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In today's business environment globalisation plays a big role in every country's personal growth and it is an essential part for a country's economy. The stronger the economy the bigger the chances is for an entrepreneur, business owner or any form of organisation to grow to such an extent that it will be able to expand to other countries and form same part of strategy to introducing there product or service to the world. In today's business environment the most popular approach is for strong companies to merge and use all available recourses to charge the global business world. In this assignment

1) Analysing, discussing and reviewing globalisation as the main objective

1.1) Definition of globalisation

Globalisation can be simply defined as a free movement of capital, labour, ideas, products and services. One of the most important aspects in Globalisation is that it is a combination of certain process and procedures that leads to the increasing of global connectivity and integration between nation-states.

1.2) Going global (Globalisation)

Today's business environment is very jam-packed with all sorts of new product developments and existing product lines, to make an impact in any industry you will have to be very creative and unique. Entrepreneurs, existing organisation and business owners is all in the game for one thing and one thing only and that is for Growth, to go global, expansion because that can lead to profitability and high personal satisfaction. According to most researches globalisation is not a choice if any one wants to survive, growth and adaption is there only tool needed in there survival kit, basically 80% of globalisation is driven by technology and is one of the most important influences in globalisation.

1.3) Performance management

Managing performance correctly can lead to high sales margins and good productive productivity and that can show if you as entrepreneur, business owner or organisational manager has a capable and committed workforce. To be productive one must be positive and work in a healthy environment and that can lead to a match more effective and efficient outcomes.

1.4) Organisational behaviour

Organisational behaviour is manly driven by its employees it is about all of the organisational structures and movements. That can specifically show an outsider or manager if the organisation is handling its problems and it highlights the leadership capabilities of its managers and how they are influencing the company.

2) The significance and implications of globalisation

2.1) Differences between Globalisation and international Business

2.2) Supply chain management

The supply chain is manly created to show the path of the product or service from the beginning to the end all the process and procedures how everything came to life. In shorter words it means: The direction of materials, information and funds from raw material and supply to customer. If considering going global one must have a good Supply chain in place to make sure that you as the entrepreneur, business owner or organisational manager do not incur losses or fall behind on stock or debt. You as the Business man will not always be able to witness your products in the supply chain if you have a good one in place no mishaps can occur.

Customer network


2.3) Aspects that revolves around International trade

International trade consists of operations and even logistics the two most important aspects of international trade is international operations and economic connections. The operations meanly focus on importing and exporting goods and services (trade) and also the transferring of production factors, such as labour and capital, internationally. That happens between two companies etch working towards there own objectives and strategies. The logistics part of international trade is one of the most important aspects in today's business environment there is a lot more crime and many companies wants there foot in the pie robbing u from new opportunities and growth.

Here is same intrusting statistics that revolves around worldwide trade but in the manufacturing process.

2.4) Advantages of globalisation

Products and services are transported more effective and efficient

Business relationships between developing countries increases

Free trade increases between countries

Global media connects with everybody in the world

Cultural barriers decreases between countries

More opportunities develops

Interdependence of the nation stats increases

The economy of a country gets stronger

The flexibilities of corporations in countries increases

Communication skills increases

Environmental protections in developing countries increases

3) Effects of globalisation working towards growth

3.1) Importing and exporting

Nike came up with an outstanding idea, Thy felt that it is very important to connect more with there customers if they which to go global. For Nike to go global thy have to have a big client tell in witch ever country they are expanding to, so they took the most popular sport available namely football and focus on them, making sure that there needs are met. Nike knew that to have all football players attention and interests thy will have to have the biggest name and quality available, there for establishing there brand into the footwear industry and creating global client tell.

3.2) Aspects to include and how thy implicate globalisation

Industrial Globalisation

Financial Globalisation

Political Globalisation

Informational Globalisation

Cultural Globalisation

3.3) The effects that Globalisation has on today's business environment



Greater trans-border data flow

Cultural imperialism

Trade between nations has become huge

International Cultural exchange

Greater international travel and tourism

World-wide trends and fashions

Improvement in standard of living

Greater market access for firms

4) ICT (information communication technology)

4.1) Aspects that influence ICT

ICT can be very beneficial for a growing organisation and if a business owner wants to go global but there are a couple of aspects to consider before implementing such a big system. ICT is very helpful in an organisation the employees is very effective and efficient if it comes to productivity but on the other hand it is not costumer friendly, it is very difficult for customers to adapt to a big system of this magnitude, but luckily employees is trained to work with this technology. There is always constant change in technology so than influences the communication process so information sometimes gets lost so you can say that there is an information communication problem and that can lead to miss direction and inconclusive perspectives. ICT is manly there to improve on all processes so that if you want to globalise you will be able to have all the correct recourses at your disposable.


5) International growth and limited managerial capacities with its problems

5.1) Government restrictions

Every country has its own governmental restrictions and that can pose a threat for entrepreneurs, business owners or organisational managers if thy want to globalise there business. Tax conditions differ from country to country and every country depends on there own economy to keep there county alive and ready for any negative implications. Some governmental official limits importing, because it poses a threat to the country's own economy, rather purchase domestically and in force exporting that will lead your country to more internal growth and good expansion.

5.2) International growth and trade

Globalisation has become inevitable, all countries primeds same level of foreign trade although same primed more then other. Most governments has conclusively decided that global trade and investment can benefit there country's and there people. Private companies have also realised that the best opportunities for growth and profits often comes from outside their own countries.

6) Globalisation leads to improving productivity and profitability

6.1) Growth strategies and industries

Internal growth strategies

New product development

Other product related strategies

International expansion

External growth strategies

Mergers and acquisition


Strategic alliances and joint ventures


6.2) The impotents of managing growth

Businesses needs growth, with out growth there will be no increasing of volume, profits, turnovers, employment and the business it self. It is very important to manage growth if not managed correctly it can lead to the pursuing of the wrong opportunities.

After highlighting that one can ask the question. Why do organisations need growth?

To achieve economies of scale

To achieve strategic control through increasing market share

To employee morale in a growing organisation

If you don't grow someone else will

6.3) Potential implications of globalisation

There are a couple of implications to focus on when globalisation and growth is on the table like the following: Not planning for or not managing growth, it can be a big problem if the company or organisation is growing faster than the market or industry and lastly not having enough resources to handle growth. To make sure that not one of those things happens one must plan for potential growth and you do that with the following six steps: Step 1 you assess the environment, Step 2 you clarify and define the vision, objectives and goals, Step 3 you formulate and implement strategies, Step 4 you test for consistency's, Step 5 you start with the implementation process, Step 6 you start receiving feedback on all your success.

7) Ansoff's model and main purpose

Ansoff's Model


Existing Products

New Products



Market Penetration

    Product Development    



    Market Development    


(Johnson, Scholes & Whittington 2008:258).

The main purpose of this model is to categorise your product in to there own market. To globalise your product or service one must first see if there is a possibility for it to survive in overseas markets. All recourses at your disposal must be used to identify and categorise your product or service in to its own specific industry then and only then you can start by implementing global relations and procedures to implement the growth of your potential new industry.

8) Factors to consider in Growth

8.1) PESTEL framework

The PESTEL framework is created to categorise the influences in the Global business environment in to six main types: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal.

8.1.1) Political

Tax regulations can differ from countries

Every country has its own governmental restrictions

Some governments wants to nationalise banks and that can put a stop to growth

8.1.2) Economical

Growth is good for the economy

To go global can be very beneficial for all unemployed people

Overseas Business relationships develops

8.1.3) Social-cultural

The Chinese middle class is growing and it just reached 11,9%

Customer behaviour

The increasing of globalised relationships

8.1.4) Technological

In today's environment all running cars is making the use of fuels if we want to improve on the future we have to use your technology to create more alternatives.

8.1.5) Legal

Every country has its own law regulations

Etch country benefits from its own rules and should not measure them with a other country's

(Cammarata 2006)