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Over the last five years ago, technologies are rapidly spreading and integrating of products in globalisation dealing with better quality. New trades of products are mainly based on economic of scale. Through transferring of products and generating of technology will effect on globalisation. By recent trends of information technology, the market economy have begun to develop own country just like Indian technology IT sector connect to whole globalisation. Computer science skill persons have stay abreast in the current technology trends. Major extent must be to export of technological products. In recent technology, china is planning about rail network which will connect from London to Singapore via Beijing. This rail network will be biggest one network in all over the world.

In biotechnology is one of the best technology in various field and it's very helpful. Through genetic engineers have generated a new type of protein is synthesized. By cloning technique, we can create a pure human protein in huge amount. This technique is very useful to treat disease like diabetes.

In the area of technology, informational technology is one of the major areas which are spread in all over the world including internet and others electronic trades through this we can do a business internationally. Everyone knows IT sector is growing with very fast speed and in worldwide.


Threats of cloud computing are troubling in many business areas in IT companies. In current situation, TPI firm contractor for outsourcing which help to find out the huge organisation if outsourcing is best idea for business for them and also will help to find right contractor at right time. Comprising of customers is 3Com, AT&T, ING and Lockheed Martin. Management of TPI reveals that in international business, what is the procedure of CISCO Company to do work toward to achieve goals.

Tension between stakeholders

According to Ann Svendsen, if new customers enter into technology in organisation they don't know any thing about international business then tension will create at that situation but think about only target of organisation to organisation in globalisation. On the time of facing a problem on crisis of production in organisation, it's a main tension for stakeholders. Organisation encourages the employees that do a work together to get a profit.

All organisations feel just like a deposing in their markets for reputation because of making profit to customers. As an Intel and Sony Company launch an own chip but mostly computer companies prefer Intel chip because of demand and quality so due to this create a tension in between stakeholders. Apple Company launched Macbook and Lenovo Company launched a ThinkPad, mostly people prefer Macbook as comparison to ThinkPad. Same here Lenovo will encourage of own employees to obtain better result.

Brief summary of WEF and Davos- 2010.

World economic forum first was started in 1979 which is based on Geneva, Switzerland. It is neutral and not for profit. World Economic Forum is a self-governing organization to get better state of countries with the help of attractive leader. The task of World Economic Forum is to build up and active leading international communities to running of society. The teams members WEF are 385 who are completely responsibly with own work and also responsible about to get a best leader for next generation. By best leader, they have a responsible to remove disturbances in between private and public sectors both are play a very important role in world.

Davos 2010- firstly, Davos is a place which is located in Switzerland where business man and global political parties are attend the meeting and discuss about matter which effect on world including health and environment. It is mainly a host of World Economy Forum (WEF). In Davos 2010, mostly talk about technology, it should be green and clean in coming years. According to Bhagwati 2010, first question arise on the basis of rich country protection is higher as comparison to poor country.

Critically assess the contribution of 'Davos 2010' in context of Globalization of 'Technology:

I selected 'Technology' force so in Davos 2010, the 'Technology Pioneers Program' is to create an innovation in the field of technology which will very useful in future for business and for society. This program are accomplished a goal in areas of cloud computing, telecommunication, fuel cell technology, application management and the materials which is generate a energy to build up (WEF 2010). The technology communicates innovation techniques in world. Technology Pioneers has collected the companies through this in Davos 2010, 26 companies participated. After the calculation, I assumed that mostly companies select the technology field in which must be reveal high thinker leader and then its show that this will be very high demanding rates (WEF 2010). We can see that since 2000 approximately 500 new companies established in different continents. In surrounding them, now almost 80% are self-regulating and 10% has captured. The 'technology pioneers' in 2010 thought about 'what should be the procedure to select better companies'? After that committee suggest that should select the companies on the basis of rigorous process. To growth of this technology should be experts, top academicians endeavour assets, knowledge employees, assess applicants beside the Programme's criteria. The main advantage of technology pioneers is that selected companies has a chance to integrate with the World Economic Forum network to become members, people and then will give a chance to attend a Annual Meeting in World Economic Forum in Davos.

The main three categories are announced which are biotechnology and health, energy and environment and information technology and media. In technology pioneers 2010, selection committee take a final conclusion to selection of Managing Board of the World Economic Forum as Technology Pioneers on the basis of reputation, summit skill in technology and should be innovation experts from all around of world.

Innovation, potential impact, growth and sustainability, proof of concept and leadership these six principles are basically chosen the technology pioneers. Many technologies companies are a pioneers such as Aura Bioscience, Corventis, MicroCHIPS, Pacific BioSciences, Proteon Therapeutics, BioFuelBox, Bloom Energy, Boston-Power and so on. Aura Bioscience has planned to generate cancer drugs which is very useful to damage the virus which has to be produced for the duration of the growth of transmit a disease to cells. This company is permitting the damage of cancer cells and prevents to unwanted side effects which is affected by chemotherapy (Elisabet de los Pinos, foundation and CEO). Corventis company has made a wireless cardiac monitor.

According to Katrin Bennhold 2010, in 21 century the demand of technology is growing day by day. In between companies, racing is going on to generate a green and clean technology. By rising of this technology it will be critical factor to generate a new economy in all over the world.

In area of Global Energy even though, the price of global energy has been declined as comparison to 2008 year. To safety of energy, they have increased the security because to creating and consuming economies. It is main question is that what should be produce to consume more energy in globalisation.

IB recommendations to Governments & Companies, Conclusion of technology

Globalization defines that interaction in between countries to grow of economy. Globalization involves many factors economy, technology and so on. In my whole report I discuss only about technology in globalization. In the study of informational technology, we have to be expectation to grow of IT department in field of government sector through private sector. As a related to international business, India is one of the leading country in field of informational technology then software knowledge is spreading in globalization like Infosys Company, TCS etc. U.S.A companies have largest technologies in the world and government takes a step to stabilize infrastructure of IT in rural areas to communicate in between the different countries. Most of counties of Africa like Tanzania do not suggest about to develop of IT sector network now days and also in background countries it's very difficult to struggle cause of lack of capital so to eliminate of this problem we have to try, give a products with low cost with stakeholder through resources management. In industrial technology, governments basically want a guaranteed organization to get opportunities for progress of economy issues. By the use of moving of economic, development of organization as well as uphold of UK's aggressiveness in all over the markets. Biotechnology refers to the technology of cancer which should be spread in globalization and will very useful for all cancer patients. At the time of dealing of technology in between two countries it's necessary that ideas and thinking should be similar. Through IB-IGT the government has to receive the financial economy confirmation congregated which is carry in reference. The range of IB market in 2015 approximately may be £150 billion to £360 billion in industrial biotechnology. The connection between international business and chemistry industries is not well in now days. Therefore, in UK limited information of medicine accessible so government lets suggest about growing of chemist technology in globalisation but most probably, they do not concentrate on background areas. To growth of economic sector, energy play a important role but in environment CO2 gas rapidly emission continuously. Government soon should take a step to controlling of atmosphere greenhouse affect without any disturbing of economic growth. Greenhouse effect is increasing continuously through CO2 emission, to stop this global country government existing plans to improve of energy and reuse of wastage energy.