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Change in management is conventional. Many people are trying to avoid the changes in management but they cannot stop the changes. If we look back to 50years, we can make out many changes- people, technology, tax, automobiles and so. No one can break out the changes in their life. The changes are not taking place in years, it is occurring in day to day life. It is important that how we are control these changes. We should manage well according the particular changes, this leads to the development in our company and it leads in development in profits and good growth in organisation. If we manage the changes poorly, the will be in bad position and may fall the profits down. So, changes are good but one should utilise it properly.

Leaders and managers put their efforts in making the changes in management. It is

Their responsibility of making changes and it is a part of their work. Some are very good in their hard work, while others are struggling a lot but­­­­­­­­ facing the failures.

The change occurs often in the jobs, places, products, IT technology and etc. The challenges in this organisation are increasing more and more.

In this organisation there are two types of work:

One is normal deliver admission and another is changes activities. In the normal deliver admission the main business of the organisation is done. And in change activities, necessary change will be done. The United States departments and organisations declared that the workspace is raised. The wok hours may increases and the job sharing may become trendier since the employees working after retirements also. Market conditions may also create changes in companies to bend and here the environment doesn't changes automatically like business. If the change occurs in environment, the organisation is responsible for it.

Task 1:

Taking Reliance industries as an example for an organisation change:

Profile of the Reliance Industry:

The Reliance Industries founded in India, by Dhirubhai Ambani in 1966. The Reliance industry is a commercial corporation. Reliance is India's largest private sector company in India. Its annual revenue is in excess of $28 billion. Reliance has pursued a tactic of incorporation such as, fibres, textiles, retails, plastics, petrol refining, oil refining, and gas investigation and invention. Reliance enjoys their success in the business organisation. Reliance Company is proud, that it in top five to ten companies in the world in producing the petroleum and petrochemicals. Reliance is the synonym of success. In March 2005, reliance won the "International refiner of the year" award. In twenty years history, reliance is the first company in Asia who won this award. After receiving this award reliance has the tremendous growth in business and moving front with lot of success. They though this is not enough for the organisation and making new changes and moulding their curve with great success.

Not only oil, gas and petroleum industries, reliance has another industry also which are running with a good success. They are,

Reliance is having the following industries.

1) Software industry.

2) Banking industry.

3) Venture industry

4) Cement industry

5) Automobile industry

6) Metal industry

7) Pharmacy industry

Reliance limited company was busy in building, expansion and significant projects in national wide and international wide. It develops a hefty project with medium size and large size and with capacity of 33,480 megawatts. This project consists of two-gas fired, seven coal-fired and seven hydroelectric projects. Previous the reliance is known as reliance energy production limited and now it is altered to reliance power limited. Many customers don't know that the truth that the reliance power limited company is a part of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani.

Reliance limited company announced its first project has commenced its power generation. It has become the first thermal power point to start in the northern region.

Reliance has developed in inventing new business changes with in the last few years. Reliance Company has crossed 1.7 million process in just 2 years. Now Reliance Company has successfully running the insurance company. Insurance is very important to the in this organisation. Reliance Company plays a good role in insurance project. It has gone through the several changes which are very useful to the people. Insurance project includes life insurance, automobiles, accident insurance and theft insurance and so on. Not only the reliance insurance company there are many others insurance companies in India, reliance giving good competition to all these companies. It is a major insurance company in private companies. It always fulfils the customers profits and to their quires.

In just 10months reliance has launched 600 branches in India. It is one of the richest companies in India. And by its huge development and by its effort the reliance has certified. It is awarded a merit certificate in financial certificate by council for this fare business.

There are so many policies in reliance limited company which are as follows:

Child plan.

Group plan.

Investment plan.

Housing plans.

Protection plan.

Savings plan.

Retirement plan.

Reliance has quick and online process for customers for any insurance.

Reliance financial and deliberate review:

Finance is a depth business. This report provides a comprehensive sight in the companies. It is a key competition to many companies. Looking to its strengths and weakness this company are moving forward.

Reliance generates 940MW from its power stations located in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Kerala. Reliance plays a leading role in constructions and many technical products in India.

Recent developments in Reliance limited company:

Reliance power point in Andhra Pradesh.

Gas market margins.

Welding manufacturing plant.

In Reliance Company, initially trainees are in exposed process. They had given the sufficient time to the product knowledge and about the technical problems over the management. And for this particular practise they arranged a good trainer to make them perfect of their business process. \the thought of this company is, every employee should be initiative for every work. Each and every one is responsible for their success and as well failures. They may face very difficult to increase in the sales and distributions of the markets benefits, but with good concentration and eager ness is very important for every company. Reliance always follows these facts and they almost face the success than failure.

Reliance company perspective:

For growth in the organisation we need quality, health, safety, research and development and human resource development and so many views. Reliance believes that any business can be success when they are honest, trust, responsibly, fairness and main thing is respect towards the customers as they are very important.


Task 2:

Drivers of changes:

The most significant drivers of the changes are globalisation and technology. The countries are divided by attitudes in their organisation for the new technology. It is a process, moves in different places in a different ways. In last 10to 5 years the communication technology and information was cheaper and fast. Global Corporation depend on technological reformation to amplify their effectiveness. So, the technology is driven by the organisation.

Two factors of changes are significant, first significant change is industrial powerhouse in the region. And major significant change is random-access memory, personal computers and mobile phones.

Competition and competitiveness:

The main thing is, the drivers creating more competition in the organisational environment. The main process is to struggle the good changes in business, profits, new products and giving competition to the other companies. The business holders use the different strategies to improve their performances. Reliance industry moves forward with careful steps for their business profits.

The following are some functions followed by reliance limited company:

It has its own resources.

It has good market power.

It has a good behaviour towards emulator and other economic agents.

Its capability to become accustomed the changes.

Its capability to create new markets.

Institutional environment provided by government.

Main driven change- The leadership challenge:

To construct or to modify any changes in business and to make any other improvement in business organisation, leader should be important. A person who has the leadership qualities, make a team as a unique to work for the best result and look over the changes what ever it may be, either failures or success. Every company and every team, a leader is must to look over the changes and benefits of the company. Leader must transfer the organisation regularly to deliver reasonable advantages. Where the organisation changes are very frequently, they may cause risks and it may hard from all the directions. The new type of changes is more tricky and composite.

Employees are more educated, more questioning and easily understanding the

Change in organisation. The leader should take the responsible for the people.

If the leader is not responsible for the changes and not looking for the improvement

We should consider them as weak leaders. Reliance limited company will also take

Care about the small changes, because these small changes may cause a huge damage for the company. They select a well communicated and experienced person as leader to the management organisation and who able to trine the employees in a perfect manner. Reliance has a huge improvement in the management for every year. The graph of the reliance is increasing frequently.

Fresh approach for the organisation:

To understand the changes in organisation, they must focus on the people's skill, behaviour and commitment to deliver successful execution. To achieve the

The successful business, they must be commitment in people and willingness to do the change.

The generation improvement is the main driver for the changes in the organisation.

Hence our culture, education and habits are changing according to the generation.

Reliance industries inventing new changes which are benefit to the people and they are looking for new changes which mix-up with the environment. Reliance petroleum and gas products are very quality based and we know that many customers using the reliance products.

It is also looking for mobile phones. In this commercial world so many people are facing problems in finance. Reliance Company inventing new mobiles phones which costs low budget, for a suitable cost with many offers. All over the country, people mostly preferring the reliance products.

For good production and development in organisation, they are feeding in school-levels and graduate level about the languages like java, C, C++ and so on. So that after they recruited in some companies they may not face any issues about these languages. They are very important in business management. After they recruit the employees they again train the important knowledge for particular project.

Key driven changes in reliance infrastructure:

Reliance infrastructure is on the track. They are about 100million worth infrastructure are planned in coming next seven months. This company also planned for 2 road projects with worth of eight billion in Tamil Nadu, this company also made agreement with Maharastra communications regarding their project which has linked up with those places. The company sees a 160 billion from central sector, including some projects in Rajasthan and Maharastra. The company is currently executing 730km of road projects.

With the wide changes and hefty projects the reliance company has reached to high standard. Currently it is busy with different projects and oil, gas business. Not only in single field, has it had various groups and big organisation which are running with good success.

Network performance:

Once it is separated, the utilities were expected to exceed, and whether it is equal, the network is recorded under the nationalised ownership. The managers publish the systems performance data to the companies. These data were used by the shareholders and city inventors whether it is right or wrong, to improve the company performance since there is a more publicity for their company performance data. At the same time, the separated applicability was looking to make operations expenditure savings wherever possible. The control room is very important for every business distributions.


Task 3:

Corporate governor is the set of policies, law, and customs and so on. The corporation maintains the relationship with the stakeholders. These stakeholders includes employees, suppliers and big community. Corporate governance is a multi-faced subject. The corporate main target is to provide a certain individual to the organisation through mechanism to reduce the principle agent problems. The main impact of this governance is economic efficiency.

These are key principles of the changes in management in Reliance Company:

Key elements of good organisation needs honey, trust, openness, performance, orientation, liability and reliability, common indulgent and assurance to the organisation. In particular, a senior executive conducts themselves honesty and decently especially in the financial report.

Common principals are:

Right and equitable treatment of shareholders: Organisation should respect the rights of stakeholders and help them in these rights. They should help the stakeholders about the communication and encourage them to participate in general meetings.

Interests of other stakeholders: Organisation should understand the interests of the stakeholders.

Roles and responsibilities: Organisation should take the responsibility for the changes in the business management. It should look over the management in the business and look the efficiency of work.

Reliability and ethical performance: It needs to be sufficient size and have an apposite level of dedication to fulfil its responsibilities and duties.

Confession and precision: Organisation should illuminate and make widely known the role and responsibility of shareholders.

Not only oil and gas products reliance limited company making changes in entertainment purpose also. It newly constructed Add labs, which entertain through the pictures and shopping complex, which provides groceries, mobile phones, textiles and home need. Coming to the mobile phones Reliance Company has good profit and it is improving day by day. And reliance has a many branches in many places all over in India. Reliance has a good achievement in all organisations.

Management accounts:

Managing the finance is big headache to the companies. Though, they are achieving big success and good profit in income. They should manage the finance accordingly to their profits. For this purpose reliance has arranges a separate team for financial accounts. They should arrange the experts in accounts and also they need to be truthful and good communicated. Not only reliance company every company follows the same policy. Sharing the amount and salaries to employees every thing happens under the chief manager to that company.

Budget and financial control:

Every business should plan ahead for successful business. They should manage their budgets accordingly to their products. Plan should be done perfectly to avoid the future problems or just check for the finance availability for your business idea. Make the map for your business and plan the finance. If the finance exceeds the planned finance account you should take careful steps further for your successful business.

Annual account preparation:

If the finance report is ready, plan for annual account. Meet the report of the requirement of the stakeholders, company house and third parties such as banks and suppliers. The accounts will be prepared promptly in highest standards in accordance with Generally Accounting Acceptance principles it is well known as GAAP. Not only to look these opportunities for tax, business purpose. It may be useful to make your life easier.

The resistance range of reliance is still managed to stay profitable with gross profit of $354 million. Reliance Steel and Aluminium Company involves in automating and housing. It is the metal processing and distribution centre in North America [1].

Metal service providers will buy the raw metal in bulk from mill and after process their sells to manufacturing in the large amount. The reliance company buys the raw material and its makes different shapes or make a different treatment before selling to the customer. It will have high revenue in shaping the raw material in to plates, rods, tubes, bars and while other sales goes on heated materials, hot-rolls and cold rolls. There are ten thousand different metals produced in more than 200 places globally.

Business overview:

Reliance Steel and Aluminium Company is a mediator between the raw material suppliers and the customers. The raw materials suppliers cannot make any changes in the metals and them unable to do that process. But reliance do the changes according to the customers order. It has a good reorganisation in the customers. Daily they are getting thousands of orders in each place globally. The revenue is very high and though there is a huge demand for the company.

Business finance:

Reliance company revenue is $8.2 million and net income is $482.78 million in 2008. The annual income is increasing for every minute and has a great achievement. It becomes the one of the top company in global organisation. In reliance company there is more recruitments as employees are not enough for the projects. It has a high demand in the market.

Reliance requires building organisation. It has an idea to make ensure about this company they thought to have an institute and for economic development. Taking this as initiative many company looking for the same idea. This company is looking all ways to feel comfort by the customers. They respect to the customers demands and needs and do according to their needs. Reliance Company dealing with big projects, it may difficult to deal. And at the same time it is also expecting good success and good revenue as well. And only success reliance has faced many failures too. By rectifying their problems they tried to improved and solve the problem. Even facing many problem reliance moved forward without any regression.


Task 4:

Reliance money:

As a part of reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is a comprehensive group of finance services and solution provides. Providing the customers, with access to justice, wealth management services, mutual funds, and life and general insurance and gold coins. Customers can also avail loans, credit cards, money transfer and changing services. The average on the daily volume of stock exchange is 3000 crores with approximately 4% of stock exchange volume.

Reliance is one of the India's leading company and fastest growing private sector Finance Services Company.

Reliance mobile trading portals:

First finance services offering- in both executives and commodities. Across mobile platforms and independent of handset.

Mobile applications are freely downloadable across all telecom operators and mobile technologies.

Service to offer features- contract information, add scripts, delete scripts and report.

Volantis, Wipro and Technova are partners of the reliance mobile company.

At the time of reliance textiles IPO, participation in Indian capital markets is largely limited to small but influential elite which played in a handful stock.

In the events, the reliance IPO was unlikely success. Against all odds, Ambani managed and convinced to put the money and to trust the company. The Ambani has improved the business step by step. As a chairman he developed a lot and made a many changes. Though he faced failures some times, he realised and immediately

took the actions.

Today, reliance limited company with the communication services has a 20 million subscribers and offers the full range of telecom services with low prices, any where in the world.

The reliance communication started laying 60,000 route kilometres of India fibre active backbone. This backbone was commissioned on 28th December 2002. Reliance has a reliable, high capability, and good products. These were impressed by customers and achieved great success in every product. After so many issues and problems its identification reached to high levels.

Procedure for accessing the acceptability in changes and in principles:

The assessment procedure recognized, on the based on the following principles.

Understanding the production process and quality control methods.

According to the manufacturing, reliance is on National control authority of country.

Focusing on the complaints from the customers.

Random checkups are held unexpectedly on the vaccines.

National control authority plays a major role in the system. World health organisation requires the general information the manufacture of the companies and products.

Producer provides the information as a part in the manufactured goods file and also through site visit. If the producer is not willing to give the information, the world health organisation discuss with the producer and the company members and deal successfully. However, the world health organisations reserves right to terminate the assessments, if at any time they came to know the information is not provided correctly to make further assessments effectively.

World health organisation, with a product files containing information with the following steps:

Symphony of formulation.

Design of production services.

Organisation map of the company.

Duplicate of the applicable desires for fabrication.

Staff for production, quality centre and quality assurance unit.

The particular company must need the National control authority original copy.

Before itself they should show the list, where they are going to release the vaccines.

They should provide the flowchart for products in detailed and in well explained manner.

Detailed explanation of the quality control method used through the product and this should include a sufficient categorization of starting material.

Quality circumstance set dissimilar stages for production method.

Employees' Liability:

Employee's liability is very important in each and every company. Without the involvement and unity of the company there will be no growth in future and in present situation. Presently there is huge competition in the market. To shoot the challenge only the company is not responsible the whole unit is responsible for that. Here business is a big family consist employees, the employees should deal the company issues as a family issues.