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I have completed two surveys online and I found myself as Democratic style and Autocratic style of leadership. I least often use Delegative style but its depending on the situation. I give work to my employee; they know mostly their jobs and responsibility and I don't want to tell them individually what your work is. In difficult situation, I ask the suggestion from my employee to get the work done in a best way.

My leadership strength is, I always listen to the others suggestion whether I think it might not be a good idea or not and praise to them. I admit myself when I am wrong. It shows everyone makes mistakes but I am willing to say so and fix the problem. I think positive, charismatic, respect to others and responsible for the job.

I really need to improve these areas; I would not promise to anyone, allow others to take a small leadership and help to guide them.

Leadership Theory

Trait Theory: I have chosen three theories that are relevant to my current leadership style. The trait theory arose from the Great Man theory and it is the way of identifying the characteristic of successful leadership. If the people have such of these traits then he will be recruited and installed into leadership position

Behavioural Theory: As applied Behavioural theory to my current leadership style, I have the other traits like honesty, integrity and loyalty.

I put myself to Y manager theory according to the survey. People like their work and each of everyone know their daily activity and responsibility. People thinking more practically and I always want to see the all employee to participate the work so that work can be easily done in a best way.

Situational Theory: As the Managerial Grid developed by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton that focus on the task and employee orientation of managers and combination of concerns between the two extremes.

9, 9

Team Management

1, 9

Country Club Management

5, 5

Organization ManagementConcern



9, 1

Authority Obedience

1, 1

Impoverished Management

Concern for Production

I put myself in Team Management because of I am cooperate with people, listen to them, give opportunity to them as a leader so that they can learn from me as well as give a hard work for company, get job done with honesty, integrity and loyalty. I always motivate my employee to do the best work.

Incremental vs. Radical change

Incremental change is a slow process and employees react only in one way to change and that change does not impact on them to move too far from, what they know, are comfortable with this change. This is small adjustment made toward an end results. Increment change does not threaten existing power structure or alter current method.

Radical change is the employees will react differently to change that introduce dramatic change to what they know in this change. Radical change is large scale, companywide transformation it is rare and often takes a long period of time to complete.

Transactional Leadership:

The transactional leaders over emphasize detailed and short-term goals, and standard rules and procedures. They do not make an effort to enhance follower's creativity and generation of new ideas. This kind of a leadership style may work well where the organizational problems are simple and clearly defined. Such leaders tend to not reward or ignore ideas that do not fit with existing plans and goals.

Transformational Leadership:

Transformational leadership is a type of leadership style that leads to positive changes in those who follow. Transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic and passionate.

For my personal example, I was studying the Applied Management subject. I made a group which consist 7 members including me. We were doing a group project report according to the case study. I was transformational leader because of; in a group I took control of the situation by conveying a clear vision of the group's goals, a marked passion for the work and an ability to make the rest of the group feel recharged and energized.

1.3 Leadership role/model:

I have chosen two leaders from my work. One is from Waterfront Bar & Cafe who is the owner (Richard Johnson) of this company and another leader is Dhanvinder Singh who has the owner of Chand Indian Restaurant in Auckland Region. Both of the leaders have good ability to lead their followers in particular direction. They have got different style of leadership to manage the work. Richard has Autocratic and Democratic style of leadership.

He is always discussing the matter with the management members. He takes the suggestion from the management and implements the solution to his own way if the decision has made in the right way. Sometimes he uses his leadership in particular situation. For example, when the manager has knew his daily work and all the employee have got the knowledge about their work and Richard has leave the work to all of them.

I would recommend the Richard in the Team Management style. Because of he has cooperative with all his staff members and his customers are really satisfied from his service. He has both the transformational and transactional leadership style.

Mr. Dhanvinder Singh runs his own company in Auckland Region. He is bit different from the Richard's leadership style. He has Democratic and Delegative style of leadership. He does not have knowledge about the leadership. He has never discussed any matter to his staff members. He has never encouraged his people to do the good work.

He is always taking the suggestion from his management team and he has never used his own strategy. I would recommend his style of leadership in (5, 5) Organisation Management according to the Robert Blake and Jane Mouton model. His behaviour is quite good and he is humble person. He has the transaction style of leadership.

Change Management




(Kurt Lewis's Model)

Unfreeze: But Mr. Singh's restaurant needs to implement the Kurt Lewin model. As mentioned above, it may show management that moral is quite low and that as a result of this low morale the risk to safety is quite high. This may influence a manager who has been resisting change to begin to take action

Change: After the Unfreeze the change in Mr. Singh's restaurant, People are at this stage looking for new and better ways to do things. The behaviour may initially be mechanical but they are starting to perform and behave in ways that support the new direction. Once people begin to see how the change is benefiting them, the company and those around them, they will begin to take ownership in the change and drive it. Some people even though they themselves can see the benefit for the business and its people, may still create difficulties and may have to be removed.


After the Change process, When the people, structure, and strategy elements all seem okay, when things are looking well, it is time to lock things in. Management act here to make sure that the improvements stick and this is the freezing phase. We continue here until the changes become the 'way we do things around here'.

b. Benchmarking Criteria

I have the so many elements of good leadership that I am going for the benchmarking criteria as follow:

Setting Goals






Problem Solving


Rationale: I have found these skills listed above and I am going to use these for benchmarking framework for my own personal development. These elements are very essential to me because I cannot become a good leader without these skills. I am Democratic and Autocratic style of leadership and I want to use my elements to get the direction for my followers and for as the good leader. Nobody can be a perfect leader and do not have the innate born qualities but the leader has to create these elements by him.

Section 2: Self Assessment

2.1 Benchmarking

I am going to use the SWOT Analysis Tool to benchmarking framework for my own personal development. SWOT Analysis is telling the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and threat of my own leadership.

Strength: I am quick learner, confident and honest person. I have learnt the leadership skills from my boss and he gave me the training that how to move your team to reach on the goals. I am good planner and trust on my followers. My communication is very advanced. I always communicate with my followers in English language so that they can improve their communication form me and we always deciding what to do and how to do in meetings.

Weakness: Sometimes I share the organisation secret and personal matter with my own team. But now I have improved and controlled my emotions and I felt it better now. I feel uncomfortable when I do not complete my work on time. I won't sleep well until I complete the work.

Opportunity: I am always looking an opportunity to learn more about my work so that it can be done by easy way and no more effort will be required. I am very creative to eager to discover the latest things in company, what the product is and how is it going to be manufactured. My opportunity is to create the world's best Aircraft and serve the people and to get benefit from it.

Threat: I am scared about the competency because of there are more people who are getting effort on their work and have got more knowledge rather than me. But I am really doing more effort in my field. I do not have the knowledge about the language, sometimes my words get stuck on lips. These are threat but I am going to improve these threats for my future.

2.2 Reflection

I am discussed above about my strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. These I have found where I am working now. My Manager promotes me as a Supervisor in his company. He told me that he have got trust and have confident about me. What I am wanted from my follower, they do the same thing to reach the goals and meet expectations for organisation. I am listening to everybody from my team, what they want to innovate for new things and if they have got the new idea then I am also implement that idea and give reward to the team to get new ideas.

Personal cultural context is a person's primary source of how he or she would form their identity. It is a source for defining a person, expression, and the sense of group needed by all humans. I am belonging to Sikh religion and I have got my cultural things from my parents. In our culture we respect to everybody and we do not call elders by their first name.

My short term goals are to get information about the business, improve the communication, daily updates in my vocabulary, and finish the tasks to get the work done. I am learning the business leadership qualities from my teacher and implement these qualities in my real life. Implement the new leadership strategy at work so that I will be a good leader for my followers.

My long terms are to establish a business organisation and serve the people and community and earn some money from it so that it will be cover up my all living expenses. Apart of that, I want to also do side business in my life. My dream is to design Aircraft from my own hands and establish big industry for Airlines in New Zealand. What I needs to establish this company is money and that I will be earn from my business organisation.

Section 3: Personal Development Plan


There are three opportunities that I am looking in myself. These are as follow:

Short Term Opportunity:

Assertive: I need to be Assertive in the things what I need and want. I need to be decisive and competitive at all times. I am not afraid of any challenges I face in order to achieve my short term and long term goals. Some of the obstacles can come in my life but I need to be having a great strength to face these hindrances.

Being a Hard Worker: I have not too afraid of anything to hard work to achieve my short term and long-term goals in my life. I have high energy levels that seem to go on forever and it becomes my passion to achieve the goals. Being able to take hard work is also a very important leadership skill to build as leader by example. I am ready to do any kind of effort to reach on my goals and my followers also follow me if I am doing a hard work and be successful in life.

Build Relationships: I want to build relationship with every of my customer, employer, senior people and society. I have to trust on every employee in my company and earn respect from team members. Without relationship I cannot be a good leader and cannot achieve my goals for future.

Long term opportunity:

Become General Manager: I have already planned to become a General Manager in business related company. Before I have learnt everything in business so that I can run the company with my best strategy.

Improve language: I need to improve my English language to become a good leader. Sometimes the words are stuck on to lips so I have to learn the communication skills at advance level. This can help me a lot in my future.

Competency: I want to get enough knowledge about everything that I am going to use for future. Competition is going to tough day by day. Everyone has adequate knowledge about the latest technology so I need to be a good competitor in my life.


I have chosen these short term and long term opportunity that I need to improve in myself for future. I have found the less communication skills in myself when I talk to another person. I cannot speak the words correctly so that why I think I need to improve these skills to read the newspapers, websites, improve in vocabulary, and speak up in front of mirror. I really have to confident when I start conversation to other person.

It's very tough to be a good competitor in my field. But I need to try a lot to get adequate knowledge. I have seen at work that the two another person who has a good knowledge and the boss has only discussed with them. But when the boss asks me something then I cannot answer him properly. Then I thought I need to get insufficient information about the work.

I have to really improve for short term goal as well. These goals I am very hard working in my field. But I need to build the relationship with people so that I can improve my interpersonal skills. Everyone should have ability to make relation with customer and the community. Because of if we need something then they can help us to make our business easier and best.

I want to be assertive in my field. I found some difficulties at my work. Some of the other staff asking me question and sometimes they want to be share their ideas with me but all the time i ignored to them. So I need to become more assertive so that I can help them and become a good leader.

Once I have stuck some difficult situation at job. One day I have very tired and feeling weakness and my performance was reducing to some extent. When my manager review me and he said your weekly performance has go down. So in that area I need to improve my strength and be a hard worker all the time.

I had desire to become a GM in any organisation after the Business Management course. This is my long term goal and I have to complete it within the time. I need to be more qualitative and confident to become part of good management. I have to go through the any material that I need to use for a General Manager.


I want to use the strategy to develop my communication skills. First I will record my voice on a digital recorder and play back to hear what I just said. Determine whether my sound confident and assured and I understood what I just said. Be willing to listen to what others have to say in all environments; at work, at school and with my friends.

I want to have good and right attitude when doing conversation to others. Because good attitude can take me further where I want to go otherwise people can ignore me. I want to be a punctual in my life.

To become a good competitor I need to be go through every learning material that improve my skills in future. This can be getting by to read the books and go to the internet. Everything I can find in the Google. There are various techniques to use these skills in business.


I have set the time to improve these skills for my future. I have set all the short time goal and long term goals that I need to use in the future. I need to be 1 year time (1/09/2013) to improve my all skills including short term plans. This can only be done by me to use the various methods. Long term plans need the 4 years by (1/09/2017) time so that I can learn everything including short term goals.

In the one year, I have to improve my skills and short term goals to go further in future and set the long term goals. I need four years to set up my business and then I will go for further to set the short term and long term goals after get these goals. This way I can fulfil my dreams.

I need to implement the strategy to develop my skills for next four months. For this I have select the date (5/05/2013). This strategy I can be writing and implement till this date. After that I can reach on these short term and long term goals.


I can measure these objectives when I have got the knowledge about everything and I have prepare for everything that I need to go further and set business in future. Skills I can measure it from if I will confident to do something because the person who have skills and he have the knowledge about everything then he is the confident to do anything because he knows all the things what and where can it happens.

The second I can measure it from the society, if I have the good communication skills and have can do attitude rather than the other people then I can forecast that I achieved my objectives that I need to use in the future.


According to my short term goals and long term goals and the skills and objectives that I need to accomplish these goals. I need the internet resource so that I can go everything to learn and get adequate and advance knowledge. Google and Wikipedia sites have everything that I can help and learn easily my skills and objectives. I can found the survey online and give paper online to compete myself to the whole world.

I need the training from my company. I can get help from my leader to improve these skills and goals. My manager can give me the training about the leadership from where I work now. I can get various knowledge from my team members and followers. I want to go through with the volunteer work.

I need to read through the books, magazines and newspapers. Everything has mention in the newspaper and we can learn from our politician. I can also improve these things from TV. Because TV has run various channel like discovery and other channels so I can get my knowledge from these channels.


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