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An organization is an entity within which we find different persons that maintain relations and interact between them to attain goals. Thereby, an organization livens up that grace to human resources, its animations; dynamics consist to make the organization to move forward, where born the notion of the Managing of the Human factor. Behind all these, there is an element important called "Internal Structure", allow to elaborate the development strategy and the coordination the activities of an organization. Moreover, it is in this perspective that we will approach the dimension and the implications of the structure of an organization.


The main objective of this paper is to discuss about the Human Resources as a Factor of Productivity while considering the environment in which evolves organization. Principally, the management of the Human Factor involves multi dimensions, it is very complex, it interacts with many corporality, which are in constant progress and things are subjects to change. Thus, organization is obliged to conceive a structure that frames not only the employee and it must allow the organization to benefit.

Organization cannot exist without staff; it would be an unconceivable idea. The staff of an organization constitutes the strategy of the organization; in fact, the quality and efficiency of enterprises depend largely on the capacity and competence of their staff. By any evidence the human resources is a key factor and the internal structure constitutes an element important for its management. Thus, it is imperatively necessary for the organization to grant a steady attention on its personal, value it, while integrating everyone into the active life of the organization in a common plan and strategic so that they can feel at home and give the best of them. The framework in which it evolves must necessarily boost its development and improve its performance, to arrive at the expected results.

"A large body of research has documented that the way in which a firm's human resources are managed is important for its competitiveness. This is especially important, as a firm's employees can provide one of the most important sources of competitive advantage" (Barney & Wright, 1998; Guest, 1997; Lado & Wilson, 1994). Each person within the organization has responsibilities and tasks, the need to manage the staff is an important element for an organization, and it constitutes a key factor. The Human factors as Man have aspirations, desires, and expectations and emit emotions, which imply the followings factors Human and Social. The environment socio-economic, technological change rapidly, thus, organization must revise its plan and have a management dynamic. Practice a politic that integrates the maintenance of employees, create new opportunities, promote human values and develop further plan.

The strategy of the organization is defined through its resources and it cannot be attained its goals and objectives without them. Thus, the implementation of the structure is fundamental in the management of the staff, it consists to define the backbone of the organization and on the way, and the resources will allocate. It must be flexible, give the capability to respond to the change and based on creation an adequate working environment. The harmonization of relations, coordination tasks, sense of responsibility and responsiveness, and assessing the requirement and the ability of the human resource.

Since the organization's needs evolve, it needed to innovate and bring some changes, thus it will have to find dynamism integration of its resources and to attain its objectives and goals and to adapt to the environment. It is not as easy to operate them, because it implies making changes at the operational structure of the organization, this requires a modification and a break with the tradition and continuity practiced within organization. It is clear there will be repercussions and high impacts in particular on the staff, which could be negative or positive. This is a crucial step in the existence, and survival of the organization. In addition, could reveal the weakness of the human factor.

Staff of an organization, considered as the engine, major part of projects of organization involves human factors. Moreover, human factor is always reticent to the changes, for fear of not having the ability to face up. These involve risks, because an organization is other one than communication inter individuals, thus, the major parts of projects of an organization is executed by its staff. Many things might happen and destabilize organization, for example we can confront risk of misinterpretation, innovation or change within the organization, do not put employee where it should be there. These factors can push employees to the demotivation, create unhealthy atmosphere, prevent the organization from carrying out, implement its development project, and make changes.

"Idea for an organization, keep spirit of pioneering and development" (Nicolas, 2010). It is very essential for an organization, and it cannot do that through its staff. Therefore, put the employee in comfortable position and makes it feel which it does is important and plays a great role in the development. Promote participation, involvement, freedom to accomplish its duties, and development individuals. These factors are very important, because the environment will give more perspectives to the employee to produce, they do not limit the ability of the employee, it will know its strengths and weaknesses and they could feel more comfortable. It will be on more and beneficial for the organization because the employee develops their skills and bring greater contribution to the organization.

Find a way to exploit these is a fundamental point. Thereby, integration, training, and caring for people, and training have to be the direction. Integrate it in all dimensions, it is a good thing, it will not fell excluding, but rather it will have the sensation that the organization is its own. At this moment, it will give all and will fight for the survival of the organization. Training align to the side of development individual, staff must be update to meet the requirements. Organization is subject to innovate, environment is very dynamic, and changes are constantly taking place. Because more the staff follows training programs, it will acquire much more knowledge and it will be more capable of facing the future requirements. Thus, training should be an integral part of the development plan of the organization.

To avoid frustrations and adapt to the environment, make it feel that the organization is its family, and there is a stability of employment, it is necessary to build training plans, which can help to frame employee. It will be increased its performance, knowing its weaknesses, it is certain it will work hard, and these plans will definitely help to advance and to improve its performances. Moreover, coaching, supervising the staff represent a source of stability for organization, keeping your staff is a good thing, it is a source of reliability, and otherwise the organization will be in the obligation to recruit to fill a steady outflow. Organization has an agenda it is likely that it will be disturbed and it will delay.

"People as raw material confronts human service organizations with several critical issues" (Strauss, Suczeck and Wiener, 1985). Consider your staff, it is another thing of motivating, show it, which it is not alone, and stay close. Organization will always be there for it, and will always come to its rescue. Organization considers like another family for the employee; support of the organization is always important and will have a positive effect on employee. The personal life of employees has an incidence on work, so it is important to support them, providing support moral, financial would be largely appreciate.

Life of an organization depends of communication, it is very important and has a major impact on the structure of an organization, it is like water that constitutes about seventy percent of pound of human body, it consider as the blood of an organization. "Communications are essential to keep our entire organization functioning at maximum levels and to make the most of our greatest management resource our people" (Hersey, 2006). Whatever the size of an organization small or large, we need to communicate daily. Employees interact between them, they share and exchange informations. It is very essential and has many processes, it has to be coordinate and require some understanding between different groups that interact to be effective.

Thus, it is necessary to develop a good, honest and free communication inside the organization, develop a canal, which allows facilitating the flow of information to pass the objectives and goals of the organization, define clearly results expected, to pass instructions, to give directions, to persuade employee and congratulate staff when it made a good work. There are positive attitudes in communication, they help to keep staff motivated, and have a very good working environment. In short, it constitutes a vital tool for organizations; staff will provide a better work because it will feel that the organization pays attentions to it, whereof, if we are using it well, it could contribute to the success of the organization.

It is also important to maintain a good relationship inside the organization. Keep contact with the staff, organize meetings on a regular basis to take their complaints, they will not feel isolated encourage them when they do something good, do not contents only to comment, when it committed a blunder. Let it know what you expect of it for a given time in terms of performance and result. Do not hesitate to reward and congratulate it, this will contribute to boost and to increase their performance. These kinds of attitude built a perfect harmony within the organization between the top and the bottom.

Since a group is never homogenous, therefore it is possible each employee has its interests and problems. Caring for employee is a part of social activity inside the organization. It includes a set of values such as unity, solidarity, dignity. Promote human well being, development confidence, hope, trust, and faith on the abilities of the employee, and provide adequate treatment. Implement programs which allow to the employee to expand their knowledge, and offer opportunity in function of the performance of the employee, this encourages development and individual growth and very beneficial for organization.

"Organizations exist to enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things." (Theodore, 1991). This proves that man can reach inconceivable dimensions and surpass itself when it finds on tempting framework, favorable atmosphere. These kinds of thing can lead to improve the capabilities of the employee and to put it in confident, they will bring a very larger contribution whole having positive effects on the mindset of employee. At this time, it will feel reassured and will be in better position to provide significant outcomes and huge productivity.

As we have mentioned, to every employee its needs, designing appropriate structure including every group of profile inside the organization to bring an adequate response, some employees have financial problems, some employees have family problems and others have with the workplace. For the financial, organization must be able to help it by providing financial support such as grant it a loan. For the second point, money cannot resolve the problem sometimes employee cross a veritable crisis which affects its mindset. Every single day, it occupies its mind; employee will not provide performance at work. In this case, we must necessarily accompany the employee, talk to it would be a good thing to try to penetrate it, and we will catch what it has really. Having family problem is not a small matter that can reduce the ability of the employee and even ruin its career.

Some employee may not like his position or the department at least it evolves, if we don't talk to it, we will not know. This may affect his capacity for example it may not be the proper place. Remember that, nowadays organizations tend to diversify, and environment is very dynamic, thus, we are performing changes within the organization such as modify structure of a department, change of leader. This may have impacts on employees, they can feel uncomfortable with his co-workers, fill stress because it could think of losing of job, demotivate. This requires a dialogue to know employees' thoughts, and what response to bring.

As we have specified, organization consider as a Family for the employee because it pass the major part of his time at the organization. Therefore, it is necessary to treat well it, conceive programs fit to meet their requirements and needs, ensure that employee conciliate his work and his family life. It is a very good thing for the sustainability of the organization; it allows maintaining some stability, and develops a sense of belonging in the thoughts of each employee. They will have in mind that they do not work not only for the well-being the organization but for them too. Since they will understand that organization take care of them, it ensures of their development and progress. Thus, it is a great weapon in management of human resources, it helps to keep your staff as long as possible, to keep staff happy, and increase motivate and satisfaction.


"Its primary focus is on growth and employee development…it emphasizes developing individual potential and skills" (Elwood, Olton and Trott 1996). The essential concern of an organization will be the elaboration and the control of a strategy of development to attain its goals and objectives. In the other hand, whatever the structure and the system of management applied, the success of the organization will be the measure of the motivation, performance, and knowledge of its staff. Therefore, it is obvious for an organization to create a working adequate environment and design an effective and flexible structure. It has to help to adapt to the environment changes and focused on a dynamic communication, which encourage the development and building a good relationship within the organization.

Defined as pillar of an organization, "individual", we have to develop programs susceptible to improve its ability, and include social factors. Grant a good treatment and attention supported in case of need to the staff. Favorite the social promotions (caring for employees,), integration, active participation, maintain link between employees, ensure a good coordination, stay close and always available to listen to them. Show it that it is an important and its implication brings a vital synergy to the organization. Thus, it is very important for all organization to create a frame, which will allow not only accompanying the staff in its initiatives and favorite its development.

Since the progress of the organization depends largely of its human resources, this dynamism is very efficient and brings an add value to the organization. Freedom to act and create freely will enlarge the frame, this will facilitate to the organization to innovate and will constitute certainly a key point to success. The survival or the sustainability will pass by its staff and its success symbolizes the degree of performance, motivation through the structure implemented. The Staff plays a great role in the design of the structure and represents the first resources of the organization, so it deserves a particular attention and steady management.