The Effects Of Internationalisation And Globalisation

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As we know th at we are enter the new millennium the effect of internationalization is known as globalisation. This globalisation played vital role in current centaury. This has played a major part in satisfying the economic expansion of global economy.

Globalization appears to reduce the planet as trade barriers are dismantled, transport and communication costs fall and global production systems is developed and managed the giant transnational corporations.

There are a number of scope to this dynamic process concerning the increasing internationalization of economic markets, as reflected for example, buy and sell flows and financial capital. The purpose of this paper is to present a theoretical framework for strategic human resource management in response to the rising interface between globalization and business results. Rapid global economic combination through amplified trade and investment, which is driven by new technologies, information dissemination and the growing importance of knowledge industries, provides the prospective for opening up latest avenues for human development.

Three central arguments in the document: (1) There is a large addition of confirmation that the changes happening in the global business environment is often accompanied by supplementary changes as an attempt to manage human resources leads to a situation in which that some firms due to poor management of people and problems of technical systems (2). This is because organizations that have achieved relatively low levels for more effective implementation of strategic human resource management (SHRM) practices) (Huselid, etc..) (3). To this end, management employees for competitive advantage in the era of globalization, human resource professionals must have the capacity for effective implementation in accordance with the strategic management of human resources and training.

Main Body


The main success rate of the organization is to proper implementation of the strategic responses to the people involved in the organization. So its important for the organization to look in the people involved in the organization before implementing the responses to them and to look at human issues before implementation of any strategic responses and it bears the success rate of the organization. So now for organization has to decide how effectively it can adopt implement and maximize HRM practices for the valued firms level outcomes and how they can adopt and implement appropriate HRM practices. And for that they have to ensure that they have appropriate human capital or competencies and that how they can increase the likelihood of effective implementation of HRM practices. And for any good HR professional they need four basic competencies to involve in better strategic management process and these are business competence, professional and technical knowledge, integration competence and ability to manage change.

HR professional competence

In HR professional competence they need the state of the art HR knowledge, expertise and skill regarding to traditional HR functional. In traditional HR functional department recruitment and selection, training, compensation are the main requirement so they need all these competence for better HR professional to perform well. And with competences can insures the technical HR knowledge in both present and in the firm.

Business-related competence

In business related competence the HR personal have very good amount of business experience in both outside business market and in the functional HR speciality. And these experience and capabilities then should facilitate the proper selection and implementation of HRM policies and practices that can be perfectly utilized in firm which include size of the firm, strategy, structure and culture so internal environment of the firm. And these can be helpful for the HRpersonnel to know company’s business and its economical and financial capabilities and by knowing these all can help them to take proper logical decisions and affect the company’s policies and strategies.


In the business environment in last few years or rather in decades dramatic changes has happened by means of globalization, technological adaptations, and networking through the internet. And the organizations now have to adopt themselves to these changes and to make strategic decision accordingly to survive in these highly competitive era. And in strategic human resource management they have the internally consistant policies and practices these all policies or strategies are aim to achieve higher business goals and objectives. And for strategic human resources management its important to integrate and adopt themselves to achieve these: which can only be achieved by 1) fully integrated strategic decision according to need of the company. 2) their policies should adhere both across policy areas and negative points and hierarchies, 3) and their policies must be implemented by means of accepting , using and adopting by line managers and employees in their every day work.

SHRM practices must be macro oriented and long term focused and they should view their human resourses as assests for the company rather looking them as expenses and proper implementation of the strategies with firm following them by human resources can lead the firm to the competitive advantage.