The Challenges Of An Applied Management Commerce Essay

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It is my critical review about the assignment, i have done my applied management part A and part B. i choose a dominos company to carry my research. it was the problem of the company and to find required solution. the research methods i used to collect the information about the problems and the analysis to find solutions were one of the methods i have studied in my applied management course. this assignment is more to reflect on how i used my skills and my experience in making of the part A and part B assignment. it shows how i went through various processes of identifying the problems and finding the solutions for the dominos company. working on these assignment as individual was a great experience to me as i was the decision maker myself, this saved my experience as a working in dominos is a great experience.


i clearly focused on the objective that i have cover in this assignment. i tried to cover all the requirement concepts in this assignment, which i missed in frist assignment. though their was a lack of time still i tried my best to identify the problems in dominos and find the solution for the company to satisfactory. i dont face to many problems in research and making of this assignment because i work for that company to gain experience and money.

i used internal and external sources to gather the information, and for geting in problems, i mean a with the help of small questioner and the feed back received by me helped my in finding the solutions. i used dominos staff and their experience owner views and other sources to come on solution. the assignment has exposed my skill and knowledge that i have in module applied management.

change in the perception- this project is important achievement towards my of skills. so i would say perception dont change.

if i get a chance to do this project again, them i ll do the time management frist so i will get enough time to do it. it will be effective and i will put efferts in it.


the problem i identified during the research an dominos were the most effective and a solution to them will certainly increase the profit the profit of the company.

problem solving process is so simple and i have studied in my course, to collect the data i used qualitative and quantative research methods by means of small questioner from external and internal resources. to identify the problems and solution i also used SWOT analysis. gaint chart and PEST analysis.

the critical review of the problem solving process is that i didnt had enough time to review my primary data collected after feedback received on question from internal and external resource. i discuss completely the problems and solutions and recommendation with the emploees and employer of the dominos.

strategies used to overcome my difficulties during solving the problems were that i kept all records of the information i gathered in proper folder. i maintained privacy act of keeping the information. i made a simple set of question with simple yes or no or a one line answer. i used the feedback of company and there employees and some from the customers.

i was to do the problem solving process again i would rather seek permission from the company to maintain a feedback ragister. i would do proper time management so that i can collect more than enough require information to identify the problema an their solutions.


the dicision making process i used is qualitative and quantative research mothods. i used a small set of simple questions for feedback and answers my questions. i used SWOT, PEST and GAINT CHART to identify the problems.

critical review about the process i selected was that it was time cunsuming and the time frame to submit assignment was too short for this type of decision making process.

strategies used by me was very simple and very easy questions to collect the data, study the feedback and overview these feedback through problem solving techniques and analysis.


i used a different methods for this assignment such fro collecting primary data about the basic problems that are in customer service. technical management and marketing department and bad internal communication between the staff members. i used qualitative and quantative research methods. i also used SWOT, PEST , GAINT CHART analysis to identify the problem and their solution. feedback from staff and from customers help me to understand all of the things.

critical review about the research methods i used is that process was planned enough to obtain clear and relevent feedback and the results recevied were satisfactory that let me know know the reasons of the company loss.

i was queit successful in colloecting the data from the faadbacks, i tried to see through that there is fairness while answering the questions and preserving the data received and the privacy is maintained. the primary data from internal sources was nearly matching secondary data collected from external resources.

plan research instrument were used.

i agreed to maintain the privacy the very frist strategy and i collected primary and secoundary data with the help of simple and small question with yes, no or one line answer. then i used this data according to research process and analysis methods to identify the real drawbacks.

yes i will again used the same data source for the another project.


critical review of my management process is , i used my management skills , knowledge and my little bit experience that i gained from the work from dominos. i tried the very simple methods to collect the data and analysis process. though it was a short of time but still managed to collect the data and use the problem solving techniques and analysis to find the best solution to problems. i maintained the privecy policy of the company, not to disclose the all of research some part are very personal. because they got a compititors in the market.

my tutors and my staff and owner of the store help me a lot to go ahead with my research in their work, it was also a help to them how they can improve their qualities on the work. and it help them to solve their problem and get their target.

at the beginning it was not easy for me to convience the people about my research, but when the companies qwner coperate with me and staff also agree on these questions and i agree them that it will take only 15- 20 mins of their busy time,

i prepared my self in a short span of time to collect the data and analysis it and used the proper methods to find the solution for the company. due to shortage of time i did it colletively in fast and carefully manner. i collected al, questionare with feedback ASAP and then reviewed the feedback from staff, customers and owner of the store. it was a good experience of working on the problems find the best solution.

if i would the project again i would rather organise my self in advance and try to gather information from more stores. i would seek permission from authorities to let the staff participate that normally leadto external problem of he company.


I applied SWOT analysis. GAINT, PEST analysis and qualitative and quantative research methods

i would come across other new management concepts such as dominos five field analysis or fish bone techniques.

i did apply the principals of the ethical research that is seeking permission for the owner,coolecting the data fairly, and the promise of the finding them the best solution needed for his companys problem and making the company achieve the target in customers and ultimately in profit.

i would rather do more through research about the companys policies and their management concepts. i would also seek more professionally methods of research advice from my tutors to make i better.


1. UNDERTAKING PROBLEM SOLVING- for the project proposal i would recommend a time management, any of other problem solving methods and techniques such fishbone, six hats etc. qualitative and quantative and SWOT analysis helped me a lot. these processes and techniques may have given better results asa well as explained more clearly. by using these process the main objectives was to help company in attaining new customers, meeting its targets and increasing its profits.

2. WRITING A REPORT- applied management abled me to the project report with my skills and knowledge, if i redo the assignment i will use different techniques.

3. SCOPING THE BUSINESS PROBLEM- my recommendation is to expand the scope, more then one store i want to use for my data collecting source, this would lead to fewer limitations as well. this will allow implementing more management concepts and methods for better required result.

4. WRITING YOUR CRITICAL REVIEW- to write critical review, i needed enough time and then i can take suggetions from customers, managers of the technical and markint department i would also discuss with my tutors for suugestions of improvement to my research.

5.YOUR MANAGEMENT OF THE PROCESS- my recommendation is to manage properly the task through time management. so that the entire assignment working can be organised on time scheduled to do it. this pert of the assignment i could improve it by proper researching methods.

6. GATHERING YOUR DATA- i used qualitative and quantative method to collect the primary and secondary data from customers feedback , from employees, from dominos staff and tutor notes. i believe i could have gathered more information. if i had enough time to do so. if more than two stories could have been used for research i could have produced better results.