The Need For Current Leadership Requirements Commerce Essay

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For Fashion-to-go Company the leader should have certain characters to manage the business in local as well as the global market. The leader has all ability to handle all situations and expand their business day by day. The leader should have following features to handle business in current situation of market.

• Globalization: The leader should know the local market as well as the global market. He is familiar with the demand of local and global market. He should know the competitors in local and global market to expand their business in overseas. He is able to manage global market in the time of global recession period.

• Informational: Leader should have the all information about the available products in market, competitors, price, demand and available sources for products. He should have enough information about the change in fashion day by day to meet the requirement of the customer.

• Change in fashion: He is able manage the new fashion as per the market demand. Leader should familiar with requirement of all age customers as per the fashion vice and season vice. The fashion is changing always and customers are looking for something different, so can handle all thing to expand the business and satisfy the customers.

• Accountability: The leader should be able in accountability to manage all requirement of market as well as to expand of business. Leader should be able to check out the all account detail so he can come to know the proper investment in the beneficial products.

• Manager position: Leader always tries to know the new thing and he should try hard to learn for all situations. He is able to train other followers in perfect way. He should know how to handle all followers in better way and complete the target in the given time.

[task3-b] Plan and development of future situation requiring leadership:

Fashion to go company just now dealing with the women wears and accessories and they wants to expand their business in men and children wears and accessories and also they wants to expand their business in global market as well. To expand the business Fashion to go company has perfect leader having all essential requirements like global market knowledge, knowledge about the day by day changes in fashion world, decision making power, accountability power and implementation power of different strategies. Fashion to go company should have strong leader having following ability.

➢ Variable: The leader who is looking behind expand of business should be variable from any other in globalization strategy and its implementation in the market. Leader should have the variable in the global market knowledge, global market demand, available market and competitors in global market. He should be variable decision making to expand business in local as well as global market by on-line business because there are many competitors in the online business.

➢ Most likely: Leader should be most likely in making some decision or in the implementation of the new strategy for customer's point of view as well as employees. He should be capable to expand business by keeping all employees and customers together. He should capable in human resources management by that he should become the most likely in both internal staff as well as external staff.

➢ Scenario: Leader should have to make one scenario to improve customers demand and their satisfaction. Leader has to make one plan in different steps to expand business in men, women and children wears and their accessories with their shoes. For on-line business the first step should be their own customer site development and it should be customer friendly.

➢ Requirements: To expand on-line business for men and children wears and shoes leader has to complete certain requirement like the customer friendly web site development, product menu with attractive look and it should be changeable on daily basis. The price of products should comparable with the competitor's price. For on-line business Fashion to go company has to hire on web designer who should be always working on improvement of the company's web site. The company has to make plan to improve customer's products delivery as soon as possible.

[task4-a] Plan the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement

As per my opinion situational leadership method is good for Fashion to go company. As per the situational leadership model the leader should be handle the situation as per the requirement. This leadership model is good for Fashion to go company because currently this company has one manager or leader so for leadership development situational leadership model is best. As per this model, leader or manager has to handle the situation as per the requirement. The leader becomes the perfect by handling the situation. The current working manager or leader is enough or fit for this model. Fashion to go company has £ 65 million sales per annum with 12% annual growth. In recession time 12% annual growth is good and company still wants to expand their products like men and children wears and shoes so all ready leader has the experience in the women wear and accessories so that is good for company. Fashion to go company can use situational leadership model easily. Fashion to go company also give the different case study of other company by that manager can easily understand real situation and can handle it. In human resources he will be perfect by practically. This leadership model also teaches about the purchasing, marketing, distribution, human resource management, customer handling and accounting. The situational model is directly teaching the leader how to take decision in the variable condition like customer demand, global recession and competition. This model will teach the leader about the different- different concept like market basis, marketing basis, customer basis, purchasing basis and profit basis. Leader also learns how to train the employees to handle any situation and make the perfect decision. The situation handling is the important in leadership this will helpful in many situation. In case of Fashion to go company the expand of business in men and children wears and shoes the situation handling only for find out the final product suppliers and improve the customers demand for new product. Handling of competitors is important and it will be easily handle as per the situation. Situation leadership is good in case of Fashion to go company because here company has to only maintain to expand in the some new products like the men and children wears and shoes. In business of the men and children wears and shoes the situation only teaches how leader has to manage the situation.

As per the situational leadership leader can make the decision and announce it in the organization. Leader can make their own ideas and present it in their firm. Situational leadership is based on the directing, coaching, supporting and delegating so leader become perfect on his post. In situational leadership by telling, coaching, supporting leader can become the delegating in the organization.

[task4-b] The usefulness of methods used to plan the development of leadership skills

After the selection process, Hiltop will either have appointed a leader or decided that they need to re-advertise the job.

Evaluation of the process is very important, so time has to be allocated for this. If the job has to be re-advertised, an evaluation will indicate what part of the process has to be changed.

If Hilltop had a problem attracting candidates and experienced any difficulties in recruiting, it may be a good idea to get objective advice from an outside organisation like Business Link, before re-advertising to eliminate costly mistakes.

As part of the evaluation process, it'll be useful to keep record of how many application packs were requested, how many application were received, how many candidates were called for interview, and how many candidates actually turned up for the interview.

If the job was advertised in more than one place, keep a record of where the enquiries came from so that for the future Hilltop will know where to advertise next time.

Also consider if anything needs changing from the recruitment process, take objective advice from someone like Business Link, get in touch with those who didn't apply after receiving application packs as to why they didn't, speak to those who didn't turn up for the interview as to why not.

If the recruitment was successful, Hilltop should still evaluate what went well and what could be improved.


Leadership and management are both skills that an organization should possess. Commonly, the words are often substituted for on another. However, each word has a distinctly different definition. A manager does not necessarily make a good manager. Management is defined as those individuals in an organization that have the authority and the responsibility to manage the organization through the control of production processes and ensuring that they operate efficiently and effectively. Leadership is defined as the skills and ability to set future goals in accordance with the organizational goals and to communicate those goals to other employees in such a way that they voluntarily and harmoniously work together to accomplish those goals for the benefit of the organization.

But still, one cannot live without the other. Within the organizational structure of most businesses, we are likely to find management and leadership coexisting. Management won't take effect without the presence of the other. A leadership without management will only give you a short-time pleasure because more probable than not, your organization will fall as soon as the way you succeed. Management without leadership also goes the same way. You may have the right ingredients so you can continue, but you don't have the authority to make them all happen.