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The management of marketing and business management are vastly different today from what it was even a short ten years a go. Most of today's well known companies or organisations became established under far different conditions. So in this assignment I will try to explain the actions, decisions and the system whether they are in large like Tesco my work placement or small, profit or not for profit organisations have a profound impact on all us.

The objective of this report is to examine the marketing management and environmental fact of Tesco, one of the biggest food retail supermarkets in this country. While it is difficult to categorise all the functions of this organisation, but as I am student advance in business and I have doing my work experience in one of the stores Rathmines Tesco. This is an ideal opportunity for me to see deep inside the marketing management and make recommendations which sector will be improved business performance.

Chapter 2 Method of Procedure

In order to obtain relevant information for the completion of this report, the following procedures were adopted.

1 I researched the history and business activities of the organisation on their Web page,

2 I used written materials including books, newspapers articles and public library.

3 I learned about the business management from personal observation in the work place and by asking the staffs members who work for many years in the store.

Chapter 3 Finding

3, 1 History of the Organisation

The Tesco was create and established in London in 1920 by Jack and his Partner, they took TES from TE Stockwell and CO from Cohen form of the name Tesco now. Jack was a creative person. By changing his business to supermarket and increasing asset and land in 20 years time he had one hundred stores by the 1940's Tesco developing gradually and without stopping. Jack Cohen the lucky and business minded person died in 1979.

Tesco completely change the appearance food retailing shop in UK and Ireland with full transformation of economic system. Tesco is Public Limited Company. The company start business in the Republic of Ireland in 1997, now the company have 107 stores on the entire county. The company is a key factor by helping the Irish food industry to grow and the local economy. Annually the company doing business in the Irish food industry with exports €654.8 millions. Also the company involving by supporting the local communities and schools programme providing computers for primary and secondary worth €10 million. The company and its staff join-up programme for Charity and they are raising funds € 6 million to help needy in Ireland since the programme started.

The company operates more than 3,700 stores around the world. Except UK, north Ireland and republic the company doing business in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia and the United States of America. Tesco is well known in the EU zone and in the world by introducing new and better methods in packaging and quality products.

3, 2 Type of Service Provide

Tesco PLC provides a particular type of service to costumers in Ireland. The company main service provide to customers was food and drinks. Beside those service Tesco doing wide range of business in Ireland, such as Petrol retailing, mobile retailing, clothes retailing and buildings. At this time Tesco operating nine petrol stations around the country. Unlike the others food retailing supermarkets in the country Tesco owns most of the buildings of its stores. This kind business of owning building of your store is the heritage system of business management of its father jack.

3, 3 Organisation Structure

The organisation Tesco is a PLC and the management structure reflects this. The head and the main senior management; Chief Executive-Tony Keohane

Finance Director- Geoff King

Commercial Director- Sandra Turner

Store Operations and Logistics Director -Steve Leach

Corporate Affairs Director - Dermot Breen

Marketing Director - Ann Bell

Operations and Development- Brendan Guidera.

The senior management is the supreme management and decision making body. However the Tesco management made up in to National, Regional and Area. Every National, Regional and Area has its managing director. Tesco Ireland meets four times annually. It board director consist from all parts of its business department senior managers. The managing directors of the National, Regional, Area and shops receive orders from senior management and manage the shops and its employees.

Now I like to explain the Area or the shop managing structure. I'm doing my work experience in one of the Area stores; Tesco Rathmines Dublin 6.Tesco Rathmines have 75 employees with one store manager, one personal manager and five section managers. That section manager leads more than10 staffs at the time, also acts as supervisor and shift leaders. My duties in the Tesco Rathmines I'm working as assistance or hand man to any one from the staff members, and some times when goods supplied we have to fill the shelves and make sure the stocks enough and available to customers at anytime.

3, 4 Organisation Chart of Tesco Rathmines

Rath,Tesco Manager

Section Manger

Section Manger

Section Manger

Section Manger

Section Manger



Permanent workers of Tesco

Tesfahannes {ME}


3, 5 Internal Influence of the Tesco Ireland

The most valuable resource of this organization is its manpower. Tesco Ireland being the most profit making organization, most of its tasks are accomplished by its skillful staffs. From what I have found out more than 80% of the main activities and all the services given by the organization are performed by quality and quantity of appropriate managerial personnel.

Without the massive input of 13,500 in Ireland and 440,000 staff all over the world the day to day work of the organization would not be possible.

Well defined organizational structure and skilful leadership of the staff members.

Well defined work distribution. Especially in the place where I was working everyone knows his own responsibility and is trained to fulfill its duties

Due to appropriate allocation of the organization's financial resources, the organization's physical resources and well planed projects, Tesco has made huge profits and a difference in the lives of its staff and people living in Ireland and worldwide. This has really encouraged and motivated the staff to work diligently. Favorable working environment is the other important factor to boost up the man power of the organization.

Good communication skills among all the departments and admirable approach of the staff towards the customers.

3,6 WOT


The organisation Tesco strongly uses a well known product or group of products so that they can be easily recognized by their name or design and attracts the customer's eye. By keeping good relationship with its suppliers Tesco have a good reputation for its food in the market. Tesco is one of the world leading marketing specialists in the supermarket retail food business. This advantage gives the organisation more successful than others. The organisation financial resources cash and assets make Tesco shops at the primary locations and customers attract and can be choose from a wide range of others. The most very important in business the organisation internal and external communication even with its suppliers is one of its best strengths.


The biggest weakness of Tesco is high cost on goods. The other part of Tesco weakness is by introducing new product giving name {Tesco} with out any decorates and design specially alcohol dirks and such as meat, vegetables, or milk products.


The company has successfully innovated new products and services locally and internationally. As well customer services, retail operations, supply chain management; logistics development and internet grocery delivering over 150,000 individual customers order every week locally and international. Tesco's biggest opportunities than the others the company's marketing straight to the world, by expanding its market and service around the world, this help and cover its decrease business in some Regional by the other regional shop or stores. For example when the business decrease profit in Ireland, then the company can cover and adjusts its income from the USA or South Korea. This is the best option in a particular situation the company's opportunity to compete others in the food retail business.


At present the World and Ireland facing financial and economical crisis. Because of this fact a major weakness of credit and loan service to the public. Even many companies announced that it would cut thousands jobs as part of an economy drive and a way to save money. The financial service provider looked their doors and the public careful use of money in order to spend less money. There are two supermarkets providing lower in price in Ireland than you expected but it's a new brand. So the consumer forced to shift towards those two supermarkets.

3.7 The General Environment Factors {PEST}

The Economic

The economic factors of the general environment depend on the economic system of the country in which the organisation functions. In the republic of Ireland, the economic system is based on the principle of capitalism. For all organisations and Tesco Ireland general economic conditions directly influence labour and raw materials costs as do the monetary and fiscal policies of the government. During time of inflation for example many firms are forced to pay higher prices to acquire the raw materials they need. They also must pay rising maintenance costs and utility bills. On the top they are also subject to external pressures to hold the line of the prices they charge customers. Unemployment rates also affect managerial actions. Interest rates which are strongly influenced the organisation and they affect the buying power of he consumers. Finally the economic conditions in which the organisation operates have significant impacts.

The Technological Factors

Anther major component of the general environment is the technological factors. Although technological processes may be carried out within the organisation, the nature and availability of the technology usually comes from the general environment. The rate of technological breakthroughs in recent years has been extreme grow. In just 30 years we have seen the advent of computers, lasers and other wonders. Presently computer assisted manufacturing for example in some firms or plants robots run the entire automated shifts with little or no human intervention. An organisation must pay careful attention to the technology factors of their general environment and monitoring current developments to make decisions about investing in new technological breakthroughs.

The Social Factors

The social and cultural factors of the general environment are made up of the customs, moral values of a particular group or the society in which the organisation functions. The social factors processes are important to organisation because they indicate the products, service and standards of conduct that the society is likely to value. In Ireland for example status is important to many people and the may be willing to pay premium price for an Irish products. Anther aspects of the social factors are that it influences how employees feel about their organisations.

The impact of social factors changes on organisations can be perhaps best demonstrated by noting recent change that have obvious implications for management. Social and geographic mobility have increased dramatically. The shape of the market, the ethics of political influence and attitudes in the work force are only a few of the many ways in which culture can affect an organisation. The important point is that is that the organisation like Tesco should be alert to such effects and to social cultural variations from place to place.

The Political-Legal Factors

The political-legal factors of the general environment are important for three basic reasons. It imposes certain legal constraints on organisation; the extent to which it is anti business significantly influences the organisation policy. And its stability is an important factor in long range planning. First the legal system partially defines what an organisation can and can not do. For example regulatory agencies define acceptable levels of profit; organisation is not allowed to maximize profits or to invest excess funds in other business. The government and safety department require all firms to provide safe working conditions, to hire and promote with no discrimination, to protect the environment and so on. Finally political stability has ramifications for long range planning activities. There is no company or organisation wants to set up business in any country unless the countries choosing by the organisation have fair and stable political and legal conditions.

The International Factors

A final component of the general environment for many organisations is the international factors. At a more modest level a growing number of organisations are just beginning to export their products and are experimenting with using a foreign agent or a few sales officers. Even organisations that do business in only one country may face foreign competition at home.

3,8 Porter Five Forces


An organisation's competitors are other organisations that compete with it for resources. The most obvious resources that competitors for are customer money. Tesco, Dunstore, Aldi and Lidl are competitors. Competitive relationships are usually complex. The organisation should be alert to the competitive environment and careful not oversimplify the information about it that flows in to the organisation. Check price by reading its newspaper advertisements or by sending someone to store to inspect price tickets. Other kinds of information may be more difficult to obtain. Research activities, new product developments and future advertising campaigns, for example are often closely guarded secrets.

Customer or power of Buyers

The market concept suggests that the primary goal of every organisation should be customer satisfaction. The customer is the person who pays money to acquire the organisation's product or service. In many cases, however the chain of transaction is more complex. If the customer do not get full service for the product he or she buying, they will shift the next time to other company have a good service and better customer communications. The power of buyers is the most important in the business. Also customers are very sensitive to price even a little.


Suppliers provide resources for the organisation. Anther kinds of suppliers provide capital needed to operate the organisation. Banks, stockholders, lending agencies and other investors are all suppliers of capital for business. In the food industry most organisations especially Tesco try to avoid depending exclusively on particular suppliers. The strategy of Tesco use to gain control of key supplier or suppliers.

Dealing with supplier is an important task of management. It is wise to maintain good relationships with suppliers and to avoid dependence by establishing a network of suppliers for the various resources the organisation need to function.

Threat of New Entrant

The EU and Irish government legislation encourages competitive market. But the new entrants have many problems to access to supplier because the existing organisations have loan time agreement to supply. For example Aldi and Lidl forced to introducing new brand and most of their suppliers are outside Ireland. The other fact in the Irish market is, the population of this country is very small to come other supermarket to Ireland. Therefore they are big threat to Tesco by any mines and Tesco open on eye always.

Chapter 4 Conclusions

Business management and marketing managements are all about business or how do you do business with lawful manner for those activities of making money by producing or buying and selling goods, or providing services and so far so good I have learned from this assignment business in the Republic of Ireland has changed dramatically with a vast amount of new legislations over the last decade.


My recommendation to Tesco a big organisation is very little, because the time I had worked is few weeks and the luck of access to the managements. However in this short time I have learned the Tesco brand in all product people or customer do not like them. The organisation should deign and change packaging system. And they should look in the price with the down turning the country economic.

Chapter 5 Bibliography

Chapter 6 Appendix