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UDL and its Group of Distribution Companies were born out of an establishment of Calcutta (Imperial India) known as BAKSH ELAHI & COMPANY formed in 1887. The company operations were relocated in Karachi subsequent to the founding of Pakistan in 1947. UDL Group of Companies evolved into its present form in 1991. A company is very highly spoken of these days, paying more attention to its customer's delights rather than the customer's satisfaction. UDL is showing utmost performance since more than a decade.

Proper planning is UDL's strongest point; all the services that they provide are backed by wise strategies with proper market research. Decisions are taken at the top level management with some participation from the lower levels, showing that they do comprehend the worth of group decision-making. However goal setting is a procedure dedicated to only the top management.

This project has been undertaken in order to highlight the Human Resource Practices of "UDL Distribution (Pvt) Ltd". UDL owes its success to its employees believing that providing employees with job satisfaction motivates them to work hard and provide better results.

History of UDL

1887 Established under the name of Baksh Elahi & Co. in Calcutta for distribution of Cigarettes in India / Burma & Ceylon.

1923 Name of the Company Changed to Haji A. Razzak & Co.

1947 India Operation transferred to Pakistan.

1962 Company Re-structured under the name of United Distributors Ltd. and product range diversified.

1967 Up-Country branches established.

1971 Pharmaceutical division established to handle distribution.

1991 UDL Distribution (Pvt.) Ltd. evolved from the core company to provide specialised distribution services in Pharmaceutical & Consumer Fields.

Corporate Profile




UDL Distribution (Pvt) Ltd.

Private Limited Company

Incorporated with Registrar of Companies.

Pharmaceuticals Medical Disposables Registrar of Companies Infusion


Tele / Mobile Cards

Infant Milk Formula Contraceptives.

Distribution Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Private Limited Company

Incorporated with Registrar of Companies.

Cigarettes (Khi)

Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Private Limited Company

Incorporated with Registrar of Companies.

Cigarettes (Hyd)

Unibrands (Pvt) Ltd.

Private Limited Company

Import & marketing of Baby Milk Form


"To make the organization a front runner in distribution services and a shining example in availability of the products close to consumers."


"Exclusive services of imports, high class warehousing and logistics at minimum cost to the marketer and delivering products within the lowest time frame throughout Pakistan."

Business Partners

Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited

ICI Pakistan Limited


Pfizer Laboratories Ltd

BSN Medical

Morinaga Corporation

Stiefel Laboratories Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

Sante (Pvt) Ltd

Beste (Pvt) Ltd

Johnson & Johnson

B Braun Pakistan Pvt Ltd


Human Resource Assessment at UDL

Certified experts from outside have been hired/are in the process of being hired mainly to look at customer-oriented strategy with a perspective to building up clients' commitment as well as to improve business.

Many incentives are offered to the workers for the objective of, inspiration, and storage. Company compensated results in (in certain cases) and medical advantages are a few to discuss. Despite these actions worker storage is quite low at UDL. A lot of new workers, both at managing as well as non-managerial stages are found making the business after just a few several weeks of becoming a member of.

In the same way new workers are employed to take their locations. One of the factors can be found in the fact that although the business is offering its associates with a lot of advantages, Employees perform for longer than just 9 to 5:30 (the formal perform timings). Sometimes remaining for as long as 10 in the evening especially during a end etc). Due to this many workers end up incapable to make stability between their personal and expert life and thus acquire the first better chance out!

Since the provide sequence market is still at its development level, many knowledgeable workers end up with more and better job possibilities.

Human Resource Department at UDL

HR department do the following tasks;


Policy & Procedures Development.

Employees Data Management.

Employee Benefit & Compensation.

Retention of Employees

Succession Planning

Employee Relations/ Communication

Employee Awards

Medical & Life Insurance

Senior manager and the Assistant manager are accountable for getting main choices regarding the final choosing of the workers and the pay and benefits offers assigned to them. They are also accountable for the developing of the performance assessment requirements. The professionals are accountable for the functions. But besides looking after the day-to-day functions, they perform the function of choosing and employment as well performing the job research for each job is also the liability of the administrator and his executives.

Senior Manager HR

Assistant Manager HR

Senior HR Executive

HR Executive

Goals of UDL HR Department

Policy initiation and formulation.

Advice (on personnel policy, labor agreement, needs and welfare of company and employee development).

Service (employment, training, development benefits functions, recruiting, interviewing, testing job applicants, maintenance of adequate employee records etc.).

Control (monitoring performance, retention and conformance of other departments to personnel policy, procedures and practices).

Responsibilities of UDL HR Department

Employment & recruiting (Interviewing, recruiting, selection and induction into the organization).

Transfer, Promotion, Layoff (checking conformity of skills with new department in case of transfer).

Training and Development (Orientation, performance management skill training both for technical and non technical personals, counseling, job rotation.).

Employee relations (wages, rates of pay, hours of work, conditions of employment, negotiation, contract interpretation and administration, grievance handling, allocation of overtime).

Benefits and Services (insurance programs, Transportation facility, sick leave pay plans, loan funds, Yearly bonus programs along with special bonuses for achieving high targets).

Human Resource Planning (right number of qualified persons available at the proper times, performing jobs that are useful to the organization and which provide satisfaction for the individuals involved, goals and plans of organization, current human resource situation including skills inventory, human resource forecast including comparison of projected future demand for employees with projected supply, designing programs to implement the plans of recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, transfer, promotion, training, motivation, compensation, audit and adjustment).

Equal Employment Opportunity (no discrimination in terms of gender, race, age, national origin, religion. Involves complaint investigation, interpretation and policy, monitoring performance).

Personnel Information Systems (Maintaining HRIS i.e. human Resource Information system, HR planning, skills inventories, employee benefits analysis and productivity studies).

Recruitment at UDL

Before hiring a new worker, control assessments whether there is a need to seek the services of a new worker for that particular job or whether it can be incorporated into a current employee's job. Recruiting in UDL may be of internal or external nature.

Internal Recruitment

The case of internal recruitment people from within the company are moved /promoted to complete the unfilled opening. The HR division and the appropriate division in which the opening prevails, evaluate whether there a worker within the company prevails, who most properly satisfies the specifications of the particular opening. If more than one worker is qualified for the vacancy; then that worker is selected who has the most excellent history. The impact of inner opening is that it inspires the worker to execute their best and generate highest possible outcome. It also makes healthy and balanced competitors amongst the employees

External Recruitment

The company seems that none of their present workers can complete the new opening then they seek the services of from external resources. In this case the HR control views other divisions in the company that might be enthusiastic about the consultation to make it a combined attempt (Referrals). They discuss to appropriate managers and especially to the people the new person will work with. A set of professional panelists is then chosen from each appropriate division to meeting applicants.

Direct Applicants

Preserves a information base program i.e. HRMS (Human source control system) for its inner workers as well as the workers which they will hire in near upcoming. In some situation certain some individuals just fall their CV's at the head office. And whenever there is an opportunity or a opening happens, the company may contact them for an interview.


Present workers may complete the information on to any fascinated buddies and interaction. Testimonials are also a useful recruiting means for them and they sketch on all appropriate connections they have.


Their next phase is to discover out how much advertisements price for different quantity of area and choose what they manage.The HR can control has employed the career organizations, a promotion organization, to distribute their assistance for them. They are also using the, to publish the marketing of the organization on the Internet

Recruitment Procedure

HR control chooses on the duration of the short-list, such as five or six people at the most. Following the advertisement they need help to dig through the programs. In case they run short of time, they get the help of other team, supervisors and managers in the company. Apart from the question of your time, they do this to get second views. They look out for the following when studying an application:

How well-matched is the candidate to the requirements

Any unexplained employment gaps.

Replying To Candidates

The candidates that do not go with the job are approached as easily as possible and handled with courtesy since the HR control believes in the viewpoint that these individuals, and their visitors, may be upcoming clients or associates of prospective, upcoming applicants. How well-matched is the candidate to the requirements.

Scheduling Interview

The short listed candidates are then called for interviews. A date and a time are arranged for the candidate appears for the interview. The questions for the interview are unstructured.

Screening Process

The results are screened by a set of panelists in order to minimize chances of error in selecting the candidates.


The successful candidate then passes through the orientation process, in which HR representative educates him/her from HR policies and practices, the daily routine to make them clear what is important in term of work and behavior.

Compensation and Benefit

The company also provides the compensation and benefits to its employees with respect to their positions in the organization, which include:

Provident Fund :

UDL provide provident fund to all of its employees except the labor or contract employee.

Utility bills :

This is only applicable to the management level employees. And this will be decided during hiring.

Leave encasements :

This is for all employees either it is at management level or a junior staff, but vary due to the post. For manager they can avail 30 days sick leave and 30 days casual leaves, for executives and coordinator s they can avail 15 days sick leave and 15 days casual leave.

Fuel :

This is offered to those who can be promoted from one post to another and provided a car from the company.

Medical Allowance :

Employees having more than 10k salary can avail this benefit other will be benefitted from SESSE and PESSI.

Bonus (yearly basis) :

Bonus will be provided on yearly basis which is base on your salary.

Overtime :

Overtime will be provided on to the employees except executives and upper level management. It is Rs. 50/hour after 6 p.m. onwards.

Eidi :

On special occasion of Eid festival company will give their employees an EiDi.

Training and Development

Often UDL send their employees for training once in a year (if needed) according to the job description. Otherwise they are providing OJT and apprenticeships program to its employees. UDL also send their employees for off-the-job training like for the seminars and conferences.

OJT Training

The candidates learn their job tasks and responsibilities through on-job-training, he/she spend some time in all the departments to learn what type of tasks he/she has to interlinked with that particular department, and then learn these by actually performing them.


For labors of warehouses, UDL also provide apprenticeships training through OJT or guide them under supervisions of professionals.

Performance Management

During measurement of the performance, employee competency is the major point HR looking at while planning for the promotion and increment. While promoting the employee in a same department they are comparing one and two employees for the promotion and the better one will be promoted. But for transferring to another branch or another department they are comparing more than two employees. And before doing that they have conduct a briefly discussion with that employee and the manager of that department.

Problem and Solution

Improvise the HR Process

It was mentioned by the HR leads that they adhere to a excellent and methodical process but when we went around asking the workers they informed that the HR process is not up to the level.

They should adhere to the globe conventional or the HR 360 level conventional where not only the manager analyze the workers but the whole board and the institutions and sub also assess the worker on job performance.

Shift To Be an Employee Oriented Company As Well

UDL is just a procedure-oriented company It should move from that to an worker oriented company so as to fulfill and encourage the HR. UDL does not take its workers into account so it should also value its team.


Again although UDL HR control says that it inspires its workers but according to the workers there is no inspirational element existing which gives a excellent effect.

Have a More Professional Attitude

UDL does not adhere to a very professional mind-set and a lot of biasness and individual favoritism is existing and workers are also analyzed on the individual interaction with their specific upper management.