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It cannot be denied that Apple Inc. is one of the most desirable companies on the world that many people want to work for. As a fresh graduate, I also want to have opportunity to gain valuable exposure to world's leading companies like that. The following writing will analyze various aspects of this organization further and explain what has contributed to the success of the company.

Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer Inc., was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They knew each other through a mutual friend in high school and became friends a few years later when Jobs worked at Hewlett-Packard, where Wozniak was working. Wozniak then developed the Apple I computer in 1976 and Jobs persuaded him to sell Apple I as a fully assembled circuit board. They later sold some of their possessions to raise money and assembled the first boards in Steve Jobs 's bedroom and garage.

Apple Computer Inc was formed on April 1, 1976. After the success of the Apple I, they continued to develop the next generation of Apple computer called Apple II, which was the first personal computer that had a color display and the programming language built-in.

Apple Inc today is a multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, USA. It manufactures personal computers, portable electronic devices and provides commerce services as well as a digital distributor of media content, with around 80 offices and many retail stores across the world.


Apple's organizational structure does not have many layers, it is a very flat organization and a collaborative environment. It aims to minimize hierarchy and in a sense that the importance is not laid on hierarchy. The structure is very efficient and impersonal in making decision because everybody is involved. Employees or team in company are given freedom to make decisions at specific task, just as Steven Jobs said "Do you know how many committees we have at Apple? Zero" and the saying best expressed his view of the company's structure "You have to be run by ideas, not by hierarchy".

At the top are the Executive Officers, Steve Jobs was replaced by Tim Cook as the new CEO. He is responsible for most of Apple's operations. Eddy Cue, as an Senior Vice President of Internet software and services, he takes care of online services including iTunes store, iMaps, Siri and iClouds etc to meet expectations of Apple's customers. Bob Mansfield, previously Senior Vice President of Hardware engineering, now is responsible of technologies. An important part of management team cannot forget to mention is Craig Federighi who is the new head of iOS, Mac OS X and Apple's operating systems, while Jonathan Ive is the leadership of the Apple's Human interface team. He is in charge of designing the look of Apple's innovative products. Peter Oppenheimer, the current Chief Financing Operation (CFO) of Apple, with rich experience he handles the financial side of the company such as controlling treasury, investor relations, tax, internal audit and so on. In addition, Philip Schiller, now the SVP of worldwide marketing, he has been a member of Apple's Executive Team since 1997. With many years of management and marketing experience and 20 years working at Apple, he oversees the formation and marketing of iMac, iPod, Mac OS X and subsequent products.

All the people after the top executives are given the title of "Vice-Presidents, displaying the attempt at minimizing hierarchy and bureaucracy. The "Vice-Presidents" are connected with each other depending on their respective functions. The company has made an attempt to get rid of the conventional structural issues which might slow down decision making, in which the company believes enhances the creativity and productivity of its employees.


Apple is known for the best use of employees. The company appreciates and values its employees. It cannot be argued that the company has been extremely successful and it keeps on winning and the leadership style is greatly influenced by the former CEO Steve Jobs. He has been seen as the iconic figure of Apple, with creativity and innovation in transformation of the organization.

It can be said that Apple is a engineer-focused company and it really takes care of people's opinions. Engineer-focused company means that it is run totally by the engineers, product management is not involved a lot in the company; instead of that, each project team is small and it is managed mostly by the engineers. The most top managers are engineers as well so they can understand what is necessary for a project This is can be seen the first reason that makes Apple different and successful as it is a tech company, therefore the core employees should be engineers. And because most managers have engineering backgrounds and they have been promoted after many years, there is no gap between two tiers. They respect each other and the employees desire to work to impress their managers.

In Apple, people are given freedom to enhance the products; they can use their own products, find issues that bothered them and be free to fix it without dealing with layers of bureaucracy. Employees in apple have opportunities to develop themselves as they are challenged by given the tasks that are little beyond their capabilities. Therefore they have to learn every day to grow.

In Apple the leadership focus on personal view and individuals. They just point out something and let the juniors figure it out and realize what is the best for them to do it. This is to minimize the isolation in entities and help individuals have perception of the whole thing which later could aid in problem solving.

Another point worth mentioning is that Apple provides excellent healthcare to their employees and maintain a good work life balance. People work hard but the company always let them to enjoy their time on their own. The majority of Apple employees love the working environment and their jobs. The company emphasizes passionate and loyal employees while maintaining the corporate culture of its startup days, which is a crucial part of what makes it so successful.


In the past few years, Apple is known for its genius ways of getting things done with a difference. The corporate culture of Apple has constantly changed from time to time due to several events and the changes in the leadership team. However, it still maintains the startup culture which is a core part that helps the corporation develop. It based on an ideal that self-motivated individuals will work harder if there is no boss micromanagement for every action they do. As mentioned above, Apple's products are created by innovative people and their ideas are nurtured by the leaders. Even though when it is not their own ideas, they still can contribute to improve them. This makes them feel encouraging to offer up some innovative solutions and ideas and keeps them satisfied, productive and motivated to keep going and exploring creative techniques of working.

Apple embraced the culture "Work hard, play hard" since its inception. They offer big rewards to employees for outstanding work, usually in the forms of monetary compensation. The compensation and benefits plans are very flexible for its employees to choose from the wide range of options. These standard and flexible benefits help to motivate employees to figure out how to do the best in the company, stimulate them to come up with good ideas and exploration.

A iconic slogan that is very similar to many people is "Think different" and they actually did it that way. The overarching idea behind Apple corporate culture is to create the innovation, difference and creativity.

Being the leader in technology and innovation, secrecy is always a part of the Apple's corporate culture. Apple does not allow their workers to leak information about next coming products to the media. It hardly ensures secrecy of its product strategy with customers and it pays price of its employee secrecy. That is also the way workers' believe in working with the company.


Apple believes in working collaboratively and encourages healthy competition.