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Well , before starting any step to begin my business I should first ask myself these questions how , when , where am I doing this business. .. But in fact , I have theses answers. Firstly , I am studying business and management in order to be capable to manage my own business in the coming years after getting a high qualification degree from the university , so it would be easy for me to think of starting a business as my Mother already experienced the fact of establishing a small sport center for women so I have the chance to succeed my business by getting advice and support from her , and actually it would help a lot the fact that my mother has an experience in that domain so that if I do have any challenges or questions to ask it would be easy for me to understand every step I am willing to take and avoid any risk that will come surprisingly . Secondly, my business will be located little away from the city at just 20 minutes from Casablanca in a unique place to create an environment of comfort and relaxation so that customers enjoy their stay to make them want to come back for more . The two more questions that should be asked are : Do I have partners to start up , if yes who are they ? And what details involves my business ?. To answer the first question . I was not thinking to involve any partners as I preferred to work alone and had the idea that working with someone else will just messed up the business but actually in any new domain we should ask for help and try to look for partners and actually I have the desire and motivation to success on my own , but also I want to involve some of my family member in my business as they already own their business and have experience in starting up businesses such as my mother who can be in charge to help me with the first step and my dad who has a variety of land all around the outside of Casablanca city . So I am thinking to corporate with my dad as he own the land where I can build the fitness center away from the noise of the city where we can get people the feeling that there are at home . Second , my business involves many details such as services that we will provide ; the transportation by a luxurious bus from the airport to the fitness center which include a small hotel for their stay if we do have any foreign customers coming from abroad , moreover we offer several entertainment for example ; Karting , golf .. Furthermore , there are many essential start up steps thanks to technology and other facilities that helped lot of people to set up a business in a secure way so that they don't face failure from the first step in other words there is a business plan should be done before taking any step . ( Mintzer R, 2009) summarized the steps in first doing a market research before considering to start any business . So I am willing to start searching about the potential market where I will have to gather information about consumer and determine their needs and see if my service will satisfy customer's need . In this point I am sure that my business will be in top and will meet customer's satisfaction as most of customers are not satisfied with the present fitness center that we have in our country which are limited and from this point I am thinking to do something that is not similar to the existent service ; in different way I am going to innovate and develop my idea in a new way . The second step is capital meaning that I first need to have enough money to start, if not I will have to get funding and search from where I can get money after doing research about the cost of the whole business. In this case , I will have less cost as I have already the land where I can start building , so I will have to calculate the cost of the building staff . Later , I'm thinking to have a loan from the bank for all the construction's needs , and also concerning the working capital of the first month to be able to pay salaries and advertising . The third step is to hire a good business attorney to help me start my business and give me advice when necessary for example he can advise me when I am doing contracts with somebody else and help me organize my business in a good way . The fourth step is to hire a good accountant to help me establish the bookkeeping and also with what is related to taxation and all other procedures . The fifth step is to decide about the structure of my business. Concerning this point I prefer to be the owner of the business but with partners . I do prefer to work with others . So my choice will be a partnership for the sole purpose of providing a double income for myself and my partners and get the work done properly , but in this case my business attorney will play an important role here by giving advice about the best business structure that suits me more . The sixth step is to decide about my business name so that it could be known to the world . The seventh and last step is to get the business license and permits , I have to research about all the procedure applicable for getting a business license in the place I want to start up my business . These steps are enough to start my business with confidence .

In fact , to start my business I should consider that there is competitors that are already in the market , so I will have to consider the location , price/quality of my service and others to overcome the challenge of my competitors that I am willing to consider them as a tool to help me be more innovative in my business . As I studied in the course of Entrepreneurship with Mr. Neal Dahan that an enterprising person must be innovative , bring new ideas to the market , and evaluate them and expand on the idea by developing it . Moreover , be creative as we should search for different perspective to be more and more creative by training , getting experience and a good education as the concept of entrepreneurship is considered as a combination between creativity and innovation . For me , the most important and the most challenge thing is to be self-motivated . Actually I consider myself as a self-motivated person as we can't accomplish anything that we will give up on , we should stay motivated to arrive finally to success . The more we are motivated , the more we are working and learning new things and the more we keep gaining experiences . This is the point I want to stay motivated and bring new idea to the existent market as I am willing to get the surname of the successful women and see my business in top . I've found a location that is in a unique place where it is calm and comfortable so that customer get their pleasure and enjoy their selves . Without forgetting that any business have its challenges which we face in the initial stages . First, the competitors in the market that it demands a hard work to get the better of . Moreover , lack of money . It is hard to start a business and you have no funds it limits business plans and also when we don't have enough experience and we go to the field with no background information we find ourselves stuck . In addition to that, I may face some challenges concerning when starting my business by my own and I will have to delegate all the work by myself, it will be very hard at the beginning . the biggest challenge is to find and convince your client .

'' The biggest challenge you have is to challenge your own self doubt and your laziness. It is yourself doubt and your laziness that defines and limit who you are ''. Rich Dad .

This quotation involves one challenge faced in a business which is laziness that limit people from being innovative and creative in their business to succeed , he emphasized laziness in that point and he ignored the other obstacles as it is true if you don't have the desire to work you won't succeed , you will drop yourself to a big failure . The best thing to overcome theses obstacles is to have firstly a desire and motivation to work hardly and be enthusiastic rather than be lazy . Secondly , have a good capital or try to find ways to get money such as get a loan from a bank . Thirdly , I shouldn't start without plans . Finally , I have to study the market well and see if I have to change any details so that I don't get any unpleasant surprises .

Actually , There are hundreds of sport center in Morocco but most of them they don't have a place which is unique , and they don't provide what I am willing to do , I am aiming to take advantage from that point to offer a wide variety of high performance and try to distinguish my business from my competitors by developing my business and emotionally motivates people to come and benefit from our service which consist on providing a psychological support to guide and optimize living fully and give advice to our customers so that they keep on training and taking diet even after completing their program with us . Our price will be affordable for anyone depending on the choices we will provide and offer special discounts that will satisfy our precious clients . Moreover with advertising we can convince our potential client about the importance of sport and get their selves fit within a specific period rather than going to gym . Even if advertising cost a lot of money , but when we advertise is like we invest for the future we cannot show something new to the market without advertising it . As it is said :''A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time''. Henry Ford . In this quotation , he shows the importance of advertising as he emphasized that the cost of advertising is not high comparing with its benefits . After analyzing the steps that I am considering to take before establishing my business , later I have to start the constructions and starting to recruit employees to my Fitness center .

Every business must be structured by using a plan to evaluate the Swot and pest of the business . For my SWOT analysis , strengths are the psychological support within the program of the fitness . activities providing to the customers . The small hotel for foreign customers . Concerning my weakness I don't have any for the moment . Opportunities are my special fitness will meet customer's satisfaction . Large increase in clients that follows a good revenue . Finally the treats are competitors that will take a step and try to innovate more to compete with me . For the pest analysis , we have political factor that is related to the trade restrictions that is little due to the nature of health center . Concerning the economic factor , there is some individuals who suffer from economy to spend money on fitness center . Social factor includes the growing demand from all the category of individuals . and lastly the technological factor that involves the training of the staff in order to be capable to use the equipment in a suitable way .

If we look at similar enterprises that have started small and grow in a good way , I can give a real example of my father who graduated just with a baccalaureate degree , after he tried to look for different job . He worked in a company who is specialized in buying and selling agriculture product , but in parallel he thought of creating his own business . Later he started his business by his own in a difficult situation where no one was beside him to give him advice and support but he took the advantage of taking experience from that company he is working with all that time . Now He has a company of agriculture product outside Casablanca city , In had Soualem city where farms are located near to the city , I consider my father smart as he knew that our country is related to agriculture and it will succeed later with all his effort . He bought a land early in a cheap price and later he build his company as sole proprietorship . He started step by step first doing a market research to see if his product will meet customer's satisfaction or not , then he registered his business under the structure of sole trader with my brother who is now in charge with the direction staff and also he did registered the business name of the company , and later in that stage he took the business license . After that , as my father has a good communication skill , he started looking for his potential clients . He kept in going step by step where later he built a factory where he is thinking now to import agriculture product from Europe and stock it in his factory so that he can sell it in a convenient price where he is willing to make a lot of profit . This is one example of my father's business . Concerning a business that is quite similar to what I am thinking to establish the fitness center , there is a well known sport center here in Casablanca city called Sport plazza considered the biggest club center in Afrique with several gyms and others .. and many sport involved , spa and lot of other services . The biggest sport club which targets rich people . I consider this club sport a successful business as if we want to compare it to mine is not actually similar , each has its different characteristics as I am targeting just obese people with special program to follow and activities within the fitness . Moreover I am giving my potential clients opportunity to get fit in just a specific period of time to feel confidence with them selves . I am looking for the near future to have similar success as Sport plazza has .

To conclude , Entrepreneurship becomes a subject that is popular nowadays . basically it is a subject that means an individual who own and control an entreprise in the benefit of making profit . The concept of entrepreneurship consist in innovation and creativity as I am willing to do in order to manage my business in a good way . I see my idea as an innovative one and creative , different from the other fitness sport as most of people who exercice in the assumption of making diet ; they just go home and start eating and forgetting about diet . In my business I am giving the chance to every single person who wants to get fit in a healthy way to come and stay in the hotel near the fitness to complete the program with a good result and with support from personal trainer as well as benefit from activities provided .