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The age of technology is moving at a rapid speed just as organizations are frequently making effort to ensure that it achieve all its strategic objectives. Organizations without an adequate or functional human resource department or management will not be able to achieve anything from Baron, J. A. & Kreps, D. M. (1999). Likewise, the growth of human resource management is no longer a new trend but the weaknesses associated with it are fast mitigating its chances of attaining a superior position.

In order to adapt in changing market rapidly, and improve the efficiency of management, companies need to be more flexible and rapid response of the human resource management platform and solutions. This is where information technology comes into play. This research will focus on the importance of information technology in human resource management and how information technology has continually assisted in the growth and solving of weaknesses observed in the Human resource management.

Robert. Mathis, John H. Jackson (2008) defined, more and more enterprises are beginning to promote the use of information technology in human resource management, and also trying to reduce costs, standardize the process of business, improve the work efficiency, and the level of human resource management.

Susan M. Heathfield, (1996) defined Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function which an organization of focuses on recruitment, management, and providing direction for the people who work in an organization. Human Resource Management can also be performed by line managers. Eisenhardt, K. M. (1989) also defined Human Resource Management is the organizational function which deals with issues related to people, such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, wellness, safety, benefits, employee motivation, training, administration, and communication.

Information technology in human resource management:

The information technology in human resource management is based on information technology and the thought of the advanced management. Jerman-Blazic, (1996) started to use IT in human resource management it is dependence on information technology helps to optimize the allocation of a management of human resource company. And also human resource information technology is important for companies, so as to manage their benefits and their employee information. It is a necessity to help HR manager both in information and the money spent on benefits plan.

Currently, Orlikowski, W. J. (1992) said that the incorporate of information technology in human resource management are focuses on personnel, payroll, recruitment, appraisal and other transaction processing, but it is lack of human resource planning, job analysis and self-service.

According to the research on HR manager of companies. There are 60% (Global 500 Web Site Recruiting, 2008) of HR manager, whose energy are used to process a variety of administrative services, 30% of the energy used goes to advisory services to staff and management, and only 10% of the energy are used to support the strategy of the company (Achieving Results with Internet Recruiting, 2008). HR managers are busy all day from receiving job seekers, resume screening, interview appointment, and meetings. Because of the lack of interview communication to the manager, so the processes causes confusion and delay, a lot of basic work HR manager weighs down, also has in low job satisfaction, and excellent staff turnover. In fact, in order to make the HR management more effective, the company should have IT in HR management system. And information technology application has more advantages, it will effectively to help HR managers to solve many problems in any environment, and complete of the changing role in successfully. The development of information technology flies at a rapid rate now, especially in the network technologies, there are many tools of management (Kusekoski,Gene, 1989). such as: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Software Configuration Management). It is also beginning to have more attention in HR management system. With the importance of human resources has become increasingly prominent, the needs becomes more urgent of establishment the human resource management system.

From above to give the information, more and more enterprise are beginning to use the network information technology in business management, the most important aspect is E-HR.

E-HR (Electronic Human Resource Management) refers to "the broad access to human resource data is a tool and transactions available directly on the web in most workplace today. Jeff Sacht says: To describe the "net effect" of the explosion in web technologies and the dramatic impact this growth has had on the way employees now receive employment-related information through integrated self-service applications". ( It also includes the new technologies available that can help connect multiple system, tools and databases, both inside and outside organizations.

The role IT in HRM Karakanian, M. (2002) are includes: recruitment, selection, training& career development, compensation, and deparation. And from this five points it also includes: e-training, e-recruitment, insourcing, outsourcing, payroll.

E-recruitment area is one of the untapped research areas, this can considered as new area for further research. O'Brien, J A. says: "the buzzword and the latest trends in recruitment is the e-recruitment. Also known as "Online recruitment", it was use of technology and web based tools to assist the recruitment processes. This tool is kind of like, the organization's corporate web site or its own intranet". And e-recruitment also called candidate management system.

At nowadays, many companies are using internet as a source of recruitment. The job seeker can send their application or curriculum vitae (CV) to an e-mail using internet. For now, the e-recruitment Dineen B. R., Ash S. R., Noe R. A. (2002) includes: resume database management, job management, search management, campus recruitment, internal recommendation, and docking with the major job sites, recruitment process, report management, recruitment channel assessment, recruiter assessment, professional system modules, and also each module can be personalized customization. From the research (, the internet penetrations are increasing and tremendous potential in India. According to "NASSCOM (National association of software and service companies) - job is among the top reason why the user will come to the internet and business e-mail" there are more than 18 million people use resume's to apply their job online.

There are two kinds of e-recruitment Kerrin M., Kettley P. (2003) that an organization can use such as:

Job portals. i.e. Job description issued and the job specification portals. Searching for the suitable resume posted on the website corresponding the organization.

Create a complete online recruitment/application section of the companied own website. Company has added the application system to its website, and the job seeker can send their resumes to the database of the organization for consideration in the future, and then the roles will available.

There are some advantages ( ""disadvantage-of-e-recruitment.html) of using e-recruitment:

It can reduce the cost to the organization, send resume online is cheaper than newspaper and advertising.

No intermediaries.

Reduce the time of recruitment (over the 65% of the hiring time)

Facilities the right of recruitment of the people have the required skills.

It can improve the recruitment process.

Recruitment Kerrin M. (2005) website also provides the valuable data and information regarding the compensation offered by the competitors. Which help HR manager take a good decision like, salary trends in industry and promotion, etc.

Also, there are some disadvantages ( of e-recruitment, such as:

Screening and checking the skills of the authenticity resumes is a problem, and time -consuming for an organization.

Low of the internet penetration and some of the place such as India, have no internet access and lack of awareness.

In India, the employers and employees prefer to face-to face interaction rather than sending e-mails.

How can technology improve HR service provision?

As a good tool, the technology has ability to transform, which HR is delivered to an authority. Robert. Mathis, John H. Jackson (2008) Together with the exponential rises in the use of technology in the corporate, now the management has played and effective role. The range of human resource management delivery option is broad, so that combine them to maximize human resource capacity is a common. The delivery option includes:



Interactive voice recognition

ASPs (Application Service Provision) platforms

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platforms

Employee relationship management technology

Council is looking for more common ERP and other system to make them change the delivery system for human resource and the wider council service.


From above, according to the developing of information technology, also the information technology is more important in human resource management at nowadays. In addition to the competitive of marketing, the E-business, and the build of the information technologies are increasing now. More and more enterprise use information technology in human resource management to prove the business get more profit and more convenient.

The business keeps using IT in human resource management Alter, S. The Work System Method makes the enterprise has more motivation; it can help people more convenient to do the business, and manage the large firm. And also can take more benefits to the company.

Meanwhile, the development of the information technology and the demand of strategic management, promotion the process of the human resource management technology. Information technology is widely to be used at nowadays in human resource management. Recruitment, training& career development, compensation, separation, etc, not only to let the staff to be more satisfaction, but also can improve the effective of the human resource management. At nowadays, HR work can use information technology to solve every day problems.