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Motivation is individual, internal process that energises, directs and sustains behavior. It is a force that causes one to behave properly. Motivation and morale are interlinked. Morale and motivation leads to job satisfaction. High morale gives dedication and loyalty in job. In a simple sense motivation is a process that enables internal need fulfillment.

In this Assignment I would like to focus on motivational problems forced by Airlines industry. In this assignment I would like to explain the company's motivation problem at work and evaluate their efforts and to explore the relationship between the effective employment of appropriate recruitment and selection and their impact on staff motivation.

The main motivational problems of the company are

Staff selection and recruitment.

Recruitment methods used by the company and the impact is had on staff motivation..

Its high staff turnover.

Low salaries.


The main problem that can arise due to unmotivated staff is waste of management time attention. Human resource management plays a vital role in selecting, training, motivating, right persons to the organization. It is also responsible for how employees are treated in an organization. The main 7 management functions of human resources department are


Performance appraised.

Compensation and benefits.

Training and development.

Employee and labour relations.

Safety and health.

Human resource research.

The main problem of the Airlines is unsatisfied pilots and cabin crew. Here pilots need to pay themselves for training that would help them to graduate to newer aircrafts. Cabin crew had to work for 12 hours continuously which leads to irritation and lose energy to be nice with passengers. The prime most duty of cabin crew to be nice with the passengers is not satisfied by the cabin crew. The airline company looses passengers because of ill behavior of the crew and it may lead to bad reputation of the company.

More over employees are not getting the salaries that they are expecting inspite of hard work. Long flight hours, little rest time, all of this deserves better pay and proper compensation. It is important for a company to know that employees are important for a successful business and they must be treated fair and working 12 hours at a stretch is not human and paying for their training by themselves is not fair.

Human Resource management should be looking after these things and main parts of motivating employees. If employees have any problem they need to come to Human Resource department. This department is responsible for how people are treated is responsible for how people are treated in an organization. In overall there is no motivation from the employees because the company does not know how to motivate their staff leads to low moral. This leads to under satisfied staff leads to poor work, absenteeism and high rates of turnover.

There are lot of theories that help motivate employees at work. Some of them are

Equity theory.

Expectancy theory.


Here different motivation theories are discussed. These motivation theories help managers to motivate their staff.


Equity theory says that motivation is based on perceived fairness. The main motive is to maintain balance between their own inputs and their rewards in comparison to other employees. Employees want them to judge fairly. They compare themselves with others and observe whether they are treated fairly. The only thing they expect is they should be recognized and rewarded according to their efforts and hard work. The equity theory is based on the fact that people are motivated to achieve and maintain equity.

According to this theory:-

Develop Input to output ratio of employees.

Inputs are the efforts, hard work of employees that contributes to the organization, outputs are things that we gain from the organization.

If the output is more he is over rewarded and if less he is under rewarded.

Ratio should be maintained balanced.

A comparison of ratio is made with what we perceive as the input to outcome ratio for some other person.

If the ratios are in equal they feel under rewarded and are motivated to change their inputs by not working so hard. It may lead to

Lower productivity.

Reduced quality.

Increased absenteeism.

Voluntary resignation.

Low Salaries:-

Employees are not getting the wages they deserve for the hard work they put in. Organization should calculate the input-output ratio and depending upon their input they should be compensated or rewarded by doing that employees feel they were recognized by the Organization and thus feel that they should do something for the company which helps in company's growth. Here equity theory helps to know the input-output ratio.


Maslow's theory consist of two parts

The classification of human needs and

Consideration of how the classed are related to each other.

A person starts at the hierarchy and will initially seek basic needs.

Once physiological needs to have been satisfied, they are no longer a motivator, the individual moves up to the next level.

Safety needs at work could include physical safety as well as protection against unemployment, lack of income through sickness.

Social needs recognize that most people want to belong to a group, there could include the need for love and belongings.

Esteem needs are about being given recognition for a job well done. They reflect the fact that many people seek the esteem and respect of others. A promotion at work might achieve this.

Self actualization is about how people think about themselves; this is often measured by the extent of success or challenge at work.

Maslow's model has a great potential appeal in the business world. It is clear that if management could find in which stage each employee is reached, then they can decide suitable rewards.

From the above analysis, we can find in which level the cabin crew and pilot are and then deciding the rewards. Pilots are not happy for training issues in the company. They are against the company polices and those policies need to be changed partially they should get some rewards like salary hike and some incentives like free memberships for gym, social clubs etc. That could help them relax and little rest for their body and mind. There helps to motivate them and they will become faithful to the company and that would help growth mainly depends on the employees attitude towards work. Cabin crews are mainly stressed out at the end of day's work they need more relaxation and the above said recreation clubs would help them to be stress free. Customer's satisfaction mainly depends upon the way they will be treated and this lies in the hands of cabin crew. If they are not satisfied next time they won't prefer these airlines. If once the reputation is lost it has bad impact on employment as well because nobody wants to work with bad reputed company that leads to inefficient workers.

Barriers of Motivation

The main barrier of motivation is resignations. Employees of the organization are resigning their job due to dissatisfaction. Resigning displays that they have given up all sense of emotional and personal involvement. Motivating Employees in such situation is difficult task.

Recruiting patterns of organization is to be changed. Recruitment of right kind of person is necessary and is a powerful tool for the company's success. Training the recruited employees is important as it can have a positive effect on employees. Training in this organization is poor and this going to be a barrier for motivated employees.

Attitude of the employees is going to be another barrier for achievement of motivation. Whatever might be the situation we should not show our anger towards customers. Aggressive behavior should not exist. Superiors with this kind of behavior may spoil the entire work environment just by verbal abusing his subordinates.

Executive Summary:

In this paper I have chosen a motivation problem in an airline company. The main problem of the company is that the employees are not satisfied with the compensation they get and long working hours of the company. This leading to ill behavior of the cabin crew with the passengers resulting in bad reputation of the organization.Maslows hierarchy theory and equity theory are used to solve the problem. By using the above theories we can find some suggestions like giving free membership for recreation club and gym's and also increases the salaries of employees. Main barrier to achieve the above goals are also discussed.


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