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Staffing Organization has been defined as the process of Acquiring, Deploying Retaining the sufficient workforce with the right quantity and quality to create the positive impact to an organization's effectiveness.

The successful of an organisation depends highly on the right talents. Not only having the right talents, however retaining the talents is another factor for successfully achieves Mission, Goal and Objectives of an organisation.

The Importance Of Recruitment And Selection In An Organization

Recruitment has been defined as all practice and activities carried on by the organization with the primary role of identifying and attraction potential employees. [1] It is also refers to the process of attracting people who might make a contribution to the particular organisation. [2] 

The gist of both definition of recruitment underlines the ultimate objectives which are to identify and attract future employees.

Whilst selection is aimed at identifying most qualified from among those individuals.

Recruitment and Selection is a vital part in Human Resource and an essential tool for an organisation to achieve the goals and meet the demand in global marketplace. Best practice of Recruitment and Selection will minimize the risk to achieve business strategy and of incurring needless cost as follows:-

Business strategy can be jeopardized if people appointed are not capable to contribute efficiently,

Unnecessary expenses arise due cost of training and replacement of the high turnover of staff performs badly and leave employment.

Types Of Recruitment And The Selection Methods

In an organization, there are two ways of recruitment that can be opt for. Either internally among the current incumbents in the organization or externally from the raw job market place.

The Traditional Methods Of Recruitment And Selection

Ideally, we are so used with the traditional methods of the recruitment and selection; the traditional paper application form, the resumes and etc. The traditional method is differently with those who apply online and the organizations that using the modern approach of interviewing and selecting the candidates.

While the world is evolving, some hiring managers still value the face-to-face interaction and getting feel of how an applicant will perform in job. These are the list of the traditional method of recruitment and selection:-

Classified Advertising




Posting at the local notice board

Temp Agencies

The Problems And Factors Contributing The Failure Of Traditional Methods Of Recruitment And Selections

Traditionally, the recruiter success of hire, it is actually the ability to attract and influence the most suitable candidates in the market to fill up the vacancy. With the increase in the demand, there are just not enough hours in the day for the typical recruiter to deliver the numbers of applicants for each role advertised in the organizations. Therefore, some positions are remain unfilled and sometime been neglected.

The Rise Of The New Era In Recruitment And Selection

Few years back, when we wanted to recruit or search a candidate to fill up the position, we will simply post up the advertisement in the newspaper or online job boards or engaged the manpower agencies.

Nowadays, we tweet, update the status in Facebook, mention in the online forum to let others know about the opening.

That's it, welcome to the social media recruitment!

2.0 The Social Media

Social media can be defined as collaborative online applications and technologies that enable participation, connectivity, user-generated content, sharing of information and collaboration amongst a community of users.

Social Media has become a phenomenon and therefore, the benefits have been fully utilised in the recruitment and selections. Social recruiting is the process for job seekers and recruiters to search, converse, and share, engage and refer each other using social media, web based and mobile platforms.

2.1 Pros and Cons Recruiting via Social Media

Personally, I would think that the social media recruiting brings a fair distribution of the advantages and disadvantages to an organization.

The advantages:

Huge talent pool - Facebook has more than 400 million users and almost 50% of them log in to the website every day, globally. Not only the numbers, are the target audience across the cultural, geographic boundaries and representing an entire breadth of talents.

Fast & Cost Effective - with the increase user of Facebook or Twitter, the response towards the job opportunity can be fast and at the same time, the cost for social media recruiting is relatively low and often free. A big advantage to especially a small start up organizations.

Personal referrals -

Access & ability to build up relationship with actual employees

Office culture sneak-peek

The disadvantages:

Documentation problems - Digital formats are difficult to keep track of. A n organization could land themselves with lawsuit for not observing the proper recruitment procedures.

Possibility of discrimination -

2.2 Social Media Recruiting Strategies

The success stories of Social Media across industries have been successfully documented and it is a signal to organizations for the best's reason to engage in recruitment. For the organization that has not engaged the social media yet, the risk becoming less competitive and irrelevant at cost. The classic tactic of posting the employment opportunity at community board and road show at the job fair, producing far more individuals who are far less qualified. These activities can be supplemented with channelling with the largely free and reach more targeted candidates via social media.

It has been proven that the social media phenomenon is something that can't be simply ignored; it provides the entryways for talent across communities and platforms.

2.3 Best Practices for Social Media Strategies

Prior an organization or any individual launches their presence within any social networking sites, the process must be considered upfront. This is to avoid the failure letting up the qualified candidates due to unclear of the application process or the unprepared of the human resources personnel to overwhelming applicants.

Accept that the social media is just an extension of the current recruitment strategies and before turning on to the social networking sites, be prepared for the extensive additional volume of applicants.

Be sure of the appropriate site to engage in the channels. The social media has few sets of the expectations, i.e., the conversation, the response time and the availability of the recruiter to interact across networks. The target applicants that using the social media expecting the timely response from the recruiter.

An updated of the corporate website, complete with the signs of forward-moving trajectory and stories of the organizations' progress.

Though they are few more things to be considered, but it is not limited to anything that contributed to the success of the recruitment and selection.

The process of showcasing the organization doesn't take a blink of time. It requires time and effort. This approach serves as a platform for building a long term communication with the social media community to source the talents. Doesn't mean the traditional approach is not practical to be used, the social media however is a supplement to the current recruitment strategy.

2.4 Get Started, Get Ready

Social Networking has changed the face of the traditional resourcing process with lots of potential to make lives easier. It is also the tool for organization to screen the user's social media profile in seconds and will help to overcome the administrative burdens to compare and assess multiple applicants CV.

The paradigm has shifted. The concepts are also changed in the Talents and Acquisition from a "buyer's market" to a "seller's market". It is getting tougher to source the talent. The rise of the new era and the war of talents urged the organization to be part of the player in the Social Media recruiting without further delays.

3.0 Be One Of Them

With the recent economic meltdown, increases in most of production and operation cost, the organizations have started finding the alternative ways to source for candidates. The traditional methods of Recruitment and Selection, requires a lot of time spending before the suitable candidates have been identified. Further to the increasingly competitive global marketplace, there is fierce war for talent. So either we are part of the growing social media or we are just watching from

3.1 Social Media In Malaysia [3] 

The explosion of social media has been talked to most of people and to the organizations as well. Globally, social networking is the most popular online activity in worldwide with the most spent time on channels like Facebook and Twitter. Almost 90% of marketers use social media channels for business with 93% rate social media as important tool. And, 53% of employers search potential candidates on social networks.

64.7% of Malaysian use the internet and the Facebook is the most visited site with 75.5% and the social media is responsible for the 1/3 of the web-traffic. No doubt that social media is an extremely important platform for organizations to engage potential candidates

3.2 Social Media Rock the Recruitment World

Social media is a great component to expand the network, developing extensive pools of passive candidates, making connections, recruiting employees, and to search the scarce skill.

These are the reasons to support the organizations to opt for social media recruitment success:-

Developing social connections - Facebook, Twitter, Myspace are much more fun than the professionally oriented networking sites. Been set up for target for young people, mature professional has increasingly populated and joining them. In fact, they are the fastest growing segment of new participants for the social media site.

Space to interact - The future employees or candidates want to have a communication and also to let the employers know on how to better serve them. The fair opportunity is encourage in order for continuous improvement.

Establishing the organization presence on significance social media sites - every organization should have presence in the social media sites. It is in a way of promoting and letting the raw job market place know the existence of the organization.

Find candidates for jobs - Asking the current employees to broadcast the available positions into their network. This is another way to search the passive candidates who may not be actively seeking work. In the social media site as well, the extensive recruiting network can be developed especially for the potential employee with skill that will be increasingly scarce.

3.3 Leaving Footprints in Globally Digital

4.0 The Significance & The Impact to Organizations

4.1 Diversity

4.2 Changing the landscape of Malaysian

4.3 Hurting Recruitment Industry

4.4 Ticking Bomb

5.0 Suggestion to Organizations

- Control of Public Disclosure

- Reference Check