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Believing that for every business, there is a need to define its purpose foremost. It would be informing what is business all about, it describes as well its vision, and eventually would be detailing of why does one wants his business exist, either in a local or international market. In the first place, a particular business has to state its mission as to what it wants to be in the future. Along with that is the purpose.

Primarily, the mission of every business is that, generally, "To empower its workforce in the course of achieving its common goals - - at a given period of time, possessing on assigned position, and to penetrate its target market". Another is "For the company to enable its workforce and the business together, throughout the global realization of their individual potential."

Moreover, with that mission of the Compass Group, it has the task serve the best to its customers by way of delivering appreciative service and that it could results through its target market globally. Consequently, it aims in achieving good leadership in those selected markets in the area of food servicing with the unvarying search, in particular of higher peak of the said services. Another is that, to be able for them to effectively and render its services with the best quality as expected by the customers.

The company's acquisitions which then have been recently reported, in 2002, indicated that there is a 60% stake preferably in the Italian servicing firm (Onama) - for about £80 million that was on the 30th of September 2002. But in the 19th of December of the same year, the 220 Travelodge hotels together with the 368 little Chef eateries to a classified equity grouping, Permira at the amount of £712 million. The so-called Gruppo Events that provides said food services in which they cater at the Somerset House located in London, in about £6.6 million. While the Bon Appetit Management, this is actually a U.S. food servicing firm that is eventually located in California, reached to £114 million. In fact the Caster Independent School in its meal-business has also included for about 2,500 personnel all throughout the nation. It is from Castle View for the unrevealed requisites.

Additionally, for the said unrevealed requisites, the London-based contracted one of the caterers, Woodin & Johns for that matter, for the purpose of expanding the City dine-in outlet; Restaurant Associates. But in the year 2003, a £24 million declared amount composing the one hundred cookie branches of the Bury-based operator; Millies Cookies.

In 2004, with the argued decision in acquiring Keith Prowse's commercialized generous dealings approximately £10 million. On the other hand, the said operator of dispensation in those locations in Germany as well as in the motorway servicing vicinities had £12 million. Whereas, the Creative Host Services, recognized as the U.S. concessions firm ran at £22 million. Most importantly, for such planning for a food servicing industry, there should have to evidently define its general objectives as it is harder for the business to hang about on the roadway of success, if it has no direct guidelines or even goals to which to achieve in the first place.

Generally, with strategic planning, it establishes to where exactly a certain business is being led above the subsequent year or even more that what has been ever expected. It is more likely to determine how the business is going to get to the point of its expectations and at the same time, to determine the results whether it would become progressive or losing. There are different perspectives, as well as the methods and the approaches being used in the strategic planning process. (Flynn & Teplansky, 2006)

In view of the Compass Group, in their strategic ways, has said to be more significant strategy is for the company to be able to build value for the stockholders while on the process of bringing the said value would preserved through a form of 4 promises intently to its stakeholders. They most ensure in maximizing the return of their investments, also, always remember the significance of handling the satisfaction of the customers. That, the company has aimed in delivering or rendering their services at its own capability towards reliability. And that, the continuation in placing the best workers in its operations, would have to be the primary concern of the firm.

In a matter of developing the way the strategic planning has to be in place, could have to be dependent on what the life of the company's management style, the culture itself, the size, the multifaceted environmental aspects, and most of all the skills or the expertise that the organizers have in contribution to the success of the business.

It must shape its goals-based strategic techniques to possibly obtain the general strategic model and be able to start by having the focus on the company's mission, vision, and the techniques in order to commonly attain the designed goals. Part of that, the company is providing service standards. With the quotation of "Putting its customers first". First and foremost, the company is adhering to the given standards as it mains its relationship to their clients and that they always assure that they would be paying attention to the client feedback at any given time.

As regards to the company's market leadership, it more embraces of the quality as well as to be cost-effective by a group of dedicated people. In terms of the aspiring the company's excellence on its operations, it would used a high systematic techniques so with the processes, the equipped used and at the same time, the standards that the company has to adhere in attaining its goals. (Flynn & Teplansky, 2006)

With the company's 5-year performances, it shows that the exclusion of the exceptional items as well as the amortization of goodwill as per 2001 up to 2005 (£), the turnover from 2001reaches to 8, 716; 10, 617; 11, 286; 11 72; and 12, 740 respectively. The company's total operating profit is 676; 805; 797; 775; and 711 accordingly. In terms of the profit on ordinary activities before taxation is 583; 654; 661; 645; and 581 in 2005. On its profit on ordinary activities after taxation it is 456; 479; 492; 493; and 447. While on its basic earnings per ordinary share (pence) it has 19.8; 20.5; 20.8; 21.1; and 19.1.

On the other hand, when it comes to its after exceptional items as well as the goodwill amortization the data, was being restated when the post demerger capital scheme of the company existed throughout the within the period of five years.

Eventually, in the company's recent years of business operations the strategic planning which has been widely formulated to globally compete by having a 90-outlets globally, with the existing businesses. Further, that it would be able to penetrate and capture the existing markets worldwide. It is clearly depicted that in the food-servicing business locations, it has showed an affluence of chances penetrating more of its targeted market in a global scope. Hence, consumers are more preferable to patronize those products and services that are well-served and with the quality they expect from it.

Business ethics: potential benefits/harms in generic terms, legal environment,

and value judgment regarding the situation. Compass proposal

on the restructuring of its internal relationships.

According to the Charles Abbot (2005) on his article pertaining to "Food insecurity worsens and U.S. House Ag Committee cuts food stamps" dated 29th October 2005 that, there was some sort of election in the house of the representative committee in which cut food stamps appears in the amount of $844 M. there were at around 300, 000 citizens might be losing benefits it is because to be able to tighter eligibility standards of the so-called food stamps, to which the anti-hunger program of the U.S. under the plan of the House of the Representatives. (Abbot, 2005)

In relation to the Compass' part of developing its business environment, it continues to provide a highly-equipped portfolio of food-service in terms of its brands. That is plainly to be designated in its 7-defined market areas throughout the different and customer-facing operating businesses. Preferable covers the local area, nationwide, and on its global brands for the purpose of meeting the customers' demands, but definitely, it all associated with the company's quality service.

Compass Group is programmed to continue in developing such innovative new ideas, for that reason it could continually give the satisfaction that customers' desire to suit their individual life style. In this sense, the company could be able to give well-balanced dietetic choices. It is more like to completely provide the needs and wants of the customers respectively. By way of promoting the significance of nutritional options, the company believes that especially for the young people, they are programmed to persistently strive to look for different ways to assure that it could help build their good future.

For that fact, as being one of the centers for food and beverage businesses as most of the institutions have been doing, the Compass group, in terms of their business operations, good management style led the way for its business to success. It actually operates across four geographic areas, the following are: United Kingdom, in the North America, Continental Europe, the rest of the countries globally. In 1996, the company was built for the purpose of recognizing and rewarding the most targeted community-based inventiveness all throughout the world that eventually discusses on "social exclusion".

Another role is to enhance the employability, at the same time, in promoting its sustainability together with the diversified market all over the world. Pertaining to the legalities, Compass company has adhered to what the basic and the global standards. With that of the ESS, in which it is being recognized as the largest in the world in providing an incorporated assistance services to the defense, offshore, and inaccessible locations in the countries around the world, especially in those complicated and antagonistic situations. Hence, it is designed to support areas such as housekeeping, catering, other technical services, and the logistics. To which Compass is under the governed policy of the said agency.

Part and parcel, the company's role in terms of giving motivational features to its employees, it gives a food provision, which of course of the same quality with what it offers or caters to the public, believing that through this, it can highly motivate it workforce and simply making this group of people feel happy at the same time. It does not only serve its customers by giving the best, it also provides its employee a better-working condition and welfare.

In 2001, it has continued its strategy of development by way of acquiring other materials and properties. In which, this has been seen strategically well and being able to help to strengthen the Compass' situation, as considered the largest catering services in a global setting. In such that, this is in particular a part of the planned programs as to continue serve its internal and external customers.

At the same time, a continuous planning would do a lot of contributions in helping achieve the company's goals, as well as by accepting the feedback, is considered another strategic way of improving the business operations in pursuit to the planning requirement. In which, in this aspect would be involving the company's worldwide range of activities. As to adhere to the ongoing dimensions together with the assessment subsequent to the completion is then of great need to aspire success for the plan and at the same to be able to come up with the identification of such, if any would need to eventually adapt changes or even in modifying the need to be accomplished in the first place.

On the other hand, with that of the collaboration in the inter-organizational area could contribute its impact to the performance of e-business. In which this could only be found through an indirect manner of practices, with that of the impact in the collaboration of intra-organizational area. The findings have revealed the intricacy of such an organizational collaboration, giving emphasis to the meaning in promoting an internal cooperation among workforce and the management system applied to it, for the company's achievable approach. And also, it would consider the exact investment of the information technologies that more on performing its primary task, by way of facilitating it.

Managers of today's business, have to maintain its strategically formulated goals and policies as to adhere continually to the ethical global standards. Most importantly, the implemented policy should be in of good practice as it would show the true value of doing business worldwide. Especially, nowadays that fraudulent activities or transaction are very rampant in the internet as one would not like to happen repeatedly. It must be the responsibility of the company to adhere with the guidelines as business dealings are going on.

SWOT, Strategic options and the US/UK competitive market positions

In some practices, especially those big companies, they are more particular on their social responsibility as their business operates in a timely basis. In order for the company to better attain their goals, they must stick to the ethical side of the business as people would trust and would be able to continue patronizing the products offered or the services it render. Hence, building the trust of the clients could not be easily regained once broken. (Sanders, 2007)


Have brands that are already established in the global market; specifically to its four geographical areas.

It has good leadership styles to which have led the company compete with those other strong food-servicing companies in the world.

Focus on the contribution factors that would lead a high quality performance of the employees.

Utilize and apply highly designed system, processes, equipment, as well as the standards.

Its financial performance, it has continually a good standing in their earnings per share and attainment on the return of investment.

It has a high density of motivational factor to their employees.

It helps for young people a good future by educating them the recognized the nutritional aspects.

Considerably, the company brings its name in the global scope, and has been recognized as the largest food-servicing in the world.


During its start year, due to economic and also the political environment, it has no mean to succeed in attaining its goals and targets.

Has been affected with the strong cash flow of the operations.

Has laid off staff, due to the war of Iraq that hit the group's business operations in the airport as its branch, in 2001.


Due to its recent acquisitions, it boosts the group's brand image and its name in the global market.

It has Monaco-based food-servicing operations - -which become the ESS' competitors for the United Nation "peacekeeping contracts", in March 2006.

Have settled the lawsuit by the year 2006, October.

Due to its well-defined strategic planning, it could lead the company to penetrate more markets, and builds global trust.


It has been criticized due to an alleged scenario that some of its products which have led to review the menu options and a need to be replaced at all.

There would have been dealings with the use of e-commerce as a whole, to deal with the entire business system - contrary to the dealings on its various parts separately; as not to merely emplace such strategy formulation to which it has been considered as an important force. In this way, it could impart the genuine liveliness to the started strategic processes. In this sense, companies must practice the weighing of result based leadership techniques and that it would be able to apply this approach in its operational system-based. (Madow, 2007)

Furthermore, with a particular application to it, a company must then of course be also concerned with the ethical aspect of the business, regardless of whether the size of it is small or large, the essence is bringing business into people and that people would make business progressive in that sense. Most importantly, a food-servicing business has of great influence to others whether small scale or big scale companies in their way of coping success.

Most importantly, the corresponding goals that food-servicing is adhering; could competently go on the global market. Since, every company has to develop its logistic roles that would lead a progressive feature in the competition race and to its productivity value as well. Moreover, to further develop the logistic services as well as the appropriate answers to the indefinite negativities that is possibly to occur-a requirement in the dealings, within the environmental scope of its markets, and eventually complies the best with the potential customers' needs in the near future. (Abbot, 2005)

On the other hand, to see to it that such development would show transparent dealings in pursuit to the demand and supply chains, attaining the effect in faster deliveries and in optimizing the stocks. Lastly, of course, as it aims to decrease work and also the schedules of the flow of material management in the logistics chains. Even more, to continue to develop a specific line of food products that is best nutritional for everybody.