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Santander Group is the fourth leading bank in the world by income and eighth by stock market put capitalization. In 2009, its web routine profits were greater than EUR 8.9 billion, 1% more than the previous year, and it detached more than EUR 4.9 billion in dividends to shareholders. With these figures, the Collection achieved the purpose locate at the Once a year Wide-ranging Summit of Shareholders seized on June 19th 2009 to preserve its proceeds and the surplus expenditure.

P1: Mission

To be a lineup that is able of generating vast ideas that satisfy our clients, are beneficial for our shareholders and combine our position as a global financial leader and an article that collaborates for the sustainable development of society.


Dynamism: The idea and quickness to determine and build up selling opportunities before the Bank‘s competitors and the elasticity to adjust to market changes.

Strength: Banco Santander‘s strong balance sheet and sensible credit management are the best guarantees of its capability to grow and create investor value over the long term.

Leadership: Leadership occupation in all the markets where the Bank operates, by the best teams and for all time paying attention on the consumer and on outcome.

Innovation: Regular hunt for goods and services that meet up customers‘ new requirements and allow Banco Santander to get hold of profits superior than those of its competitors.

Business oriented: The patron is the focal point of the Bank‘s approach. Banco Santander aspires to endlessly boost the number of its patrons, their fulfillment and connection through an extensive choice of goods and services and the finest class of service.

Professional morals: In excess of along with past severe fulfillment by laws, codes of behavior and inner regulations, all Banco Santander recruits ought to proceed sincerely and clearly and forever place the Group‘s wellbeing prior to their own.

Madrid, - The Panel of Directors of Banco Santander has decided towards submission of the bank's payment policy used for topmost administration to a shareholders' choice at the next Annual General Meeting expected to be held next June 11.

The remuneration policy is spelled out in the annual report of the Appointments and Remuneration

Committee, which has been approved by the bank's Board of Directors, and which describes the criteria and factors used in determining remuneration for board members in 2009 and 2010. This report, which heretofore has been made available to shareholders when the AGM is convened, will be voted upon, in a consultative manner, as a separate agenda item. This report details compensation of individual directors, by item, as well as fixed remuneration and the criteria for determining variable pay of executive directors in 2010.

P2: “Bonds Associate -

Finances can be appropriate for Investors who are looking for a potentially superior return than with the purpose of which is obtainable from a currency market finance, but who do not want to accept the instability intrinsic in an impartiality range. Investors in bonds Associate - Finances though, remain ready to understand fluctuations in cost, caused via the factors such as shifting attention rates plus the praiseworthiness of bond issuers.

For EUR-denominated investors, it must be stressed that this Sub-Fund is invested and denominated in USD and thus the investors bear a risk on the evolution of EUR against USD.

In the case of this Sub-Fund, the fact that it is mainly invested in Latin American Markets should be taken.


Delivering Value to Customers

By understanding our customers' needs and delivering value-for-money, targeted products, Santander aims to build deeper, longer relationships that benefit both parties; and where customers are dissatisfied, we resolve issues efficiently.

A key issue is financial exclusion and we're proud of the work we do internally and with external partners to ease the problems of financial literacy and capability.

Treating our Employees Well

It's equally important to provide a positive working experience for our people and we support a healthy work/life balance for everyone. By creating a workforce that reflects the diversity in society, and by recognising and respecting individual differences, we will benefit from the full range of knowledge and skills on offer.

Santander aspires to create a high performance culture where employees are supported to achieve their best and are rewarded consistently and fairly.

Santander values communication, openness and approachability. Strong relationships with our trade union colleagues are critical and Advance, the independent trade union, is consulted on major initiatives and has bargaining and representation rights.

In Partnership with Suppliers

Our partners tend to share our commitment to conducting business responsibly. We use competitive tendering and deal with suppliers in a fair and open manner. Suppliers are asked to hold on to the UN Worldwide Compacted values on civil rights, labour principles, surroundings as well as anti-corruption.

Investing in Communities

Santander is committed to supporting the local community, primarily addressing financial and education issues.

The Santander Foundation provides a focus for company giving, and donates over £3m annually to national and local charities. Employees are encouraged to participate in many ways. Up to 35 hours a year can be claimed by staff to work with a cause of their choice. Volunteering activities can be linked to training & development goals and our 'Community Days' allow employees to take a day out to work with a charity.

Approach to the Environment

We are committed to creating a successful business that isn't achieved at the expense of the environment. Our biggest environmental impact is created across our property portfolio and the use of electricity, gas and paper, and waste generation. We therefore invest in the latest technology to reduce our carbon emissions through energy efficient equipment and are addressing our waste and recycling activities.

Investments and Lending

In assessing investment and lending proposals, Santander considers a number of factors including the potential impact on human rights, public health and the environment. Proposals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis taking into account the ethical implications of supporting a particular organisation, government or project.

P4 The essential economic trouble within some culture is towards offering a set of regulations for allocating possessions and/or use amid persons who can't gratify their requirements, given inadequate funds. The set of laws that every economic structure provides role in a scaffold of prescribed institutions (e.g., laws) and familiar institutions (e.g., traditions).

Plainly billions of diverse outputs can be formed with society's inadequate funds. A few apparatus should exist that differentiates among goods to be shaped and others to remain as either vacant inventions or as persons displeased needs.

There are a lot of customs to manufacture a desired item. It may be promising to utilize extra effort and less investment, or the opposite.Once a product is created, some device must subsist that distributes completed goods to the crucial regulars of the product. The apparatus of allocation for these supplies differs by economic arrangement.

P5. In anticipation of ten years back the expression

"Welfare Work" was a axiom lacking meaning in the engineering world. Nowadays it stands for a explicit strategy on the division of employers which may convey as regards the way out of several of the displeased troubles of employment and assets. The leaven of these guidelines previously has begun to vocation. A bough of interests labor from side to side which the corporation has had a immense pressure on the community and the environment of the borough is that of background farming. At the time when interests vocation was happening the surroundings of the industrial unit were approximating those of the largest part engineering plant life — no matter which but gorgeous After the corporation has finished its own possessions stunning with lawns, undergrowth and vines, it qualified the community of the locality, by lectures and demonstrations, the ideology of countryside farming. As a consequence of this movement of instruction the industrial unit locality has been modify from a province of tumble-down houses, ash plenty and tin cans to a region of fine-looking homes and well set aside yards.

P6 The impact of Macro-economic (Monetary and Fisca)l Strategy on the financial system

There are several differences in the financial property of economic and financial strategy, on the masterpiece of productivity, the success of the two kinds of guidelines in convention the government's macroeconomic objectives, and also the time lags concerned for fiscal and financial policy changes to take consequence. We will believe each of these in rotate:

Possessions of Strategy on the Masterpiece of General Productivity

Economic strategy is repeatedly seen as impressive of a rounded guidelines implement - disturbing all sectors of the market even though in dissimilar behavior and with a changeable force.

In peculiarity, monetary strategy can be plagued to authority confident groups (e.g. increases in means-tested settlement for low precedes households, reductions in the rate of multinational tax for small-medium sized enterprises, supposition allowances for businesses in convinced regions)

Believe as an illustration the belongings of using either pecuniary or fiscal policy to accomplish a specified augment in countrywide income for the reason that genuine GDP lies underneath prospective GDP (i.e. there is a pessimistic productivity opening.)

(i) Pecuniary policy extension:

Subordinate concentration duty will front to an enlarge in purchaser and production assets expenses together of which increases countrywide revenue. Since speculation payments consequences in a superior investment accumulation, then incomes in the opportunity will also be advanced from beginning to end the collision on LRAS.

(ii) Financial procedure development:

An extension in monetary strategy (i.e. an increase in government expenditure) adds unswervingly to AD but if financed by advanced management borrowing, this may result in advanced attention rates and lower speculation. The net effect (by adjusting the augment in G) is the same enhance in current proceeds. However, since speculation expenditure is lower, the capital stock is lower than it would have been, so that expectations incomes are lower.

In UK to excess of cosmopolitan association are in authorize, Many people from unrelated part of the world also visited in UK for poles apart, if the universal market reduce the production of UK based corporation also plummet downward. As a result they countenance difficulties to receive proceeds and eventually the shareholders experience.

P7 Perfect Competition:

A market is said to be perfectly competitive when firms perceive that they individually have no noticeable influence on market price. The outcome in such an industry is efficient in the sense that the cost of the last unit of output (marginal cost) would just equal what consumers would be willing to pay for that unit. Perfect competition is a regarded as a benchmark market structure for evaluating other market structures.

Market Structure and Competition:

The market structures tells us about the environment within which an enterprise functions and the nature of external pressure on the enterprise. The elements of market structure that we look at are concentration ratio, stability of market shares, conditions of entry and exit of firms. FDI Policy

Stability of Markets Shares

A limitation of the above summary measures of concentration is that they ignore the dynamic changes in the market shares of individual firms. Market shares of dominant firms may increase or decline over time. Greater churning of market shares in given market suggests greater intensity of competition.

P8 Market forces and organizational Response:

Organizations always responses positively toward market forces.

P9 Company Review:

This segment presents the type essentials & statistics, production portrayal, and foodstuffs & services accessible by the corporation.

Chief Competitors:

This fragment earliest selects the competitors based on possessions, sales, spotlight of commerce, or geographic attain. Then all the opponents are outlined.

Key Dealing approach of every Opponent:

It discussion about the present and prospect tactic of each company. All production, promotion, economic and managerial tactic are communicate here.

Proportional SWOT Analysis:

Our proportional SWOT analysis is a precious footstep in assessing your company's and you entrant' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It proffer controlling approaching into the grave topic distressing a production.

Proportional Financial Analysis:

This segment balances the current financials of the corporation and its corporation. The financial routine of each subdivision of all the companies is also converse here. The purpose is to appraise the financial healthiness of the business vis-à-vis its competitors. The hoard price assessment helps us in appraise the presentation of the company location versus its entrant from an investor's perspective.

There is an momentous role for tobacco categorize supporter in the approach advancement progression in dogmatic organization.

P10 The export and endorsement of supplies and services

transversely general restrictions is known as global deal. Worldwide craft is the spine of our contemporary, marketable world, as manufacturer in different country try to revenue from an extended marketplace, pretty than be restricted to advertising within their possess boundaries. There are many reasons that trade across national margins take place, mutually with minor manufacture expenses in one province versus another, dedicated manufacturing, need or excess of natural possessions and purchaser tastes.

One of the the majority notorious apparatus of all-inclusive operate today is the subordinate manufacture costs of “upward” country. Together the United States and the European Union have compulsory ruthless boundaries on introduce from Asian nations to attempt to trunk this tide. Obviously, a corporation that can compensate its employees the correspondent of dollars a day, as balance to dollars an hour, has a dissimilar advertising improvement.

P11 Discussion with UK SME

diplomat remains on household and European substance constantly illustrate that the main question for their associate is guideline. The 2007 EU Observatory Survey originate that 36% of SMEs within Europe reported that systems acted as a constriction or had obtainable complexity in the preceding two years.

Whilst advancement has been at the EU level, for example on the endorsement of the “Think Small First” standard and the European Commission's obligation to decrease organizational saddle by 25%, we consider a much more striving set of procedures should be commenced.

Another essential concern is admission to finances, where we believe accomplishment should be listening carefully on civilizing the stipulate side, in scrupulous speculation willingness, and the deliver of diffident amounts of investment for entrepreneurs who, for various reasons, are consider to be a superior hazard.

In order to produce, SME should also have admission to new market. In the main, advertise abroad inflexible have been instigate to benefit from greater efficiency enlargement than non-exporters.


The UK has to construct a conclusion on relationship of EMU in the subsequently two years. The financial and financial government in the Euro Area and in the UK do not fluctuate seriously. However, we quarrel that relationship of EMU will augment the constancy of the economy and the trustworthiness of the strategy support and therefore will augment the prediction for enlargement and elevated returns and service.