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Managerial communications collects the information  from both the sides that means  inside the organization and out side the organization and gives the information to others who need it . The mangers plays a very important role in this managerial communication which is  essential for every management function .


In managerial communications,if a  company  want to organization the function the total information of the function is collected by the mangers and perform the planning of the function and gather the information of the function  like  memos and reports and then meets to other mangers to explain the plan .

when  managers lead and they  communicate to share   there ideas  and  they share planning organization of the function with each other and  the teams members also help to achieve it, and the mangers  organize they will gather the information about totally  state of organization  and they will  communicate a total plan of the  function originations  this total conclude that managerial communication is  a very important part in managerial activity.

Literature Review:

Experts on organization are that managing and leadership on communications is the most founding for effectiveness in many types of organization. So the main fictions of this is organizations communications is that same as paperwork but here we have high degree of communications. As the teams leader and managers they realize the needs of the client and they effectively convey and receive information's from the client and efforts on the works by which way does the client be happy.

So the main review of this is even the manager design the documents the team leader shoud also talks with the group and collects the ideas and change the documents and arrange into new formate .

Main Argument

The main purpose of this proposal is Managerial communication is  to interact the people in different ways and communicate with the each other and share the ideas with one other and deals very well organization functionally  communicate with a new structure to the organization. In this  managerical communication we studies  two keys

organizational communication

internal communication

organizational communication:

                             organization communication is how people communicate within  an organization .

internal communication:

                                       Internal communication deals with interaction between people in an organisation.   



Organizational communication : 

The main part organizational is internal organizational commutation is that "communication","sender","receivers","encoder"so on. In any of the communication supervisor, employee and clients plays important role in same way the  to organize a function they first design a document and gather in group and talks about the total documents .

In this document it provide practical suggestions for non profit clients and managers to ensure the sufficient communications within their nonprofits. And the communication is one which play main role between client and supervior.consequently ,the communication is most useful in the document to provide a range of the items that can be used to enhance communication.   

Internal communication:

Internal communication means interaction between the people inside the organisation.It may be between manager and the employees who work under him.It will make good relationship between the employees and it may help the them to perform well. Internal communication will build up the decipline and principles of the organisation. If the internal communication is good with the employees then the communication will good between the management and the employees.

There are two methods in internal communication:

They are Organisation's method and the internal communication should have its own methods.

Functions of the internal communication:

There are many functions in internal communication like writing , marketing, event organisation, training, managing, planning etc...

Training is the most important function in the internal communication because we can learn more skills how to communicate with others.

Internal communication departments:

There are two type of departments they are Formal and Informal.

Internet, intranet, news letters, messages etc... comes under Formal department.

Training , discussion, news letters etc comes under Informal.

We can give internal communication through notice boards

Effective communication

Effective communication is aso called as strong communication. This effective communication mainly comes fron the leaders, managers, trainers.

Ability of effective communication

Communication skills make people to communicate effectively with each other. Emotional skill is the fundamental skill and expressive skills , listening skills are suplimented to this.

Expressive skills are facial expressions and body language to make the others understand.

Listening skills helps you to understand others very clearly and make them understand vaer easly.

These skills very useful for the management communication.

Interferences of communication

In this competitive world their must be high scale effective communication to win in this tuff competition.Not only for the management side but also in real life we required good communication skills that help you in all the aspects.

The main issue in the management organisations is standards of the communication. Theses standards will come when the time of communication process. The various standards of the communication are divided into five types.

Physical standards of communication:

Sound - it is a big issue that disturbs with the communications.

Time and distance.

Temperature and standards.

Semantic or language standards


Personal or Socio-Psychological standards.

Cross- cultural barriers.

Organizational barriers.

These aspects are mainly for the companies who are not having a good planning information regarding planning .

Bad news

It is the very serious issue between the management and the persons who are working in the company. Some times the company may not take proper decision which affect the that may become bad news for that employees. By hearing the decision most of the people changes their behaviour. Bad news make complete change of the organisation. Change is very hard , change is the common thing but no one can digest easily by the change but the company needs always change to improve their standards. But the persons who are working in the company may not survive with the change. This may become big problem for the workers but not to the company . If the change is essential and efficient then organisation can take the decisions to run the company for the longer time. The companies have to make sure that the workers have agreed for that decisions.

The inolvement of the bad news

Many factors causes the bad news

Personal factors - these factors are that can show the range that change of company. This may affect the financial loss of the organisation and loss of the employees change. Personal view can not be good for the entire organisation these may lead to increase the problems and causes the social welfareness.

According to the scenario my opinion is

Here the main role is coo of the company because the Board of directors have given their decision to the coo of the company regarding . relocation of the customer support team and IT department.Now the coo of the company must talk to the customer support team and IT department .so the coo must convince both of the departments, the problem is to convince them. So the coo must offer them that the management will hike their salary or to provide them some incentives like rent of the home and travelling expenses, this must be directly communicated with both of the departments but there is no guarantee that they agree with this ,if the coo have always good communication with all the departments and the employees then there may be a chance they may agree.

Eg: i just want to share my personal experience where i faced the same situation when i worked , i have worked for max newyork life as a associate sales manager in the Hyderabad branch.i have worked for one year in the same branch ,suddenly i got a call from my boss regarding replacement of my position which is same like the above scenario. Our company has started a new branch in Maharashtra but they don't have a good experienced staff in their state compared to our state so they have to appoint experiences staff to reach their target,so they need experienced managers from Hyderabad zone,so they have selected some of the managers from our zone,luckily i am in that selected members ,so i got the chance to move but i am having everything good and comfortable with this branch.i don't have any thought to go with the same position and the same salary, straightly i talked to my boss regarding my position and my salary.then my boss discussed with their bosses and decided to give me a hike and promotion by sending me there then i felt good and satisfied with their words and i agreed.

Here the management made me happy and satisfied to relocate me. Because the management need my services,this is my real-time experienceso that the coo must satisfy both the department and the employees ,if the employees have any demands ,the coo must consider it and fulfil if it is reasonable,then the employees may agree to relocate


The aim of this the employee receives a copy of plan which includes the organizations and they develop a bacis set of task .So the employee has a copy of description and the organization chart and after setting the task they will arrange the management meeting even and commucate the ideas.