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Research and statistics show that the riskiest group of drivers is often those below the age of 25|The statistical information about young drivers are drastic, it is concluded that they are more likely to cause an accident compared to other experienced drivers|Drivers under the age of 25 are deemed to be high risks according to various claims statistics|Statistics have proved that young drivers under the age of 25 tend to engage in risky driving and end up in more accidents}. {Drivers in this age bracket, especially males tend to make more insurance claims than mature experienced drivers.|} {It is a common perspective that young drivers are more aggressive and have less experience, therefore have higher chance of accidents|As young drivers with least knowledge of defensive driving and lesser experience on the road they are likely to have more accidents|This is because younger drivers are viewed as risks in the sense that they do not have enough experience, making them more prone to accidents|One of the reasons is they are inexperienced and more likely to have an accident than someone who has been driving for a longer period of time}. {For many young drivers insuring their car means paying high auto insurance rates|A young driver seeking out car insurance might find that premium rates are considerably high|Young drivers' auto insurance rates are significantly higher when compared to other driver types|Younger drivers will generally find that auto insurance rates for their age group costs higher than expected|Most young drivers who are looking to insure their cars are facing high insurance rates}. {Although, insurance companies consider them risks, there are certain moves that young drivers can do to lower the costs and get the best deal|However, young drivers need to know that there are certain things they can undertake to get the best auto insurance deal around|What young drivers may not know is that there are several steps they could do to bring down the cost of car insurance in their first years on the road|Insurance costs for young drivers may be huge, but there are ways which can help in reducing this premium and at the same time many discount rates can be found that will help reduce expenses}.

{One of the most important decisions to make when buying a car is to go for the right vehicle|If you are in the process of buying a car, it makes sense to look for the appropriate vehicle|A foremost factor when looking for the car to purchase is to opt for the proper vehicle|If you want to pay a lower premium, it is sensible to make the right decision when choosing a car}. {While it is appealing to select a car that is fitting to their age and personalities, {buying a car that is assigned in low risk insurance group is cheaper to insure|aim to drive a car that is in the lowest possible insurance group}|It will greatly help young drivers to get through their first years if they buy a car from the lower insurance group|Look for cars in lower insurance groups to get started; it will make your insurance more affordable}. {This means it would be a smart choice to opt for a small car with lower engine capacity than buying trendy sports car|It is advisable to stay clear of sports cars, besides it can cut costs and the lure for fast driving is going to be less|A smaller car with a small engine is not only much cheaper to insure, but also less likely to result in having a serious accident|It is strongly urged to pick a base model vehicle with a low engine size and if possible avoid trendy cars|If you are in the process of buying a new or used car, keep away from sports cars and opt for a car with a lower engine model}. {Having a young motorist drive a safe car, using the latest safety equipment and devices, can decrease insurance rates|A car with safety features and security devices can significantly lower the insurance premium rates|The safety features of the car can greatly help in reducing the auto insurance premiums|Consider improving your car security, it will be useful in lowering your insurance rates}. {|This may include car with reliable air bags and automatic seat belts along with safe parking conditions, good quality anti-theft devices such as alarm with an immobilizer, and security door and ignition locks.} {These features and devices do not only protect you and your car, it also reduces the risks of theft and break-in|Your car is less likely to be stolen or vandalized if you have a safety alarm system and an anti-theft device installed}. {Most insurance companies will recognize these conditions and more likely to offer discounts if there's a lesser chance of an insurance claim|It is good to purchase a car with all these safety measures because the insurance providers look at these things when preparing their quote|Many insurance providers offer discounts for features that reduce the risk of injuries or thefts|If you have quality and reliable car security, most insurers will consider reducing your premium|Most insurance companies will offer cheaper premium rates if you have taken the essential steps to guarantee your vehicle is safe}.

{A possible way for a newly qualified young driver to get a discount is to take a drivers safety course|Discount auto insurance rates are offered for young motorists taking accredited drivers courses|If a young driver take a defensive driving course, they are most likely to qualify for a lower insurance rate|Another useful way in earning a reduction of insurance premium is to take a defensive driving course}. {|You can contact insurance companies to ask for which programs are included in their scheme.} {Insurance companies can offer discounts on car insurance to young drivers who made extra effort to invest time and money to complete the course successfully, and to show that they are serious to become careful drivers|Many car insurance providers consider giving discounts to young drivers for learning safe and proper driving techniques|Some car insurance companies will offer a lower premium rates if they regard young drivers to be safer and less riskier drivers|Most car insurance companies offer discount premium rates to young drivers taking these safety programs, and who are serious about lowering their risk profile}. {An example of this is the Pass Plus course that consists of six modules about driving in different conditions, i.e., in town, in all weathers, on rural roads, at night, on dual carriageways, and on motorways|.}

{Although modifications to a car increase its value, performance and appearance, insurance companies view it as additional liability, and therefore, charge you with higher insurance premiums|Consider not modifying your car, insurance companies would charge a higher premium whenever there's a modification|Car modifications and performance upgrades may look good, but they mean additional price to your car insurance|As much as possible, avoid modifying your car, upgrades to styling, audio or performance tend to be a sizeable increase in your insurance premium}. {Take note the simpler the car looks the lower the insurance premiums will cost|A car that has been maintained in its original manufactured appearance has a lower insurance rate}. {|With electronic gadgets such as mp3s and mobile phones readily available for young drivers, driving concentration and focus are sometimes drawn away from the road.} {Keep in mind to use electronic gadgets within safe practice measures to avoid road mishaps.|} {Driving carefully and following the Highway Code will decrease the risks of being involved in an accident, and in the long practice will increase your chance to earn the no-claims discounts when you renew your car insurance|Another way to reduce car insurance premiums is to build up your no-claims bonus; though it may take longer you can prove that you are less risky and likely to get percentage discounts on your next insurance policy|A young motorist must adhere to speed limits and observe road rules to reduce the risk of accident, and thereby can build up a no claims discount|The simplest rule of the road is to drive carefully and defensively, this can greatly reduce the risks of accidents and a good way to protect your no-claims bonus|A possibility to reduce car insurance costs is to improve driving reputation and record by avoiding accidents, in this way you can easily build up a no claims discount}.

{|Some insurance companies may reduce insurance premiums if young drivers agree to limit their annual mileage. This is because young drivers who spend less time driving a car lowers the chance to be involved in any kind of road accident, and consequently, the lesser risk this present to the insurance company.}

{It is constantly beneficial to shop around when applying for car insurance|Car insurance rates differ in every provider, so it is in your best interest to shop around |Before you decide to get insurance from a particular insurance company, get quotes from multiple sources|Insurance premiums vary widely between insurance companies, and therefore it is important to shop for the best rates|It is a good idea to take multiple insurance quotes from various companies}. {|Make an effort to get at least three to five car insurance quotes.} {Fortunately, the internet is good place to look for the best insurance rates available.|} {Most insurance companies have websites that offer auto insurance comparison online, which makes it easy to compare different insurance policy quotes, and eventually enable young drivers to choose an insurance company that will deliver affordable insurance coverage that meets all their needs|Most insurance companies have direct online insurance sites, by shopping for online auto insurance and comparing quotes, you can get affordable rates|Many insurance websites provide an online comparison tool that allows young drivers to compare auto insurance quotes to see what various providers are offering and therefore select the best option|To find affordable car insurance rates, young drivers can make use of various online insurance sites to get different quotes and compare policies; this allows finding the best insurance policy quickly and easily}. {|Additionally, insurance companies may provide additional discounts to young drivers, who are willing to pay a half year or full year coverage in advance| Moreover, insurance companies may also offer discounts for young drivers who can manage to pay for a year or six-months in advance|Young drivers can also get a discount on insurance premiums if they set-up for automatic draft payments}. {The method used for paying for insurance premiums can have a significant effect on the overall annual cost for young drivers, choosing to pay the premiums annually instead of monthly can avoid expensive rates due to transaction and interest charges.|}

{|Young drivers with good grades may also be entitled to a discount. Student drivers with good grades are regarded by insurance companies to be more responsible and disciplined on the road as well.}

{Another option for young drivers is the Pay-As-You-Drive insurance policy|The Pay-As-You-Drive insurance coverage can be an alternative for young drivers seeking affordable car insurance rates|Young drivers may consider another way of insuring their car with the Pay As You Drive insurance plan|A new and cost-effective car insurance plan, young drivers may try a new insurance arrangement known as Pay As You Drive auto insurance}. {This is a new way to pay your car insurance that is like paying your utility bills|This is exactly choosing your car insurance rate arrangement just like the way you choose the unit of coverage you may want with your amenities|This is a method of paying for your insurance premiums similar to other utilities such as telephone and internet services|In this particular way of insuring your car, the bills are exactly the same as utility bills so you know how much you will be paying}. {This scheme basically works with the estimated miles and times that you drive|The premium rates for this kind of insurance would be based on how many miles you drive and what time of the day you are driving|This kind of insurance policy calculates premiums based on the mileage and the frequency of driving|This insurance approach bills motorists based on their mileage and times they used the vehicle|This means that a vehicle's insurance premiums are based directly on how much and how many times it is driven during the policy term|This insurance approach bills motorists for the miles and the times they are quoted to drive during the term of coverage}. {If you do fewer than quoted, the company will reduce your premiums|If you have driven less miles than you predicted, your premiums will be reduced|If the amount you forecasted when you get quoted was more than the actual number of miles you have driven, the company will reduce your premiums|The lesser the drivers uses their vehicles, the lower the premiums will be}. {In order to do this they will install a box that tracks how many miles you do, and also serves as theft tracker if your vehicle is stolen|The company fits a track box in the vehicle which measures the mileage and times of usage, and acts as theft recovery device in case the vehicle is stolen {|or missing}|To do this, a box is placed within the vehicle and this relays the information about the miles and the times the vehicle was driven|A free track box will be installed in the vehicle, which will record how far the car has been driven along with the time it has took place, and will also operate as theft tracking device}.

{|At present, Coverbox is a broker for the insurers on their panel that are employing this method. {When applying for Coverbox insurance young drivers can get a comprehensive insurance which includes courtesy car, windscreen protection, personal accident and personal possessions|They offer comprehensive insurance with courtesy car, windscreen protection, personal accident and personal possessions included as standard}. Their insurance policy gives refund to drivers who spend fewer miles than quoted. A personal dashboard when you log on to their website will allow you to check out the mileage and the time you have driven, along with other essential driving information. You also have the option to pay insurance premiums monthly or yearly.}