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Thought to the over view of organization, company growth in year by year, a lot of company developed to be a big organization as well as developing a numerous of department. Actually, every single department will have their own purpose and work for the company, when a company usually to develop a new department, the company was growing. Human resource (HR) is the department of managing people, in every large firm will usually see this department. In commonsense told us, the job of human resource department is to handle all the employees and sending salary for them. In affect that, human resource department will usually being ignored from most of the top managers. Most of the top managers will lay stress on the finance department, marketing department, production and engineering department, because those department purpose is to help the company getting profit as well as building the company brand. If compare to human resource, those department are mainly work for the company externally which means their job will affect the company growth and the company view from the outsider. Not similar with HR department, their job is more on the internal company, so it bring the top managers only having a little care from this department. But, it doesn't mean that HR department is not important for the company, they are performing an important character for the company. In this assignment, we'll discuss about how important HR department for a company and how to let people more lay stress on HR department.

1.1 Human Resource

HR is a department that managing people and in the other word managing in staffing. The employees in this department must be require a talent of manage, the role of HR department is to hiring, staffing, training as well as helping the organization to manage the internal people by using a correct manner on they work. As the words of HR is to training and development for the current employee. HR department manage the employee behavior for the company to ensure that every employee will awareness the right manner on work, if people are not having a right behavior on their work, there will be affect the company productivity. Beside, the employee interview for a job in the company, the first department they will confront is the HR department. Therefore, before the top manager know the interviewee, HR department will filtering the best choice of persons and send the data for top manager to decide and hiring. The things that had being mention, is already shows that the important of HR, because by the best recruit of every employee in the company are selected by the HR department as well as provided training for them. Furthermore, HR department in charge on the job design of the company. In this issue, job design is absolutely important role of HR; it's reducing or overcoming job dissatisfaction and employee alienation arising from repetitive. If a large company working without job design, once the employee dissatisfaction on their job, the productivity of the company will being affect or even worse to facing the risk of employee turnover. Therefore, HR department will help the company to solve this kind of labour problem, if there are any labour dissatisfy on their job, HR department will find out the problem and manage to satisfy them such like a reward. In every issue, HR department will helps the top manager solving many kind of labour as well as internal company problem, in fact to the employee working more effectively and efficiency to increase productivities. So all of the issues show that HR department are same important to others department, it cannot be ignore.

1.2 The Perception of HR

Accordingly of the issue that many people still believe that top manage care little about HR compared to marketing, finance, production and engineering, for me is depend on the company. The other people looking for the perception of HR is not important than the other department is because HR works are processing intangible, compare to other's department their work are tangible, people can feel and see the output, that is why people will think that HR department are not important than the others. Actually, if the top managers are qualified, he or she will realize how important that HR is as well as won't just care little on it. A large organization wills not success when there is only the top manager work, there must have a strong team to help the company growth. Hence, the relationship between manager and staff must be united. Refer to the human relations, HR department will do helps them to treat and deal with each other in an organization. Therefore, the organization will process in friendly and it will be more efficient on their work.

1.3 The Way to Change

As we can see, HR department work on the important role in the company, in order to change the perception of others, they work should be list out. Every year of the company anniversary, the company can reward those best employees of HR department and let them share their testimony to other, so that more people realize that the operation of HR department. Using the chance to introduce how HR department training and development the company. Further on, the training program that provided by HR department, must be mention to the whole company. In an organization, training and development will always need. When HR providing the training program, the purpose of each department should be show for them in order to past the positive view to the company. This issue is very important; it will affect the whole company image, every single employee will follow the training to know the company process. Therefore, the important of HR shows again, the behaviour of every employee work for the company till to a great successful output, HR department are the first step to help them. Hence, manager and the other worker should know HR department will always follow up the entire employee in the organization, they have all the employee personal data, so if any problem from the employee, they can direct come to HR department, they will try to solve the problem. Even though, the salary and working environment problem, HR department will also responsibility to give more benefits to the employee, such like fund of retire, Socso, EPF, and all kind of benefits are preparing by HR, this is a protection movement for the employee. Base on the protection movement, every employee will be motivated when the company give benefit for them. Therefore, people should focus on this and look for the benefit of HR give. Beside of that, HR is the supporting department through to other, if the company not listed out the performance of HR, generally the performance will not show for the other. Actually, a lot of tiny task such like searching a right people to the right department, HR will carry on the entire personal task to the entire department. Nevertheless, the supporting from HR are helpful, so that people should notice the entire performing of the company, therefore will not necessary to show that which department is more important.

1.4 Conclusion

As a result, most of the department must have the fair manner from the top managers; there does not states that which department are important. The whole organization won't be running smoothly when one of the departments is not performing well, so all of the department should be having more care from the top managers. Review from the change of HR perception, the most important way is to show the main task and how HR works in an organization, therefore there will no other to looking down on this department. We believe that challenge between of the other department will make the department have the change to improve, but most important is the challenge of performing will help the company running more effectively and efficiently. No matter what department that you from, they are working with the same organization, so every department have to work together in order to make the company growing more successful.

Question 2

2.0 Introduction

The current firm being looked into is Olympia College. Olympia College is a mid-size college with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. It has six branches in Malaysia - namely Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor, Ipoh, Kuantan and Petaling Jaya. It offers courses like business, IT, hotel management, accounting and English. The college has been established since 1995 and currently employs about 300 individuals in various positions.

The college has a HR department in its headquarters in KL, which is headed by a HR Executive. She is assisted by 3 HR assistants, who deal in payroll, training, and administration. It is mainly an administrative department as most of the hiring is done by centre principals. In Group HR, the directors are the ones who do the interviewing, hiring and firing.

2.1 The Importance and Usage of the Job Description

Olympia College has pretty comprehensive job descriptions for all positions in the company. The job designation used as an example in the assignment is that of a Course Consultant. First of all what is a job description? A job description is a necessity that is provided by an employer who is providing any jobs to its employees. It is a list of the job's general task, functions or responsibilities of a specific position in the company.

It often describes the specifications such as qualifications and skills required for the job, the salary range and even to whom the position reports to. Hence the job description is an important document for an employee new to the company to ensure he is clear on what he has to do and what is expected of him. The job description is used as part of the orientation for the new employee when he joins the company.

Without a job description, it would be unfair to expect the employee to perform his best as he would be unsure what he is supposed to do. Even in performance evaluations, the job description is a basis for the evaluation. It will guide the employee to achieve the needs and goals of the organization.

Similarly, the job description is the basis for terminating an employee. When employee underperforms, the company will encourage him to improve by suggesting different ways and means. However, if after repeated opportunities to improve given, and the employee still doesn't, improve then he may be asked to leave. The termination will be based on the job description.

2.2 Job Description of the Course Consultant

Since we are working as Course Consultants we will now show the descriptions stated in our job description.

Job Title: Course Consultant

Section: Sales & Marketing

Reports To: Sales & Marketing Coordinator/Marketing Manager

Team: Sales & Marketing Staff

Employment Classification: Marketing

Primary Job Function

-Carry out planned external and internal Marketing activities

-Ensure effective follow-through in Marketing programmes to attract prospective students with the right entry qualification

Primary Responsibilities:

-Participate in all Marketing activities both internal and external ensure that they are effectively conducted.

-Ensure coordination and execution of Road Show activities:- work as a team to ensure minimum of 1000 coupons are obtained for creation and update to the database.

-Device marketing methods that REACH OUT to the MASSES and monitor progress against current marketing strategy organized by Management.

-Adhere strictly to Policies, Procedures, and Internal Instructions and Directives.

-Ensure that all information provided to the Public, prospects and students who enroll is accurate and correct.

-Provide advisory services to all parties on benefits of programmes organized.

-Continually update KISS on a regular basis with relevant data gathered from marketing exercises.

-Print out the Consultant's Day Follow-Up Records report from KISS for Team Leaders review.

-Ensure student activities are carried out to enhance image and our brand positioning.

-Ensure effective Customer Support Services and Complaint Management:- abide by the 24-48 hour turnaround time to solve issues

Additional Task:

-Assist in Budget and Finance Management of Sales and Marketing Office.

-Compliance and Documentation Control in Sales and Marketing Office.

-Other duties as assigned from time to time by your supervisor.

As can be seen from the job description stated above, it is quite comprehensive and detailed. It gives a clear idea of what a course consultant should do and also his relationship with different departments (refer to Appendix A). The goals that he must achieve are also stated clearly.


To improve on the job description, the following are suggested:

Description of the individual that is suitable for the position.

1) This includes describing the personality and temperament of the person. A course consultant should be outgoing, friendly and active. This is because the course consultant needs to go to roadshows, school visits, and so forth. In all these marketing activities, the course consultant will be coming into close contact with high school students and other young people. To attract these young people to join the college, the consultant must be friendly and chatty.

2) The course consultant's temperament should also be patient, talkative and helpful. This is because when prospects join the college, they will need all kinds of assistance and guidance. A patient and helpful consultant will make students happy with the service that they get.

3) The consultant should also be willing to put in long hours when necessary. During peak periods, the college will be going all out to recruit as many students as possible. This will require all consultants to put in longer hours of effort, and even work on off days like Sundays.

4) The consultant should also be the kind of person who welcomes challenges. It is a challenge to convince youngsters to join the college as competition is tough. Olympia College is competing against many big name colleges like Sunway, Taylor's and Inti which are situated in Ipoh and outside of Ipoh.

5) The consultant should also be motivated by money. Only when he is 'greedy' will he work hard to recruit as many students. That is the main Key Performance Indicator of a course consultant - to recruit as many students as possible for the college. The consultant will be happy with the commission that he will receive from his hard work.

2.4 Limitation of Job Application Form

While the job description is being look through we have also found out some limitations in the job application form that is very subjective and by improving that, the overall process from the job application form to the job description will be quite thorough in detail. To improve and also rectify the limitation the following are suggested:

The job application form should contain a specific column for the applicant's available time for the part time session, so with that provided the applicant can provide a semi-drafted work schedule and from there on the employer will be able to make a working schedule for the applicant much at ease after obtaining the available time of the applicant.

The job application's working experience column provides a slot for "Reason For Leaving" in this matter we would suggest to remove it or replace it with another slot namely as "experience gained during the period of service" rather than the reasons for leaving because it is a very subjective question and also the applicants may find a hard time in providing a truthful answer as the answers may be not be convincing. After changing to "experience gained during the period of service" applicants may find it easier to provide such information as they might have learned a thing or two while working in the former company and it will also provide extra support as competencies if there are a pool of applicants.

2.5 Conclusion

No doubt, that the job description is an important document for the employees because they help rate the performance that should be attained in the job and provide compliance plus fairness to the employees upon evaluation On the other hand after looking into the job description of a course consultant they have already provided sufficient information on what is the specific workloads and tasks that they are assigned to when they are to apply for that certain job; suggestions are also given in order to improve on the descriptions to enhance better compliance.

However there are no perfect setups or fine guidelines as to a firm or a job it constantly improves from time to time whether it's of their objective or workload they are forever changing because every single day they might be different tasks to be done or completed. Therefore it is best for a job description to first have its basic descriptions and also a few extras to state that they are additional tasks that may be needed to be carried out by the specific designation.