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Ethical behavior at work is about responsibility and doing what is right because it is right as, as a result, employees take honor in their company and engage in discretionary behavior beyond the defined requirement of the job.

Yes I believe that the use of ethical behavior will pay off in the long run. The ethical behavior which links leaders at work is motivated as, believe that high ethical standards and business success should be related, beliefs should be in ethical commitment which builds customers trust, beliefs that reputation for integrity attracts and keeps the best employees. It should motivate the company to be a role model for society. The main proposition for the ethical behavior is that ethical behavior is concerned with "ought" and "ought not", and implies that there is required by law or which are commercially is a responsibility of, and depends on the leadership in an organization, that the argument has significant implications for corporate governance. There are well known difficulties' in defining the term leadership and in specifying what is meant by ethics in the context of business behavior, difficulties which have been rehearsed recently in the Journal of business Ethics. While business ethics have always been important from a social and moral point of view, they also become a pragmatic requirement in the corporate Olympics. The doing- more- with less strategies place in even greater premiums on trust than did the adversarial protection, business practices of the traditional corporation. Some of the key characteristics of ethical behavior are: try to satisfy all constituencies, dedicated to high and broad purpose and also committed to learning in order to remain current and responsive to change which also tries to be the best at whatever they do. Some examples of ethics counts, Johnson and Johnson recalled 31 million bottles of Tylenol after 7 deaths were linked to the product. The cost of these activities is high… in the areas of motivation and morals, stress, quality, turnover, productivity, pride, and customer satisfaction, all of those areas that we want to emphasize in a highly ethical company. Much time and effort are spent discussing those obvious ethical problem and situations. There is, however great damage potential in the subtle and subversive games that people play. Know how to combat the subtle is often as important as dealing with the obvious. The key issues here are perceptions and expectations. Problems arise when perception are either incorrect or are not in alignment with the TI culture. And the solution centers on proactive communication and candor. The supervisor manager must take an active personal role in making employees aware of the organizations' values and ethics so that they will understand how the organization defines right and wrong along with its goals and expectations. Employees must have a clear knowledge of there organizations ethical standards and equally important, a feeling of management support when they act within those standards. Management must demonstrate through consistent examples their personal alignment with document TI ethical principles' and values, their expectations that employees will do what is right and fair, their encouragement and support of open communication and candor within the organization. Responsibility is another element which is combining to the moral ethical value. A leader should be responsible for the whole company business activities and dealings with the employers, clients , maintaining to the product quality and so on which support to success the company goals and objectives. The leaders responsibilities are the examples to the constituents so the life of the leader on his responsibility which the leader make it and how did he make where the entire people are going to follow . . Being ethical is essential to fixing problems and improving processes. It is needed to establish baseline measures and increase efficiencies. Most importantly, it is essential to having strong working relationships with people. On the other hand, covering up our unethical behavior does the opposite of these important workplace practices and impedes on our ability to grow as leaders, as workers and as people. Being a leader is a learner from success, failure, assignments, books, classes, people and life itself. And we should be passionate about our beliefs and interests, they expend enormous personal energy and intension on whatever matters happen and there are many things that you can gain from having good behavioral ethics in the workplace. If we want to be a better leader or build more effective leadership in our organization, we need to learn to have good ethical behaviors personally. As an individual leader, some leadership character comes naturally, but some will have to learned, because each person's leadership will look and feel somewhat different based on personality as well as more external circumstances (position, job level, industry, company culture), every leader must master fundamentals. And without the basics, an individual cannot lead the management and cannot invest in future leaders because they don't know what they are looking for. To pay the long run off in the leadership in business by using the ethical behavior should really have to concern to the customer, employees, shareholders and community. The demands of the customers especially providing the quality of the product which can be stated by the art of the product. The clean working environment, fairness judgment on the worker performance and coordinating their potentiality to the employees by the leaders is seems on the ethical behavior. Expecting the returns from the investments keeping the same standard of the growth within the business and maintaining the standard quality of the ethical behavior for the well beings of entire society. And without the basics, an individual cannot lead the management and cannot invest in future leaders because they don't know what they are looking for. So, according to my research and after doing this assignment i can clearly understand the concept of the ethics of ethical behavior in terms of being a good leader in terms of ethics and moral values.

Q2)"Within the business context, businesses are expected to have good ethical values and act socially responsible. The problem is that the ethics of a business is a mixture of the individual sets of ethics. This is why it is important to have good individuals as employees. it is also equally important that when you go to work somewhere that you feel like you share the values of those you work with. Ethic is not just talking about the right thing. It is doing what is the right in every decision that is made."

Based on the above observation discuss the impact on society that ethical leaders can make.

"Leaders know what they value. They also recognize the importance of ethical behavior. The best leaders exhibit both their values and their ethics in their leadership style and actions. Your leadership ethics and values should be visible because you live them in your actions every single day.

A lack of trust is a problem in many workplaces, if leaders never identified their values in these workplaces, the mistrust is understandable. People don't know what they can expect. If leaders have identified and shared their values, living the values daily, visibly will create trust. ethics means losing the cost of social and economic where ethical values and social act play very important role for the company economic status which determine by the decision of the ethical point of view. The rules of the works are described to the employees of the business by the leaders where the ideas are reflected for the time being. Also the ethical issues arising from internal and industry practices e.g. "the treatment for customers e.g. honoring the spirit as well as the letter of the law to warranties and after sales service, the organization's loyalty to employees when it is in difficult economic conditions and the working conditions and treatment of workers". Codes of ethics are the elements of the tolerance in doing the organizational works and the treatment to the members of the organization and the whole entire society. The action in leaders is vital to the on-going growth of the group, as their action will involve responsibility and at times risky decisions will require someone to be responsible for the result but ethical leaders are the responsible person. "Leadership, a critical management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal. These items will help you develop your skills as a leader. The leaders will demonstrate the ability to hold themselves consistently through all trying circumstances, but friendliness is not hard to show for good leaders and they have a natural tendency to like people. An example the "ethical issues on the society, the involvement in the community whereby the character of the leader, on it's own can do little without an action by building trust within the community, they will be the kind of leaders who will work to resolve conflicts when arises and try all their best to meet the needs of the community. The beliefs and the high standards in the business is the key to success which builds the customer trusteeship having the commitment as well as well the employee's unification. The relation among the employees is really very strong and positive to the business which helps to be in the goal of the company. They are socially responsible have a good ethical values which is lead by the leader who has mixture of the individual sets of ethics. Every individual employee has good relationship form the ethical values and norms with leader". Whereas a good leader will learn quickly to work with little and much and be able to plan decide the effective use of all resources available.. So, according to my research and after doing this assignment I do have a fair idea of the impact ethical leaders can make on the society. Ethics is really not just talking about doing the right thing but it is doing a what is right in every decision which is made.