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Dominos is one of the leading companies in the pizza delivery in today's time. The beginning of Dominos was from a store in Michigan, now they spread over up to 8000 stores in the last 40 years. As every organization goes through a restructured phase in order to withstand competition from its competitors, Dominos had also some improvements to be made as in order to flourish in the food industry. Dominos has got menu which varies according to the location of the store. The recruitment of the staff is done from the nearby localities of a store in order to improve job opportunities for the local people and also for easy accessibility for the job purpose. Since Dominos is a mainly a pizza delivery company, the company concentrates on optimal time of the delivery to reach customer order location. The outstanding employers are presented with awards as part of recognition of their service to the company.


The founders were two brothers named Tom and James Monaghan in the 1960's.They took the financial help from equities in United States of America and owned Michigan pizzeria. The name Dominos was got from the name Dominick's after James got a second hand car by trading his share. Tom started adding a dot next to the name Dominos as the company climbed success ladder. But after adding three dots he stopped because he the company has outreached his growth expectations and the progress was not countable. They reached to two hundred outlets in the seventies. The first international outlet was opened in a place called Winnipeg, Canada in the year 1983. In Britain, the entry of Dominos took place in the year 1985 at Luton. Due to the increase in competition from 1989, Dominos made changes to their menu by adding deep pan pizza but included the regular pizza as it was a basic pizza. They also included non pizza items such as chicken wings, bread sticks to the menu. The company now has spread worldwide with stores up to 7000 in various countries, which employs about 250000 of which nearly twenty employers include from the United Kingdom. According to the latest figures taken in 2009, there were 605 stores in UK and Ireland. In the year 2000, Dominos had got a patent for heat bag, which normally keeps the pizza fresh and hot through the delivery time, Tom Monaghan, the founder of Dominos retired in the year 1998 by selling his share for a price of one billion dollars,[1] [2][3][4]

The growth of Dominos can be observed from the following statistics, which proves that no doubted it stands second best in pizza delivery companies.

2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001

Total sales (£m) 296 240 200 174 142 118 98

Stores at start of year 451 407 357 318 269 237 215

Stores at year-end 501 451 407 357 318 269 237[4]

As seen there can be observed an incredible growth in the sale as well as the number of stores as per the duration between 2001 - 2007.

2. Dominos tooting branch Layout

The layout of Dominos at tooting can be observed above. Most of the layouts of Dominos are kind of similar ones. There is a delivery vehicle parking space for the vehicles used for delivering the pizzas. The counters are located just near the entrance and there is a security alarm. There is also a door just opposite the entrance which is meant for Dominos staff. There is no dining area, except for customer waiting seats which are meant for customers who walk in person and order the pizza. The working area includes five sections based on ease of access and work performed in those respective sections. The sections are namely storage area, Make line, Cut table, Oven and Freezer. The storage area is for storing all the raw materials used for making pizza, they are checked daily in order to remove the expired products. Dominos follows a two hour plan where in which every area in the store is cleaned for ever two hours in view of safety and hygiene purposes. All the products are handled very carefully, especially the ones which are in the chiller area.

2.1 Counter

The person at the counter has various responsibilities like attending to customers who come directly to the store for a take away pizza. The person should posses a good knowledge about the various items in the menu in order to offer customer service. He is also responsible for giving away n collecting any new job applications to Dominos. The person also needs to attend pizza delivery calls from the customers and checks the map and decide the delivery based upon the customer location. If there is any Dominos store nearby the customer order location then he calls up the store and gives them the details regarding the delivery.

2.2 Oven

The oven is used to bake the pizzas. They are single decked oven and the capacity of the oven is maximum twelve. These oven are connected to gas so at the day end the gas connection should be closed for safety purposes. The oven is cleaned thoroughly for ever two hours to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness. The double shelved oven can be used which is the latest technology in order to meet the high requirement.

2.3 Make line

The pizza preparation is done in the make line. The required temperature are between 1 - 5 degrees, this is maintained before stocking. The order of topping are taken care by the person who prepares the pizza. He knows the order of toppings and strong flavors. The make line plays an important role in the success of Dominos since the basic pizza preparation starts here in the make line cabinet. The two hour cleaning is followed in the make line.

2.4 Freezer

Freezer is used to keep the drinks cool and chilled. The temperature is always maintained in -20 degrees. The drinks include Pepsi, coke, coca cola and many others. They are taken along the pizza delivery according to the customer requirements.

2.5 Cut table

The cut table plays a very important role in the store. The functions done here needs to be in a correct order in order to make the operator job easy. The cut table includes fork & peel, cutters and also screens. All the screens are kept in an order according to their size. The cutters are also different for vegetarian and non vegetarian products. All the shelves and boxes are labeled for easy and quick identification purposes. The area and all the utensils are cleaned every two hours for safety and hygiene purposes.

2.6 Storage area

Dominos Pizza Group (DPG) is responsible for stock area maintenance in the regional stores. The checking of desired standards of Dominos is done by a group of members in the entire United Kingdom. The vegetables are kept in temperatures ranging between two and five degrees. The products are stored in the storage area according to their size in the shelves. The larger product items are stored mainly at the bottom of the shelf. All the packets in the shelves are marked with the dates of expiry using a special marker to be well visible. The other products which doesn't require cooling are arranged in different shelves. The area is cleaned ever two hours following the company's rules and regulations in terms of health, safety and hygiene.

2.7 Driver area

This area is located close by to all the other areas for ease of access to various items. The map of the locality in which Dominos is located is laminated and kept on the wall. Each driver is given a route map for locating the destination easily. Napkins, bags and the menu should be kept in reach by the drivers. The delivery vehicles are to be parked in the specified parking area only. The heat wave bags are to be used while delivering the pizza and also to keep the pizza fresh and hot.


Recently, the other competitor of Dominos i.e. pizza hut has included a dining area in the stores located in busy areas of London. Their idea of including dining area has worked out very well. Dominos also needs to do somewhat similar. In the busy areas in London, when break time is given for the employers they tend not to prefer Dominos is mainly because of the dining area problem. They just can't wait for the pizza and then search for a place to eat it. Instead they go for another food court which has quick service and a dining area included in it. This is the main drawback of not having a dining area included in the store layout. It doesn't cost much also because it just needs a person to attend and take the customer orders and another person for cleaning the dining area. The dining area also can be cleaned every two hours for health and hygiene purpose which also enables the customer to feel the international standards while eating. A few table and chairs put for customers comfort will solve the problem of dining area.

The dining area need not be added up in all the Dominos stores at once. But the idea can be introduced and implemented first in the busy stores located at busy locations in London. And depending upon the feedback and profits, later it can be decided whether to implement in all the stores or the ones only in the busy areas. Finally, people may change their thought from Dominos is just a pizza delivery company to a fully fledged food court which is a great advantage to the company.

3. Menu Of Dominos

Dominos Menu

Pizza Sides Desserts

Create Your Own Garlic Mozzarella Sticks Triple Cheesecake Selection

Half & Half Chicken Wings Chocolate Melt

Original Cheese & Tomato Kickers Combo Domino's Cookies

Pepperoni Passion Chicken Kickers Domino's Waffles

American Hot Garlic Pizza Bread

Deluxe Stripper Combo Subs

Full House Dips Breakfast Sub

Hawaiian Honey & Mustard Cheese Steak Melt Sub

Hot & Spicy Garlic & Herb Meatball Sub

Meateor Barbecue New Yorker Sub

Mighty Meaty Hot Sauce Nuclear Sub

New Yorker Potato Wedges Vegi Supreme Sub

Tandoori Hot Chicken Strippers

Texas BBQ

The Sizzler Drinks

Veg - a - Roma Diet coca cola

Vegetarian Supreme coca cola & Fanta[1]

A continuous research takes place to discover a new taste of pizza. The pizza flavors also depend upon the location of the Dominos store. Hence the menu varies from place to place. The interest of local people also plays a major role in the flavors of the pizza in a particular store. Considering the example such as the favorite topping in India is lamb & Pickled Ginger whereas in UK it is pepperoni. Dominos also considers the traditions and beliefs of local people for example in India cow is given a great respect and people don't accept the cow's flesh being eaten, so Dominos have chicken menu instead of pepperoni in the menu. Customers can have all the information they want regarding the various menu items from the Dominos website. The people whom Dominos recruits makes sure that they have a better understanding of the taste of local people and who indirectly play a vital role of the store running well in a particular location.


The size of the pizza is mainly divided as personal which has 4 slices, small which had 6 slices, medium and the last is large size pizza. The starting price of pizza is 4.99 pounds, but considering in customer point of view, most of the customers would not like to spend that much amount just for a personal size pizza. Instead the personal size pizza can be reduced from seven inches to five inches, the toppings remain the same. But the price can be decreased from 4.99 GBP to 3.50 GBP or 3.00 GBP. In this way the budget pizza can be introduced and attract more customers who can't afford for seven inch pizza. By this implementation, the sales in other variety of pizzas may decrease, but ultimately at the end of the day the sale would be higher comparing to normal sale. The company shares will increase since new members may purchase the shares.

4. Steps in pizza delivery system

Most of the orders are taken by the phone. The customer details are taken and then checked if they are previously in the database, if not present in the database they are updated. The order is mainly based on home delivery or take away. At the end the pizza preparation and delivery is done quickly.

Consider the following example of American hot pizza preparation

The preparation of American Hot pizza requires ingredients like tomato, cheese, chicken pieces, green pepper, onion and mushroom pieces and also a plain pizza as base.

The first step in the process is that the pizza is slapped, step two includes chicken, pepper, onion and mushroom are put on top of the pizza and step three is that the tomato sauce is put as topping then finally the pizza is baked in a oven for a specified time and kept in a Dominos box.


The procedure followed is the orders which are ready are displayed along with the drivers name and the related customer address and the route map to reach the delivery address in an optimal time. The problem here is that the map used by the drivers are laminated one, which is an old style. The main disadvantage here is that the driver has to concentrate more on the map than the driving, which may lead to accidents or delay in the delivery time. GPS navigation technology can be implemented to the vehicle used by the delivery driver. In this way the delivery can be done quickly and efficiently. But there are some problems with the navigation system, maps are available only in the developed countries. That means the navigation system can be implemented only in developed countries. The maps may not be available for all the locations for progressing countries. The location of the delivery driver does not appear on the map in GPS. The drivers needs to be trained on GPS usage. The GPS can be really helpful because it automatically shows the quickest way between two places when the source and destination address is given in the GPS.


Dominos is second leading in the pizza delivery industry. The positive points are that Dominos have got a very good delivery system, good customer service. The improvements such as including a dining area in the store can contribute a lot to the competition. The pizzas can be re-sized to suit the budget customers and the price also be adjusted accordingly. The manual maps needs to be replaced by the GPS system in the developed countries. The two hour clean policy of Dominos is very good. Cleaning all the areas every two hours is a very healthy idea. By correcting the above mentioned issues, Dominos can increase their share in the market thereby can reach the number one place.