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This line of business has to do with the manufacturing of the BMW motor car . There will be many departments in the manufacturing process as there are many different parts to the making of the car before it is assembled. It is then assessed and tested before it is ready to be driven on any thoroughfare.

There are departments for the manufacturing of BMW car doors, chassis, bonnets, bumpers, fenders, seats and seatbelts, car locks ,engines ,mufflers and a number of other parts that makes up a car to make it complete. There will be departments such as administration, human resource ,marketing and sales ,Treasury and other areas such as canteens etcetera. All these areas will employ different category of employees who will work together as one team to achieve the goals and objectives of the company ,which is to be the leading manufacturer of any car manufacturing company, and to make the best type of car of a particular brand with new innovative features of the latest technology. The aim is to please and satisfy and please car lovers of the BMW brand and to attract potential customers of this brand.

With this, it is hoped that the country of Jamaica will benefit economically and it's citizens will benefit from employment gained.


Five intercultural and global challenges i'm likely to be encountered with are: competition, global markets, technology, in-house and external programmes and cultural barriers.

COMPETITION-This is a global challenge where i will have various competitors in the car manufacturing industry. The challenge will be to know who my competitors are which will be an advantage in order to stay ahead and be the leader in this field of business, as this type of car is discovered to be a luxurious commodity in Jamaica and is accepted by most Jamaicans especially those persons who are in high paying jobs, and my company capitalises on this opportunity coupled with the fact that there will be new innovative features of modern technology equipped on these types of cars to be manufactured.

GLOBAL MARKET- There are global markets for different make cars, and the BMW make car is readily accepted in Jamaica which would be one of the prime or major markets for this commodity for my company. This spells success for the business and a booming industry for the economy and people. There are other markets of which this commodity is competitive such as Germany with highly competitive prices , giving value for money.

TECHNOLOGY-In starting the business in this new location, technology is one of the key important areas to the business. If there isn't advanced technology, then this becomes a big challenge as this line of car manufacturing depends heavily on technology to advance with new innovations and ideas, in the making of cars of this type BMW with new hi-tech features.

IN-HOUSE AND EXTERNAL PROGRAMMES- This is a programme designed for the development of leadership skills for other managers, which enables managers to lead their subordinates with the skills acquired from both in-house and external programmes. This enables employees to be knowledgeable about the business, and its culture to gain success. These programmes can be workshops ,seminars, courses and mentoring programmes. These are all important in the business to garner social relationships within the workplace.

CULTURAL BARRIERS- These are barriers and challenges that has to be overcome in order to have or develop excellent work relationships through communication. This is important as everyone needs to to understand what the cultures of the workplace are, what is the normal trend, what areas of the culture needs to be discontinued and what needs to be practiced more. Also what new culture needs to be introduced. Everyone from the top down, needs to be on one page, working as a team with the culture to have success. Each member of a team in the different department or units, understanding the rules and regulations, and working accordingly. If there are practices and cultures from the overseas firm, then aspects of these cultures could be incorporated or combined with the cultures of the Jamaican workforce, and in this way employees would be more knowledgeable about the practices of the workplace. This would ensure a better attitude of employees towards each other and the job. This would also help to avoid conflict within the workplace.


A human resource plan must be tied to a business plan for success of the business, and there are different processes in doing so. Forecasting the human resource requirement needs for the current and future needs will save the business time and money in the long run. Consideration will have to be given on what are the company's goals and objectives, and if these goals calls for expansion into a new market. Are there new product lines planned?. Are there changes in technology, that are necessary to stay competitive?, will the new skills and or training be required to meet the company's goals and objectives, or do we continue with the old skills and training methods. When all these questions are answered, then this will help to determine if the company is ready to hire or not. The company now decides that it is ready for hiring and goes into a three step method: (1) Identifying the business strategy and need, (2) Conducting a job analysis and write a job description (3) Determining the feasibility of hiring.

IDENTIFYING BUSINESS STRATEGY AND NEEDS- With this the company identifies pressures and opportunities by considering external and internal opportunities, and record how they may impact the business, such as competition, where business will feel pressure to expand hire more workers in this particular market. TECHNOLOGY- This will increase demand for employees in certain levels of professions. INCREASED CUSTOMERDEMAND- This may require more demand for products and services, resulting in a requirement for more resources to produce or deliver services. ECONOMICS- Growth of the economy may cause changes in the labour market, which will impact the ability of the business to find and keep employees.

WORKFORCE CHANGES- This will include resignations, terminations, leave of absence, death, change in employment status, retirement. The business will clarify its strategy and direction which will give a description of the key functions and tasks, also the changes that will take place, and the direction the business will take in the years to come. If the business makes an increase in sales for the next five years, then consideration will be given on the impact of the hiring needs. The business goals and needs helps to predict future hiring needs in terms of the number of employees, types of skills, and work experiences. This planning process helps to avoid making mistakes, such as hiring employees prematurely.

When a sense of direction is taking place, then this helps to determine the human capacity needed for the company to accomplish the set goals. This is done by identifying aspects of the business, skills and knowledge required of the new employees, looking especially for a particular set of skills. Questions such as, what positions are opening up? What special skills will be needed e,g computer applications? What work experience will be required in a particular area? And when will new staff be needed? When should recruiting take place for a smooth transition? Does the recruiting plan provide for employee turnover. A tool map can be made up to plan for the short and long term staffing needs, describing functions or tasks, current staff, additional staff needed now, people needed in six months up to a year, people needed in two to three years.

STEP 2 JOB ANALYSIS- A job analysis must be conducted by a four step system such as reviewing the current workforce by describing the current employees, in terms of knowledge, skills and experiences, and how they function together to get the work done. Putting this with the strategic plan will describe the skills and knowledge needed for the new work or function, but at the same time considering how best to reorganise and make the best use of current and future employees. This is important, as current employees will now assist in training new employees for the new business. A notation of gaps between the skills and abilities of current employees, versus skills and abilities that the workforce needs to meet the business objectives in the future. Checklists can be made to help identify the desired qualifications of potential employees. This checklist would identify examples of needed skills such as organisational, plumbing, decision making, judgement, leadership and problem solving, interviewing and counselling.

Examples of needed knowledge and experience such as knowledge about the industry, product, technology, marketing and market, product design, specific business examples of needed quality, approaches such as innovative, results oriented, customer oriented team player, flexibility, adaptability, competitive insight. A job description can now be drafted with an appropriate salary range, as this helps to determine how much finance needs budgeting, and whether potential candidates are within the budget. A job evaluation can be done whereby jobs are ranked with corresponding salaries. Thought must be given to whether or not new positions will be junior or senior, if they require more specialized skills and knowledge. Will the position have more complex tasks and different working relationships. The similar positions in external markets must be looked at by job posting on the internet, reading career ads in the newspaper, talking with others in the industry.


Before hiring, there must be an understanding of costs for hiring, the benefits of hiring and the risk of not hiring. Calculating the cost of hiring new employees, consideration must be given to labour costs such as salary and benefits, recruiting costs such as advertising, time spent on orientation and training, and recruiting activities. The cost of hiring would be weighed against the value of having employees contributing to the business such as increased customer satisfaction, and a potentially saved business, increased revenue due to acceptable performance of an employee. With feasibility studies such as these, then the company will know if it is ready for hiring, then the recruitment process will begin.

The recruitment process would start with a checklist, which would help the business to identify the amount of employees needed for hire, the amount of sales expected through production from the workforce. There should be a relationship between employees hired production and sales. With employment arrangements, it should be decided whether training will be requires or if candidates should possess the required skills, will these positions be full time, part time or contract, and all this depends on the level of work and the time scheduled for the type of job. Payment structures should be taken into consideration e.g full time employees earning benefits than contract or part time employees. Succession planning also comes into play e.g identifying the next person in line to continue in a particular position in the event of dismissal, death , promotion or resignation.

Will employees be trained for new roles on a continuous basis, so that they're flexible to fit any other position which becomes vacant. The method of recruiting is decided such as advertisements, social media, employment bureaus.


The Jamaica legal environment will impact the firm's assessment. This will help the firm to make critical decisions in the opening of the business and the recruitment process. It will also help the company to identify the costs to be spent for business overall. This would come in the form of a national minimum wage which would give the company a guideline on salary payment for a forty hour work week, employment laws stipulating holiday work with pay, vacation leave with pay, also sick leave. The Jamaican law also stipulates the amount of days an employee should work to be qualified for this kind of pay.

There is also maternity leave law, which gives pregnant women the right to maternity leave, especially for the lower paid workers where they get pay for up to eight weeks. The plan also stipulates when an employee should be dismissed and the amount of weeks notice pay the employee should get. There is also the social security which enables the employee to receive a pension, and this is deducted from the salaries of employees on a weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis. It is also the right of the employee to have safe and healthy environment to work in , and the business should be able to provide amenities such as clean and separate restrooms for both male and female employees. Clean and safe potable water should be provided .They should also be provided with protection. An unemployment insurance known as redundancy payment must be given to employees who have lost their jobs through redundancy.

With these labour laws, then the company will know how the rights of workers must be treated and the amount of money to be spent to create a work environment conducive for work to gain success for great profit. This also creates an environment for the satisfaction of workers. There are also laws of gender sexual orientation.


Identifying or examining the vacancy in terms of the purpose of the job within the related area, the key tasks and levels of responsibilities, providing a description of the job such as job title, working hours, location, key accountabilities. (a) recruitment advertisement, (b)short listing candidates(c)assessing candidates (d) making a final selection

Description- This gives potential candidates a description of the job, so they know exactly what the job is about , and the requirements for the job. This aids the application and selection of candidates.

Recruitment Advertisement- This is done in order to allow potential candidates to apply for the various positions offered, and this also gives the company the opportunity to gain the staff needed for the business. Advertising for the staff needed can be in many ways, such as social networking, electronic and print media, employment agencies

Short listing candidates- This way the company gets the chance to peruse applications, and decides on the best candidates to use for any particular area. The company will know what skills are coming into the business, and know what other skills are needed, and if there is a need for outsourcing.

Assessment of candidates- Candidates will be assessed, and a decision made if the candidate is suitable for the position applied for, will possibly be placed in another area or position that qualifications are suited for.

Making a final selection- Candidates are selected based on knowledge and skills possessed for the different positions. At this stage, candidates are called for interview and given contracts for employment, with attractive offers made in order to have a fully qualified and ready to execute the goals and objectives of the business.


This process includes orientation, workshops, and seminars. Previous staff taken into the country will help with training for a smooth transition. For development, each employee will be given the opportunity to train in different areas, so that a vacancy can be filled in the event of absence. Short term training courses will be given in order to keep staff fully qualified and equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for the business. This gives the employee greater knowledge of the business. They also gain confidence in themselves to do the job successfully. In this way, the business becomes greater and the employees becomes more efficient


For a business such as this, a full time contract or contract of employment would be the contract of choice. For a new business, full time staff is required in order for the business have the assurance that staff will always be there to carry out the goals and objectives of the business for the long term. This contract stipulates what time of day work begins and ends for a forty hour work week. On the other hand, employees stand to gain benefits such as overtime pay, health insurance, paid holidays,maternity and childcare leave, also severance pay. This type of employment contract also allows the employees to become more efficient, as more time is allotted to them to get the daily tasks done for the job, and this gives a lot of practice. It also affords them job security providing they uphold or abide by the rules and regulations.

This type of contract stipulates to the employee what their benefits are, their weekly, fortnightly or monthly wages are, items that are taxable and their rates for overtime and holiday periods. The business will have a set pattern to work from, while having contingency plans in place for any event that may happen e.g.. termination and new recruitment


There are different methods of compensation used such as direct financial benefits, indirect financial benefit and non-financial benefit schemes.

Direct financial benefits- This refers to the basic pay rate and any additional bonus to the employee for the job done. Employees also get direct financial benefit or compensation for injuries on the job. Employees also get an end of year bonus pay boost their morale and say thank you for a job well done for the past year. There are those who also get travelling allowance e.g sales reps

Indirect financial benefit- This is payment made to employees in other ways such as health schemes and pension rates. This way they're assured of help in the event that they become ill or retire from the job. They will also be assisted with grants from other circumstances such as death for funeral preparations and also group life policies.

Non-financial benefits- This increases the morales of workers with job promotions and job enrichment, where the job is made even more interesting which will give the employee encouragement to be present at work and be willing to do the job. They have a sense of well being and feel valued by the company. There will also be awards that they would be given for outstanding service, long service, along with retreats such as weekenIn the case of redundancies, employees would be paid according to the labour laws of Jamaica and it's guidelines which stipulates how redundancy payments should be made and paid. All these are adapted in order to allow employees to have a sense of security, and feel encouraged to do the job. To have a sense of feeling that this company is the best company to work for. They will have a sense of satisfaction working for the company. Output of production would be greater, increasing profits, and this would allow the company to give even better pay.


There are different appraisal methods. The method this company chooses is the Graphic rating scale and essay evaluation, in the form of performance appraisal sheet. With the graphic rating scale, it is widely used where a manager checks the performance level of an employee. With this done, managers and supervisors would then give a detailed description on each employees performance for the year, describing their strengths and weaknesses and their behaviour. In this way, each employess will be assessed fairly, and the company will now know in what areas an employee needs to be developed in order to make him or her a better person and ready for the next appraisal whenever it is due. This is to keep everyone to acceptable working standards.


It is important for every company to have a business plan and a human resource plan in order to have a successful business meeting all the goals and objectives. Without this, a business is heading for failure. Employees of a business must be treated according to the labour laws of a country, especially a company opening business in a new country. Without this being done, the company would be operating against the laws of the country, and would be seen as a shell and would not be recognised by the host country. Thought and care must be put in place for plans to be successful for a company.


All businesses must make it compulsory to have a business plan, identifying the tasks, goals and objectives, deciding whether or not the business needs expansion and new market, what product is being introduced, and what form of technological change, if any is being used, in order to stay ahead. This also goes well with a human resource plan. With a business plan, financing is important and the company, should have readily available, source of funds to start a new business. An analysis in all aspects must be done for reassurance and confidence.