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Skills mean the ability to handle and complete a task more efficiently without any external help or support from others. In organization every single employee have different level of skils for example in a retailer company among different employees they hold different qualities that meet the need of the organization, one of them could be better in merchandising and other could be professionally good in store's data calculation, but all of these different qualities they possess company make sure the regular progress in all of their employee skills. Therefore they produce Personal and Professional development Plan to enhance the ability of their professional and personal skills.

They usually applied the Personal development plan in to the organization to cover the follow points:

Increase in individual skills and polishing their knowledge with practice it again and again.

There different abilities on which they implement the need of the organization that help to keep track on record of their daily practice.

They applied the PDP plan to enhance the skills of strong leadership and team working power.

Personal Skills Importance and Need:

In daily routine life the planning skills that a person uses to manage their tasks to be done and performed on time, help org. to meet their short term goals to be achieved on time. The relation between personal skills and organizational short term goals are that the companies who based on the skills of motivation and productivity produced by their employees they get the benefit of their skills because that employee has been already trained to organize their own tasks in their daily routine life that also leave a great positive effect on their personality and plays a vital role to achieve company's goals with the learning of professional skills meanwhile.

Now I will discuss some example that would support our discussion:

Planning in Personal Life - Planning in personal life means that the employee of organization have the skill and can better manage their social life with their personal profession skills so when he came back to work he would have no obligation and disturbance that he had some unplanned work to do out of his job life, and that satisfaction would allow them to manage their job in organization more efficiently.

Professional Skills:

Those skills that help organization to perform their designed tasks and contribute towards company's common objective are called professional skills. Learning od these skills in org. help employees to increase the productivity level and manage their planning tasks more effectively than the other unarranged tasks, he actually learn planning skills not only in professional live but he automatically manage their personal matter with efficient skills.

Example of Professional Skills:

I will include the example here from my own experience, I started my carrier in one of the most sustainable fashion industry and most popular world wide fashion retailer company named NEXT. They are having a proper HR department which are not only doing the process of hiring and firing but also after hiring they assess the need of professional training for their employee and trained the accordingly. After joining them they give me a training to operate their cash machines which give me the skill professionally that how to operate the cash machine system in that company now after learning that skill I'm able to apply these skills in my personal life to manage my account balance more efficiently.

Need of Professional and Personal skill to get the level of success in companies objectives:

Supporting to the above discussion I will discuss the need of skills in personal and professional lives that a person needs to control their tasks with proper planning.

Need of personal Skills to manage the daily routine tasks:

As we have discussed that personal skills help an individual to get the maximum out of their planning and spend their time on meaningful tasks, planning in personal metters is also a personal skill and arranging the tasks to be performed also a personal skills. These skills support an employee to get through in to the organization and implement the same planning process with their own experiences skills more successfully.

Usually HR team a do question of skills of personal experience while they hires new staff and get the experience out of them that how well managed and sound knowledge they have that reflects that they could be or could be not benefit for the organization.

Planning in personal life by taking support from other:

This skills help to manage the future need and measure the effectiveness support from others and mainly the actual personal skill here is that he identified the person or org he is going to take support in future from them to meet their personal goals and objective. It is also a benefit to the organization that their employees are well manages and are able to give the opinion in case of urgency to get the support and from whom from outside.

Market Analysis Skills:

Doing the analysis is also a skill that every employee could have in their personal and professional live. In personal ive these skills could be in shape of SWOT analysis that help them to predict upcoming inflation and the rate of interest of inter bank and the upcoming national events that could give them a bonus salary, these options are the vital dor their own skills but if he/she applied the same skills in their organization so they could easily work towards the new change on daily basis focus towards company's mutual agreed goals. In professional live they will analyze threat from other and will assess the opportunities as they practices in their own lives. The need of siscussion is this that with these skills in personal lives they would able to practice in organization more efficiently without any further training process.

Training to improve professional and personal skills:

In some cases organization only required the employees who are previously experienced and are well trained in the same field they are going to be hired. But this process of HR management is not 100% correct because it is good to hire the people who are already trained but not to provide them training or not to assess them while they are performing their jobs are worthless.

That's why it is important to assess their application of skills in the professional field that do they need any kind of familiarity tools or programs with that field or they need some extra professional training.

Systematic Approach:

Relating this point with the above example that HR need to also make sure the need of systematic approach that rather old and new employees are managed to plan their remaining duties accordingly that also support the successful completion of short term goals. It is not only applied in one example but in whole planning process and the development of personal and professional skills it applies effectively other vise planning would be worth less in both personal and professional life.

Time Scaling Skill:

It is as important as the importance of systematic approach and they are bothe relating and are essential part of proper planning process, so every organization like NEXT (discussed in above example) must ensure both skills in their employees to get the correct level of approach towards latest fashion and current and future needs.

Ways to Improve Skills:

Now we will discuss the different tools and ways by which organization could increase their employee's personal and professional skills. These ways are as follows:

Continuous visit and Survey:

Company need to do continuous audit in to the skills of organziazation to get the satisfaction level of both stake holders and their customers. This survey would also help them to know the need of training and the need of hiring in that area of organization.

Internal Audit:

There are two types of internal audit one is internal audit done by internal management and one is internal audit done by external authorities. The second internal audit is more effective to get the outsider view about the management and the measurement of skills in organization possessed by their employees at all levels. This audit will identify the actual area of need and would instruct the HR department to practice the specific skills program in that area.

Short Term Wins:

After external audit process of the organization HR needs to award the success of successful department on their positive achievement that would also increase their level of skills and interest.

What is Personal Skills Audit?

It is an audit that confirms the required personal skills by the organization or an audit that identify the holding skills and the skills that they need to be learn. To understand more efficiently I will include the example of Personal Skill audit survey which I took from 7 different individuals.

Skills Audit Survey:

It is very important for every organization to find out that what the intellectual property they have and intellectual properties are those properties that as a worker of the organization have specific key skills that contribute in organizational goal. Here we will conduct a skill audit below:





Strongly Agree




I daily read news paper to under stand the current situation of economy



I like to use my personal skills in my professional life



Talking about the skills improvement in personal life is worthless



Personal skill help us to perform the duties on job more quickly



I have strong skill to work with the whole team




Company should do a skill audit survey to find the best need of skills on job



In personal life I complete my all planned work on time




Skills improvement means waste of resources



I would prefer to learn new skills on job




At work they want me to become a leader



I have excellent communication skills




I want to become a leader



Leader need more skills to perform and handle the team work


Discussion of above skill audit Survey:

According to the results of skill audit which I received from seven different individuals I came to know the most of the group of people have no idea about the importance of personal skills and the importance of personal skills in the daily routine life, but they only know that is they need different skills to perform the tasks designed for them in the organization. By looking over all situation and discussion I will suggest some recommendations to overcome these problems:

Relate the need of skill:

To show the relation of skills with personal lives would help organization to meet the objective of the organization more easily. The meaning of this statement is that they secure the place of practice of goals and their vision again and again but relate these important points with their individual planning process of their personal lives that helped them to learn that and remember that process more easily.

Goals and Objective in Personal lives and relation with professional skills:

If we take the same company example of NEXT they are having currently good business all around the world and having latest fashion with correct stock measurement. The reason is that they have related their daily routine tasks with their short term objectives and relate it with the personal skills of the employees to get rid of the tention of employees training these process helped them to produce new idea and new fashion that helped them to lead in the market. (Next, 2011)

Their daily practice are as follows

Show the new fashion strategy with the short term win and by appreciating their personal and professional skills

Award their employees best services provider by assessing their inner skills

Planning with the policies of HR department:

It is the responsibility of HR department to provide the best level of employees to the organization, that's why to find the great extend of skilled employees HR need to relate their action with the company's annual objective and while doing the hiring process they must list down the personal skill question to get the exactly need of the company to perform their duties rather on permanent basis or on contract basis.

HR also need to list down the following main points while doing the hiring process:

Use the tools and knowledge from external environment:

HR need today down the following external environment points to produce the further PDP plan to regularly improve the skills of the employees of the organization. But it is necessary to put these points in systematic approach to successfully implement the PDP plan.

Threat from competitor policies

Knowledge of selling price

Customer choice and behavior study or analysis

Competitive products and fashion

Open market rate or exchange rate


After completion of all above main disused points company needs to review their plan of PDP and analyze carefully the effeteness and the correct use of time and resources.

Timely Bound:

Reviewing Process should also measure the time span of whole process and completion of short term wins at specific check points. This practice would help to complete the tasks on time and that would increase the planning skill according to time for the learners.


While doing hiring process in the org. management need to measure the personal skills of candidate that would indicate the success with their skill inside the organization.

Yours Truly,

Babar Ali