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Dell is a multinational information technology corporation; it's situated in Round rock, Taxes, United States. The company is developing, producing, selling, and supporting computers and its related product and services. Mr. Michael Dell is the founder of the Dell Corporation. He started Dell Corporation November 4th 1984.Now the dell corporation one of the leading technological companies in the world. Dell is employing near 100000 people around the globe (48.3 percentage in Unite States and 51 .7 percentage in other countries). The company took the market share through their innovation in electronic commerce, supply chain management and JIT production approach.

Low cost is the strategy and trade mark of the dell corporation, well taking about law cost they achieved through their financial policy's which implemented by great financial leaders. I choose two leaders among them for my studies. First one is Mr. Don Carty and second one Brian Gladden. Both of them served Dell Corporation many years as a post of Vice chairman as well as Chief Financial officer.


Leaders are playing very important role in an organization; one leader can change entire organizational structure. A leader means As John Quincy Adams once famously said, "If your actions inspire others to do more, and to become more, then you are a leader."

Charismatic leadership theory "A leadership theory that states that followers make attributions of heroic or extraordinary leadership abilities when they observe certain behaviours". (Stephen p. Robbins, Judge and Sanghi.2009.p 451).

The key characteristics of charismatic leaders, they have their own vision to active the goal. They always take individual risk to achieve their vision. These qualities of a leader help the organization to make big achievements.

Transactional leaders "Leaders who guide or motivate their followers in the direction of established goals by clarifying role and task requirements". (Robbins, 2009 .p 457)

Transactional leaders are promise rewards for good performance and they are not talk to talk they always walk to walk (Actionable).

Transformational leaders "Leaders who inspire followers to transcend their own self-interests and who are capable of having a profound and extraordinary effect on followers". (Robbins, 2009. p 457).

Transformational leaders give sense of mission and vision to people and they will gain respect and trust from the people. They give personal attention on each person and treat them individually and gives support also.

Key finding and discussion

Mr. Don Carty has been a one of the members of Dell Corporation's Board of Directors since 1992. He worked in United States and Canadian Airline field many years. He served as controversial chairman of the board and chief executive officer of American airlines from 1998 to 2003.After that he resigned his job from American airlines and he joined Dell Inc (January 2007). He worked Audit committee chairman of Dell Corporation also.

He had shown his leadership qualities in various filed and in different roles. His leadership style is transactional. He always takes correct actions, for dell he contributed several good financial decisions. He improved Just in time inventory mechanism. He made a group of executive to look financial sector, because Dell corporations want to improve their cost leadership strategy. On June 13th 2008 61year old Mr. Carty resigned his Vice president as well as CFO post from Dell Corporation, because of U.S. Security and Exchange commission investigation.

Mr. Brian Gladden took over the post of Carty from June 13th 2008. Before that he was the president and CEO of SABIC Innovative Plastics Holding BV, formerly GE Plastics. Mr. Gladden worked near 20 year with General Electric (GE) in various financial sector and leadership roles in management team. He is one among the most success CEO; he made $ 7 billion revenue for SABIC through its 10000 employees operating in 20 countries. It shows his leadership qualities. His style of leadership is transformational leadership. He has his own vision and mission. He communicates with his employees and according their opinion he will make decisions and he is very careful for solving the problems.

He took many actions for dell corporations as a leader. First he made 60 people team they are controlling through selected dedicated integration executives. He made integration experience and he made a committee known as Integration steering committee owned by CEO's leadership team. He is good in manage people (employee) he communicate every week with his employees via steering committee meetings. Mr. Gladden standardizes the financial process and corporate functions. He has a great focus on market, so he made another team for looking market opportunities and gives a name Go-To-Market opportunities. The team focus on 3 major opportunities short team opportunity, medium term opportunity and finally long term opportunities. Through this team he makes his forecasts on sales and key market area.


Compare these most successful CFOs of Dell Corporation; they are having totally different leadership styles and both of them approaching the matter in different style. Mr. Gladden is having very good vision for his position and he knows how to handle his employees better than Mr. Carty. Look experience Carty worked in various industries as CEO and CFO post and he named best CFO ever, but in the case of Dell Corporation Mr. Gladden's qualities are much better than Carty's. Gladdens good leadership qualities and better decisions helped Dell Corporation to avoid big loos in recession time. Gladden treated his employees better than Carty through this he could improve the production and time slacks. Mr. Gladden is very communicative with his co-workers and always gives personal attention on each of them. He made a 60 members team for looking financial sector only.

Mr. Carty and Mr. Gladden both are focused on cost leadership strategy for the company and both of them are success on their decision. Just in time inventory control management help them to reduce the cost of production. Gladden tries to maximizing long term shareholders value and through cost leadership strategy he is looking to make Dell Corporation want become market leader in making computer and its pats. Carty was started