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HR management encompasses a vast array of disciplines - from HR information systems and talent management to HR transformation and business process outsourcing. The word planning suggests a course of action. And lastly, process is the method of operation. HR management should be examined from various angles, and as such we've provided a wide choice of topics to explore from the best experts in change management, human capital management and human resources process optimization. The planning process for an organization starts with identification of its strategic goals. It helps find out what type of personnel and how many will be needed to achieve those goals. Once the headcount is finalized, the Human Resources (HR) department have to develop a plan to acquire the required talent. The process also includes how the talent is going to be managed, as well as setting standards and benchmarks for continuous improvement and optimizing the use of staff.

Dell Corporation

Michael Dell founded "Dell" in 1984 in Austin, Texas, with $1000 and a unique vision of how technology should be designed, manufactured and sold. Today Dell connects with more than 5.4 million customers every day - on the phone, in person, on and, increasingly, through social networking sites. Dell business is aligned to address needs of IT Service of various customer segments of approximately 90 countries around the world (Dell, 2011).

People at Dell

Energized, empowered, collaborative. Dell's employees have been the key to our success. They take pride in their diverse workforce and the richness of culture and perspective it lends to their global work environment. They apply employee health, safety and emergency preparedness standards that meet and often exceed regulatory requirements.

Believes, strongly that every employee should be treated with respect and dignity.

Commitment to providing a workplace that is safe, inclusive, and ethical.

Fair performance-based compensation and offer opportunities for our people to build rewarding careers.

The benefits and assistance Dell offer as an employer are aimed at helping our people have healthy, balanced lives.

Dell Human Resource System

Dell human resources system is based on some core values and by adopting this system, the company aims to build a strong relationship with the employees on equality basis. This leads them achieve the business target. Assigning the roles to employees allow them the freedom to apply their expertise and to feel that they are receiving satisfactory reward and achieving personal growth.

Dell has implemented a unique human resources system with following core points as a pillar of their HR system:

Review for a shift to role-based compensation structure

Stronger management capabilities

Strengthening functions of checking the operation of human resources systems

Focus on roles and most favourable job appointments

Evaluations that lead to achievement of organizational goals and the growth of employees

Leadership and Professional Development

At Dell, we recognize that most learning and development is gained through on-the-job experience and assignments, while the remainder includes interacting with others through networking, coaching and mentoring, and through formal learning programs. The learning and development for employees at Dell is a never ending process, it depends on person's own career path and willingness that how much he want to learn, explore, change and advance towards greater success and goals. Dell offers a variety of Educational and Training and development tools as a part of their People Development Process (HR Magazine, 2011). They offer, online learning where employee can register courses. They offer wide range of option which mainly includes:

Personal Development

Award-winning Diversity

Leadership Programmes



Learning through Experience

With the majority of development happening through on the job experiences and career moves, it is important to carefully plan development that will prepare team members for future roles at Dell. Planning development through experiences translates into identifying the experiences that can provide the greatest impact to a desired skill set.

Employee Motivation

It is basically a driving force by which we achieve the goals and objectives. Motivation can be intrinsic or it also can be extrinsic. The term motivation is normally associated for humans. There are many theories that are written on the motivation, this motivation may be a reward, by means of monitory terms or some social values. It also refers to recognition of the work to achieve many desired object, goal, and objectives of the organization. The good performing companies have recognized that the secret of their success lies in staff motivation. In today's competitive environment, truth of the matter is this; for a staff to work efficiently and effectively, employees must be motivated.  This means that their efforts should be rewarded with financial, physical, and psychological benefits and incentives so that they could maintain a high level of morale, satisfaction, and productivity. 

Employee Motivation at Dell

Dell provides its valuable people competitive rewards that are linked to their individual performance and company results. As a result of this, they reinforce their employee's motivation and satisfaction, improve business results, and share greater rewards (Dell, 2010). The important elements of Dell HR Motivation and Satisfaction Policy are as follows:

Employment security

Personal accomplishment


Relationships with co-workers

Effects of the work environment

Competitive financial benefits

Career and professional growth

Company leadership

Immediate manager practices

Rewards & Recognition

At Dell, we invest in your future by giving you a variety of programs, tools and resources to use when making financial decisions. Whether you're ready to retire or just out of college, make saving for the future a priority.

The Dell 401(k) Plan

Under Dell's current 401(k) retirement plan, employees may invest up to 50% of their annual pre-tax salary through convenient payroll deductions. 401(k) investments from previous employers may be rolled over into this account. All eligible employees may participate in the Dell 401(k) Plan as of their start date with Dell. The plan features:

5% dollar-for-dollar company match

Immediate vesting

A variety of investment choices

Online and in-person investment tools and resources.

Maslow's Theory with Reference to Dell

Maslow's hierarchy of needs suggests that peoples are motivated to fulfil basic needs before moving on to other needs (Abraham Maslow, 1943). Maslow called "deficiency needs" the exception of the most fundamental (physiological) needs, if these "deficiency needs" are not met, the body gives no physical indication but the individual feels anxious and tense. So according to Maslow's theory suggests that the most basic level of needs must be met before the individual will strongly desire, the secondary or higher level needs. There are five different levels in Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

Physiological Needs: Include the most basic needs that are vital to survival, such as the need for water, air, food and sleep.

Security Needs: These include needs for safety and security

Social Needs: These include needs for belonging, love and affection.

Esteem Needs: These include the need for things that reflect on self-esteem, personal worth, social recognition and accomplishment.

Self-actualizing Needs: Self-actualizing people are self-aware, concerned with personal growth, less concerned with the opinions of others and interested fulfilling their potential.

If we compare the Maslow's need theory and employee motivation and satisfaction policy at Dell we found out that they have developed their policy in consultation and review of employees and it's in complete coherence with Maslow's need theory. This theory is very practical and applies effectively for employee motivation and satisfactions level in this highly demanded business environments. An employee whose needs of certain level if fulfilled, he becomes more relaxed and productive.

Performance Appraisal System

The main purpose of appraisals is to measure the performance of employees and organization to achieve its targeted goals and objectives. It helps managers to effectively formulate their teams and use human resources in a most effective way. The process of evaluating employee's performance against pre-defined performance parameters by an organization is called performance appraisal (Veronica, M. 1994). It is necessary for identification of each employee's abilities, competencies, skills and significance with respect to organization. It is used for rating and caparison of employees in terms of their performance.

Dell Performance Appraisal System

They have created a unique performance appraisal system through consultation with senior HRM executives, employees and middle managers. Together they created a system with following key parameters:

The provision for development planning

Prohibition in the appraisal guidelines of the use of subjective assessments of performance

The absence of a numerical rating system

The presence of a half-year feedback session

Change Implementations

The matching of organisational human resource strategies to the internal structure of the organisation and its external environment is termed as key to success. Organisations face significant constraints and contingencies from their external environments and their competitiveness depends on their ability to monitor the environments and adapt their strategies accordingly (Boyd and Fulk, 1996).

The competitive environments are very dynamic and keep changing rapidly which results in high level of uncertainty and urgency, because of this phenomenon, critical success factors of an organization are being challenged frequently. It requires a continual change by a firm in its competitive human resources and business strategy. Dell is very committed to this changes phenomenon and they are more proactive to respond these changes in terms of HR policies and their implications. They have provided full freedom and empowered their employees with authority and responsibility, so they are always committed to accept changes for betterment of organization.


Dell is continuously monitoring and keep identifying the problems and reviewing the HR system with many opinions from outside consulting companies. Furthermore, they put items about HR system and evaluation on moral survey, analyzed the trend, and confirmed the employees' ideas about the system. The whole policy has not changes but this kind of result is supposed to reflect the initiatives in the future. Through this, they can take up with the education for the manager level with the possibility of evaluation or management towards the growth of each employee. This management policy clearly provides them a competitive advantage and leads them towards one of the best organizations around the world.

"We operate our businesses in ways through which economies grow, societies benefit and the environment is protected. Some call it the triple bottom line. We call it the best thing for our business success" (Ursula M. Burns, 2010).