully used to treat the symptoms of high cholesterol, eye diseases, gingivitis and cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension and coronary heart disease. it has multiple benefits in the area of restorative and anti-aging skin care. Natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids help reverse damaging effects of sun radiation, reduce skin inflammation, treat cardiovascular diseases and promote natural restorative processes.

Flax Seed:

Flax have been worth several hundred years, its good flavor and nutritional properties. Be found in many forms, such as ground or whole seed oil and flax are also in the preparation of the food you eat, such as bread, muffins and cereal ingredients. As food, linen beneficial nutrients, including fair and a large number of soluble and insoluble fiber, both contain mixed. Flaxseed oil is popular, not only because it is widely used, but also because it provides a wealth of important nutrients, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, a natural source. Flax is also rich in lignan compounds, the potential of the men's and women's health benefits, a growing body of research. Flaxseed lignan compounds, was hailed as one of the emerging new health ingredients. As more and more studies are underway, the scientific community is constantly discovering new and exciting news about lignans.Flaxseed has been primarily used as a mild laxative, Lignans and other flaxseed components may also have antioxidant propertiesthat is, they may reduce the activity of cell-damaging free radicals.

Nigella Sativa:

Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) extract and essential oil showed strong antioxidant activity and is effective against disease and chemically-induced hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity and has excellent scavenging activity in comparison with synthetic antioxidants. The extract of Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) protect against the development of methionine-induced hyperhomocysteinemia (HHcy) and its associated state of oxidative stress. The seeds of Nigella Sativa Linn. (Ranunculaceae) are used for the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases and conditions that include asthma, diarrhoea and dyslipidaemia. The seeds/oil has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, antimicrobial and antineoplastic activity. The oil decreases blood pressure and improves respiration. The seed extract helps decrease plasma concentrations of cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose. Black Seed and its oil have been used to purge parasites and worms, detoxify, ameliorate amoebic dysentery, shigellosis, abscesses, old tumors, ulcers of the mouth and rhinitis. Black Seed oil is proved to be an effective adjuvant for the treatment of allergic diseases.


Guar is a leguminous plant that grows in semiarid regions of India and Pakistan. It bears many of each which contains six to nine small rounded seeds. The gum is obtained from the grounded endosperm. Unlike seeds of other legumes, spherical-shaped endosperm contains significant amounts of galactomannan gum. After extraction of the gum, guar meal contains approximately 35% protein, which is about 95% digestible. The seed protein is low in methionine, like most legumes. Extract from seeds of the guar plant is good for the treatment of diabetes and for curbing the appetite. It also has the ability to reduce the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoproteins in the blood and binds with toxic substances and carries them out of the body.

Price and Quality:

   VITA Pan wants you to believe that the bread is of the highest quality.

Positioning clients is what thinks and Suppliers want what they believe. Positioning can change due to anti-competitive measures taken. Manage the positioning of your product, you need to understand your customers, you know your competitors, and general market research is not only the employer that is true.

Company's Vission and Mission:

Company's Vission:

"We commit to serving Nutraceutical food and beverage now more affordable and healthier"

The aim of the company is to produce the healthy food which is affordable for the lower class people also. The company serves the people with healthy food from decades.

Company's Mission:

"To serve masses through affordable functional, wellness and therapeutic food and beverage to improve health and longevity of life"

Eat and Drink Better live Healthy and Longer.

Business operations:

a. Organizational Structure (Organizational Chart)

b. SWOT Analysis

c. Marketing Strategy

d. Competitive Strategy

e. Business process analysis

Organization Structure:

The company has the following Board of Directors:

Mehboob Manji

Nishat Manji

Tahir Manji

The CEO of the company is Mr. Mehboob Manji.

Mr. Moiz Manji (HR Director)

Mr. Zain Manji (Sales Director)

Mr. Zia. (Finance Director)

These three directors have the managers to deal with the employees.

Mr. Sheikh Usman (Sales Manager)

Mr. Abdali (Sales Manager)

Mr. Mushtaq (Finance manager)

Mr. Abid (HR Manager)

Mr. Nouman (Production Manager)

Below the managers is the lower level management i.e. the employees and the workers.

The following chart further explains the heirachery of the organization.

Company's Analysis:

In this part I have done the company analysis using SWOT Analysis. This shows about the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT analysis stands for the Strengths that a company have, weaknesses that a company has, opportunities that a company wants to aceive and the threats that a company has in the market from its competetors.



The following are the strengths of the Vita company:

1.High Motivation of Employees

Strength is the high motivation of employees which differ from other Companies.

2.Good salary package

Salaries are very good which motivate employees.

3.Customer Oriented Company

The company has very strict rules about customer satisfaction.which motivate employees.

4.Strong Financial Position

The financial position of company is very strong.there is high profit shown in financial statement.

5.Highly Qualified Employees

There is highly qualified employees woking in a company.which helpful for good decision making.

6.Brand Loyality

Old name VITA bread loyal customer in mind yet.customer are well known about the brand. Brand name of VITA is considered among the other small juice manufacturing companies.The company is introducing new products in the market gradually.

7. Benefits Of Employees

VITA retains its employees by offering benefits like old age benefits, disability benefits, disease benefits, medical facilities by giving them the financial Aid.


The following are the weaknesses of the company that company has to overcome.

Lack of Entertainment Facilities

No entertainment facilities are available in the Company when customer goes to the company and wait for a longer time. These facilities can be the newspaper, magazines, etc.

2. Advertisement Is Not So Attractive

Advertisement of Vita is not such goods as of other Companies.

3. Outlets are Unattractive

Outlook of the some branches is not attractive to the people.

4. Inexperienced Workforce

As the majority of the workforce in Company is in experienced which not helpful for company.

Over Work Load On Employees:

It was observed in Company every employee have allot of work. which decrease efficiency of employee.

6. Employees Are Not Very Much Motivated

As discussed before, the workload is high and the employees, especially the Finance department, have to do late sittings to complete their tasks. On the other hand the company has revised its salary increments policy to decrease the increment rate, as a result a decreased motivation level of employees is observed.

7. Lack Of Technology:

There is no innovation in technology. New technologies and production method that require more preparation and desires backup.

There is shortage of skilled labor in the company due to which the company has to face a large of competition.


financial position of the company is strong the management can use the latest technology in their products. As the company is financially strong, so it can use electronic and print media to increase their sales. Due to strong financial position, the company should hire the well experienced persons in the company. As the company has good financial support, they should increase their sales through free sampling, and organizing different occasions.


1. Brand loyalty weak

2. Product range,

3. Product Quality

Our new flavor will attract many such types of consumers are changing flavor.

Market is not being used on bread quality in a low price range.


1.Trend of Mergers

There is a trend of mergers among companies in Pakistan which increase competition among also threat for company to decrease there profit.

2. The Continuous Downfall in the Economy

The biggest threat in the company is the continuous downfall of the country economy since the last few years. If this downfall remains for more few years then it may be the great hindrance in achieving the companies objectives.

3.Uncertainty of Economy

Due to uncertainty there is risk for company to made investment in a country.


There is also a big threat in the company of its competitors.There are different competitors of VITA company such as Dawn Bread,Bunny's Bread etc.

5.Electricity crises

Current Power & Electricity crises are very big hurdle for the manufacturing unit of the company. Due to the shortage of electricity the company may be unable to meet the orders.

6.Competition In Market.

There is an open market everywhere, any new or existing company may launch the same production that may be more experienced and better quality staff.

A large number of new incoming companies are increasing the competition in the market.


Vita will be one step ahead of its traditional rival, as dawn and baking room. Pan Vita will launch Vita Show room, a gourmet shop or Twelve, but unlike these two giants of bakery that we will not try at all bakery products. But we will create giant stores where you can get all products Vita.

And for the bulk purchase discounts will save. This is our future planning. First we will penetrate the urban market as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad. We will begin our unit manufacturing all. So vita supply can enter the market of all people get to know about the bread that comes on the market.

Marketing Strtegy:

The aim of marketing strategy is to shape the company's business and products so that they yield targeted profit growth. The companies use different stretegies to achieve their goals keeping in view the external and internal forces. It provides direction for your marketing activities. It needs not be long or cost a lot to put together.

1.Soft launch strategy:

First we will launch our product at discount stores, so we can check the demand for our products in the market. This passage speaks of the weekly sales of our bread. 

2.Strategy official release:

After 3 weeks of soft launch our product we will launch in the market. But first we will create awareness among the people of our product. We will establish our product on every shelf of every store good and well known.

3.Event Marketing in the implementation stage:

• Sponsor cricket matches

• Concert Sponsorship

• Sponsorship of badminton

Market Trend:

Market is not currently using up to date technology and usually companies are interested to make the accounts that are maintained at a low cost. There is much competition in the market in a congested area of the market. There is a huge market available where you can reach the market.

Currently, 5% of the total population eat bread packaging Pakistan. The most important factors for a low percentage of people who eat bread are primarily economic and cultural. Pakistani diet consists of many substitutes for bread, which are cheaper and preferred over bread for most of the population.

Promotion Strategies:

Positioning is what the customer thinks about the value of their product features and benefits: a comparison with the other alternatives offered by competitors. These beliefs are based on customer experience and evidence, rather than advertising or promotion of awareness creation.

Their marketing activities focused on positioning strategy, marketing management, product positioning. Pricing, promotion, distribution channels, advertising and all designed to maximize the chosen positioning strategy.

Push or pull the strategy:

Pull Strategy:

A term used to describe how through channel partners, channel partners, for the consumers move products and services. An access strategy is where interest in a product or service is created on a target audience that then requires the product of channel partners. This causes the product to be "dragged" through the sales channel manufacturer. Pull strategy is one of the several types of channel strategy.

Push strategy:

The channel partners term used to describe how through channel partners, for consumers of move products and services. A push strategy marketing channels, such as trade promotion, the "push" products or services, through the sales channels. The thrust of the strategy is one of the several types of channel strategy.

Competitive analysis:

Competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides an offensive and defensive strategic context through which to identify opportunities and threats. Competitor profiles combines all relevant sources of competitor analysis in a framework supporting the efficient and effective strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring and adjustment.

VITA Competitors:

VITA bread Competitors will:

• Dawn Bread

• Pan Gourmet

• Cakes and bakes

• Bake bread lounge

• bunny

Core Competence:

Besides manjis 18 production units with a network of nine regional offices. The direct distribution network more elaborate in Pakistan with more than 360 vans covering a distance of 20,000 km per day playing over 30,000 points of sale throughout the day right across Pakistan over 230 dealers general.

The marketing plan:

• Allows the organization to look internally in order to fully understand the impact and results of past marketing decisions.

. Set goals for the future and the direction of future marketing efforts, the organization should understand and support.

• Is a key component in obtaining funding to pursue new initiatives.

Marketing strategy includes the Marketing Mix and the Marketing segmentation

Marketing Mix:-

• Product:

A product is considered as an element that satisfies a consumer need or want. It is a tangible or an intangible service. Specifically define what you are offering your visitors, and how it is different from what is offered by others. Each product is subject to a life cycle including a growth phase followed by a phase of maturity and eventual decline finally a period of falling sales.

• Price:

The price is the amount a customer pays for the product. The price is very important, as it determines the company profit and therefore survival. Price adjustment has a profound impact on the marketing strategy, and depending on the price elasticity of products will often affect demand and sales as well. The seller should set a price that complements the other elements of the marketing mix. The price for your product and a justification of your pricing decision.

• Place (distribution):

The way in which you will get your product to your markets.If you choose to focus on more than one market. it refers to provide the product in a location that is convenient for consumers to access. The place is synonymous with distribution. Various strategies such as intensive distribution, selective distribution, exclusive distribution.

• Promotion:

Represents all methods of communication that a seller can use to provide information to various parties about the product. The promotion includes items such as:. Advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion. Advertising covers any communication.This is the way that you plan to promote your product.

C:\Users\Zubair\Desktop\images (2).jpg

The company uses the marketing strategy in the light of the above 4 P's.


There are many products of Vita Company. The company knows that which kind of the product they have to offer to their customers.The different products which company offer to their customer Vita Bread,Rapid,Vanish,Avtive99,Vibrant are some product which company produce.


The price of the product is also determined by the committee by comparing the other companies. The price of the products are not costly.The company set his product price according to purchasing power of people.Every One can easily buy it.The company give batter quality product at low price.


The company selects the regions where they think their product will earn more revenue. . On a daily basis, we distribute our products to more than 200 outlets. We will distribute in nearly all major metropolitan areas such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, etc, secondary metropolitan areas and rural areas of the country will be served afterwards. First, our focus will be to the great metropolitan city is Lahore.


The company chooses the way through which they have to advertise their product according to their budget.

There are too many kinds of customers with different desires. So the company has to divide its customers according to their desires. This process involves market segmentation.

Market Segmentation:

Market segmentation is a marketing effort to increase the accuracy of a company. A market consists of a large identifiable group within a market with similar needs, purchasing power, geographical location, buying attitudes or buying habits.

Dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers who have distinct needs, characteristics, or behavior and who might require separate products and marketing mix.

A market segment should be:


Accessible by communication and distribution channels

Different in its response to a marketing mix

Durable (Not changing too quickly)

Substantial enough to be profitable

VITA has divided its customers through following ways:

Demographic Segmentation:


VITA bread can be used by men and women, both


VITA bread is basically for the middle-upper class and will be easily accessible to all of these people.


bread VITA will be useful at all stages of life, but our sample size is 18 to 50 years old people.

VITA has segmented its customers according to their ages and their income. VITA has low price product for the low income people. VITA powder milk was introduced for the small children.

Behavioral Segmentation:

This segment of the company is based on the usage rate, brand loyalty, price sensitivity.

The company is doing the customer segmentation due to following benefits.

Benefit of segmentation:

Segmenting customer into groups according to their needs has number of benefit

-it helps to identify most and least profitable customer

-avoid unprofitable market

-helps in building loyal relationship with customers by developing and offering them product they want

-improve customer service

-increases profit potential by keeping cost down

-helps in better understanding of the customers' need and wants

-better targeting and position of the product

-improve service delivery standards.


Pan VITA will be direct distribution network and comprising over 200 vehicles owned by a distribution system all over Pakistan. On a daily basis, we distribute our products to more than 200 outlets. We will distribute in nearly all major metropolitan areas such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, etc, secondary metropolitan areas and rural areas of the country will be served afterwards. First, our focus will be to the great metropolitan city is Lahore.

Distribution Channels:

Distribution channels for bread will be intense because VITA VITA operate six plants across Pakistan. The network of distribution Bakery hire more than 50 vehicles that offer baked goods to more than 200 outlets, and what is one of the largest distribution network of any product in the country customers are in the main metropolitan areas, secondary metropolitan areas and rural areas. We will develop a manufacturing process that uses state of the art bakery machinery developed in combination with a computer at home. This unique combination resulted in products that are closer to the modern tastes and the way we do at home. We wanted our consumers feel that the bread is baked in house.

Customer sensitivity:

Customers are very sensitive and want fresh bread for breakfast and if you do not understand then you might not like the product, due to availability.

The key people with specific skills:

We will have workers who have decades of experience in the baking industry. We have contracts with them to work with us and our formula and try to check the above formulas VITA bread with better quality.

Quality function deployment quality assurance:


Bread flour is high in gluten (wheat protein) and knead thoroughly content is necessary to develop the gluten so it can withstand a loaf of bread. The gluten is elastic and is stretched as the yeast grows and gas is emitted, making bread in the light texture.

Wheat flour or pastry is weaker because the flour does not contain gluten as much, therefore, bread made that needs less kneading bread made with bread flour. A mixture of the two flours requires a moderate amount of manipulation to properly develop the gluten. Excess dough kneading flour from any damage the baking quality of gluten bread and produce a poor texture and volume.

Bread can be made entirely of whole wheat flour or in combination with white flour. A mixture of white flour and whole wheat bread made lighter than wheat alone, but increases the nutritional value as the increased amount of whole wheat flour is used.


Because yeast is very small plants, which should be kept fresh and active. Yeast can be purchased in dry form or granulated or compressed cakes homegrown as "starter" or "liquid yeast."


The fat in the dough makes the bread offered and increasing its keeping qualities. Any high quality cooking fat is satisfactory.


yeast plants grow rapidly in the presence of a small amount of sugar, as is the food for growth. A golden brown crust will give using sugar.


The gluten becomes stronger by salt.

Campaign theme:

Topics VITA campaign currently being developed with the intention of being used for a long period of nine months, but it could be short-term or extended due to factors such as being ineffective or market conditions.


I have worked in VITA Pakistan Ltd as an internee for 7 weeks. It was my decision to do the internship in a company because my purpose is to learn something practically about what I am studying in my university to learn about the implementation of the all methods and theories that I learnt during my course. Although other companies and banks also offer the facility of internship for MBA students but I decided to work in VITA for its reputation and its friendly environment. Although an internee is not a permanent employee of the company but can get a lot of knowledge and skills in this very short period and so did I.

I took it as an opportunity for me and my career and tried to acquire as many skills as I could. The management and other staff of my department have been very cooperative and guided me throughout my internship period. They treated me like the employee of the company and took my full time to work in the company for me to get used to of working in an organization. It was for the first time in my life when I felt that there are some practical and reasonable assignments in front of me and I tried to accomplish each and every task with full of my responsibilities and capabilities.


I joined Vita Pakistan Limited on 09 July 2012. In the first day the HR Officer (Moiz Manji) gave the orientation about the organization.

During the internship period in VITA some duties and responsibilities were assigned to me. Most of the duties like assignments were given to me by the Mr. Zain Manji (Sales Director). I concerned with Mr. Zain if I had any problem or query within the organization related to any matter. The following are the some duties and responsibilities that are given to me during my internship period,

Internship Weeks:

HR manager, Mr. Moiz Manji gave the orientation about the organization. Then he planed my internship schedule and told me about it that I had to spend the first week in the Finance Department. Then he introduced me with the Finance Manager Mr. Zia. Then I visited the finance department and met everyone.

Mr. Zia asked me to spend few days with the accountant Mr. Bilal. He gave me a small overview of the accounts of the company. I checked the files of the company related to the accounts. Mr. Bilal told me how to record the entries of the cash received, expenses, freight charges etc. He also told me about the ledger accounts that how to maintain them.

Then Mr. Bilal gave an assignment. The assignment was to check the ledger accounts of the customers of the company. I learned how to make the ledger accounts of the customers. I was told to spend the next two days with Mr. Abid. He told me how the company records the orders and deliveries of their products. Mr. Abid gave me an assignment. The assignment was to check the sales, selling prices and freight charges for the last month.

I spent the day with Mr. Abid. He told me about the selling prices, freight charges etc. Mr. Zia asked me to go the pay roll section. Mr. Waseem was there to deal with me. He gave a little introduction about the pay roll. Mr. Waseem told me how to prepare pay roll for the company and different types of the pay roll. I checked the pay rolls made for the employees of the company and gained more knowledge about the pay roll.

Mr Waseem gave me an assignment about the pay rolls. The assignment was to prepare a sample pay roll for the employees of the company. I completed the remaining assignment and submitted it to my supervisor, Mr. Waseem. I Spent the day with Mr.Waseem and learned a few more techniques about preparation of the pay roll.

Mr. Zia sent me to Mr. Khalid to learn about the taxation process and gave me little introduction about it. He told me about different types of tax e.g sales tax and income tax that the company pays. He told me about the allowences the company gave to their employees for their incentives. He gave me assignment to check the files of tax. I completed my remaining part of assignment.

Mr. Zia sent me to his assistant Mr. Ali. He told me about the annual report. He told me about the balance sheet and other parts of the annual report. I learned about the cash flow statement and its use in the annual report. I learned about the income statement and how it is prepared in the the annual report. He gave me assignment about the income statement and balance sheet for the last month. I completed my remaining part of assignment.

And then in the production department my duty to check the production process of the products.And to check the stock.And to check the entry and exit process from the production area.Than I spent some of my time in the laboratory of the production department. There my duty to assist the lab Manager. He gave the duty to check the levels of the products.

Other than it I perform many duties that are given to me by the different persons in different departments.


The purpose of my internship was to learn about the company's all type of activities and the work that is performed in an Organization by the different people. What kind of duties are performed by which person and in what way, all this that I learnt during my period? My current decision was to do my MBA in Finance so I did my work mostly in finance but with this I also learnt about others'.

Usually the period of internship is short but we can learn a lot from this period. This was first time in my life when I was doing some reasonable and practical tasks. Lot of learning and achievements I have gotten from the finance staff like:

First thing I learnt from this short period of job is punctuality. I learnt from this how to be in time in the company.

The second thing is dressing, professional dressing matters a lot. By seeing my seniors and colleagues I start to copy them in dressing.

It was a big achievement for me, that I learn how to do the work in team and group of people. Working in the team should be learnt..

Communication with the seniors and get their minds is very difficult task.

How to sit in professional people, how to look, how to talk and how to work is also learning for me.

I learnt from the organization that how to accomplish the tasks and the assignments which were assigned to me.

It was first time in my life to work whole day in the company with full responsibility, to go in time and to off in time.

I learnt how to implement my MBA knowledge on this job. I learnt what the practical implementation of the book knowledge is.

I learnt how to present the working files to the seniors.

Working in the excel as responsible professional.

Posting the entries of the cash payment/Receipt in the company data base.

Posting the bank payment/Receipt entries in the company data base.

Purchase process and sale process.

One thing that I personally learnt from this internship period i.e. it's very difficult to work in an organization under any person.

After spending the first month in the office, I went to the production plant at Thokar. There I learnt how they produced their products in a better way. And the entry, exit process from the Plant.

How a delivery man out from the Organization. The process of gate pass that a man has to shown on the gate while he exit or enter in the Organization.


To do any type of job a number of skills and abilities are necessary and when this job is professional then a man should be perfect and have a lot of skills and abilities to perform any type of the task. In the finance field a man should have the ability to make and analyze any type of the account, and to operate Microsoft office, long term writing capacity and proper dressing etc. and in human resources field a man should be in proper dressing, well presentation power, can handle the workers and punctual. Same like these I did the job in the finance department and following are some of the skills needed and acquired:

The first and necessary skill for the finance job is the communication power. The communication power should be very strong.

A finance officer should have the strong presentation power, so that he can present workings against his executives.

The ability to perform in Microsoft excel so that one can make the work sheets for the presentation.

Skills to operate new latest accounting software used for the financial activities of the company.

The ability to satisfy the company's dealers and make agreements of credit achieve credit limits for the company.

The ability to make the conversation and bargaining with the customers.

Best financial management abilities for the company.

Comprehensive knowledge about the finance.

Problems Encountered:

When someone perform starts some kind of a new work, he faces many problems because he is not familiar with the new environment. He takes some time to adopt that new environment.

When I went to the company for my internship, it was my first experience in the company. I faced a few problems one of which was that I was very much confused in the first day. But with the passage of time I got familiar with that environment. I also did not know about the working of the environment of a company. It was also a problem for me to understand everyone working there.

But Mr. Zain helped me a lot to get familiar with that environment. He was there every time to help me.

At the end my report, first of all I would like to thank ALLAH ALMIGHTY Who gave me strength to complete my required task, and then my colleagues who helped me during my internship.


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