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Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. or OTH was established in 1998 and has grown to become a major player in the telecommunication market in the world. OTH is considered amongst the largest and most diversified network operator in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. It is a leading mobile telecommunications company operating in seven emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia having a population under license of 460million in total population with an average penetration of mobile telephony rate across all markets of 29% as of March 2007. Orascom Telecom operates GSM networks in Algeria (Djezzy), Egypt (MobiNil), Iraq (IraQna), Pakistan (Mobilink), Bangladesh (Banglalink), Tunisia (Tunisiana) and Zimbabwe (Telecel). Orascom Telecom has a subscriber base of over 56 million subscribers as of March 2007.

In April 2001, OTH took over management control of the company and Mobilink today serves more than 30 million subscribers, representing a market share of approximately 48% of total mobile subscribers in Pakistan.

Mobilink (Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited), a subsidiary of OrascomTelecom, started its operations in 1994, and has become the market leader both in terms of growth, as well as in terms of having the largest customer subscriber base in Pakistan - a base of over 30 million and growing. We pride ourselves in being the first cellular service provider to operate on a 100% digital GSM technology in Pakistan, also offering state-of-the-art communication solutions to our customers.

Mobilink has unprecedented customer base of over 30 million beside that most extensive network coverage across Pakistan through an integrated technology infrastructure in more than 7,000 cities, towns and villages.

It has the largest distribution network consisting of approx. 450 franchises and more than 208,000 retail outlets providing products and services across Pakistan.

Mobilink cosists of direct employment to over 4,000 individuals and provision of livelihood to over 25,000 families through vendors, service providers, distributors and other partners.

Mobilink offers exclusively designed tariff plans that cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people, from individuals to businessmen to corporations and multinationals. To achieve this objective, we offer both postpaid (indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) solutions to our customers. Both indigo and JAZZ are the largest brands of their kind in Pakistan's cellular industry.

In addition to providing advanced voice communication services that make the lives of millions of people easier, we offer a host of value-added-services to our customers. To ensure customer satisfaction, Mobilink places extreme importance on its network coverage. It is for this reason that we operate in over seven thousand destinations nationwide, providing international roaming services in one hundred twenty countries across the globe. In a nut-shell, we speak your language, everywhere.

Mobilink - Reshaping Lives!

Total Strength of Employees:

Over all:

(Total 4500)

Top Managers 75

Middle Managers 750

Line Managers 3675

Human Resource Department:

(Total 47)

Director 01

Vise President 04

Middle Managers 16

Line Managers 26


HR Mission Statement

"To lead the organization in enhancing it's human, creating a winning environment where everyone enjoys contributing to the best of one's ability."

HR is a strategic partner of all business at Mobilink. Its role start from hiring till firing beside it, it helps to complete the company's mission statement.

Mobilink's HR department ensures that only and only the highly skilled are recruited. It also establishes and maintains healthy internal communications and provides sufficient training to everyone with respect to Mobilink's ethical and professional standards.



Mobilink will achieve this by:

Inspiring and motivating its people.

Developing its people to strive for higher standards.

Driving an open minded and enterprising corporate culture where people through leadership at all levels dare to dream, dare to try, dare to fail and dare to succeed.

Attracting and recruiting the best talent

Mobilink has a much defined and well structured department and its various policies of keeping each employee productive part of the organization are matched with the corporate world's requirement.

Employees in the company are largely committed to their organization and have shown progress in the company. Employees are satisfied with the HR department of Mobilink GSM Company.

Humans are the basic tool for having competitive edge in the market for most of the organizations and Mobilink is one of these. Mobilink has one of the best HR systems in Pakistan that gives it an edge over its competitors.


HR department of Mobilink has four sections. These collectively work for the organization success.

Staffing and compensation

Its different functions are.

Staffing plan.

Selection devices.

Interviewing and selection


Compensation, benefits and incentive

Payroll information

Final settlements and provident fund

OD and Effectiveness

Training plan

Talent management

Performance management

Employees retentation

Orientation employee communication

Policies and procedures

Management trainee and internship program

Security and admin

Provides security to all buildings of Mobilink.

Employees record and recreation

Leave and medical record.

HR operation

This very department ensures and helps others department to achieve their goals.

HR Strategies:

Human resource department is putting its efforts towards nurturing a winning corporate culture and building organizational capabilities by ensuring that its people are able and willing to perform at consistently exceptional levels.

HR strategy refers to the specific human resource management course of actions that a company pursues to achieve its objectives.

But how these strategies/policies/practices are formulated and implemented at Mobilink. There is a whole process behind this.

The top team continues to play its role in providing the guidance and support to people at all levels. The HR (people's) function ensures that it leads the transformational change according to world class need.

Like most big organizations, the development of HR Strategies is also done in accordance with company's mission. First, Strategic planners analyze what actually is the prevalent culture of the organization, what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT analysis) of business and its market, and on the basis of all the above analysis, company's strategic plan is established. In the end HR strategies are formulated in accordance with this overall business'/companies' strategic plans.

Based on these HR strategies, HR policies and practices are also formed and implemented. Any abrupt change in the market requires the organization to follow this analysis in order to be successful. That why organizations continuously keeps on updating their strategies and policies.

HR Practices at Mobilink:

These are few of the HR practices that I have learned from our interviewing person.




Training & Development


Performance Appraisal System

Occupational Health and Safety measures

Career Planning and Development

Reward Management


After the emergence of new telecom companies, market has become much more competitive and employees are less loyal to the company. Whenever they get any opportunity better than the existing job, they just opt for that. Which is there right, however Mobilink is aware of this fact and that's why they do not have any formal strategy for succession planning.

According to Osama A. khan the proper succession planning is not practiced in Mobilink these days. They have enough pool of employees that even if few employees leave the organization it does not leave any effect on organization.

But now due to market trends they have transformed their new strategies. According to the management it's not useful to invest a lot in the employee at a larger extent. They do develop employees for there career planning but no formal succession planning is practiced.

Recruitment and Selection:

In MOBILINK, the activity to fill a vacancy or a new job starts with the requirement communicated by the respective managers to the HR department. The HR department then looks for the possibilities of internal and external recruitment.

Internal Recruitment:

In MOBILINK, internal recruitment is done for the managers of the higher grade and directors. When a position is vacant, the HR department views the past performance of the people working at lower levels than the vacant position and chooses the right person who is promoted to that position.

At the manager and director level, the internal recruitment process is mostly carried out but when managerial position is vacant and a suitable person is not available for the desired post from with in the organization then external recruitment is carried out.

External Recruitment:

For external recruitment in MOBILINK, the line managers are required to make an application form for the job in which they have to mention their need taking into account the budget for establishment and salaries for the position of Management, Business Support Officers and Workers. Role profile for the specified job is also prepared matching up the requirement and the grade of the job. Training period is also specified on the application form.

The application form along with the role profile is sent by the line manager to the functional director for his approval and then forwarded to HR Manager. The HR manager confirms the availability of budgets required for establishment, salaries and cost of advertisement for the job. After all this, the application form along with the job profile and the budget forecast is sent to the HR Director for his final approval.

The sources that MOBILINK uses to attract applicants are:

Recommendations from the head hunters

Applications obtained from the data bank of MOBILINK where direct applications are received from time to time.

Employee referral

Inviting applications through advertisement

Selection process:

Initial screening

After a substantial amount of applications have been received, the line and the HR managers again work together to shortlist the applications. This is done by carefully going through all the application and by giving different weightage to the following criteria:

Quality of early schooling

Grade obtained

Extra Curricular activities


University education

Relevant experience

Completion of application form

The HR Department then issue call letters to the short listed candidates along with blank application forms by Date, time and venue for the test.

Employment test

Mobilink uses two different methods to gauge their applicants.

KSA: knowledge skills and abilities

This test is used mainly for hiring lower level of staffs upto 17 grade.

Assessment centre: These centres are used to hire managerial level of employees mainly 18 grade and above officers


A two-member panel of HR and line management carries out competency-based interviews focusing on functional skills and managerial and supervisory skills.

After the preliminary interview is cleared people applying for different jobs are tested in different ways. The following management competencies are assessed by a panel of cross functional assessors In the case of management selection:

Communication skills

Resource management

Rational decision making


Creative thinking

Business development

The HR department is responsible for overall administration of the assessment centre including training of the assessors. After final selection of employees they have to undergo for 3 months prohibition period.



Mobilink has a very well organized and well established HR department that practices all the HR strategies which are beneficial for the organization. HR department is empowered to develop and plan what so ever is required for the company.

Orientation and induction is required for employee familiarization with the organization and Mobilink is well aware of this fact. HR department is responsible to conduct orientation where they are informed about major policy and procedures, and are introduced with their related departments. It may be of 1 to 2 days.


At MOBILINK, there is a continuous assessment of the technical and managerial skills. For the further enhancement of these skills formal training programmes offered at all levels. The employees are provided with opportunities to put these skills into practice, in preparation for the move to a managerial role.

The employees are trained periodically mostly locally and rarely abroad according to needs. The objective of such training is to upgrade the capabilities of employees.

If an employee attends an overseas training then he/she has to serve the company for a certain period after the date of completion of training subject to the cost and duration of training itself. In case an employee leaves the company during this period he/she will have to pay the amount specified at that point in time.

Training Need Analysis:

At Mobilink line manager who is in touch with the employees throughout year decides to whom and what type of training should be given

Some employees voluntarily ask for the training then they are served according to first come first in basis

If the company decides any training that is necessary for all employees of the organization then they are chosen according to quota base system i.e. some employees are chosen from every team.

Training Methods

On Job Training

Special Training Sessions

Refresher Courses

Types of Training in Mobilink:

On a general basis the training done in Mobilink can be divided into two categories:

• Soft skill training

• Technical Training

Soft Skill Training:

These are the basic skills that Helps their employees develop a stronger base of knowledge on topics that affect their personal lives can make them more productive and less distracted in their jobs.

This may include the following things for e.g.

• Conflict management training

• Negotiation skills

• Communication skills

• Anger management

• Microsoft office (excel).

Technical Training:

This type of training has direct effect on the job of the employee. Specific skills are focused and developed accordingly. It may include

• Customer Services training

• Sales related training

• Marketing and technology training etc.

Training evaluation:

Mobilink apply post training method to assess their employees.

Trainer and trainee both give their feedback regarding the training.

Performance Appraisal:

Performance Review:

At MOBILINK a review is intended to be an open and frank discussion between an employee and their Team Leader/Manager. Generally there are two elements: first is the element in which discussion takes place over the strengths and areas which need to be developed as displayed by the job holder over the past 12 months. The performance is of course judged comparing the performance against the core indicators of Job. The second element is concerned with discussing the training needs/inputs activities that are considered to be appropriate to help the jobholder overcome some of development areas discussed in the review and also those activities that are deemed appropriate to build upon their current strengths.

Sources of Performance Appraisal:

At MOBILINK the primary sources of performance appraisal are the managers and secondary sources are employees themselves.


Workers at MOBILINK are informed of their performance and given the opportunity to express their opinion over their own level of performance against each competence. This serves the following two main purposes:

It enables the reviewer to redefine whether the initial assessment was correct, as circumstances may exist that the reviewer is unaware of.

By asking the worker what he sees to be his own strengths and development areas often help to reduce negative responses and makes planning training needs/inputs activities easier if the person is able to express for himself the areas in which he feels he can improve.


Mobilink faces much competition in the telecom industry so now they are focusing on career Management of their employees in which they enable the employees to better understand and develop their career skills and interests and to use these skills and interests most effectively both within the company and after they leave the firm. Career planning is the deliberate process through which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interests knowledge, motivation, and other characteristics; acquires information about other opportunities and choices; identifies career related goals and establishes action plans to attain specific goals. Career development is the lifelong series of activities (such as workshops) that contributes to a person career exploration and establishment.

Mobilink gives promotion to their employees on the performance basis. The Mobilink HR department develops the employee's career development plans in which the HR department predicts the next logical step for their employees within five years.

Promotion Policies

The new company structure is in five layers, comprising associates, specialists, managers, directors and chief officers------in that order starting from the bottom and working towards the top rung of the ladder.

Until approved otherwise, it would be mandatory for the employees to spend the following maximum period at each level before a promotion to the next level depending upon availability of a slot:

Associate 3-4 years

Specialist 3-4 years

Manager 2-3 years

Director According to the president decision

Chiefs According to the president decision

However, employees who may not get a chance of promotion due to the non availability of an existing slot, will be compensated by being "moved over" with in the new salary range specified by the company

Reward System:

MOBILINK considers its employees not just as a cost but also as a resource in which the company has invested from which it expects valuable returns. Pay policies and programs are one of the most important human resource tools for encouraging desired employee behaviors. The advantage of paying above the market average is the ability to attract and retain the top talent available, which can translate into highly effective and productive work force.

Compensation and benefit plans:

Mobilink has a separate department for compensation. That department deals in staffing and compensation planning. First of all this department has all the information regarding who is being employed and how he is performing. What so ever promises are made to the employees, they know that. So it's easy for them to design compensation plans because they know every employee who is being hired.

Compensation and benefit plans are particularly based on performance. If performance is up to the standards of Mobilink and the employee has good conducts he is rewarded. After performance evaluation, results are rechecked and matched with the standards. Based on that, proper compensation plans are designed.


In MOBILINK promotions are based on the merit and seniority (experience) basis. The one who performs well consistently over time gets reward in the form of promotion.


The employee may receive 1 to 3 month bonus subject to evaluation of accomplished objectives.

In Mobilink the reward system is based on the individual performance and individual employee performance is judged for the reward. The manager of respective departments recommends a candidate from his section for the reward purpose to HR.

Reward Categories at Mobilink

Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards include:

Assigning Smart/Quality work

Targets achievements

Special assignments

Life insurance




Club membership

Education assistance policy

Mobile phone

Official Blackberry Policy

Health & Safety Policies

The safety of employees is everyone's responsibility.

There is no need for such measures at Mobilink as maximum jobs do not expose you to the health hazards and are not such that require safety measures. However, there is a tendency of being safe in every human and that shows when you visit some Mobilink officer to meet someone of a high designation level. You need to fulfill various safety measures. There is proper First Aid Kit will be available at all Mobilink Offices.


At Mobilink we believe that our employees are our greatest strength. We believe development of our employees into well- rounded professional equipped with entrepreneurial skills who are adaptable, proactive, articulate, efficient, and responsible. A number of initiatives have been put in place to achieve these goals.

The company recognizes the importance of making people drive towards their goals and the basic step towards this is made through recognizing the value of importance that the company gives to its employees. MOBILINK believes that the employees are the valuable assets for them.

Some of the major motivational tools that Mobilink apply are given below


Medical Allowance


Insurance policy

Cell phone & free air time

Recreational rooms

Break out rooms


Office decoration

Trips arrangement & sports week.


Every organization aims to make its self as profitable. Mobilink has left no stone unturned to make its organization profitable. Mobilink has a strong HR system. It has been completing all the needs of the organization, helping and encouraging its employees at every foot step either by financial or non financial way. That is why it is standing as market leader in telecom industry in Pakistan. As we interviewed one of the employee of this organization and felt there was no much discrepancy in what management says, what policies state and what employees say. 90 % of the times they were same.


Following are the recommendation that we think Mobilink should adopt also

They should advertise more on newspaper for vacancies.

They should adopt proper method of training evaluation.

There should be proper succession planning

There should be flexible hour system.

There should be loan policy for their employee

There should be pension plan so their employee's future should be secured after retirements also.