The Advantages Of The Motivational Strategies Commerce Essay

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What we actually do in real life everyday is guided by the choices of action that we make or intend to do. The choice is made by some or the other motivating factor which makes the person act in a particular way. [1]

Motivational strategies are the used as a medium to inculcate in people the determination, encouragement, enthusiasm and goal oriented approach that would help them work in a more organised manner and also in a way that would help the organisation fulfil its objectives.

Some advantages of motivational strategies:

Trust: when the management of an organisation appreciates and rewards the employees in order to motivate them in strengths their trust in the management. This make the employees realise that the authority are taking responsibility of the tasks that they intend to perform which inturn makes them feel the need for their dedication to complete that task in the best possible manner.

Raises self respect and discipline: motivation also helps to improve the discipline among the employees by raising their self respect. [2]

Helps to improve interest of the employees: while training the employees it is very important to keep them motivate in order to maintain their interest which is very important while training the employees.

Helps in monitoring and control: it also helps to monitor and control the working of the staff to a great extend. [4]

Employees work harder: everyone likes to be rewarded be it in the form of monetary reward or merely appreciation for the good performance. Therefore it also helps in making people work harder and give their best performance which can prove to be crucial for the success of the organisation.

While selecting the motivational strategies there are few things that should be kept in mind which are as follows:

Identify the aim of the organisation: this would help in motivating the employees by making them visualise the aims and objectives of the organisation more clearly. [3]

Know the fears of the employees and anything that might be affecting their motivation: this might include analysing if the employees are having any kind of fears like job insecurity etc due to some factors like any employee being sacked from the company.

Enquiring if employees and organisation share some common goals: while motivating the employees it is very important to identify if the employees are setting the right priority of the tasks that they intend to perform and the goals that they intend to achieve. And then their priority should be matched to that of the organisation. This is very important to ensure that the priority of the employees and organisations align with each other as the employees might be motivated but the priority might not be correct.

Are the employees fully involved in development of the organisation: analysing if the employees take interest and participate enthusiastically in the development of the organisation helps to know if the employees are giving importance to the aims and objectives of the organisation along with their personal goals that they intend to achieve.

What do employees think about the company: it is very important for the company to realise that the employees would work at the best of their capabilities only if the feel secure and are treated as important and wanted in the organisation.

Few examples of motivating strategies

Creating a friendly environment: it can be achieved by making the employees realise that they can freely interact with their managers and other authority without any hesitation. This would not only help to create a very free and healthy communication between the staff but will also help the employees feel being treated equally important to the organisation. [5]

Help employees in setting goals: it is very important for the employees to set goals both long term and short term for them to achieve. Helping them to set their goal will help the organisation to gain staff motivation to a great extend, this can be done by organising weekly group meeting with the employees by the management of the organisation.

Open door policy: it is very important for the employees to discuss any problem that they might be facing at work and that might be affecting their performance with the management so that they can find solution to it. Also it is important for the management to keep any complaints that they might receive from the employees confidential.

Rewarding in the form of promotion, bonus and employee of the month awards: rewarding the employees in this way will encourage them to perform better. Even merely praise might sometime motivate to give their best in whatever they do. Rewarding the employees makes them feel valuable in the team. Without such rewards sometimes the employees might feel unappreciated and worthless and unwanted in the organisation which might affect their performance.

Understand that everyone is different: it is important for the manager to understand that there are different personalities at all workplace and that everyone has their own qualities as well as weaknesses. Every individual has a different pace and style of working. Therefore he should be flexible with everyone and should behave in a very understanding manner with all the employees which is a key to the staff motivation.

Motivational strategies used by the SAINSBURY'S

Annual bonus: Sainsbury's provides number of schemes to its employees which entitle them for annual bonuses. These bonuses, eligibility criterions and the performance targets that are required to be achieved to become eligible are communicated to them from time to time.

Shining star reward: Sainsbury's gives the shining star rewards to the employees who give their best performance, be it doing their job in a great way every day or going an extra mile in providing customer service or doing anything that is doing any benefit to the reputation of the organisation. Sainsbury's gives the employees its own vouchers that they might spend during their shopping with the Sainsbury's.

Long service award: Sainsbury's rewards all its employees who continuously work with Sainsbury's for a long period of time. Sainsbury's rewards and recognise the hard work that its employees who give their services to the company continuously for 5, 10, 15, 25 and 40 years with full dedication.

Colleagues discount: sainsbury's provides its colleagues with 10% discount on their shopping in sainsburys.

Save as you earn: under this scheme the Sainsbury's employee can buy the company's share at 20% discount. [7]

Open communication with management: sainsbury's provides the employees to share their views and feedback about the company from time to time. it also operates an open door policy to discuss any query or difficulty that a colleague might be facing at work that is affecting their quality of work.

Feedback on colleague performance: during probation period of the employee sainsbury's provides them with the feedback on their ongoing performance and ensured that the manager continuously help them in rectifying any query that they might be having regarding their job.

Training to the employees: sainsbury's also makes sure that it keeps the employees updated on any skills that might be required while working in sainsbury's. For examples if any new technology is introduced it makes sure that the employees are fully trained to use them efficiently.

Bonus on achieving company's target: sainsbury's gives all its colleagues bonus at the end of year if the company is able to achieve the target of its performance.

Link between Sainsbury's motivational and marketing strategies

In any organisation employees plays an important role in its functioning. therefore it is very important to make sure that the employees are highly motivated so that they perform their job to the best of their capabilities which in turn will help the company in establishing good reputation among the customer which will eventually help the organisation to incur more profits.

As a part of motivational strategies as discussed above sainsbury's provides its employees with training from time to time. besides motivating this also helps to make sure that the colleagues are able to perform in a way as expected by them and as per the standards set by the organisation.

Good customer service is another important aspect of any organisation. A customer wont come back to the organisation if they do not get what they actually expect while their visit. In order to expect the colleagues to give excellent customer service it becomes really important to encourage them by recognising the good customer service that they provide to the customer. Sainsburys make sure that it rewards its colleagues with the shining stars reward for the good customer service that they provide to their customers. This helps the colleagues to remain motivated and work harder in order to give the best quality of services to the customer which in turn will give profits to the organisation by bringing the customers back to them.

Employees plays an important role in marketing strategy of the organisation as they are responsible for making sure that the customer get the best quality of goods and service. For this it is very important for the colleagues to have very good information about their products which would help them to provide the customers with the best possible alternatives which is another marketing strategy of the sainsbury's in case if the product that they are looking for is out of stock.