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Every manager has some techniques for managing the company and the employees. Some of these techniques are Leadership Style and motivational Techniques. First of all I want to define leadership style and motivational techniques.

1: Leadership Style: The way that the manager uses to provide direction, implementing plans, and motivating to his employees. 

2: Motivational Techniques: The techniques that managers use to motivate the employees as individual or group to act in a way that specified as he sees are right for the company.

In this report I'm going to compare between EMAAR Company and SOROUH Company and describing the difference in leadership style and motivational techniques of these two companies.

History about the two Companies

1: EMAAR Company:

Emaar Properties (PJSC) is rapidly growing to become a universal supplier of premier lifestyles. A Dubai-based Public Joint Stock Company, Emaar is listed on the Dubai Financial Market and is part of the Dow Jones Arabia Titans Index.

In tandem with Dubai's fast growth, Emaar has been determining landscapes and lives in the Emirate since the company's foundation in 1997. Not only building houses, Emaar increases value-added, master-planned Communities that meet all the needs of homebuyers in the life. A pioneer of innovative community-living concepts, Emaar is the prime mover of the Emirate's real estate and construction sector.

Emaar is planning a new ways of growth through a two-pronged strategy of environmental growth and business subdivisions. Replicating its successful business model in Dubai, Emaar is extending its expertise in creating master-planned communities to international markets. Simultaneously, Emaar is developing new competencies in hospitality & leisure, malls, education, healthcare and financial services, which have evolved from its integrated approach to customer service and property development.

With six business sections and more than 60 active companies, Emaar has a collective presence in several markets straddling the Middle East, North Africa, Pan-Asia, Europe and North America. The company has established operations in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Turkey, China, USA, Canada and United Kingdom.

2: SOROUH Company:

Sorouh Real Estate (PJSC) is one of the largest real estate developers in the Middle East. Based in the heart of Abu Dhabi with a reach that stretches across the UAE and the globe, our current mandate includes AED 20.6 billion (USD$ 5.6 billion) worth of projects under that are under construction or contracted.

Sorouh was established in June 2005 with capital of AED 2.5 billion (USD$ 680.6 million), and have since established themselves as one of the largest companies in the property sector on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. 

Their developments include many of the UAE's most high profile and innovative landmarks: HYPERLINK ""Golf Gardens, SHAMS Abu Dhabi, Shams Gate and Towers on Ream Island, Alghadeer , Saraya and Lulu Island.

Their 300 employees are determined by a Joint internal philosophy: to pioneer new and groundbreaking ways to build places and landmarks of great significance to individual people and society as a whole.  As a committed and integral member of the community in which it operates, the company actively supports the Abu Dhabi Government's strategy for the future of the Emirate and its promotion of traditional UAE culture, captured in the Urban Planning Council's ambitious Plan Abu Dhabi 2030. This plan permeates everything that they do.

Both companies are looking for maintain workforce diversity and create opportunities for all, for that reason EMAAR's Chairman said that "It is clear that our employees have played a crucial role in this success. As a company which boasts a large national and multi-ethnic workforce, we realize that our commitment does not stop at providing a challenging work environment, but extends to employees' professional and personal growth."

EMAAR and SOROUH believe that by providing management associate program, which actively supports the development and growth of fresh graduates into rewarding roles they will rapidly grow more and more by time.

There's more than 40 nationalities in both companies and they all work together in order to achieve the companies goals and objectives.

Leadership style adopted in the companies

There are many ways to lead and every leader has his or her own style in leadership according to the company and the way he or she sees that best suits the company's goals.

For EMAAR, they use Bureaucratic Leadership Style.

Bureaucratic leadership is where the manager manages "by the book¨ that's mean that they follow the rules without changing anything for any reason. They don't use their creativity or imagination in leading.

For SOROUH, they use a combination of Democratic Leadership Style and Bureaucratic Leadership Style

This combination is done when the managers manages "by the book¨ but also consult the employees and the employees have a huge part in decision making. This combination can produce high quality and high quantity work for long periods of time. Because the employees feel like they are included in everything and they appreciate the trust given to them by the managers.

Employees' expectation of leadership style

For EMAAR, employees don't expect much from the leadership style because after a while of using the bureaucratic leadership style the employees lose their interest in their jobs and in their fellow workers. Furthermore, there will be no motivation for the employees as they do only what is expected of them and no more.

For SOROUH, employees have high expectations for the leadership style as it Allows employees to establish goals, Develops plans to help employees evaluate their own performance and Encourages employees to grow on the job and be promoted. But like the other styles, is style is not always appropriate. It is most successful when used with highly skilled or experienced employees or when implementing operational changes or resolving individual or group problems.

Motivational techniques adopted in the companies

"Motivation is an important factor that is likely to rise the productively of the employees in the organization. Employee motivation helps to raise the productivity of an organization and at the same time assist the organization to work as a system. The most important aspect of motivation is to align the aims, purpose, and the values between staff, teams and the whole organization in general to the culture of the organization. There are organizational and personal motivation techniques which are important for an organization to achieve improved productivity. Personal motivation techniques are important as they help to have motivated employees who are well integrated in the organization culture." (Gen, 2004) 

The Motivational techniques adopted in EMAAR are:

1. Write down your accomplishment feelings

When an employee accomplish a goal he or she feels good about his accomplishment. That's why the company motivate the employees to write down their feelings after accomplishing the goal so when they have another goal to accomplish they can look at their last goal's accomplishment feelings and that way they can work harder for accomplishing their next goal.

2. Use a Vision board

The vision board is a board that you put what inspire you on it and put the board in a point that you can always see. For example, if you are an engineer and your dream is to build the tallest tower in the world, you will put a picture of Burj khalifa on your vision board. You will tell yourself that if others can do it so do I. it's a good motivation method to accomplish your goals.

3. Write down your reasons

Before you start doing your tasks and objectives, write down why you do these tasks. Remind yourself of the reason you are doing what you are doing. For most of the employees in EMAAR the reason for doing their jobs is to reach a certain point of their career and to accomplish their dreams. Reminding yourself of the reason of doing what you are doing is a very effective way to motivate yourself and others.

The Motivational techniques adopted in SOROUH are:

1. Have others hold you accountable

Having others hold you accountable means that you tell other about what you going to do. That way you will feel obliged to complete what you are doing because you don't want people to think that you are a quitter and you can't do what you want to do it. An employee thinks that telling their manager about their upcoming tasks helps them to complete the job faster and more efficient.

2. Take a break

Most of employees think that when they take a break they waste time. But there are some researches that indicate breaks are highly important for employees. When you work on something for a long time you will get sick of it. Even if you want to finish it you won't be able to. This is why breaks, even if they are shorts, help you to relax and free your mind so you can have a fresh start on your work.

3. Set false time constraints

Most of employees set their work aside as they have time to do it. This is a huge mistake as you never know what could happen in the future. If you have a task that needs only a couple of hours to finish but its due next week set a false due date for yourself. Convince yourself that it's due after two days. This way you will finish it and be sure that all your work is organized.


In the end, we can see that both companies have a different ways of leadership styles and motivations techniques. Every company follows what it thinks it's best for the employees and the organization as whole.


What is the quality level of the all departments in the Company?

High Average Low

What is the level of the quality policy followed in the Company?

Good Average Weak

How good is the marketing strategy in the Company?

Good Average Not Good

Do you agree that the training opportunities offered to the students are effective in the Company?

Agree Disagree

What do you think of the ability of solving problems in the company is?

Excellent V.Good Good Weak

Does the management encourage the effective communication between staff?

Yes No not sure

Does the director use motivation's methods reward to encourage employee?

Yes No not sure

Does management Crate an implement training programs and courses for staff to improve their performance and increase their production?

Yes No not sure