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The organization culture integration on the growth environment, ability, experience induction and, organization culture adapt to the changing environment and the ability to make it sustainable development ability. Organization culture of the most deep-seated, the theory of organization management, organization culture can also be said that the enterprise management theory of human nature reflected.

Corporate culture is deciding the enterprise strategy formulation and selection of operating mode through the theory of enterprise management, and the implementation of the business strategy process will promote and influence the development of enterprise culture and innovation, both is mutual restriction, mutual influence and promote each other.

The establishment of the enterprise culture is based on the determination of entrepreneur and entrepreneurial process on the basis of deep understanding; it is to show the enterprise formed in the operation activities of operation idea, operation purpose, operation policy, values, operation actions, social responsibilities and operation image combined. Enterprise culture for a enterprise growth, it may not seem like the most direct factors, but it is the most lasting determining factor.

So, for teething enterprise to think positive, take full advantage of all aspects of the enterprise development, and can often settle to, extracts can reflect and guide enterprise steady progress to realize the sustainable development for enterprise characteristic cultural connotation. And want to be good at using their developmental stage, in the plasticity strong development process, the establishment of the competitive enterprise culture.

Enterprise culture is a systematic system; it is an enterprise's core values. It affects all aspects of the business, from the enterprise culture hierarchy chart inside to outside; corporate culture is divided into spiritual culture, system culture, behavior culture, material culture.

2. The important of organization culture

To properly understand and command the dialectical relationship between organization strategy and organization culture is useful for improving the integral quality and comprehensive competitive force of an organization and promoting the organization to develop in a quality, rapid, sustainable and healthy status.

There are important role of corporate culture in the management of strategic control process, Strategic control means comparing the feedback on the implementation and the strategic objectives in the process of strategy implementation so as to find the degree of deviation, take effective measures in a timely manner, strive to correct and ensure the achievement of strategic objectives finally. Strategic control is essential, for example, there are often contradictions between the overall corporate objectives and local goals and personal goals, which result in the difficulty of implementation of overall business goals. However, in Hainan airline corporate culture, interest's coordination mechanism of internal action mechanism promotes the internal harmony of enterprise and achieves the common benign development of employees and businesses so as to solve this conflict better. At the same time, the corporate philosophy that Hainan airline educates employees to "contribute to society and do something for others" and the enterprise spirit of "public achievements and public share" also help the employees to properly deal with the relationship between overall corporate goals and personal goals from another aspect.

Again, solutions to the contradictions of centralization and separation of powers also require strengthening strategic control. In order to work out correct overall business strategy, the highest corporate leadership must centralize; in order to mobilize principals of various functional departments and business units to involve in the development of sub-strategies and mobilize their enthusiasm to implement the overall business strategy and sub​​-strategy, they must carry out proper separation of powers. However, some heads of functional departments and subordinate business units can not properly exercise the rights that they master so as to cause out of control of strategy and invalidity of policy because their personal qualities and abilities are not too high.

Hainan airline can be said to achieve a good balance in this respect, and there is a distinctive characteristic in its institutional culture, that is, managers "prepare for both promotion and demotion", do what they say, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of managers and also resolve the contradiction between centralization and separation of powers so as to ensure the effective implementation of the overall strategy. In strategic control management, the Hainan airline culture innovation also plays proper update and reform roles. In the domestic aviation corporate culture, Hainan airline spearheads the introduction of advanced foreign "Six Sigma" management system to ensure three elements of strategic control very well: determining the evaluation criteria, measuring job performance and correcting the deviation promptly. Moreover, strong incentive and restrictive institution in HNA culture realizes the combination of rewards and punishments smoothly in the strategic control so as to achieve effective control.

In the fierce market competition, corporate culture could be regarded as a trump card for Hainan airline to gain a competitive advantage. For example: Corporate culture has penetrated into the various systems of Hainan airline and reconciles the conflict between humanistic management and strict standardized management, so that Hainan airline staff could implement various systems consciously so as to eliminate the institutional friction; corporate culture has made important contributions to cultivate talents of virtue and competence, but also has laid the foundation for nurturing known Hainan airline brand; in Hainan airline capital operations, corporate culture becomes a "selling point" of Hainan airline, which is an important factor to attract investors but also the fundamental guarantee for Hainan airline to successfully complete the reorganization and integration, therefore, it plays an important role in Hainan airline's business strategy management.

3. The impact of organization culture on strategy

Impact on employee

Strategies are made by people. When people are make strategies, they must be influenced by certain cultural concepts, value pursuit and thought degree. In this way, cultures influences and limits the formation of strategies.

The enterprise culture plays a very important role in the process of enterprise strategic management,It is core spirit of enterprise, enterprise staff belonging, enthusiasm and creativity of the people. The enterprise must establish common values to employee, fundamentally to mobilize the staff's enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, it can stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, the unity of all the staff will, their behavior would lead to the common enterprise development goals and direction, implementation efforts for the enterprise strategy.

Enterprise culture shape staff values, it is to make the employee agrees enterprise values, in the enterprise to form a kind of cultural atmosphere. To create an internal staff of normative constraints; But at the same time, the enterprise culture as the cornerstone of condensed employee, train the employee's centripetal force and sense of identity, and the staff's personal goals and the goal of enterprise, combining the internal employee's enthusiasm.

Impact on customer

Organization culture is the sense or atmosphere reached with layout of objects inside an Organization and it is the communication way between the Organization members and clients or other people.


All-round development enterprise culture idea, make the enterprise idea presented in environment, penetration in the system, reflect and into the thoughts and actions of the whole staff, make the enterprise culture in company scientific management in the process of promoting effect of exert a subtle influence. Changing staff of the ideological concept, strengthen the cultivation of civilized behavior, and to improve employees' ideological and moral quality, also make the enterprise employee relationship between behaviors more harmony and smooth.


Enterprise culture determines the enterprise's real social responsibility, corporate culture through the enterprise social responsibilities and be able to reveal. Enterprise long-term development lies in whether it is faithful to their social responsibility to do the role positioning, so through the enterprise culture to establish their own social responsibility, not only will affect its development, and benefit to the enterprise and social benign interaction.

4. How do people know what is the culture?

Through many ways including promotion, education, training and cultural entertainment, the enterprise culture unified the wills of personnel by the largest margin, standardized the behaviors of personnel members, concentrate the force of personnel members and provide service for enterprise development

The good enterprise culture reflects a kind of quality management, so as to achieve maximum efficiency of enterprise operation, maximum limit reducing enterprise production and management cost, the realization enterprise manages the benefit maximization.

The good enterprise culture embodies through a variety of communication system model a excellent enterprise brand, through the enterprise brand of radial force and charisma, so as to attract more big range resources polymerization, the enterprise to rolling development, achieve a virtuous circle, obtain the best benefit.

Good enterprise culture embodies a kind of good business ethics and ethical consciousness, for enterprise achieves the external public recognition, to create a good business environment, for the enterprise to win valuable social resources, which will greatly reduce the enterprise external operation cost, and finally achieve the enterprise management benefit and social benefit of the double abundant harvest.

Good enterprise culture will make employees feel a strong sense of belonging, and generate powerful cohesion. Individual though with relative independence, but it also is not overload groups of isolates, individual to group affairs to participate in, the use of a variety of measures to release its own strength, the display intelligence and ability, for the development of the group contribution;

5. What do the experts says

In Enterprise, organization culture and organization strategy should have the consistent relationship featured with consistent internal logic. The relationship is shown in the organization hope, organization mission and organization goals in the design of organization culture. The design of the items and organization strategy should fit each other in whole. The internal consistence between the organization culture and organization strategy is also shown in all elements of the organization value concepts. The talent concept fits the talent strategy and the competition concept fits the competition strategy. The organization strategies are supported on the level of cultural level. Integration with the organzation strategy is made for the common goal of realizing the sustainable organization development. Organization and organization strategy are in integration.

Enterprise culture is the result which combines thought and cultural concepts and is made in the course of confliction between social culture and enterprises. It is the accumulation of rich cultural contents in long a history (Martin, 2005: 213).. Development of enterprise culture is a silent changing course. Its personnel members gradually accept and have self-conscious activities in the course of incenting with hopes, system restricting, leaders' image and group behaviors. They eventually influence and form the enterprise culture with special characteristics. Enterprise is a large systematic project. Advanced enterprise culture is a comprehensive body containing beliefs, values, ideals, management systems, ethics, and behavior rules. It is a kind of spiritual force surpassing money and other materials. It activates and incents the largest energy of enterprise personnel members in the established special atmosphere. Through many ways including promotion, education, training and cultural entertainment, the enterprise culture unified the wills of personnel by the largest margin, standardized the behaviors of personnel members, concentrate the force of personnel members and provide service for enterprise development. All this determines that enterprise should have the way of diversification.

Because the environment, social experiences, personal experience, personal accomplishment and education are different for different personnel members, the members would have different thinking ways, which would influence their understanding of enterprise culture. At the same time, with the influence of tobacco industry, the spiritual demand of personnel members has the trend of diversification.

Enterprise culture is a kind of culture. Culture has the feature of preservation and development, in which as the culture has diversity, useful conditions can be created for enterprise culture for the purpose of making personnel members have the nutrition of enterprise and produce composite force for the enterprise development (Mullins, 1999).

For example: China building corporation, established in 1982, it is the central committee direct management 53 home state-owned key backbone enterprises, in order to housing construction contracting, international project contracting, real estate development, infrastructure construction and municipal survey and design as the core business and develop become China's construction, real estate enterprise file leader and largest international contractor, it is not possession country a lot of money, resources and patent, it is mainly engaged in perfect competition industry and developed state-owned enterprises, it is has three super qualification of construction enterprise.

Chinese architecture in China not only has a great influence in the international reputation. Its success is not only from the construction work efforts, it also has the support of enterprise culture. These enterprise cultures include enterprise purpose, the core concept, and the spirit of enterprise, business ideas, values, environment view, and security concept. These enterprise culture idea also thorough popular feeling, and as the modern enterprise culture construction flaunt, it is worth enterprise learning to follow.

6. The ways culture affects its strategy decision

Strategy choice

To realize strategy goals, an organization must employ organization culture to make guidance and support and use culture to establish organization trust and prestige, use culture to promote organization image, use culture to establish organization brands and use culture to improve organization competitive force.

Strategy options

Organization culture impact on to choose can be accepted by interest holders of the organization. What to be pointed is that there is no best choosing standard. The values and expectations of the management level and interest related groups influence the choice of strategies in a large margin. Besides, assessment of strategic plans would eventually reach the financial targets of strategic profits, risks and feasible analysis.

There are, the role of corporate culture in the management of Strategy options formulation process, Strategy options formulation process refers to the development and selection process of feasible strategic program which includes raising questions, determining objectives, setting programs, evaluating programs and optimizing programs, and cultural factors are most likely to affect two phases of setting programs and evaluating programs. For example, Hainan airline organization culture promotes "public participation and public recognition", the management layer is open to suggestions and has a company forum as a platform to provide a guarantee for multi-channel and multi-angle absorption of various insights, which improves the scientificalness and democracy of strategic decision-making on the basis of democratic participation of the majority of employees so as to ultimately realize the reliability of decision-making information, accuracy of decision-making issues, correctness of decision-making methods, rigor of program design, optimization of program decision, feasibility of program implementation and rationality of decision effect.

Although the vision and wisdom of senior leadership are superior, his knowledge, ability and energy are limited, so he needs the middle level and even grassroots managers, experts and even the staff to help the understanding of laws. Besides, he further needs their wisdom and creativity to solve new problems. Strategic program should not only ensure the appropriate external environment of the enterprise, but also ensure the realization of internal unification so as to ensure the adaptability of the enterprise as a whole through internal harmonization actions. Democratic participation and extensive consultations of employees in the strategic decision-making process could help to unify understanding, unify will and unify action so as to ensure the implementation effect of decision-making programs.

Strategy inaction

The decision making is mainly determined by the decisions of strategy leaders. The decision making behaviors of enterprise leaders include judging ability, organization ability, forecasting ability, coordination ability, leaders' personal values and behavior preference.

The role of corporate culture in the management of strategy inaction process

 The strategy inaction means a series of activities of implementing the selected strategic programs, which is a practical activity to change strategic ideas of the enterprise into strategic behavior of the masses of workers. The implementation of the strategy is very important, only if they rely on the concrete actions of staff, they could turn the mission, goals and programs that the senior corporate leaders determine into a reality so as to achieve the development of enterprises. Strategy inaction process adopts the cultural style to reflect the role of corporate culture in this stage of strategic management. The cultural strategy implementation refers to a method that senior corporate leaders create corporate culture obtaining consensus of all the staff in order to enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of corporate culture employees and ensure the smooth implementation of corporate strategy. This way is characterized by extending participating members to a lower level of the enterprise and breaking the gap between planners and performers so as to try to make organizations at all levels and the entire staff of the enterprise support corporate goals and strategies which makes strategic implementation achieve broader basis, and it is the theoretical root for Hainan airline to establish a new culture appeal in each stage of development.

7. Conclusion

Enterprise culture must take the innovative spirit as the core, in succession on the basis of continuous innovation, pay attention to this problem, to grasp the timing of the enterprise strategic change, to processes the good strategic transformation and cultural transformation relationship, it has a very important significance

the enterprise culture have guiding role to enterprise whole and each staff's value orientation and behavior orientation, make it be able to comply with enterprise as determined by strategy. Enterprise culture effects on strategy formulation. This kind of influence performance in enterprise culture guide strategic positioning. That is what kind of enterprise culture, can form what kind of strategy.