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In 1998, National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) came into being and its wing National Database Organization (NDO) was established. It was an attached department under the umbrella of Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan. Despite being one of the largest organizations of Pakistan, it took 7 years to establish its first HR department at Nadra headquarters Islamabad.

NADRA being one of the largest organization of Pakistan took 7 years in order to establish the Human Resource Department at its headquarter in Islamabad. Therefore, due the low progress of Human Resource management and development, there have been several HR Functions such as Job Analysis, Performance Management and Training and Development which have not been adopted by the Human Resource Department. Some of the senior management is still of the old school of thought, work on needs basis except of being proactive or plan ahead. Delegation of authority is still very low and therefore the power is mostly distributed at the high ranks only. This leads to high resistance to change in order to adapt to the modern trends of the business world.

It was observed that the morale of some of the employees of HR Department of NADRA was very low because they were not doing the job what they were supposed to do. First of all, for the purpose of Performance Management and Development of any organization, there has to a match between management's expectations and that of employee's expectations. That's how realistic and measurable work related goals can be set and both the parties can strive for a common goal. But in order to achieve this, the first thing the management as well the employee need is a clearly defined job description. Therefore, if a performance manager does not have the tools to work with, he or she is going to be in stress, low self esteem, low morale and job conflicts.

Therefore, the purpose of this research was to provide NADRA with a detailed job description to the relevant employees of HR Department respectively in order to provide a building block so that the progress for change starts. Position Analysis Questionnaires (PAQ) was selected as the desired tool for Job Analysis.

HR Department consists of 27 positions out of which 25 were active at the time of this research. All the data was collected through PAQ and all of its analysis was done under periodic guidance of the Chief Human Resource of NADRA. The contents of PAQ were also extensively discussed with Chief Human Resource Officer and it was made sure the respective managers of HR Department mutually agreed to the contents of PAQ.

Ch 1) Introduction

1.1) Background of Problem

The human side of Business is emerging as the ultimate source of comparative advantage the world over. The developed countries have recognized the importance of Humans as a critical asset for an organization decades ago. According to research of Worldwide ERC [1] , there has been an increase of 45% in head hunters in last 3 years over the world. Similarly the loyalty of workforce has dropped out of the top 15 business value. To emphasize its importance the cost an each company in US faces to transfer its employees is $ 16.3 million [2] average despite recession. In Pakistan, the concept of human resource management is still in developmental phase. Many industries have embraced its importance as whole but have failed to change the mindset of their workforce. It has just lead to establishment of Human Resource Departments but has failed to achieve the desired goals of an organization. One of its main reasons is the negligence of importance of micro human resource functions as much simply as a mere job advertisement.

Another factor that has contributed to the non acceptance of importance of human resource is the resistance to change by the management. This factor is even more escalated in our public sector. The bureaucratic and authoritative culture is still very dominant. The power distance is still very high. The decision making is mostly centralized and power is mostly distributed at top level. All these factors are acting as obstacles for the process of human resource Development. Although it is still a very long shot but the culture of organization is gradually changing. NADRA is a prime evident of the said situation.

In 1998, National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) came into being and its wing National Database Organization (NDO) was established. It was an attached department under the umbrella of Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan. Furthermore, with the collaboration of NDO and Directorate general of Registration (DGR), NADRA was formed on March 10, 2000. The organization employs a highly skilled workforce of more than 12,000 personnel. [3] 

Despite being one of the largest organizations of Pakistan, it took 7 years to establish first HR department at Nadra headquarter Islamabad. Talking about resistance to change, nobody is hired till now on the post of manager performance management. Still there is no individual job description.

Paucity of HR professionals thinks that writing job descriptions is wastage of time. They are of the view that it is a task on which they cannot waste time. At the same time constant updates are required. NADRA's top management consists mostly of employees having the old management school of thought. Also most of the employees at managerial positions are having very broad military background. They have been groomed in command and control culture which makes them highly resistant to accept the different mindset and dynamic culture for a business organization. Therefore, despite of constituting an HR department in NADRA at 2005, they have not developed any sort of job description for their own department yet.

The purpose of this research is to provide the first step by doing an initial job analysis of the HR Department of NADRA. This research provides a head start for the purpose of Job Analysis of the whole NADRA. It provides an initial benchmark for the purpose of well detailed job description.

1.1.2) Problem Statement

This study is exploring the relationship between the moderating variable (Performance management at Nadra, Training and development at Nadra) and independent variable (Job Description) and its effect upon the dependent variable (Employee Productivity).

1.2) Objectives of the Study

To select the right job analysis tool for NADRA

To acquire the data gathered from the employees of HR department

To prepare the detailed job descriptions of NADRA's HR Department

To assess the impact of Job Description on the Performance Management System of NADRA

1.3) Research Type

To assign and administer the job descriptions to the relevant employees of the HR Department. The study aim is to provide a solution for the real time problem at NADRA. It will help the organization to perform its operations better in terms of job efficiency and high employee motivation.

1.4) Research Methodology

This research falls in the category of qualitative data. The data collection tools are

1.4.1) Target Industry

NADRA in Pakistan is our main focus of study.

1.4.2) Population/Sample

The workforce of HR Department consists of 27 Job positions out of which 25 are active at the time of our research. Questionnaires were distributed at among all employees of HR Department.

Primary Data

Formal and informal Interviews.

Personal Observation

Position Analysis Questionnaires (PAQ)

Secondary Data

Equal Employment Opportunity Law

Pakistan's Labour Law

Employees record of HR Department NADRA

O*NETTM previously known as DOT ( Dictionary of Occupational Titles )

All related materials regarding Job Analysis and Design in various organizations

Newspaper and web-sites

1.5) Research Validity:

The contents of PAQ were extensively discussed with Chief Human Resource Officer and it was made sure the respective managers of HR Department mutually agreed to the contents of PAQ.


NADRA is offering a highly skilled employees of more than 12,471 technical and management personnel which ranks it as one of the largest organization of Pakistan. The only Public Service Company in Pakistan that has 80% computer literate workforce. Despite of these factors, the general public as well as the workforce community, has a very negative perception regarding the work efficiency of NADRA. This research will provide a path way for a more structured approach to work. Furthermore, the findings of this research will provide a building block for effective functions of HR such as recruitment and selection, performance management, training and development, compensation and benefits and organizational development.

It is very difficult to change an organizational culture having strong bureaucratic influence. It has been made even more difficult to change norms and values of an organization owned by the Government, keeping in mind the highly unstable political environment. NADRA having the slogan "catalyst of change" has done little so far in improving their brand image. The main essence of this research is to take the first step in changing the organization culture to a more organized, efficient and stable workforce projecting a positive image to the society.


The important limitation from which the study suffers is the non-availability of information in a manner required for analysis and due to the secrecy of the organization

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